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re: the dog ate my keyboard

Nov 22, 2021
The dog will not eat your keyboard if there is no keyboard to be left lying around. Personally, I use apps to record my class lectures and I use the voice activated apps for everything else. I have not taken notes since the hybrid learning classes began. I am lucky I guess. I have an app crazy sister who literally has an app for everything. She can practically not be in the the video class and still be counted as present in the roster. I would not be surprised if she has an avatar version of herself to attend classes for her. Anyway, she was the one who hooked me up with the Google classroom apps that made my classes less boring and more engaging for me. I better get back on topic here.

These apps may also be your lifesaver to stop the dog from eating your keyboard. You can look up the apps in the App store to make sure you don't accidentally load bad stuff. I won't tell you which ones to download. You can pretty much figure it out from the suggested apps. Use what you know you need, but, don't use an avatar for attending class ok? Haha !

By the way, do not eat near the keyboard. Dogs have a very keen sense of smell and will fetch anything that smells like food. If you eat and type, without washing your hands... Yup. The dog will eat your keyboard. Leave the food scent as far away as possible because the smell encourages him to go fetch. He thinks it is edible.

re: study abroad without english qualifying exams?

Nov 22, 2021
Do not quote me on this because I am not a part of any office or organization that works for these universities and colleges. I only happened to come across the information on the web, leading to my reading the full article. So whatever information I share, came from the web source. Here is what I know (these are probably my personal opinions as well).

If you are studying in an IB based school and have a language center certification, then your case as an applicant becomes stronger. Both the certification and your grades in the English classes will support each other to indicate that you are a notable applicant, even without actual language testing. The beauty of your education is that it prioritizes English over Hindi in the classroom, making you more English proficient. I am not degrading the Hindi language but, native language proficiency only helps you when attending national schools and universities.

As for the attached academic schools, the list I saw were not Ivy League names, but were decent universities to attend when I checked them out. They are middle class universities and colleges that focus on producing quality graduates more than anything else. So if you do not mind attending an ordinary rather than name recall university, then you should do just fine studying at these schools.

re: study abroad without english qualifying exams?

Nov 22, 2021
Wow! This post could not have come at a better time. I am glad I dropped by Essaychat today or I would have missed this post. I am a senior high school student from India and I am looking to attend university overseas upon my graduation next year. Sophie, can you give me additional information about this? Like, do the universities have any preference between the grades and language center learning? Which would be better?

The reason I ask is because I attend both an IB school focused on an English curriculum, with English as the mode of tracking and, I also attend English language lessons at a prestigious language learning center. I would like to know which of the 2 might give me an edge in admission consideration.

Also, you were not specific about the type of universities that offer this admission type. Are there any Ivy league schools involved? If so, which ones? I apologize for bombarding you with questions. I am just excited to run to my parents with this happy news.

study abroad without english qualifying exams?

Nov 21, 2021
There is a new trend for studying abroad that has been emerging recently. That is of English based educational institutions in Canada, USA, and UK allowing the enrollment of foreign students without any IELTS or TOEFL certification. Before foreign students rejoice and scream Hallejuiah! Their admittance into the university comes with caveats. That is, there are equivalency requirements that the schools, colleges, and universites have for English language proficiency. I believe that because of the pandemic, which made it difficult to administer the qualifying exams, alternatives were developed in its place.

It will be much easier for students to gain admittance to certain higher learning academies that have TOEFL and IELTS exemptions provided the students have proof of academic proficiency from their own schools. That means, they need to have a high GPA score in English. Yes, the students need to have come from English speaking schools or, at least schools that have English lessons as part of the curriculum. The higher the grade in English, the better.

Another alternative, is that of English proficiency certifications from language learning centers. These places often test the students for English spoken and written levels in exams similar to IELTS and TOEFL tests. A final certification from them, pertaining to your actual academic English level will be accepted. Make sure to ask the school you are interested in enrolling at for their scoring requirement.

There is more to learn about these programs. These are all searchable and cover various European and American universities. Look these up if you feel you have the grades to get around the official English language testing requirements.

be: essaychat

Nov 21, 2021
Just last evening I was describing the success of some of my clients with my wife. Some have gone on to successful careers

Please do not toot your own horn here. You can never be sure that all your clients went on to successful careers. Writing clients do nottend to stay in touch with their writer after graduation. I can't help but question your claims, specially in regards to your clients who had to pass licensing exams before engaging in theit profession. One of the conscience bothering aspects of this job that I had to get over was how I was learning everything the student had to know to properly do his job. Was I aiding in the lowering of work standards? Maybe. My only hope was that they would somehow manage to learn on the job, and be good at their job in the process. Maybe some of them went on to successful careers. The others may not have been so lucky, even with the extra help from us. Assuming a clients success is something we should stay away from. Just in case we are thinking or assuming wrongly.

re: essaywriters quality and plagiarism complaint

Nov 20, 2021
There are 2 types of plagiarism and quality complaints that can be triggered in any writing company. The first kind, is the student initiated complaint. That stems from the improper writing, plagiarism, and other errors with regards to instructions as provided by the student. This is a complaint that is easily proven or disproven by the writer, based on specific complaint sections. The second kind, the company initiated complaint, is more difficult to protest as there will never be any evidence provided to the writer regarding the alleged plagiarism and low quality writing. That type of complaint is based on the cost of the work. Eitherway, you cannot avoid a penalty for the problems with your submission. The company will be determined to deduct from your salary regadless of who filed the complaint and what type of complaint you receive. That is the sad reality of our job. We are at the mercy of financially greedy individuals who believe that the pittance they pay us, allows them to penalize us financially,.

freedom of word processing choice in schools

Nov 19, 2021
I am guessing that your teacher is similar to mine. A Gen-Xer who is loyal to Microsoft products because that is what they grew up using. Most of the teachers raised in that era tend to be loyal. Same as my parents. They tend to insist that we follow their norm. That is illegal. It totally violates our right to freedom of choice. Unless the school provides you with a student account, I do not think you have to follow it. My classmates got our parents to complain to the principal, which I think you should ask your folks to do, and have this teacher put on notice. The school district and the public schools attend could not afford to give us free student accounts so the decision was made to have the teachers use Google Docs by default. and we've been using it ever since. The formats are supposed to be cross-platform compliant. I guess it is since my teacher stopped insisting that we use MS Office.

re: the dog ate my keyboard

Nov 18, 2021
Golden Retrievers tend to be a handful in small spaces. I have had my parent's dog run away with my mouse during class hours. Riley tends to pick the wrong times to play fetch with me. My parents solved the problem by trading in my PC for a combination tablet and laptop instead. That way, I can attend classes in our apartment complex's common courtyard with free wifi when the weather permits. Riley then stays indoors. Maybe the same set-up can work for you.

There are less parts for your GR to retrieve when everything is portable but stuck together. My parents called dibs on the 2 laptops in the house. something about those being work issued and off limits to me and Riley.

You might also want to try just keeping the keyboard under lock and key when not in use. You can't blame the dog for everything. You have to take your own precautions too. If it keeps happening and you just expect a new keyboard everytime, you must have moneyed parents. Lucky you.

freedom of word processing choice in schools

Nov 18, 2021
Can anybody tell me if there is an actual difference between the documents created in Google Docs and MS Word? Finances are currently tight for my family and my folks don't really have the money to spring for a regular M S paid subscription. I have been using Google Docs since I get it free with my email account. My problem is that my teacher would rather that the whole class use an M S Office student account. While he do accept my Google documents, he is constantly encouraging a shift in my word processing program. The reason? I will receive better grades if I am using the same program as everyone else. Is it only my teacher that insists on this or, is this something most schools or teachers recommend? My parents said I need to get truthful advice from others before they upend our monthly budget for the subscription. I'm so confused. Can anyone help me find the right path? I do not want to become my teacher's bullying target all because of this.

the dog ate my keyboard

Nov 17, 2021
The old excuse of " The dog ate my homework" needs to be updated to modern times. The online class system is great, but unless my parents have the house renovated so I can have a real lock-in classroom set-up with no dogs allowed, they will have to keep buying me new keyboards for my class P C.

I use one of those wireless keyboards and mouse set-ups that helps me to get into a better and less boring sitting position during class hours. Too much comfort results in classes from the couch sometimes and, the keyboard or mouse is forgotten where I last used it. Now, since our Golden Retriever is allowed on the furniture, my keyboard is often "retrieved" and "protected " in his chest of toys. It is a chewed up mess by the time we find it in our dogs known and secret stash areas.

Needless to say, my parents need to keep a regular stand by supply, since it ends up as a chew toy thrice a week. The teachers and my classmates pretty much know why I am late or when I am absent from class. Yup, the dog ate my keyboard.
Victor  EssayChatAug 28, 2021
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Aug 12, 2021
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Jul 21, 2021
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Apr 10, 2021
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Mar 12, 2021
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Jan 28, 2021
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Nov 18, 2020
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I take great pride in the fact that I have managed to carve a place for myself in this highly competitive industry, a fact that was made possible through my lifelong dedication to perfection and quality. I will never cheat or lie to you, and if I cannot complete a paper, for whatever reason, I will point you to a reputable writer or a company that will be able to help. To this end, I have developed relationships with several top private writers and companies in the UK/US/CA, whom I know can assist in cases when I cannot.

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Oct 15, 2020
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