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professor verb's word for the day

May 18, 2014


: in excellent order

"The harried academic writer tried to assure her clients that everything was copacetic."
The Essays Online  EssayChatMay 13, 2014
Hello Dear,

How dare you take our company's name and and use a senior official's email address here publicly! Are you out of your ****ing mind?
How can you even think of claiming The Essays Online to be working with other writers you mentioned.

We are still on Essay Chat with the same name and same email of Jim.

If you have any proof of all what you said then please upload the screen shot of any email you received from JIM or THE ESSAYS ONLINE.

Don't ever say thing in the air until you can prove it.

The Essays Online is the only company in the market that can proudly proclaim that we offer free Essay Sample, before any payment is required. Make a payment once you've checked the quality.

We are the most trusted organization in the industry of Research and Writing Services.
All of our writers are professionally trained in the field of research and writing as well as possessing masters and PhD degrees from accredited institutions across the UK. Their dedication to providing you with writing services is unparalleled throughout the industry. We can also boast of an editing department which consists of highly qualified proof readers who work in tandem with professional academic instructors from several extremely reputable universities of the UK.


May 12, 2014
The following email addresses who claim to be legitimate writers have scammed me of a) my money and b) my time

I wish to state categorically that whoever posted the above post is misguided! I have been on this chat for quite some time now, and I haven't received such accusations from rogue persons like you. I accepted an order, but I turned it down, since the client had too many issues (one of those clients writers are weary about). I have notified the client that the funds will be refunded and Paypal knows about it too. How dare such client say that s/he has been scammed? Are you insane? Whatever you've done is not proper, and one thing you should know; I am NOT in any way affiliated to "WWW.THEESSAYSONLINE.COM" or even "WRITERSONLINE2009@GMAIL.COM"! I have come out and stated what is true. I have proof that I agreed to refund the $80 you had paid. I am just that honest. There is nothing you can refute, since this is what is true. Sometimes, life isn't what you take it to be. You come a myriad people...good people, bad people, cetera.

scam alert!

May 11, 2014
The following email addresses who claim to be legitimate writers have scammed me of a) my money and b) my time (currently goes by the name The Essays 0nline in the chat room and is an affiliate with the website

professor verb's word for the day

May 8, 2014


: scandalous or malicious gossip


: embarrassing or incriminating information

"There's two sides to every story so what's the dirt?"


May 8, 2014
There's two sides to every story so what's the dirt?
Fred and writersonline , please stop scamming clients

May 8, 2014
Both of you have shamelessly scammed a UK client. You know yourselves. Clients BEWARE

i was hoping no one would get me started on the "awful german language"...

May 7, 2014
"rather than German"

This essay still makes me laugh: ""


May 7, 2014
thats a new (and exciting) way to ruin a joke.

next time i want to tell a joke I'll just paste the website link instead :D

and after that

May 7, 2014
The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the EU rather than German which was the other possibility.

As part of the negotiations, Her Majesty's Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a five year phase-in plan that would be known as "Euro-English".

here's an idea...

May 7, 2014
I'll bet the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all the other countries that use wacky spellings could collectively save $50 billion a year or more in printer ink and man-hours by eliminating all those superfluous letters (color instead of colour, behavior instead of behaviour, counseling instead of counselling, etc.). They should change the "s" to a "z" as well: socialization instead of socialisation (that drives me crazy, er, crasy?). Finally, they need to fix that -re thing: centre instead of center or fibre instead of fiber. After all, it's the 21st century -- time to get with the program (instead of programme).

just to avoid any confusion about writers' identities...

May 6, 2014
The poster who calls himself "The Freelancer" here is not me.

re: anglo-french relations

May 6, 2014
I just finished Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong: Why We Love France but Not the French -- it's worth a read:

professor verb's word for the day

May 2, 2014


: great energy and enthusiasm

"Academic writers with the nerve work with verve to serve their clients better."

professor verb's word for the day

Apr 28, 2014


: form a concept or idea of (something)

"It is easier to conceptualize speed in miles per hour than kilometers an hour for many Americans."

*Because they love it so much, teachers froth at the mouth when you use this word.

har har

Apr 27, 2014
"Unlike most writers who do it for monetary benefits, I do it out of great passion."

the return of the writers watchdog

Apr 27, 2014
Hey guys!

I am happy to be back to EssayChat. Damn! A lot has changed since I last visited this site three years ago!? You guys even advertise now, hmm! Well, I hope there is still much fun around, and not just serious business going on here.

Unfortunately, I am a proud African and hope that my posts wouldn't be removed because of my race. Not all Africans are fraudsters, there are some very nice Africans out there. Me for instance.

We shall get along just fine.

Thank you.

that goes without saying...

Apr 27, 2014
"If you think you are the one"

professor verb's word for the day

Apr 24, 2014


: write in a wistfully mournful way about someone or something

"Some U.S. military leaders elegize the end of the Cold War when America's enemies were easy to identify."

professor verb's word for the day

Apr 23, 2014


: a great or foolish amount of pride or confidence

"When conceived it was a project of almost unimaginable boldness and foolhardiness, requiring great bravura, risking great hubris." "Simon Winchester, The Professor and the Madman, 1998

professor verb's word for the day

Apr 16, 2014

transitive verb

: to include or place within something larger or more comprehensive : encompass as a subordinate or component element

"Blue, green, and yellow are subsumed in the term 'color.'"
Lily is a scammer

Apr 15, 2014

She has no time management skills, hardly ever responds to emails and WILL NOT provide your assignment by the due date. Please do not fall for her scam. You will be disappointed and out of pocket.

scammer: joshthewriter, sam1980writes, impress23clothing... fraud all same person

Apr 14, 2014


(1) joshthewriter@outlook
(2) sam1980writes@outlook
(3) impress23clothing@gmail

If you see this name seller name: MARJAN TOHIDINEFAD on your paypal invoice, do not send money.
If you already sent the money, CANCEL IT IMMEDIATELY.

that's gonna be tough...

Apr 14, 2014
"I want previous papers that you have written involving International Politics before you email me."

professor verb's dictum no. 5

Apr 14, 2014
"Don't forget to tip the pizza guy."

just to avoid any confusion:

Apr 10, 2014
I am not the person who calls himself "The Freelancer" below.
avoid  EssayChatApr 10, 2014
essay writing service

essays for sale

Scam. You write a 'custom essay' one day and sell it to another student the next day? Avoid.


Apr 9, 2014
"Billy was squeamish about showering after watching 'Psycho.'"

Damn that flick was scary.......
Especially to a 12 year old.......
And the next day, even better......

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