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study king

Aug 14, 2012
Anyone tried out Study King? I heard they are a small company with decent pricing, found them on Facebook but don't have a website.

what's wrong with tania?

Aug 13, 2012
Hi Everyone.

For the first time i have just asked Tania to do a short task for me as part of my assignment.

She asked for 5-6 days and confidently said i can pay her after i receive the work.

So once i receive the work i will check if it is good enough then i will surely pay her.

I will keep you all updated, but i'm sure she will do a good job and won't let me down.

Guest is a fraud customer

Aug 12, 2012
Beware of this scum

don't trust tania!!

Aug 12, 2012
I think you have not only lost money but also your mind. How can a person scam you when you dont pay him/her upfront. I think you require some psychological treatment.

don't trust tania!!

Aug 12, 2012
I'm not a scammer!!!

you are a fraudster!!!

i'm sick and tired of fake people like you!!!

I myself have lost lots of money by paying assignment dom for rubbish work in return and no refund either!!!!

I have researched and found many companies to be fake and scammed students.

I have also been emailed by a few people telling me some writers on here are foreigners and rob you from your money such as tania!!!

I have a friend who has been ripped off by her too DO NOT TRUST HER!!!!

there are a few writers here who are genuine- BE CAREFUL!!!

do not trust tania!!!!!

Aug 12, 2012
It seems you are a scammer. One of those students who dont want to pay the writers.

do not trust tania!!!!!

Aug 12, 2012



John  EssayChatAug 4, 2012
How did you know his age? I am no supporter of Leonard Kelvin but the fact that you know his age makes me think that you might just be a case of sour grapes.

I was wrong, he is 25, not 23. Just google his email - the fifth link will be to some kind of African social network - his name is Leonard Owuyo, there is even a picture of him and his email. He told me people can have same emails.

how believable

Aug 3, 2012
How did you know his age? I am no supporter of Leonard Kelvin but the fact that you know his age makes me think that you might just be a case of sour grapes.
Brian  EssayChatAug 3, 2012
Hi, just want to warn Leonard Kelvin is a scamer. He is not a UK teacher as he says but a 23-yers old boy from Kenya who sends copy-pasted articles and calls you a racist if you dare to object.

This so bad the problem is you can not blacklist him since he will adopt another identity.....these people destroy the reputation other writers have earned...
John leonard kelvin

Aug 3, 2012
Hi, just want to warn Leonard Kelvin is a scamer. He is not a UK teacher as he says but a 23-yers old boy from Kenya who sends copy-pasted articles and calls you a racist if you dare to object.


Jul 29, 2012
serious writers required -- $5 per page Yesterday, 05:26am
We need serious and expert writers who can write research papers and dissertation in business studies discipline. Please only serious writers contact

Can you also write a paper for $5 per page? you are mad....
Surprised  EssayChatJul 29, 2012
We need serious and expert writers

serious writers required -- $5 per page

it can't get any more ironical but good luck though.


Jul 11, 2012
Stay away from Exclusive Essay Service, anything that says "Exclusive" Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 8, 2012
Well done! You really scared some of the so called brillaint writers. I think by receiving payment after delivery of work will help a lot of students not getting scammed by the so called brilliant conmpanies/writers.


Jul 8, 2012
Do you really expect any sane prison to believe that you write for free? Well ... if that's the case, there's only one interpretation - your work is worthless and no sane person would consider using your FREE WRITING SERVICES.

tania s

Jul 8, 2012
1) not all websites are fraudulent, not be far. By the way, broad generalisations signify poor research skills.
2) attacking others to attract customers tells us a great deal about your morals and no serious customer would use your services
3) pay after you deliver the work? No upfront 50%? In that case, I encourage all customers not to pay you.

Think before you post absolute nonsensical trash.

Do not seek this person's services for your literature review.
go fuck yourself  

hala khalek, aka wrt, wtf are you talking about?

Jul 5, 2012
I don't teach at any schools, and I don't sell grades. Knock yourself out thinking otherwise.


Jul 5, 2012
Go back to teaching high school kids drama.

Nobody lies as much as you do. My writers are paid and paid well. I love the fact that you claim we offered you a writer's position! Evidence please as talk is cheap.

You troll for customers. If you were such a great writer, you wouldn't need to, eould you? Ever heard of word of moth? Probably. But you've never experienced it, have you?

You were kicked out of essayscam. Show some pride and just shut your gob.
Remind me ... Why were you banned? Lies? Personal attacks which had no basis in fact? Getting paid for defending certain companies? Lying about your merits as a writer? Taking clients' money and running?

I know a lot about you and get this, what I know is both from your do-called friends and clients.

Daniel Guttenberg (Felix), what does the school where you're employed as a teacher think about your selling grades? I think they should be told :) and I know just the person to do it, evidence and all ...

Good luck trying to teach your kid the value of morality, honesty and truthfulness.

Daniel - don't play games with me. I really know way too much; enough to get you and your crony (not WB whom I respect) kicked out of all SNR sites, including Et.

Students, if you want to fail, receive plagiarised work or barely scrap through, contact Felix. His email is on every page in this blog. I wonder why when he has more clients than he can handle. Could it be that he is in the process of building his own site with a certain other and stealing customers from a certain very well known site? Felix, your reputation precedes you.

Even Eugene had the sense to throw you out on your ass :)

MODS - if FELIX was banned from essayscam, it stands to reason that he should be banned from essaychat as well.
name  EssayChatJul 5, 2012
suP ? tH ough i'm not surE why wE 're stiL l plaY ing this game, it's oK with me. So send me an email at

Oh, and WRT, the fact that you call me a fraud when a) your post is nothing but lies, and b) anyone can go to essayscam to see your ridiculous lies and failures to pay your writers is just laughable.
Rob  EssayChatJul 4, 2012
whom do the stars in my earlier post refer to?

No doubt about it p********.

None other than a creep like you who is begging for work.

to p

Jul 4, 2012
I wasn't aware that you'd been banned but thought you had been removed as per your request. Kudos to essayscam for banning you. While you are a very good writer, you spent your time on essayscam and essaychat to troll for customers. That's a bib NO-NO! You abused the system to line your own very empty pockets and, unlike WB's informative posts, yours were nothing but 'bash the competition' insulting. Even your favourite mantra "contact PayPal or your cc company immediately," was plagiarised from WB. I once thought you were the real deal but you proved yourself the exact opposite - a fraud and a phony. When you deliver eork, it is excellent but shall we talk about the rubbish you provided, or failed to provide, to your English customers? Heck! You don't even know what Oxford or Harvard style citations are! You failed to refund customers and, upon hearing that they failed, didn't even have the grace to apologise, let alone offer a partial refund. Go back to teaching High School students (theatre), and leave the writing to the pros.

Mods - it is downright insulting that you ban WB. She was an invaluable asset to your forum. As for p, throw him off the London wheel and do the world a FAVOUR!

website designer

Jul 3, 2012
I am Justus Otieno. I'm a website designer. I deal with commercial websites. My sample websites are and among others. I was asking if you can be interested in having your own website for customers. This will boost your sales. I can develop you a customer's website at good fee. Of course we can negotiate. I will have your website running in 3-4 days with everything in it plus the payment gateway. Please email me back ( I will be glad to hear from you and help you. Thanks
Feno  EssayChatJun 28, 2012
Every must care because Leonard Kelvin is a person who deceived students. And I am one of his victims. He has taken money and handed over copy paste work.

Working with a writer who has only anonymous ( or or email address is stupid. He changes email and name (you don't believe "Leonard Kelvin" is his real name, do you?) and he scam others again.

leonard kelvin is a scam

Jun 28, 2012
Every must care because Leonard Kelvin is a person who deceived students. And I am one of his victims. He has taken money and handed over copy paste work.

selling my essay writing site - $20000 revenue in past two years

Jun 27, 2012
Hello everyone,

I am not posting the URL of my website here on this form, but I am selling my website that I established two years ago. I have over 300 current clients, the site has been heavily marketed, and the sale comes with the entire site, customer list, etc.

If you are interested, please contact me at I will provide the URL, information, answers, and sale price.


allan john is the best (testimonial from a client from pakistan)

Jun 23, 2012
Allan John is one of the best freelance writers. He is vey honest and his rates are very reasonable. I ordered 3 essays a month back and yesterday I got my grades. 2 A's and a B. I will keep using his service. Those who think he is a scammer, well they must be stupid.

thank you.

Jun 20, 2012
I appreciate the public feedback. In most cases, my work will meet or exceed the required specs. These particular topics were slightly out of my comfort zone and we agreed that the client would provide some assistance to enable me to complete it but there was some miscommunication for which I took partial responsibility. Anytime I can't provide 100% of what was promised, I'll issue a fair future credit or partial refund and I'll always disclose any anticipated difficulty with the assignment or my limitations in advance so that the client (or prospective client) can decide whether or not to use me for the particular project in question. Naturally, if there's a problem after the fact that's my fault, I'll do my best to fix it for free.


comments on freelancewriter

Jun 20, 2012
For the record, I'd like to state that Freelancewriter has produced, at short notice, some great pieces of work, often with very complex requirements on my part but with minimal guidance (and a a lot of demands) from me.

On the last occasion I used him, I even received, unasked for, a partial refund for work I had paid for, in recognition that the assignment had not been fully delivered, partly due to my own fault for not having provided the sufficiently detailed brief we'd agreed and partly because he was overloaded with work. Whilst this inconvenienced me, it was a genuine gesture on his part and shows he behaves with integrity. with the heads-up I had I was able to add the necessary content myself with enough time to complete the assignment.

In any event, I have achieved two Merits for MSc submissions of 5000 words with his help, and value his integrity, honest, and fair, equitable approach with being up-front with what he can offer and his approach to establishing an honest working relationship.

I've no hesitation in highly recommending engaging his services, and have for the third time approached him with a view to working on my next assignment.

I'm writing this because it took me a long time to find someone I felt I could trust to work with, without the bullshit and overpromising/underdelivering so may writers seem to offer. The caveat I would make is that the clearer your guidance, the better the result you'll receive and the happier you'll be with the service, especially if your subject is in a lesser-known field and perhaps unfamiliar to him. Communication is vital, and clear concise, and detailed instructions in terms of a framework of the assignment you're looking to be delivered are essential.

Of all the people I've spoken to looking for assistance in delivering a great assignment for my coursework, I've found Freelancewriter to be honest, reliable, and someone with integrity in whom I trust.

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