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re: summer time blues

Jul 1, 2014
Alas, there ain't no cure...

professor verb's word for the day

Jun 30, 2014


: an activist that scavenges food and other valuables from waste receptacles

"Sarah is ambitious and disciplined, and she lies to her boyfriend that she's off to Dubai on assignment when she's actually hopping U.S. freight trains, Dumpster diving and hanging with freegans in order to track down the elusive anarchist collective." Claudia Puig, Detroit Free Press.
Rachael Taylor

Jun 30, 2014
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Rachael Taylor

students are more sensible than that, obviously

Jun 26, 2014
Thankfully, many students are too fair-minded, objective, and DISCERNING to heed your malicious and irresponsible "final advice". Only hateful people make such sweeping generalisations - ignorantly couched in misapplied "principles".

In any case, your misapprehension - and misapplication - of the so-called Pareto principle leaves much to be desired, and calls your logical and critical-thinking skills into question. It certainly takes more than a mere ability to write in your native language (English, I presume) to produce excellent academic papers, Students would be well-advised to note this fact in their search for competent and intelligent writers.

pareto principle

Jun 26, 2014
but what I find despicable is the blatant stereotyping of Africans going on here.

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle: If 80% of Kenyan writers cannot live by the rule of law or honesty then I don't care about the 20%.

These African scammers would fabricate W-9, provide fake diplomas with fake credentials; they would even cooperate with other criminal people who happen to live in the US or UK to provide a bogus landline phone number or mailing address.

Final advice to students - when you see an African flag (Kenya/Nigeria) here, SKIP the ad, unless you want to get defrauded, sabotaged, or extorted.

Btw - thanks to admins for implementing the flag system here (these fraudsters will obviously try to use proxy servers but they can be isolated from the real IPs).

why should such blatant stereotyping bordering on xenophobia be allowed here?

Jun 26, 2014
I understand the 'urge' to whine about supposedly bad experiences, but what I find despicable is the blatant stereotyping of Africans going on here. It's really sad because there are numerous honest people in Africa, just as there are numerous dishonest people in North America and Western Europe. I don't think such senseless and baseless stereotyping should be allowed here. Simply offer your writing services and wait for students to contact you if they wish to! Students have discernment, and it is their prerogative to decide what's best for them, or what direction to follow.

Complaints should only be made about SPECIFIC individuals/email addresses/websites that perpetrated acts of dishonesty in some way. It takes a great deal of malice and xenophobia to accuse an entire country or continent of dishonesty simply because of your alleged bad experience with one or two persons.

lesson learned.

Jun 25, 2014
scammers from Africa

That must be true. My boutique writing service has worked with about 10 writers from Africa (8 from Kenya). ALL of them tried to steal our clients by sending them their private contact information. Lesson learned and now I'd rather pay more to genuine (US or UK based) writers than work with dishonest people from Africa.

to nigerian fraudsters from

Jun 25, 2014
Message to Nigerian fraudsters - your fraudulent spam activities have been reported to Google and EssayScam ( - when you view the source of this page you'll notice links the fraudsters hide from the general public; they foolishly think they can be work in a negative way to selected sites).

I'm still very surprised why these sites that are supposed to help GENUINE writers still allow scammers from Africa promote their ESL garbage. When they are cut off they will be forced to sending email spam about winning lottery tickets again.

i would be offended

Jun 25, 2014
by the fact that there is no Croatian flag in the dropdown, but hey, it's a speck of dirt somewhere along the coast of the Adriatic sea......
freelancewriter  EssayChatJun 23, 2014
How many US citizen people did you deceive with your government propaganda? Moles have no place in private sector market and students should not trust you as much as with writers with unblemished record.

While I'm sure the "US citizen people" all appreciate your tremendous concern, in general, the role of the OIG is to identify fraud, waste, and abuse by state and local government agencies and any entities under their authority, to identify and resolve internal problems within federal agencies, and to prosecute offenders and recover public funds procured or spent improperly.
Stazz  EssayChatJun 23, 2014
my transition from being a government writer to a freelance writer

How many US citizen people did you deceive with your government propaganda? Moles have no place in private sector market and students should not trust you as much as with writers with unblemished record.

you can't believe...

Jun 23, 2014 good that made me feel

"On the other hand, if I agreed with you, I wouldn't be looking forward so much to your pending retirement."

Please believe me when I say no one is looking forward to it more than me, but that's that nicest thing anyone has ever said to me (women excluded).

professor verb's word (song) for the day

Jun 23, 2014
"Love Shack" by the B52s*:

Glitter on the highway:

Funky little shack...

*Bring your juke box money

it's true...

Jun 23, 2014
Freelancewriter may be the sole exception to my claim of being the best.

a sampling from coolessays (be afraid) -- these are not made up

Jun 21, 2014
"So, all you've got to do is to say 'write my essay', [sic] and the highly-skilled [sic] writer will get down to the business at once."

"But we still didn't mention how low our prices are! We realize that students are not made of money, and set the prices that are much lower than our competitors'!" (oh my)

"They handed their tasks to our essay service and sleep tight since then!" (really)

"We don't publish written works in the web and don't use it elsewhere, your paper is one and only." (I don't blame you)

"So, when you buy essays, you can be assure [sic] that all your demands were followed and simply enjoy an outstanding result!"

There's plenty more...


never use this people :

Jun 21, 2014
I want to share my experiance with They are bad service ever, never use them. I asked them to write a 10 page paper and explained how it is supposed to be, however, after the payment nobody told me about the progress of the paper as they promised. I tried to contact them several time but nobody responded, i decided to wait untill the last day. the paper was delivered, am glad it was two weeks before the day of handling in. The paper was 100% a copied work , after checking plagiarism. i was so dissapointed, i asked them to return my money and they told me that they can re-do the work really? one month you have copied and now want another time to re-do? the footnotes were all from books which are not at all related to the content of the paper. I was so shocked and paralysed. I didnt have much time to deal with them, i had to write a new paper. The other thing is, the topic i requested was quite different from what they have copied. Work structure is terrible. Not academic at all.I guess the person who have copied has never written an academic paper. I strongly dont recomend

a response

Jun 21, 2014
Re: "How many innocent Vietnamese did you kill?"

None to my knowledge. I didn't see any innocent people during my entire tour.

What was the reason of the Vietnam war?

**** if I know. Look it up. All I know is that I enlisted 2 weeks before I got drafted and ended up where I ended up. You'll probably say the same thing after you live your life. Perhaps then you won't be so judgmental.

Re: "Proud and American war veteran are oxymoron."

That should be "oxymoronic," and yet I am still a Very Proud American war veteran.

professor verb's word for the day

Jun 20, 2014


: evasion of straightforward action or clear-cut statement : equivocation

"The politician's speech was replete with tergiversation and failed to reveal where she really stood on matters important to the voters."
Peace  EssayChatJun 19, 2014
I'm also a proud Vietnam combat veteran.

How many innocent Vietnamese did you kill? What was the reason of the Vietnam war? Proud and American war veteran are oxymoron.
Royal Writers  

in the case of your thesis paper, i will charge you a total cost of usd $2800...

Jun 18, 2014
In the case of your Thesis Paper, I will charge you a total cost of USD $2800...

It was included by mistake and there is no need for criticism.
Justus  EssayChatMay 26, 2014
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just to correct the record

May 25, 2014
Just for the record. I am from Kenya and I write for an organization based in the UK. This is for all those so called "native speakers" I don't get what makes you special that you feel you must bash third world countries to get jobs. I don't need to go to such desperate measures.

You're correct in that it's only the desperate "writers" and company reps who resort to attacking legitimate writers on these forums in an effort to compete by defaming those with whose work they can't really compete fairly. (Coincidentally, most of the "writers" and reps who operate that way are incompetent ESLs themselves.) You're incorrect when you suggest that all criticism of ESL writers by native speakers is unfounded or based on their being ESL speakers. Most of us legitimate American and British writers have no problem with ESL writers who honestly disclose their being ESL and leaving it to customers to decide how much that matters to them (if it does). I have referred work to several (openly) ESL writers who are totally legitimate, precisely because they are honest about it and qualified to write at the level they advertise.

As much as it is true that Nigerians, Senegalese, and most of the Western African countries do have some unscrupulous people, it is a bad judgement call to act righteous about the fact that you claim native then you are better writers. So this is what I am going to do. I am asking any student to try me. When I write your essay or research paper well, you will come back on this site and tell all those people whose only credit is to bad mouth us, what kind of work has been done.

You're mixing two separate issues here: writing quality and legitimate writers vs. scammers:

On the issue of writing quality, I admit to never having bothered to identify country-specific English-writing patterns and idiosyncrasies, but I have been approached by many African writers asking for help finding work or offering to "help me out" anytime I have overflow emergencies. If they sounded legitimate and their emails were well written, I asked for a writing sample to review and in every single case, their writing was insufficient in quality to trust them with any work. There were stylistic consistencies, such as (1) paragraphs that consisted of nothing but repeating the exact same idea several times in slightly different words; (2) paragraphs that stated a premise, provided nothing to prove that premise, and then simply restated the same premise as a concluding sentence to that paragraph; and (3) unnecessarily complex sentence structure and vocabulary clearly designed to demonstrate what the writer hoped was evidence of language fluency in sentences that ultimately said nothing coherent whatsoever.

The same was true of one African writer who had previously asked me for work and subsequently accepted a project (independently) from a client whose work I'd just declined, precisely because it was above my level in that area. That client eventually requested help from me and sent me the atrocious work he received. I contacted the writer to tell him that he obviously had no business taking on any project that I'd had to decline, only to provide much worse work than I could have provided and I suggested that he owed the client a substantial refund, which he subsequently issued along with telling the customer that he resented his having involved me in the matter.

On the issue of legitimate writers vs. scammers, the "test" that you're proposing as though it's something novel is no different from what many of us have always recommended for new customers considering using any service provider: namely, always just try out any new writer or company with a smaller order and leave yourself a deadline cushion. That may not be possible if you wait until the last minute with a major project, but smaller projects allow you to minimize your first investment and the deadline cushion allows you to mitigate your risk if the worst-case scenario materializes. The same goes for your suggestion that your customers leave feedback here, because that's generally how this whole thing already works for all parties involved.

May 24, 2014
These should have been red flags:

"Features that distinct a premium essay is how criticism is literary put by the writer ..."

"Most essays require he author to give their point of view."

and more like that

May 24, 2014
Any body ever use I just placed an order to this site, yet I have a hard time contacting the customer service as no number or email is provided.

professor verb's word for the day

May 18, 2014


: in excellent order

"The harried academic writer tried to assure her clients that everything was copacetic."
The Essays Online  EssayChatMay 13, 2014
Hello Dear,

How dare you take our company's name and and use a senior official's email address here publicly! Are you out of your ****ing mind?
How can you even think of claiming The Essays Online to be working with other writers you mentioned.

We are still on Essay Chat with the same name and same email of Jim.

If you have any proof of all what you said then please upload the screen shot of any email you received from JIM or THE ESSAYS ONLINE.

Don't ever say thing in the air until you can prove it.

The Essays Online is the only company in the market that can proudly proclaim that we offer free Essay Sample, before any payment is required. Make a payment once you've checked the quality.

We are the most trusted organization in the industry of Research and Writing Services.
All of our writers are professionally trained in the field of research and writing as well as possessing masters and PhD degrees from accredited institutions across the UK. Their dedication to providing you with writing services is unparalleled throughout the industry. We can also boast of an editing department which consists of highly qualified proof readers who work in tandem with professional academic instructors from several extremely reputable universities of the UK.


May 12, 2014
The following email addresses who claim to be legitimate writers have scammed me of a) my money and b) my time

I wish to state categorically that whoever posted the above post is misguided! I have been on this chat for quite some time now, and I haven't received such accusations from rogue persons like you. I accepted an order, but I turned it down, since the client had too many issues (one of those clients writers are weary about). I have notified the client that the funds will be refunded and Paypal knows about it too. How dare such client say that s/he has been scammed? Are you insane? Whatever you've done is not proper, and one thing you should know; I am NOT in any way affiliated to "WWW.THEESSAYSONLINE.COM" or even "WRITERSONLINE2009@GMAIL.COM"! I have come out and stated what is true. I have proof that I agreed to refund the $80 you had paid. I am just that honest. There is nothing you can refute, since this is what is true. Sometimes, life isn't what you take it to be. You come a myriad people...good people, bad people, cetera.

NEW - Only individual freelance writers / editors may advertise here (writing agencies may take advantage of the paid advertising opportunities). Short / re-written / poorly-written ads may not be accepted.

NEW 2 - Writer's email is now linked to{your-email} page.

NEW 3 - Only writers who have an EssayScam Writer Profile activated and have at least 2.000 Rating can post their ads here under their associated email. Writing service ads not posted in this category will be removed.

IMPORTANT: Ads of Regular writers whose EssayScam Rating falls below a certain level (currently < 10.000) or who haven't posted a relevant and meaningful message in a public forum on EssayScam every 24hrs or less will also be automatically removed.

If you already have an ad published here, please make sure to delete the old one before posting a new (and never published) one. Ads posted through proxy servers will be removed. Ad re-posting / bumping will keep the reposted ad unreviewed or deleted.

Recommend your academic writing business email here!



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