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on "fraudulent african activities"

Nov 25, 2013
Funny that those who participate least in the online arena are branded as fraudulent before they can even begin! What hypocrisy.

i am selling a fully customized writing website

Nov 25, 2013
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professor verb's word for the day

Nov 21, 2013


1. exaggerated commendation especially for promotional purposes: hyperbole

Example of usage:

"Professor Verb's ads are full of puffery."

Note: "Spoiler: Ad guy says, 'It's good!'" -- George Carlin
vaclav  EssayChatNov 19, 2013
I guarantee a B+ paper and for your professor to be knocked off of his or her feet.

You will be reported. You cannot advertise illegal activities. You think academic freelance writers are here to cheat the system? You're probably a sacked part-time teacher.

may they rest in peace

Nov 19, 2013
i hope their families did not suffer much

me too...

Nov 19, 2013
I have also personal clientele which eventually most of them have passed out


professor verb's word for the day

Nov 18, 2013

1. to sanction or allow; especially: to approve or confirm officially

"The plea bargain between the district attorney and the defense must be homologated by a judge."

it has been my experience...

Nov 16, 2013
Lets join our hands together and beat the **** out of them.

... that it is easier to beat the **** out of others without your hands being joined to others. Well, you can kick, I guess, but that's girly.

have you ever been scammed by fraudulent websites

Nov 16, 2013
I am fed up of these fraudulent websites. Lets beat the crime together. I have made a page on the facebook just to teach these fraudsters a lesson. Will give you the answer on HOW TO GET A REFUND of your hard earned money from these CONS.... Lets join our hands together and beat the **** out of them.

Contact me at

that's what i ended up doing with my three boxes of professor verb tee shirts....

Nov 13, 2013
Groupies getting you distracted from your work.


professor verb's word for the day

Nov 13, 2013
Although some authorities argue that its meaning has expanded in recent years, strictly speaking, this word only means one thing:

1. being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Therefore, something cannot be qualified as being "one of the most unique," or "very unique," or anything else as is the common usage in many television commercials and academic essays. It's just "unique" that's it -- and it has to be a truly one-of-a-kind item (such as a fingerprint, a mineral specimen, or this post), or a collection of such items:

"The professor has a unique collection of crystals that he gathered from all over the world."

On the other hand, the word can also be used thusly at parties:

Question: "How do you catch a unique bird?"

Answer: "Unique up behind it." hahaha
99Essays@gmail. com  

hazardous duty ... to please that booty

Nov 13, 2013
Feel free to add your own personal "hazards" to this brief list.

Groupies getting you distracted from your work.

where do i begin?

Nov 12, 2013
Not sure what hazards you face

1. Internet/power outages.
2. Bears in your backyard (well, just one so far).
3. Resentful "essay widows."
4. Unpredictability of the work flow.
5. The Man.
6. Product failure (my new desk chair from Sam's Club collapsed when I sat down in it recently, sending me backwards to the floor, barely missing one of my auxiliary dogs serving as nighttime writing buddy).
7. Spiders.
8. Clients From Hell.

Feel free to add your own personal "hazards" to this brief list.

professor verb's word for the day

Nov 12, 2013
I see so many people get this one wrong (the same thing with "unique" -- tomorrow's word for the day):



1. perceptible by touch.

"The atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible."

plural noun: tangibles

1. a thing that is perceptible by touch.

"The $100 tip was tangible proof of the homeowner's gratitude for the young man's extra hard work on his lawn."
P-hizzle  EssayChatNov 11, 2013
Not sure what hazards you face....low pay shouldn't be a problem, either, unless you have a head for writing but no business aptitude.
99Essays@gmail. com  EssayChatNov 10, 2013
the low-paying, hazardous jobs that most Americans avoid

Is it really necessary to discuss the essay industry in this intro?

for what it's worth...

Nov 10, 2013
i need help trying to write an intro to my compare and contrast essay. The topic is : Illegal immigrants affect our economy in a good/bad way." Please help me to write an intro, example would be very helpful! :)

There is no disagreement that there are millions of illegal aliens already in the United States, and more try to cross the borders every day. There is considerable disagreement, though. concerning the effects these illegal aliens are having on the U.S. economy and American society. On the one hand, advocates of tougher immigration laws cite the enormous drain on scarce social services such as healthcare and education that is caused by millions of illegal aliens. On the other hand, critics of existing immigration laws argue that the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens are honest and hard-working, that these workers perform the low-paying, hazardous jobs that most Americans avoid, and that illegal aliens pay their fair share of taxes in the process. ...

Maybe that will help get you started (don't use those exact words since a plagiarism-detection service would pick them up in here).

professor verb's word for the day

Nov 9, 2013
Send 'em running for their dictionaries with this one!



: laborious or intensive study; also : the product of such study" usually used in plural --

"The historical archives of the university even include handwritten lucubrations from Thomas Jefferson."


Nov 9, 2013
you don't suffer... from a dangling participle.

Ever since I hit 60 ...

clearly you don't suffer...

Nov 9, 2013
...from a dangling participle.

not only that...

Nov 9, 2013
I can still split an infinitive.
P-hizzle  EssayChatNov 8, 2013
After the last one moved out, Mrs. Verb said "No more!"

I hope you and Mrs. Verb are still able to conjugate every now and then...

because ...

Nov 8, 2013
Why not a verb

After the last one moved out, Mrs. Verb said "No more!"
Noun  EssayChatNov 7, 2013
professor verb's word


Why not a verb..

professor verb's word for the day

Nov 7, 2013

noun: comity; plural noun: comities

1. courtesy and considerate behavior toward others.
2. an association of nations for their mutual benefit.

"The Member States of the European Union must pledge comity and mutual trust to each other."
99Essays@gmail. com  

if only ...

Nov 7, 2013
What a dope...

He could have avoided the entire problem by selecting a reliable writer from essaychat.

"do as i say, not as i do" category

Nov 7, 2013
From the Huffington Post:

"If allegations against George Mason University professor Edward Wegman -- author of the 2006 report which argued against global warming -- prove true, he will have to own up not only to having plagiarized close to one third of his study, but to having taken some of it straight from Wikipedia" (Professors Behaving Badly at: 234998&title=Edward_Wegman)

What a dope...
wordsies  EssayChatNov 6, 2013
i wonder what would happen if we started turning in papers re-written in gizoogle :D

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