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Example Papers

American Education in the Digital Age of Research Oct 11, 2017
The Millennial Generation as a Lost Generation Sep 15, 2017
Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Protection Aug 26, 2017
Vision, Charisma, Research, and Precision: The Situational Leadership of Steve Jobs Aug 7, 2017
Reading Difficulties of Elementary Students: The Effects of Guided Reading on English Language Students Aug 4, 2017
Girl, Interrupted by the Efforts of Time - Book Review Aug 1, 2017
The Effects of Education on Translation Accuracy: A Proposal Jul 31, 2017
Group Process - Research Advice Paper Jul 29, 2017
Power, Prestige, and Universal Language: Implications for English as the Language of International Business Jul 5, 2017
The Proposed "Gainful Employment" Rule: A Necessary Step in Education Reform Jul 3, 2017
Researching The Social Contract in Western Politics Jun 26, 2017
Gender Identity - Social Studies Essay May 26, 2017
Consumer Culture and Commodities as Markers of Class - English Research Essay May 18, 2017
College graduates don't have the skills needed for today's economy - Discuss May 3, 2017
Managerial Challenges and Higher Education / UAE - Personal Statement Feb 9, 2017
Workplace Motivation: Theory and Application Feb 4, 2017
Fine Arts Class - School Research on Visiting a Museum of Fine Arts Jan 28, 2017
The Role of the Liberal Arts & Humanities in a Free and Educated Society Jan 7, 2017
Second Movers in E-Commerce - Research Guidelines Jan 3, 2017
Users' Information Privacy Policy (IT Security and Privacy Research) Dec 31, 2016
Toxic Schools: Their Effects on Students and How to Implement Positive Change Dec 30, 2016
Facebook: The Erosion of Privacy and Personal Freedom for Sale Dec 30, 2016
Research on Employability and Professional Development - example essay Dec 29, 2016
Will the Internet Provide Higher Education? Dec 27, 2016
The Effect of Peer Pressure and Media Influences on Body Image in Adolescents Dec 27, 2016
Child Abuse Rates in PA before/after Act 31 Mandated Reporting Dec 27, 2016
Admissions Essay On Students with Disabilities Dec 27, 2016
Marketing Plan Outline: UCSF School of Dentistry Dec 27, 2016
Research is the Most Difficult Part of the Academic Writing Process Dec 26, 2016
Peter the Great - Research Paper Dec 26, 2016

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