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Example Papers 1

Book Critique of "In the Absence of the Sacred"
My Research Essay on Families Reactions to "Coming Out"
Perfect Competition - Solving Questions
Class Reading (Response Essay)
Social Networking Research: Reshaping Culture
Relational Analysis: Ethics in Management (Assignment Questons and Answers)
Privacy / Security - Researching The Electronic Health Records (EHR)
College Research Paper on Cyber Terrorism
Researching Quality Management Systems
Becoming a Socially-Responsive Person / My Business Plan Idea
Globalization and Its Impact on the Clothing Industry
Training and Employee Motivation Research - Case Study
Personal Development and Business Decisions
My Personal Business Goals and Plan
Personal Business Plan and My Educational Needs
The Palestinian Case Research
Project Charter - Business of DSH Store
Research on United Nations Healthcare
Critical Thinking and Research of Car Hitting - Analysis and Report
Research on Transportation in America Between 1900-1910
Research Model - Introvert Behavior Online Versus Offline
American Education in the Digital Age of Research
The Millennial Generation as a Lost Generation
Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Protection
Vision, Charisma, Research, and Precision: The Situational Leadership of Steve Jobs
Reading Difficulties of Elementary Students: The Effects of Guided Reading on English Language Students
Girl, Interrupted by the Efforts of Time - Book Review
The Effects of Education on Translation Accuracy: A Proposal
Group Process - Research Advice Paper
Power, Prestige, and Universal Language: Implications for English as the Language of International Business

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