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experienced and qualified freelance writer

Nov 4, 2018
 Offered USA  USA  
I am a highly qualified writer with more than 15 years of experience in delivering high-quality papers to numerous clients. Possessing an MBA and an LLB, my journey as a writer began as a subject-matter expert in management, whereby I produced reports and whitepapers for many corporate clients. However, having always been passionate about academics, writing, and research, I chose to switch to full-time academic writing, which not only aligns with my passion but also allows me to have greater control over my work schedule.

AdvancedWriter@hotmailAs an academic writer, I have refined my skills and abilities in producing superior content, leaving an overriding majority of my clients satisfied. As a result, most of my clients are repeat customers and referrals from previous and existing customers. The secret behind such a positive impression is my keen attention to instructions, exhaustive research skills, masterful and up-to-date knowledge of various writing styles, a critical and analytic approach to handling topics, and efficient editing and proofreading. I have access to some exclusive and reputable academic and industry journals and publications that not many writers have. These source materials help enrich the content of the work I produce.

Even though my background is in law, business and management, I have diversified beyond these domains, with my knack for research and my academic capacity allowing me to venture into many different disciplines. From essays to dissertations, I have proven a reliable writer for many clients, resolute on quality and uncompromising originality. The diversity of my writing experience stretches even to resumes, cover letters, and personal statements, whereby I have assisted many clients to secure esteemed jobs and admissions into choice universities.

Some skills are best developed over time, and there are advantages to being in the writing business for as long as I have. My proficiency in research and extensive involvement in professional academic writing equip me with the aptitude to handle assignments that most other writers deem difficult or challenging. I am also used to working on orders with very short deadlines. I, however, desist from taking assignments when uncertain of delivering the highest quality, as I realize that my success relies on honesty and clear communication with clients.

There is only so much that I can prove here. I'll let the quality of my work do the rest. Feel free to send me an email with the specifics of the paper you need prepared, the number of sources to be used, and the preferred referencing/citation format. Please be as detailed as you can, and don't forget to attach files (if any) that accompany the set of instructions and requirements. I will respond promptly, or as soon as reasonably possible.

While payment is upfront, I am open to an arrangement through which you can pay for paper sections or chapters in installments, especially for lengthy assignments.


mba writer for hire (multiple subjects and all writing levels)

Aug 23, 2018
 Offered USA  USA  
I have an MBA from Johns Hopkins and a Masters in marketing from University of Phoenix. I love all things business from the entry and start up stages to taking an established business to the next level. Minor courses in English and writing helped hone my skills for creating stellar business plans and marketing materials, all of which were an asset when helping companies launch their business or introduce a new product. I love business, but I tired of the corporate rat race and now I write full time.

truewriter4life@gmail - MBA WriterWhen I received my MBA, I knew there were parts of the traditional MBA that were lacking, and marketing is only a small part of what I had learned. To grow my consulting business, I enrolled in online classes to learn all I could about marketing one's business and taking it to the top. The outcome of dual Masters degrees has been remarkable.

Today, I provide consulting on the side, but much of my focus is helping students excel in their studies. I've always loved reading and writing so being an academic writer, to me, is a perk of something I already enjoy. Like having your cake and eating it too!

I love the craft of writing academic papers from the research stage to putting it together to formatting. I am a stickler for proper citation and formatting and believe that the best academic writers should be familiar (if not very experienced) in all types of academic citation formats.

One trait I process is the ability to tackle the same subject on many different levels, each with a unique voice. This is especially helpful as an academic writer as I can cover the same topics for different students, each with a different style, tone, and perspective.

In terms of the types of writing projects I take on, I literally work on most any and everything. However, my favorite areas of interest business, international studies, women's studies, literature, psychology, and sociology. I cover far more than those, but that gives prospective clients an idea of what I enjoy most.

As a writer with more than 20 years' experience, I understand the importance of communication and meeting deadlines. I am a native English-speaking writer. I can write in British English, but it's not my "favourite." I'm just kidding. I don't mind it either way. It's quite interesting to learn how the English language is spoken and spelled in different regions in the world.

Lastly, why do I enjoy being a freelance academic writer? I love seeing clients succeed in their studies. I have walked some difficult roads and have learned much the hard way throughout my academic and business careers. I want to share my knowledge and expertise with others, to help students exceed all expectations-whether they are one's personal expectations or the expectations of those watching you (parents, grandparents, educators, current or prospective employers).

How can I help you succeed?


honest, reliable and knowledgeable custom essay writer

Oct 13, 2017
 Offered Croatia  Croatia  
Ever felt the rush of the semester, your blood boiling as you try to shuffle term papers, exams, parties and trying to squeeze in a couple of hours of sleep? To do all of this in just 24 hours is tough, and most students need an able hand to help them along the way from time to time.

As a long time freelance writer I have been exactly that, a helping hand to many students. My clients are studying in every imaginable field, from archaeology to zoology. I consistently produce quality essays, coursework, dissertations and any other type of writing that you can think of, and I do it at a competitive rate. Furthermore, my work passes every possible scrutiny, it is completely free from plagiarism (in fact if you find more than 2% similarity in any of my papers, feel free to ask for a refund), and is never resold or given to anyone under any circumstances.

I take great pride in the fact that I have managed to carve a place for myself in this highly competitive industry, a fact that was made possible through my lifelong dedication to perfection and quality. I will never cheat or lie to you, and if I cannot complete a paper, for whatever reason, I will point you to a reputable writer or a company that will be able to help. To this end, I have developed relationships with several top private writers and companies in the UK/US/CA, whom I know can assist in cases when I cannot.

Should you find this compelling enough to try my services, I advise you to order a small sample at first (perhaps a page or two), and then, if satisfied, proceed with larger orders. This allows us to develop a working relationship, based on trust and quality.

You may reach me through my website order system, through this forum's message system, or on social networks where my handle is "wordsies".
Thank you


May 23, 2017
 Offered USA  USA  
I am an American writer located in NYC, where I was born and educated. My undergraduate degrees are in History and Psychology and I have a JD from New York Law School. I have worked as a Senior Writer/Editor for a very large U.S. federal agency and since 2003, I have written (literally) thousands of academic essays in dozens of subject-matter areas and on hundreds of very diverse topics within those areas, ranging from 1-pg high school papers on social media to 300-pg post-graduate dissertations on law and public policy. The vast majority of my clients are satisfied, long-term repeat customers (and direct referrals) who have used my services dozens of times. I routinely handle just about any topic in literature and other humanities and in most (non-mathematical) technical, scientific, business, and healthcare/nursing subjects. My web page provides a more-nearly-comprehensive list of topic areas as well as very detailed FAQs about my services and how I do business in general.

If your project is not one that I can take on with confidence, I will always tell you that and try to refer you to another legitimate writer or essay company. However, please understand that does not mean that I provide "referrals" just to help you find a cheaper price from someone else for any project for which I quote a price. (One wouldn't think that required an explicit explanation, but based experience, it seems to, at least sometimes.) Generally, you get the quality you pay for in this industry and my prices are about the same as those of the essay companies for which I've written and those of other equally-experienced legitimate American and British freelance writers who advertise here.

Please know that there are several other writers who use some variation of "freelance" or "freelancer" here and that I am not associated with any of them or with any Gmail account. My only email addresses are the one disclosed on my web page and my exact ID ("FreelanceWriter") here, "at" Simply email me any assignment description (and due date) anytime and I'll always respond promptly to let you know whether or not I can do it and give you a price if I can. Everything I write is always 100% original and properly referenced. If your project is out of my areas or something that I cannot take on with high confidence that I can do it well, I will always decline it rather than do a bad job on it and I will try to suggest another good writer (or company) whose services, reputation, and policies I know firsthand. In return, I just ask that you always give me the first look at any future work.

I would very humbly suggest to prospective clients that the way writers treat one another on these forums gives you a very good idea of how they treat their customers. I maintain a very good relationship with several other honest and very good American and ESL writers against whom I compete honestly and fairly, and without ever stooping to trash anybody else's reputation, much less anonymously. I always identify myself in all of my posts and I have also used the same S/N or ID on every essay-writing forum since I first joined EssayScam in 2008 and as my only Writer ID since I started writing for essay companies in 2003.

Payment is always in advance, but you can try me with a very short assignment before you decide to trust me with anything more substantial. My posts on EssayScam date back to October 2008 and are searchable if you would like to review my 9 years' of posts on that forum. (Remember to change the default "titles" to "messages" to optimize your search.) Every customer (and fellow writer) quoted in my Service Review thread is a genuine customer who can be contacted through the messaging system on that forum.

Thank you.



who's your writer? a phd-level writer helping students!

Dec 8, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
Let's face it once and for all. Not everyone is a great writer. On the other hand, not everyone is a great brain surgeon, either. We've all got strengths and weaknesses, and at least in theory, this makes for a vibrant society.

helen@graduatewriter - Research WriterBut even though so many folks just aren't great writers, students at all levels and in all fields are, in fact, expected to be just that, on top of whatever else it is they're doing in school.

Now, I may not be a brain surgeon, but I am most definitely a great writer. So are my colleagues. Collectively, we've been professional academic writers for hundreds of years. We focus on graduate level work (theses, dissertations, research papers, case studies, and so forth), but are happy to work with undergrads on term papers and such.

We also know our way around the world of online learning; discussion posts and custom-written responses are second nature to us.

Our work isn't cheap, but nothing of high quality comes cheap. Having said that, our rates are competitive, and most of our clients are repeat customers, with their own identified writers. Why? Because we are worth the money, hands down.

If you're a student in need of anything from an admissions essay to a dissertation, click on the link below and check us out. Better yet, send us an email and let us know what you need. Our excellent customer service representative will help you every step of the way!



excellent research writer for hire (all subjects and writing levels!)

May 26, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana State University, and I double-majored in the English program with the writing and literature options. I chose to do this because reading and writing are my two biggest passions; I couldn't pick just one. It was a little more work (and twice as many papers), but I found that I was up to the challenge. Since I started school, especially college, I have loved schoolwork. I enjoy reading and learning about new things, as well as the challenge of forming a well-argued paper on topics that mean a lot to me. So in the spirit of "do what you love," I have been looking into freelance writing, with a focus on academic papers.

academiceve92@gmail - Academic WriterSix years of English courses, as well as an internship with my university's press, have given me plenty of experience with the intricacies of English grammar and proper punctuation. I'm confident in my ability to deliver work that is up to university-level standards, and I know the importance of re-reading and revision. With the majority of my college work consisting of short essays and term papers all due within the same week, I'm no stranger to working with a close deadline looming over my shoulder.

As a literature student, most of my assignments were poetry analyses and literary research papers. Due to several of my classes covering one or two of the same works, I've had to approach the same book or poem from a different angle. This has improved my researching skills, as I've learned to sift through the first pages of results and find other sources that, while just as credible, may have a completely different take on the work in question. Carefully considering these sources have led me to write a paper on the same work with an entirely new thesis than its predecessor. In the world of freelance academic writing, I feel like I have an advantage when it comes to literature papers at least, because I will not just be rehashing the same point myself and others have made a hundred times before. There is also the advantage that if a client needs a paper on a classic work of literature, I've likely read it already, often more than once.

That being said, I am not limiting myself to just literature papers. I have always had a strong interest in history, and believe I could handle lower-level history assignments with no problem. Areas that I can confidently say I specialize in are women's studies and LGBTQA issues, especially when combined with literary research papers. I have most often employed feminist and queer theory criticism when analyzing a literary work, so I have a strong background in these areas. I would also like to add that taking a Style in Writing course has given me experience in mimicking the writing style of others, which would be helpful if a client was very concerned about being accused of using someone else's work.

I'm not looking to work a freelance essay writer just for extra cash or because it's not easy money. I understand the work involved in producing a quality paper, and I wouldn't be applying for this job if I didn't actually love it.

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