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Is using model essay writing services cheating?

Model essay services are proven effective in illustrating proper research and writing techniques. In the same way that not all students are math wizards, not all students are proficient writers. Asking for help is a smart choice as it shows the student is serious about his or her academic career. Model essay writing services are similar to the assistance one may receive from a tutor. While a tutor might focus on a specific subject area, model essay services help by focusing a specific project and areas in which the individual may have the most difficulty-a valuable resource for students.

How much should a student pay for one custom-written page?

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The costs of model papers varies according to the individual project and its respective specifications. By default, students can expect to pay between $30-45 per page with the standard page being 300 words, double-spaced. Sometimes, shorter orders can cost more per page than longer orders. In most cases, it takes a long to research for a single page as it does for 2-3 pages. Students can expect to pay $60-79 for one single-spaced custom-written page as it is the same as 2 double-spaced pages. These rates, however, are assuming the project is not a rush order.

Do ESL writers always produce lower quality writing?

ESL writers can produce good quality writing, depending on the project and requirements. The term "ESL" has been stigmatized to be associated with the perception of lesser intelligence when the reality is the opposite. ESL simply refers to one whose native language is not English-not their level of intelligence. Certainly, not all non-English speaking writers will be able to assist with all types of written projects, but the preconception of ESL equates low quality is inaccurate.

Are companies that work with ESL freelance writers fraudulent?

Not all ESL freelance writers produce low quality writing and working with an ESL writer is not always indicative of a bad or fraudulent service. However, the screening accuracy the company employs when brining on freelancers may be inadequate. With proper screening, companies can successfully work with ESL writers. The company should know the individual's writers educational and professional background and obtain a variety of samples prior to offering a freelance position. Sadly, this is not always the case and that, as a result, leads to low quality work and dissatisfied customers.

Is British English more difficult than American English?

In general terms, writers who are proficient with Word and related work processing programs find converting to British English is quite simple. For those who aren't familiar with the conversion or ability to change the language in their program, British English can be tedious and difficult to write because the writer will not only have to manually write in British English but will have to double check to ensure the words are correct- time-consuming tasks that can be avoided by using Word's built-in language features.

Academic writers may not be interested in taking an order because of...

Typically, most writers decline an order because it is out of their expertise range while others may simply find the respective project too complex or lacking in direction. While rare, some writers will decline a project if a customer is difficult to work with. To increase chances a project will be accepted by a writer, customers will want to provide detailed and clear instructions. If a handout or file for the specific project is available, it is always good to include it with one's order. Some customers want a quote before giving too much information; however, most writers will not price a project until they have been able to review all information.

If you're a writer, how many pages a day are you capable of completing during the high season?

Typically, academic writers can produce a minimum of 10 pages per day. Experienced academic writers can produce more than 10 pages per day depending on the type of project. Complex projects tend to take longer in terms of research and preparation. While most short projects (1-3 pages) require as much research time as those double the length, the writing time is often less. This means the writer can typically write several smaller papers in a single day, depending on the individual topics and complexity.

If you are a writer, how many percent of your completed orders have required a revision?

On average, no more than 1 out of 10 papers should require a revision. However, there are times when a customer may think of something else to be added. In terms of writer error (writers are human, too), good time management and paying close attention to the project requirements can reduce the need for revision. If project scheduling is planned well, the writer can allow time to step away from the completed project and return the next day to reread. Taking a little extra time to review the project details against what is written can reduce the need for revisions.

If you're a student, how do you use your custom writing orders?

Not all students are proficient writers and many need help in starting their project or finding the right information. Custom writing helps illustrate proper research and writing techniques while providing a clear view of how an excellent paper should be written and formatted. In some cases, such as ESL learners, getting help with writing is a tool to improve personal skills that will later benefit the student when writing in class is required.

Have you ever been scammed by a purported academic writer?

There are so many custom writing services that it is easy to be scammed. In my experience, the greatest risk is using the services of a company that outsources to writers in un- or under-educated countries. The purpose of seeking writing help is to learn and improve-a purpose that cannot be realized when the service provider cares more about making a sale than serving its customers. As such, I have found that companies with a reputation for excellent customer service are more likely to work with writers who take pride in their work and produce high quality, accurate projects.

What is the best time to research and write academic papers?

There is no single or recommended "best time" to research and write academic papers. Each writer has his or her preferred schedule, some being early risers and others enjoying working late at night. However, if research must be conducted in a library or other (non-internet) source, it is often necessary to conduct research during regular business hours (i.e. 9am-5pm). Apart from the hours of physical locations, the best time to research and write depends on the respective writer's personal preferences and availability.

Do you find anti-plagiarism software useful?

Anti-plagiarism software can be an academic writer's best friend; however, not all programs work the same nor do they all provide accurate results. Further, it is important that one understands the mechanics of what the individual program does. For example, does the program simply check the paper or does it store it in a global database? If a student checks his or her project using a program that stores papers, when they are ready to submit their project to their academic institution, it could be flagged as plagiarism. In general terms, however, anti-plagiarism software is a vital tool to help ensure accurate citing and references. Even the most innocent of errors (forgetting to cite in-text although the reference has been included in the bibliography) can mean the paper is deemed plagiarized. Good programs catch these issues giving the writer the chance for corrections.

Students use example academic research services because...

Some students have difficulty in determining where to start. Some have said that writing the introduction is the hardest part while others say that finding the best references and putting it all together is hard. However, common reasons often relate to the student's over-booked schedules and juggling school, work, family, and life events. Whatever the reason, getting help when one is struggling or when one's academic and creative brain simply won't go another mile is wise.

Students are suggested to use an established essay service rather than an individual freelance writer because...

While there are many established freelance writers, many work with established services because of the convenience and consistent work flow. The same can be said when choosing the type of service. For example, established (and reputable) services vet their contracted writers by reviewing their educational and professional background and writing samples. Certain levels and criteria must be met before a reputable service will bring on a writer. The groundwork of writer selection and matching the best writer with a given project is handled by the service, thus saving the student a lot of time and stress.

"I have been scammed by an essay service" means that...

Sadly claims of being scammed are all too common. However, whether one has been a victim to a scam depends on many factors. First, a scam is a dishonest scheme, fraud, or swindle. The intent to take someone's money and provide poor or no service is a scam-an unintentional mistake is not. Sometimes, one may think they have been scammed when they don't understand a service's policies. One of many example could be when an essay service offers one or two free revisions, but the customer requests a third revision and is upset for being charged. They may claim the service is a scam. It is important to review a services revision and related terms to avoid miscommunication. Another example is when insufficient information is provided with the initial order and the customer later realizes the final project is lacking. Some claim the writer or service provider should have asked for more information; however, the information provided with most projects does not indicate anything is missing. As such, the writer or service provider would have no way to know that asking for more information is needed.

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