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best of luck

Oct 9, 2018
Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, and most importantly sickness free retirement. It was a pleasure knowing you and working alongside you! All the best

best of luck to you, pv

Oct 6, 2018
Hope you have a long and fulfilling retirement.

time for reflection

Oct 6, 2018
Over the past several years, I've learned that many of my buddies in Vietnam have either claimed their own lives or have otherwise died prematurely due to the exigencies and adverse effects of combat military service in a stupid war.. In the past, I used this forum to recruit academic writing assignments because this was the only way I could earn an honest living with my service-connected disabilities, but I'm about to retire so I don't care anymore. I do want to say, though, that I was 6 years old before the last Civil War veteran died, and you'll probably witness the last Korean and Vietnam veterans' deaths in the near future (mine included). Don't worry. The U.S. military has your back. Please just remember if you ever visit Arlington to remain standing and please keep your mouths shut for God's sake. Show some respect. Thanks.


writezillas and affiliate account

Oct 4, 2018
Hey, I am looking for a writezillas or its affiliates account. Get back to me via
David Cooke  

i need academic writing accounts

Sep 18, 2018
Am looking to buy any good academic writing account.


simpletense, writerbay, edusson, ultius, essayshark

Sep 10, 2018
I am looking to buy the following accounts Simpletense, Writerbay, Edusson, Ultius, Essayshark. Get back to me via my email.


beware of /

Sep 8, 2018
African fraudsters posing as an "american" writer.
Budhesh Chopra  

engineering experts needed

Sep 5, 2018
Looking for professional subject matter experts in the field of Engineering. There is a wide range of subjects on which regular orders are available. Some of the areas are indicated as under:

✔Fluid Dynamics
✔Structural & Architectural Project Design (Buildings)
✔Construction Engineering and Project Management
✔Geotechnical Engineering
✔Thermal Engineering
✔Traffic Engineering
✔Marine Engineering
✔Traffic Engineering
✔Soil Engineering
✔Mechanical Engineering (ANSYS/SOLIDWORKS/CAD/AUTOCAD/3D Modeling/Reverse Engineering)
✔Steel Design
✔Building Constructions Administration (Costing Evaluation)

Proficient Experts would be required to complete university-level projects/Dissertations/Academic Reports/Thesis/Research Proposals and Assessments tasks as provided in the assignment brief.

Each work will have a fixed deadline (mostly 48-72 hours) and budget which averages $180 - $300 for each task.

A few sample questions of the tasks can be seen from the link as under:

If you think you or someone you know might be interested in this unique opportunity, please email - #email_below#

budhesh.chopra@ gmail  

sap experts

Aug 24, 2018
I have 2 Orders for SAP Experts. Please connect with me urgently.


mba writer for hire (multiple subjects and all writing levels)

Aug 23, 2018
 Offered USA  USA  
I have an MBA from Johns Hopkins and a Masters in marketing from University of Phoenix. I love all things business from the entry and start up stages to taking an established business to the next level. Minor courses in English and writing helped hone my skills for creating stellar business plans and marketing materials, all of which were an asset when helping companies launch their business or introduce a new product. I love business, but I tired of the corporate rat race and now I write full time.

truewriter4life@gmail - MBA WriterWhen I received my MBA, I knew there were parts of the traditional MBA that were lacking, and marketing is only a small part of what I had learned. To grow my consulting business, I enrolled in online classes to learn all I could about marketing one's business and taking it to the top. The outcome of dual Masters degrees has been remarkable.

Today, I provide consulting on the side, but much of my focus is helping students excel in their studies. I've always loved reading and writing so being an academic writer, to me, is a perk of something I already enjoy. Like having your cake and eating it too!

I love the craft of writing academic papers from the research stage to putting it together to formatting. I am a stickler for proper citation and formatting and believe that the best academic writers should be familiar (if not very experienced) in all types of academic citation formats.

One trait I process is the ability to tackle the same subject on many different levels, each with a unique voice. This is especially helpful as an academic writer as I can cover the same topics for different students, each with a different style, tone, and perspective.

In terms of the types of writing projects I take on, I literally work on most any and everything. However, my favorite areas of interest business, international studies, women's studies, literature, psychology, and sociology. I cover far more than those, but that gives prospective clients an idea of what I enjoy most.

As a writer with more than 20 years' experience, I understand the importance of communication and meeting deadlines. I am a native English-speaking writer. I can write in British English, but it's not my "favourite." I'm just kidding. I don't mind it either way. It's quite interesting to learn how the English language is spoken and spelled in different regions in the world.

Lastly, why do I enjoy being a freelance academic writer? I love seeing clients succeed in their studies. I have walked some difficult roads and have learned much the hard way throughout my academic and business careers. I want to share my knowledge and expertise with others, to help students exceed all expectations-whether they are one's personal expectations or the expectations of those watching you (parents, grandparents, educators, current or prospective employers).

How can I help you succeed?


to emma

Aug 11, 2018
Emma, what's the purpose of posting your assignment specs without any info to contact you about it?
Emma  EssayChatAug 5, 2018
Assignment # 2:Analysing and Writing Paragraphs and Essay

General Instructions:
This assignment is out of 30 marks and is worth 15%.
There are three parts to this assignment:
Part A - Brainstorming and synthesizing Ideas
Part B - Outlining Ideas
Part C - Constructing Paragraphs
Follow the instructions to each of the parts to complete the task.
Use the rubrics given below to guide you in writing the assignment.
The assignment will be due in Week 6, during second tutorial.
This assignment must be typed on A4 papers; use font type Times New Roman and size 12.
The final task must contain 5 pages consisting of cover page, actual essay page and reference page; (Part A and Part B will be on separate pages and attached to the rest of the essay).

Part A - Brainstorming and Synthesising Ideas(7 marks)
Read the following instructions to complete this part of the assignment:
Brainstorm Ideas on the following general topic;
Group the ideas you have brainstormed into various specific areas.
Example autonomy, advantages, disadvantages, independence etc...
Analyse and Focus your ideas by narrowing your topics.
Benefits of Achieving Autonomy.
The process of autonomy
Place the notes (from a. & b.) on an A4 paper for submission.

Part B - Outlining Ideas(5 marks)
Follow the instructions given below for this part of the task:
Based on the topic that you constructed in Part A, make an outline.
Use hierarchy and economy concepts learnt in LA 101 course in your outline.
Your outline should be organized using the paragraph feature (TS, SS & CS).
Provide support details in the outline; not just the main ideas.

Part C - Constructing an Essay(18 marks)
Use the outline (in Part B) to construct an expository essay of three (3) paragraphs.
Discuss two points in your essay.
Ensure that your essay contains the three features: topic sentence (TS), supporting sentence (SS) and the concluding sentence (CS). Additionally, also consider the structure of your essay.

Use appropriate transitional markers to achieve unity and coherence in your paragraphs and in the whole essay.
Provide references for your essay.

behaviour of users when they come across external links on social media

Aug 1, 2018
We need a writer who is able to do a research on the behavior of internet users when they come across a link that redirects them to another site or when they see advertisement links.


how significant is the effect of estimation errors on the markowitz portfolio optimisation model (efficient frontier)

Jun 21, 2018
I'm looking for someone to write a 10,000 word dissertation in Fiance (requires some excel).

Reading Essay  

reading response paper - chicago heatwave and elderly

Jun 14, 2018
Using this week's assigned readings we can better understand why and how the elderly were disproportionately impacted in the Chicago heatwave 20 years ago. From the video the tribune suggests that those who died in the heatwave were just like us, and they died because they rejected any kind of help. Yet contrary to that belief our readings assert that of the victims in the heat wave who were old, white and black men, were disproportionately represented. Did old men die most because they lived alone? Could we simply state that they lived in isolation alone and claim that as an explanation? Not according to the documentary. The speaker suggests that instead, of those individuals that died from the heat, individuals who lived in neighborhoods that did not have a sound social infrastructure were more likely to have gone un-noticed due to a lack of social interactions and connections. This idea is not only strengthened by the physical layout of the buildings and neighborhoods in regards to community and commercial businesses and deaths, but also aligns with Wilkinson and Pickett's idea of large inequalities that exists within cultures and were apparent in some areas of Chicago. In "rougher" sections such as Englewood, crime rates were high, yet the way in which houses were physically layed out singled out victims that would have divisive class prejudices, weakened community life, a reduced trust, and increased violence. These types of neighborhoods were the exact places that affected most by the heat wave due to the lack of social interaction. People were not knocking on doors of vulnerable individuals because perhaps individuals did not know that vulnerable people lived there.

Another notion that the speaker highlighted was the mass media belief that people died because they neglected themselves. Elderly individuals often live alone, and have developed a unique way of caring for themselves. Most often, they have an extremely long history of drug dependency. At the time of this heatwave it was an era where the advertising of prescription drugs were only done to physicians. If an elderly individual was experiencing new symptoms they could not simply suggest a drug that could "solve their problems", but instead they would have to go through a battery of procedures. Yet, what else was happening in Chicago? The city failed to do things that they should have done because the proper authorities were on vacation. Medical hospitals were shutting down and the elderly who were alone and taking care of themselves at home also did not have power. What could have been the potential effects of taking the incorrect medication in the dark or running out of medication that was detrimental to the daily functioning of the elderly? How long would it have taken for them to get the medical attention that they may have needed? These two aspects, isolation and medical availability/history made the elderly disproportionately represented as victims of the Chicago heatwave.

help plz with math now and i have more

Jun 12, 2018
Hey, so I need some help with these two Algebra 2 problems.

Instructions: Write a polynomial function P in factored and standard form by using the given information:

P is degree 4, P(0) = -3, zeros: 2, 5, 3i
P is degree 3, P(0) = 12, zeros: 1 and √ 3

thanks guys


sociology dissertation

Jun 7, 2018
I'm looking for someone to write my 9,000 word sociology dissertation by Monday


discussion post: household division of labour

May 23, 2018
Coming from a modern European household growing up and currently, more time there has been a noticeable shift in division of labour. Just as an observation, the shift means there is increased interaction with the father with his children and care. There is also a slight increase of his involvement with time management of household chores although his role is still smaller than the female's. Both Altintas and Sullivan and Wax see evidence pointing to household distribution of labour in terms of work-life balance where the female has a greater role in labour regardless of her full time employment status.

Coltrane finds distribution becomes an issue where patterns shift after children enter the household. Coltrane reports many household activities are shared but that the female bears the major responsibility of child care. The child care changes the level of perceived fairness, presents possible resentment if not discussed, and the pattern changes to balance between mother and father.

This is true of the household in which I grew up and the household I live in now. At the heart of the home is mother. We were constantly seeking her involvement, she advice, and ultimately, her permission. Our father was either busy working, watching the games on television, or working on a woodworking project. Mother had other hobbies but much of her interests turned to us kids. She works just as much as father but also, it seemed time was always short for what she wanted to do. Aside from her birthday or holidays, yet, as we got older, she joined a book club and Facebook helped her hang out with old friends. I did notice how she managed the house from kitchen (she loves to cook) to finances and even involvement with our school projects. It was clear that my parents enjoyed this arrangement and it is possible this may be learned from what they saw their parents do.


Altintas, E., & Sullivan, O. (2017). Trends in Fathers' Contribution to Housework and Childcare under Different Welfare Policy Regimes. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society, 24(1), 81-108.

Coltrane, S. R. (1989). Household labor and the routine production of gender. Social problems, 36(5), 473-490.

Schieman, S., Ruppanner, L., & Milkie, M. A. (2017). Who Helps with Homework? Parenting Inequality and Relationship Quality Among Employed Mothers and Fathers. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 1-17.

Wax, A. (2017). Family and Household Economics. The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics: Volume 2: Private and Commercial Law.
sokumu92@gmail. com  EssayChatMay 15, 2018
hello, am willing to help you with this essay. i provide 100% original essays on time at a negotiable price.

please, need help organizing my english essay

May 8, 2018
It is an argumentative essay on the Luis Valdez's play Zoot Suit, whether his claim is effective or not using bias, stereotypes, and the rhetorical triangle (ethos, pathos, and logos). Can anyone just *help* me in setting up my organization (what to put first and organizing my paragraphs and almost like a little outline)

academic literature essay 2500

Apr 29, 2018
I am looking for someone to write an academic literature essay of 2500 words on specific tragedy plays.

Reag  EssayChatApr 22, 2018
I am writing a persuasive essay for a writing class I am taking and I am in eighth grade. HELP!

persuassive essay

Apr 17, 2018
stuck on a sentence to draw the readers attention in on a persuassive essay 0n cyber bullying

research article

Apr 14, 2018
Need someone phd in microbiology to writing a peer review resaerch article on a microbiology topic for publication purpose by 6000 words.


possible thesis help

Apr 11, 2018
My Professor wants us to write a paper on Copyright protections & The Music industry. How should I go about this

mla or apa

Apr 3, 2018
Where I could find proper reference guide but simple, should I use MLA or APA in a research paper?

hey iam a blogger

Apr 1, 2018
i really like writing blogs so much that i cant find someone how is like me that why i wish if i can make a chat bloggers team but i dont know where to start so i hope some how someone out there that dose want to join so contact me on my email ( ) and talk to you all guys soon !!!
freelancewriter  EssayChatMar 31, 2018
My teacher suggested I could possibly talk about normalizing Down Syndrome kids and other children with genetic disorders...

Your teacher is expressing her own personal subjective belief and her obvious bias, because her suggestion already presumes the position that the desire not to have a child with Down Syndrome isn't a justification to terminate a pregnancy. That's fine if that's your choice, but there's nothing "wrong" with deciding that you don't want a child with Down Syndrome, and I'm saying that as someone whose younger brother had severe DS.

How about this as a thesis?: "If it is morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy because someone doesn't want a child at that particular time, then it is also morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy to avoid having a severely-handicapped child." The "con" position would include the argument that it's not morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy for that reason because DS children can have worthwhile lives; and you'd also have to answer the question: "If it's OK to terminate a pregnancy for that reason, what about terminating a pregnancy because of the gender or eye color of the fetus?"

help wanted!

Mar 28, 2018
hey, need a literature review on the subject of the British NHS 7500 words.

Media Writer  

fast essay response on advertising in the media

Mar 28, 2018
One of the more notorious advertisements from the BMW automotive company aligns perfectly with the concepts of objectification of women in the media that Jean Kilbourne outlines in "Killing Us Softly 4." The advertisement is a print media ad that depicts a close-up shot of a young, blonde woman who is laying prostrate on a bed, and giving the camera a sultry, "come hither" look. It is clear from the shot that the woman is lying on the bed in anticipation of a romantic encounter with an unseen individual, and a caption next to the woman asks the question: "You know you're not the first. But do you really care?" At first glance, this caption suggests that the subject of the photograph should be so thrilled to be having an intimate relation with such a beautiful woman that the question of whether or not she is sexually "pure" is irrelevant. However, when one glances at the far right corner of the advertisement, one can see that it is an ad for "certified pre-owned BMW vehicles."

As such, the advertisement directly compares the young woman with a vehicle, and suggests that she has had multiple "riders," which is not only vulgar, but exceptionally degrading. As Kilbourne observes in her lecture, it is quite common for automotive manufacturers to feature beautiful women in their advertisements (somehow completely ignoring the fact that heterosexual women and homosexual men are also potential new car buyers), and to draw visual comparisons between the vehicle and the woman. However, this BMW ad takes this comparison a step further, by suggesting that someone who prefers to buy new vehicles is as skittish and archaic as a man who insists that his bride still be a virgin. When regarding this BMW ad, it is hard to believe that it was made just a few years ago, and not in 1955.

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