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EngLitHelpPleas e  

essay writer needed


I've not used this site before so please forgive me if any of this is wrong or not allowed!
I have a 2000 word English Literature essay that I need to hand in on 18/01/2017 but due to family issues I will not be able to complete it.

Is there a service or a writer that somebody that can recommend please?


dissertation writer required

Nov 29, 2016
need a dissertation wrote plagerism free


master - personal statement

Nov 27, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I am an Mexican architect, trying to get accepted in a foreign university to a graduate programe. Although I have been working a while in certain paragraphs of my personal essay I feel there are some sentences that might be confusing, I also have a hard time upgrading the overall level of my writing without sounding strange/staged, I would really appreciate of someone could help me with the connotation of certain phrases.




Nov 21, 2016
Hi, I am looking for someone to help me with a finance case study - could anyone help?


it's not just the grammar

Nov 16, 2016
If the person really knows you well enough to provide a reference in the first place, he really doesn't need you to remind him to provide a "good word." The words in brackets are for you to choose based on the nature of your relationship.

Is the punctuation and phrasing of this sentence correct? Could it be improved?"I offered that he may contact you if he would like a reference on me; if you could kindly put in a good word, if he reaches out, that would be much appreciated."

"I suggested that he contact you as a [personal/professional] reference and would like to thank you in advance for your time."

More formally:

"I took the liberty of providing your contact information as a [personal/professional] reference. Thank you kindly in advance for your time."

Market Research  

marketing plan outline: ucsf school of dentistry

Nov 15, 2016
The marketing plan I am developing for the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Dentistry will be grounded in the mission, vision, and values of the program:

MISSION: Advancing health through excellence in patient care, education and discovery
VISION: To be the preeminent innovator in oral and craniofacial health worldwide

VALUES: Our core LEADERSHIP values encompass our operating philosophy and principles that guide us in our daily actions and decisions, as well as in our interactions with others. These leadership values encompass excellence; accountability; diversity; engagement; respect; social responsibility; honesty; innovation; and partnership.

The value of partnership is particularly pertinent to the relationships the school wishes to develop with dentists in the areas of San Francisco adjacent to the UCSF campus. The goal of the marketing plan is make area dentists and their staffs aware of our services and establish relationships that will facilitate the referral of patients who need dental procedures beyond the range of those typically offered in a dental practice.

Targets and Strategies

The marketing plan will target dentists who have established practices in the zip code areas surrounding the UCSF School of Dentistry. These zip codes include:


Research of area dentists will identify those who do not normally offer advanced surgical procedures and thus would be candidates for referrals to the UCSF School of Dentistry. Research will also determine which are dentists are direct competitors, how much business they draw, how they are marketing, and which insurance plans they accept.

Marketing Materials and Strategies for Referral and Retention

Marketing strategies will emphasize the UCSF School's position as a preeminent provider of oral and maxillofacial services to the residents of San

Francisco [or Northern California]. The dentists will also be made aware that some patients may be eligible for lower-cost treatment. A variety of marketing materials and strategies will be employed:

A page on the UCSF School of Dentistry website specifically for provider referral information

Brochures describing the services available at the School, including the lower-cost program

An online newspaper

Press releases to various media outlets concerning events, honors, new equipment or services, or other areas of public interest

Posts to the UCSF School of Dentistry Facebook page that are directed toward referring dentists, news about surgical services, and related information

Send out Tweets related to surgical services and referrals

Optimization of keywords and SEO strategy

Paid advertising on San Francisco media websites [?]

Printed cards to be given to existing UCSF patients at their appointments asking them to leave a review on Yelp and/or other rating websites

Printed cards offering first-appointment discounts for existing patients to give to their family members and friends

A rewards program (e.g. free or reduced price teeth cleanings) for patients who make a certain number of referrals that result in new patients

Regular in-office contact with area dentists and their staff through relationship marketing on an on-going basis (e.g. bi-monthly and on holidays) by delivering gifts such as:

Edible arrangements (fruit, cookies)

UCSF sweatshirts/T-shirts

USCF coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, notepads, or other items

To address the School's leadership values of partnership and social responsibility, hold an event with area dentists offering free or low-cost services to area residents who cannot afford dental services.

A timeline and plan of action will incorporate the implementation of these strategies.

Financial Projections

Financial projections will depend on the strategies chosen and the available budget, with the goal of increasing referrals by investing in directed marketing to dentists and patients.

grammar query

Nov 14, 2016
Is the punctuation and phrasing of this sentence correct? Could it be improved?

"I offered that he may contact you if he would like a reference on me; if you could kindly put in a good word, if he reaches out, that would be much appreciated."
jullien  EssayChatNov 4, 2016
i am writing this essay about commercial but i am having trouble to come up with main thesis about

phd political theory writer

Nov 2, 2016
Anyone who is skilled in this area with the qualifications please contact me. Seeking original material only of a 1st class standard. Will not pay for anything else.


essay on students with disabilities

Nov 1, 2016
I am a Pre-K teacher in the public schools, and my students all have varying needs, including developmental ones. In some of the more severe cases, some of my students are or would be categorized as developmentally delayed, and subject to interventions according to the guidelines of IDEA. According to the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, "developmental delay is a term that is used to describe a student who is three to nine years old, and has significant delays in physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, or adaptive development. Children who are eligible for special education services under IDEA are between three and five years of age and have been evaluated as having mental retardation, emotional disturbance, specific learning disabilities, or one of the autism spectrum disorders.

Suppose, for example, that there is a child who has been evaluated as having a mental retardation disorder. Because of the normal delays that children experience in early childhood, and they vary from child to child, it is very difficult, at the ages of three or four, to determine whether the mental retardation is moderately severe or more severe. As the child grows, the differences become more obvious, so that by the time the child is in first or second grade, academic recommendations and placements can be made much more accurately. At the early childhood level, this presents some limitations on the design of educational programs for thes children. It is important, then, to develop a program that is connected to the general education program that best prepares the children to learn and move through the general education n program. This calls for flexibility, comprehensiveness, and activities that evaluate and measure progress in the program and the child's ability to function. The program should be

"adapted and individualized, by changing the content, by providing supports that promote learning, and by making the materials and toys usable, based on the information gathered about the children's progress throughout the year" (Council for Developmental Disabilities). As the child moves through the program, more specific adaptations can be made which will better serve the child's needs. .


Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. Developmental delay and non-categorical early childhood. Project IDEAL.

"writers" - get back to earth

Oct 23, 2016
"Writers" - get real. Why do you pretend its just a social forum or chat? it is business forum. You think admins are stupid? If you post anything - you do it only to spam your service - it is all calculated. Either you or business chat is a charitable organization. You are spammers who are active only for advertising exposure. You have other option - go to google and pay $2-$3 per click and wait till sub-saharans click on it ::) Pv - you want to write another chat? Tell us what keywords on google you use to find one? Im pretty sure it goes like : "free chat to post ads" , "forums that don't ban for spamming", what else? Worpies dont cheat yourself with the "safety" keyword - its not about safety, if it was you'd get banned long time ago.

ONE RULE FOR ALL! If not, theres corruption. But some writers thrive in corruption so it confuses me.

to admin and all who may be concerned

Oct 23, 2016
I understand that you need to increase safety of the forum, and I applaud the effort. But a modicum of sense would be advisable. I suggest that you provide at least some degree of lenience for long time users, such as myself and PV (since we both frequent EC) when applying the new rules. I understand the new 24 hour policy is in effect for regular writers, and that's okay. But if a person has a proven track record, both on ES and EC, don't you think it is okay to apply a slightly different set of rules? PV has been here much longer than I have, and I believe you're doing a disservice to yourself and the students by removing him. He has, if anything, proven that he is a honest and dependable writer, a fact that most, if not all others who frequent EC have not. Yet, they are allowed to use the chat for spamming and obvious fraud but one of the oldest members of ES and EC cannot? I believe you need to implement a crossover policy, that a user who has xxx + amount of posts and karma on ES should be given preference and be exonerated from the 24 hour rule (say 1-2 posts per week?). That will allow us, the older members some leniency and will not impact the safety of the forums in any way ( I think 50k or 100k karma is sufficient for regular writrers).

this is not an ad .. but let's do some math

Oct 23, 2016
Dear EssayChat students:

I've been a member of this forum for many years, and I believe I've contributed to its popularity as much as anyone (the admin has adopted my recommendations for some games and a survey feature and has even used the text I suggested to replace their draconian guidance concerning hiring freelance writers in the past). I also submitted numerous "words for the day" that the new system prohibits, but which many of my clients and anonymous respondents tell me they enjoyed.

I have advertised in this forum for at least 6 years and appreciate the opportunity but recently admin has implemented arbitrary and capricious rules that prohibit me from advertising for one full month unless I pay them for a premium account. I refuse. Apparently, the new rules require freelance writers to make a "meaningful post" to every day. No problem. I did that -- and far more. I've initiated a number of new threads and have attempted to contribute to anything other writers had to say.

My latest ad, though, was deleted (and new post suspended for a month) because it was more than 29 hours since my last posting. The guidance I had available said writers must make a post "every day or so" and then it was changed the next week to "every day." After my ad was deleted, I was respectful in my email to admin that I was unaware of this change but would have accommodated it because I value this forum. No more. Regardless of the specifics of this new requirement and how it is interpreted, 30 posts a month = 30 posts a month.

I'll find an alternative forum. Thanks for the ride.

what was tesco's process for changing their scope of retail business operations?

Oct 4, 2016
Table of Contents

Section 1: Aim, Objectives and Feasibility of the Research 2

Overview of the Research 2
Research Aim 2
Research Objective 2
Research Questions 2
Feasibility of the Research 3
Justification for the Research Topic 3

Section 2: Literature Review 3

Changing the Scope of Business Processes 3
The Significance of Change Management for the Process 4
Operations of Retail Business 5
The Current Business Process of Tesco and Recommended Changes 6

Section 3: Research Methods and Methodology 6

Research Approach 6
Key Participants 7
Data Collection Techniques 8
Data Analysis Techniques 9
Reliability of the Methods 9
References 11

Section 1: Aim, Objectives and Feasibility of the Research


The overall scenario with respect to failure of retail has ended up becoming long since the last few months. A number of well- known brands of retail in UK, such as Tesco, have been facing financial distress and changing the scenario of distress in sales. No matter how bleak the outlook of consumer may be, there is lack of uniformity in the picture when considering landscape of retail (Veit et al. 2014). For the purpose of this research, there will be collection of secondary data in reference with a number of research articles in context with the concepts of business processes, operations of retail business, change management, and changing scope of business processes. The company targeted in reference of this research paper is Tesco Inc. And hence, in conducting the research, the business processes of Tesco will be analysed and evaluated to identify the scope requiring change.

Research Aim

The aim of this research is to propose the process of Tesco to change the overall scope of success in the operations of its retail business. The research aims on considering factors of change management that impact the overall implementation of changed scope in the business process. The key aim focuses on ensuring to reengineer the business process with the change and structure initiated throughout the environment of business.

Research Objective

Following are the key objectives of the research:

To ensure the reengineering of business process for Tesco while changing processes and structure across the business environment.
To present recommendation for ensuring that the proposed change in the scope of retail business operations are successful for Tesco Inc.

Research Questions

The research will focus on answering the following research questions:

What factors of change management and business process affect the implementation of change in scope?
What is the overall scope of current business operations of Tesco?
What and how changes can be implemented in the business operations conducted by Tesco?

Feasibility of the Research

The research appears to be quite feasible as there are a number of resources to support the claims and facts of the research. This will involve the consideration of scope change, change control, configuration management, change management and change programme. The process is involved with the management to request controlling, carrying out, approving and reviewing changes to the deliverables of project. There can be usually an application of different concepts under the support of different references. Administrative and technical controls must be supported under the claim of multiple editions or versions related to a particular deliverable, specifically when there has been change of component after the initial completion.


Some of the retailers have weathered the storm and prosper with the general downturn across the market platform. Due to this particular reason, major retailers such as Tesco have been putting in major investments in the software of labour planning for ensuring that there must be deployment of appropriate hours of labour for supporting the sales being planned. There is huge significance for the change of scope in this context. This involves the placement of request for changing the agreed objectives and scope related to the project for the accommodation of need for no original definition being involved in the project.

Section 2: Literature Review


Businesses hold the tendency of changing the processes of business. The changes have resulted in adjustments within the system of business process support. The effect of any change within the process of business is well extended ahead of the particular point being involved in change. This further affects the requirement of pre- conditions for each and every activity of the business, the creation of outputs required, or the requirement of new inputs (Veit et al. 2014). Alignment of system of business process support and the processes of business once developed, there is maintenance of need with the passage of time, by the undergoing of change across the organization. The business deal with consistent changes in the processes of business. The key outcome is regarding continuous improvement attempts, changes in the environment of business, and the advancement of technology. When there are changes in the processes of business, the system of business process support while ensuring adjustments accordingly (Seethamraju 2012). As changes take place across a number of magnitudes with frequency across the business era, there is significance of maintaining the alignment between the system of business process support and processes of business, maintaining an evolutionary approach. Management of change requires the consideration of parallel terms of two systems, the system of business process support and the system of business. There is manifestation of changes in the process of business. When there is modification in the business process, the impact as a result will be extending ahead of the certain point that requires any modification (Scholz-Reiter and Stickel 2012). Modifying the scope leads towards insufficiently adjusted system of business process support or unnecessary efforts of redesigning, with the extension of influenced scope.


The process of change management is the activities or steps that a project leader or change management team will be following the application of change management with the initiation of change for driving up individual transitions and ensuring the project for meeting the outcomes intended. There has been identification of key element from the research as major elements are involved in the successful process of change management (Röglinger et al. 2012). There is incorporation of these elements as 3- Phase Process by Prosci, these are as follows (Rao et al. 2012):

Phase 1: Preparation of Change that involves defining the strategy of change management, preparing the team of change management, and developing the model of sponsorship.

Phase 2: Management of Change that involves developing the plans of change management, and taking action and implementing the plans.

Phase 3: Reinforcement of Change that involves collecting and analysing feedback, diagnosing gaps and managing resistance, and implementing to ensure corrective actions, while celebrating successes.

For the purpose of assessing readiness, there are different tools used by the project leader or change management team for the purpose of assessing the readiness of organization for the initiation of change. Assessments of readiness can be inclusive of historical assessments, culture, organizational assessments, change assessments, sponsor assessments, and employee assessment (Lambert 2009). All of the tools are useful in providing insights to the team of project within the opportunities and challenges being faced in the process of change. For the purpose of assessing the overall scope for initiation of change, the following factors need to be considered:

What is the level of this change?
What is the impact of a number of people?
Can this be considered as a radical or gradual change?

This further involves the need for assessing each and every strength related to the sponsors of change and team of change management, initial steps must be taken up for enabling the effective leadership of change process (Kirchmer 2012).


The overall retail business should be offering a positive ambience to the consumers for the enjoyment of shopping and leaving away the smile. There must be provision of a cluttered appearance with the store. There must be appropriate arrangement of the products across the shelves with respect to their patterns and sizes while ensuring the product do not end up falling from the shelves. In addition, there must be appropriate handling of cash that is among the most significant aspects under retail (Hernaus 2011). The retailer appears to be essential for tracking the daily flow of cash for the calculation of loss and profit across the store. There must not be display of merchandise in exiting or entering the store. The customers are not to be allowed for carrying certain number of products, while ensuring there is a security tag for all of the merchandizes. The sales representative should be handling each and every product with care. There must be installation of generator for the backup of power and for the avoidance of unnecessary black outs, while ensuring that there are closed cabinets for expensive products. The overall scenario with respect to failure of retail has ended up becoming long since the last few months. A number of well- known brands of retail in UK, such as Tesco, have been facing financial distress and changing the scenario of distress in sales (Fosso Wamba 2012). No matter how bleak the outlook of consumer may be, there is lack of uniformity in the picture when considering landscape of retail. Some of the retailers have weathered the storm and prosper with the general downturn across the market platform. Due to this particular reason, major retailers such as Tesco have been putting in major investments in the software of labour planning for ensuring that there must be deployment of appropriate hours of labour for supporting the sales being planned. There is huge significance for the change of scope in this context (De Marco et al. 2012). This involves the placement of request for changing the agreed objectives and scope related to the project for the accommodation of need for no original definition being involved in the project.


Retailer focus on the centralization of IT development for each and every store all across the globe. There is standardization of Tesco within IT systems and business processes for supporting each and every plan for the purpose of international expansion. There has been designing of the move for the provision of single way with Tesco to work in 14 nations with 3,263 stores. This particular program will be involving the standardization of all IT systems in Tesco used for trading with each and every customer and running each and every store (Chesher and Kaura 2012). There lies an expectation for including in- store, financial, payroll, distribution, warehousing, and trading systems. There is a huge significance of certain areas of business with IT implementation, with international expansion, there is still an existence of ability of transferring the capability. The company approaches for leveraging IT for supporting the common model of operation. The roll out can be considered useful for allowing the retailer for cutting costs while simplifying the systems of IT with the dispensing of national departments of IT favouring the central department of IT. Tesco will be beneficial out of data with better quality, useful for the management of effective operation across all national markets, while having an understanding about the key customers (Bordonaba-Juste et al. 2012). The overall level should be maintained by Tesco for the introduction of standardized processes of business appear to be unique. The project came out of the standardization of ERP system across all nations under Oracle. The new programs should be splitting the nine areas by the inclusion of distribution while displaying the in- store goods.


Research Approach

In order to enhance the scope of this research, there will be involvement of both, secondary research and primary research. In conducting the primary research, an interview session will be conducted with the key managers of Tesco Inc. In conducting the secondary research, there will be consideration of key outcomes presented by a number of researchers referring to research articles, peer- reviewed essays, and any other well- credited source. Qualitative research is categorised by its goals, which are related to understanding few facet of societal life, and its methodologies generate words in general, rather than numerical, as data for research. For scholars who are more familiar with methods using quantitative analysis, which targets to measure in numeric's or percentage (for example the percentage of population having diabetes in a community, or how many of families having a bed net (in numbers), the goal and methodologies of research which is qualitative can look imprecise. General criticisms include: small samples cannot as a matter of fact be representative of the larger population, therefore it's not easy to know to what level we can make the results generalise in nature; lack rigour is there in the findings; it is not possible to say for sure how much the findings are partisan in the analyst own views. However, for different types of research projects, there are various sorts of questions that require answers, few require quantitative methodology, and few need qualitative methodology.

For the collection of data, a deductive research approach will be used in which a general idea is used for the generalization of a specific idea. For the presentation and analysis of this business plan, qualitative tools such as desk research and interviews will be used perceiving the key objective of the research. This will further require the interpretation of data obtained out of the two tools, and hence, there will be consideration of qualitative research method. This will ensure that the data collected is both, secondary and primary, further enhancing the overall scope of clarity and accuracy in the key findings.


In conducting the primary research, an interview session will be conducted with the key managers of Tesco Inc. The key managers to be interviewed for the purpose of this research are from the department of human resource, IT, and general management. This has been considered for ensuring that there is an alignment between all of these departments for ensuring that success is achieved in applying the concepts of business processes, operations of retail business, change management, and changing scope of business processes. As a manager is required to make choices at the key level, so business might request them to contribute their mastery in meetings where key concerns can be discussed. Managers may also be requested to remark on insights, presentations, pilot plans or reports that can influence future methodology. Decision making skills of managers should be perfect as business may ask them to use their skills in the meetings and discuss the concerned areas.

Whether a manager works in an expansive multinational partnership or a little association, a great comprehension of the fitting business investigation methods and phrasing will help contributing in basic leadership forms.

Common situations where managers could be approached to give data and information of their organization's strategic decision making are as follows:
Help with the meaning of the association's strategy

Evaluate the associations inside abilities and how well it can react to outer forces.

Dissect the associations outside environment.
Help in the execution of the association's methodology

Data Collection Techniques


Interviews are like everyday general conversations, though they target (to more or less extent) on the analyst requirement for data. But they differ from day to day talk as we are anxious to strategise them in more severe way we can. So as make them more reliable and authentic. By this it can be concluded that both the analyst and the users of the research findings are assured the results are answer of the researcher questions, and not the reflection of researcher biasness. In realistic terms, our methods must desire to be:

Reproducible: It means, that the topic guide can be used to give similar results or information whenever it is used
Systematic: It makes sure that data or interviewees which support existing ideas of the answer are not randomly picked.
Credible: the way we ask questions should be reasonable and logical ones so that it gives valid or truthful account of the scenario.
Transparent: By this method the data can be written up which makes the readers see precisely how it was collected and researched.
The interviewer's skills and his training are important for increasing genuineness and reliability. The interviews are of various types which are used in qualitative methodology. It ranges from medium-structured (such as using a topic guide) to less defined and very elaborate (for example life histories).
Semi-structured: Semi structured are organised on the basis open ended structure (topic guide, see below) which are made up of loose open ended questions which defines the region to be analysed.


It is related with generating a thesis (or hypotheses) on the basis existing theory, and after that designing a strategy for research to trail the thesis.
It is stated that to be deductive means to reason from the distinct to the general. If normal relation or link is implied by a peculiar theory or case study example, it may be true in most of the cases. A deductive design may be tested to see if given relationship or link is actually obtain in more generic circumstances.

Deductive approach can be interpreted by means of theses, which is generated from the recommendation of the theory. In another way it can be said that, deductive method is related with deducting outcome from establishment or recommendation.
Deduction starts on expected lines that put to test against surveillance, whereas induction starts with surveillance and pursues to find an arrangement in them.

Deductive research methodology seeks to explore a known phenomenon and then tests if the hypothesis is true in a given situation. It is noted that "the deductive methodology works closely on the pathway of logic. The logical reasoning begins with a thesis and advances to a new thesis. This thesis undergoes a test by encountering it with information that may confirm or a reject the thesis.


The Qualitative approach to research aims to unearth and / or comprehend big picture " by utilising the data to portray the occurrence and what it means. Qualitative and Quantitative research Contains classifying and coding the data so that their similarities and their differences are recognised. Feedback from an unorganised qualitative interview can be fed into a computer system so that it can be coded, it can be counted and it can be analysed. The qualitative scholar has no system of pre-coding, therefore a methodology to identify, label or code a data must be developed it is required for each research. " This is what is called analysis of content.

Analysis of content is used when qualitative data is collected through:
Core groups
Analysis of documentary

child abuse rates in pa before/after act 31 mandated reporting

Oct 1, 2016
Model Research.

After the scandal at Penn State, there was a desperate need to make changes in child abuse laws. The well-kept secret of high rates of child abuse were also uncovered as a result of the scandal. In fact, there were almost 40,000 reported case of child abuse in 2010 and an untold number of unreported cases (CCJ). Every year, on average, thirty children will die as a result of child abuse in this state (Persky, 2012). As a result of these concerning numbers and the attention brought to the problem by the Penn State scandal, Act 31 was passed. Act 31 requires all health-related licensees, school officials, and clergymen to complete three hours of child abuse recognition training.

A call to action occurred in 2011 when physicians discovered a high number of children with traumatic head injuries as a result of child abuse (CCJ). In April, it was discovered the number of injuries reported by healthcare officials did not line-up with the numbers being reported by social services. In November of 2011, the Sandusky/Penn State scandal broke. Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse against children (Krebs, 2011). As a result of these two incidents as well as the high rate of child abuse in the state, a task force for child protection was created. The task force determined, person with direct contact with child abuse victims are mandated to report abuse.

Act 31 was created to ensure people who come into close contact with children have the necessary knowledge to recognize the signs and have the necessary information to report the suspected abuse. Health officials, school officials and employees, child care workers, and spiritual advisors are mandated by law to report abuse. Prior to enacting this law, mandated reporters were failing to report cases of child abuse. As a result, many cases of child abuse were going unreported. Children do not have a voice and rely on adults to step in and provide the necessary assistance. The mandatory reporter becomes the voice of the child.


Krebs, J. Statistics don't tell total child abuse story.

Persky, A. Beyond the Penn State Scandal: Child Abuse Reporting Laws.

The Center for Children's Justice. Child Abuse victims in Pennsylvania.
Dr Alex  

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Sep 20, 2016
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Abraham warning

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looking for an expert writer proficient in engineering

Sep 8, 2016
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chapter of results and analysis

Aug 28, 2016
I am looking for a writer who particularly has knowledge in Computer assisted language learning and learner autonomy and must be good at using SPSS to write a 120 pages of chapter of results and analysis.


marketing/business thesis paper with knowledge on spss

Aug 20, 2016
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who wants to work from home?

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research into existential object relations

Aug 13, 2016
The dominant theme of this post is the inter-connectivity of object relations theory, possession, social boundaries, and relationships between partners. The loss of boundaries articulated by Daniels is of particular interest to me, as personal experience has led me to examine the links between balance, within the context of a relationship, and self-perception. If an individual is constantly defining him/herself with relation to another human being, then how is self-esteem, autonomy, and an overall solid sense of well-being inform healthy boundaries? The post suggests that a loss of boundaries is tantamount to a loss of a solid sense of self, with object relations theory then having specific implications for partnerships of various kinds.

If human beings are constantly searching for relatedness, or, as the post states, "attachments that allow for emotional bonding with others," then that search, in itself, is integral to the individual's identity. Attachments as emotional bonds are paramount to the human life, but are they paramount to self-perception in a way that negates, or at the very least trumps, personality? While the post indicates that a relationship may become similar to a possession in that the individual feels a sense of ownership over his/her partner, I believe that it is possible to be attached and bonded within a relationship without feeling a sense of possession.

The word possession connotes a power differential between the possessor and the possess-ee, through which an inherent inequality would negatively impact the relationship. Though the post implies that a balance may be possible if both partners harbor a sense of possession, I believe that any sense of ownership, even one that is equally felt by both partners, is problematic and boundary-confusing. Most saliently, it is unlikely that each partner would frame the act of possession in the same way, with one person's possession manifesting as jealousy and another's manifesting in a comparatively healthy way. Invested emotional energy neither necessarily constitutes a possession nor a blurred boundary, though it has the potential to be both given the right circumstances.

The post highlights further that certain circumstances during early childhood will determine both boundary-loss and the negative effects of object-possession later in life. Unconscious conflicts in the absence of treatment, by extension, shape adult experiences when individuals seek to repair childhood losses of objects; this implies that the adult is constantly seeking out self-validation only through relationships with others, however. I believe that strong senses of self-identity need not be derived solely from relationships but can be garnered from a wide spectrum of sources. If an artist, for example, seeks and finds a sense of self during the act of creation, then it is his/her relationship with his/her work that sources a strong sense of core being-ness; and yet, this raises further questions about object relations, as the artist's work may then be the object from which s/he derives identity. A core difference between the post's explanation of intimate relationships and the variables of possession and self-identity and the artist example, however, is that a power differential already exists between artist and artwork, with the former not only wielding greater autonomy than the latter but also responsible for its entire existence.


Aug 8, 2016
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When I woke up, the first thought that came to me was, "Hot damn! It's the first day of summer vacation and the livin's gonna be easy." Sure enough, the day started out great. Sitting in my cozy breakfast nook, I finished a couple of cups of coffee with a croissant and leisurely read the newspaper (something I rarely get to do in the morning). Just then I heard the phone ring and when I got up to answer it, I tripped over my dog, Muffin (naturally, we call her, "Muffin the Mutt") who had been worrying a piece of croissant and broke my leg when I pirouetted and fell on the kitchen tile floor.

I never did find out who was calling (let's hope it was important), but don't worry -- Muffin the Mutt was just fine but the emergency room doctor assured me that I would be out of action for awhile. As a result, I spent my summer at home learning how to navigate stairs on crutches and pop wheelies in my wheelchair. Muffin spent the summer unsuccessfully chasing squirrels in the backyard, barking at things that weren't there and perhaps also making plans for how to spoil next summer.

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Jul 21, 2016
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