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several uvocorp accounts available

Apr 8, 2024
Selling Middle B, University and PhD Uvocorp accounts, starting from $400. Email me at #email_below#


how to writer an essay better easy?

Mar 28, 2024
In the era of AI in which we live, AI tools could potentially serve as better assistants.

identity fraud

Feb 19, 2024
My name is Kennedy Ishkat from Unemployed Professors

It's a scam, isn't it? Why would you want a copy of a writer's ID or passport? Do you want my Social Security number and bank account too? You surely will when you set my account and promise to pay $40 per page because of my "high credentials." My bet is it's an African scammer, possibly a former scam "essay writer," who has entered the fake ID business to steal a person's identity. Or has actually never left this operation. Report the fraud to the FBI and never send him anything. This is the source of all these blackmail campaigns.

talented writers needed

Feb 13, 2024
My name is Kennedy Ishkat from Unemployed Professors. We are looking to hire exceptional writers. We mostly hire from ENL-speaking countries, but we recently made an exception to include ESL-speaking countries. The ESL writers must prove their skills during the recruitment process. All applicants must possess at least a bachelor's degree. Having a master's degree or Ph.D. is an added advantage. Kindly apply by sending the following documents.

1. Two samples of your previous work (2-pages max)
2. An image of your degree certificate (JPG format)
3. An image of your ID card/passport (JPG format)
4. Resume + Cover letter

Kindly upload a clear version of the above documents. Once your application is reviewed, we shall assign you a paid test order.
If you pass all the aforementioned stages, we shall assign you a link from where you shall create/customize your writer account and shall be able to bid on available orders going forward. ESL writers get a minimum of $15 per page, while ENL writers attract a minimum of $25 per page. Send your application to the email below.

We are looking forward to your cooperation.

Kind regards,
HR Representative

[EssayChat note] - the post above was made by a person from Africa.


i want to buy writing accounts

Feb 2, 2024
I need verified writing accounts that can operate in Kenya.

need help with my masters thesis

Jan 25, 2024
Anyone who can work on my thesis? 20k words and need it by feb end. It's masters level(marketing/psychology).


i want to buy a writerbay account

Jan 21, 2024
I want to buy a writerbay account

Rose Editing  

graduate editing by rose

Jan 5, 2024
 Offered USA  USA  
My name is Rose, and I formed Graduate Editor to make sure that grad students had someone with them every step of the way-from organizing and shaping a rough dissertation/thesis draft to proofreading a final one. I also help shape and polish journal articles. As a PhD in the social sciences, I have worked on topics ranging from Social Work and Education to Business and History.

Other topics I've handled are English Literature, Economics, Law, and Political Science. I have a special ability to help folks decipher and write about complex social/literary theory. But if a topic falls outside my area of expertise-no worries! I work with a small group of carefully selected editors (all native English speakers with advanced degrees from North American universities) who can match your area of expertise.

So leave the anxiety behind: just get in touch, and we'll get going!


writing accounts openning and selling.

Jan 2, 2024
Hello, i specialize in account creation. I create livingston research, writerbay and edusson account. I also sell rated accounts.

Amed  EssayChatNov 19, 2023
It's not as it used to. The market is saturated with mediocre writers, but they can now improve their writing using the chat bots. It can be detected (bots tend to use too sophisticated words), but teachers don't seem to mind. You can write a poor essay and have it reviewed / corrected automatically to make it better. I believe the strongest and specialized / graduate writers will stay, but the market for simple college essays is weak.
Intrigued  EssayChatNov 19, 2023
To me the change is bad for freelancers.

Are you still able to get consistent work? Are there still a lot of assignments during the hot season?

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens. Probably radical changes in the education industry will be coming. Writing is communication and thinking though, so even if a bot can write an assignment that doesn't mean students shouldn't be able to write one.
Amed  EssayChatNov 18, 2023
To me the change is bad for freelancers. However, in some time the algos should be able to detect automated writing and students won't risk using them. But then would profs still bother assigning writing tasks? Who knows.

how has chat gpt/ai impacted the model writing industry?

Nov 18, 2023
Can any model research writers talk about how AI and ChatGPT has changed the industry? Are students still buying model essays now that they can just have AI write them for them? Has this industry been totally upended?

livingston research

Oct 2, 2023
I want to buy account of Livingston Research

freelancewriter  EssayChatSep 25, 2023
My path to happiness: Make me a journal

A prayer for all my country man poetic essay: Essay

Describe an experience you had in the past three years that will help you to adjust to a host family in the u.s. how will it help? explain.: Write an essay

It seems that some of you think that this is a place to order an essay by posting these kinds of messages. If you're looking for a writer here, the first thing that you need to provide is your contact information so that you can be reached. When a writer does contact you, you'll need to be able to provide all of the details of the assignment, including the instructions, length, and due date. Nobody can help you here if you don't leave your contact information and/or if the only thing you post is "Make me a journal," "Essay," or "Write an essay."

describe an experience you had in the past three years that will help you to adjust to a host family in the u.s. how will it help? explain.

Aug 25, 2023
Write an essay

wanted biology writer

Aug 7, 2023
Looking for a biology writer to write me a 2500 word resit essay for a uni. Needs to have 14 references Harvard style and be good English.


re: the end of essay homework

Jul 25, 2023
It was only a matter of time before teachers caught up to the lack of relevance that essay writing has on classes these days. Oral essays are the way forward, which makes it more difficult for students to achieve an easy grade. This is not the same as the oral reports that we used to do during our time. This is all about being able to think on the fly and respond intelligently to questions posed in class or online by the teacher. What does this do? It proves the student's ability to think based on long term explanations and reasoning. The end of essays means the end of essay writing mills as well. We will finally be able to get rid of contract cheating in a way that has never been done before. The end of the essay mills means the students will finally learn how to think for themselves rather than being told what to think by their paid writers.

re: chatgpt and changes to essay homework

Jul 25, 2023
I agree. Essay writing should not be the only method by which we assess the intelligence of the student. We should also consider how well he understood the paper that he wrote. It is one way of proving to the teacher that the student has not paid some essay mill to complete the paper, he has not just done cut and paste jobs from online sources, or that he had an AI write the paper for him. When it is this easy to comply with class requirements, teachers must make the extra effort to verify that the students are actually doing the work as expected. The best way to test that is to do away with essay writing and go back to the old shool method of oral examinations. Ask the student questions that test the intellect in class. There no time for him to find other ways to get answers. His brain will have to kick into high gear if he wants to receive a grade.

re: benefits of no traditional exams

Jul 25, 2023
I have always wondered what the point of all those memory work based exams were for us when we were studying. Now, it appears that the science of learning has finally caught up with what we all knew, exams prove nothing when it comes to the learning of a student. Memory work just means the student has a photographic memory or, the kid has a good short memory span. There won't be any need for them to remember those stuff once they get out of school. Not unless they are in the STEM field. What is important is that we learned how to develop opinions and think for ourselves. Acts of learning / proof of learning that were frowned upon in the past because it forced teachers to become answerable to the students. Remove that from the equation and the true, natural ability of the student to learn and be intelligent comes out. It is not about memory work after all. It is about how we understand things.

re: no homework? any benefits?

Jul 25, 2023
My daughter attends a no homework school. I see no problem with it. She seems to be well adjusted and intelligent. She is even more interested in learning than when she needed to complete daily homework. She has become more curious about the world around her. She asks more questions now that show she is developing her thought process. She experiments with things of interest to her. She does not struggle to complete class tasks anymore. She is happier from what I can tell. Has her learning suffered without the homework? I should say not. More than once I have seen her pick up her school tablet, reviewing the lessons of the day, without being prodded to do so. Learning has become something fun for her. Advanced reading of school material is not a chore, but a way for her to keep in touch with her classmates during off time discussion in their online groups. Removing the pressure of homework has changed the learning landscape for my kid. I am sure it has done the same for others.

re: no grading classes

Jul 25, 2023
I think that no grading classes would be highly beneficial to students these days. Just think back to the time when we were learning. We all struggled to remember those dates, events, names of scientific stuff, all those things that we did not really end up using in the real world. Now, students are being taught to be more realistic in their approach to things. Learn what you have to not because you are forced to memorize things, but because you need to understand its importance. That makes learning about these things much easier than during our time. The only problem I can see with the non grading system is that students may no longer strive to achieve when there is no letter grade or numerical grade attached to the learning process. What reason do they have to learn in that case? When the learning field is level, does that really seem beneficial to the students? Or do they suffer because of the lax learning environment?

re: paraphrasing using chatgpt

Jul 25, 2023
Since I use ChatGPT as a lesson plan assistant, I am able to integrate the essays that the program creates into my paraphrasing lessons. I allow my students to show me an example of the ChatGPT paraphrasing of an original topic I wrote, then ask them to interpret what the program said in their own words. The program simplifies the process for the student, who actually gets a good idea of what a paraphrased paragraph should look like. It is more helpful to me as an educator than if Ihad to constantly try to explain what paraphrasing is and how it should be used in a paragraph. It helps the students build their vocabulary when I ask them to use the program to write a paraphrasing, including certain keywords. They learn how to use the vocabulary properly and also, develop better thinking skills because they need to explain what their statement means to me, as written by the AI. It makes the learning process fun for a new language.

ai promoting bias thinking

Jul 25, 2023
Chat GPT and Google Bard influencing the way our students think and respond to questions should not come as a surprise. These programs are slowly taking over the job of teaching the students anyway. Students who do never had an inclination to do their homework personally, who pay essay mills and participate in contractual cheating are the ones who benefit the most from the one sided writing that these AI programs produce. They do not even bother to read the content half the time so they have no idea that they are being unduly influenced, at least in public percepton, by the AI they have chosen to use for essay writing. When they do read the essays in class, they are forced to agree or disagree with the given information in their paper, which results in influenced thinking on their part. They do their best not to influenced by the opinion of other people as indicated in the AI essay, but that is just impossible. They will be influenced one way or another.

re: what is ungrading all about?

Jul 25, 2023
Ungrading is just about changing the way teachers do their jobs. It is the lazy way of educating our kids. Just as students want to do as little as possible to pass a course, so do the teachers want to do as little as possible in terms of having to assess our kids learning abilities. It is not about being fair to students about their ability to learn. It is all about the teachers not wanting to do the hard part of their jobs. I never thought I would see the day when teachers would not want to grade the students. That was one fo the best times for teachers before. Being able to assess the numerical learning equivalent of the student gave the teacher a sense of power. The idea that students needed to satisfy a criteria before being allowed to pass the class. That time is long gone. Teachers are slowly losing the power to control the learning assessment of their students.

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