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oh well

Sep 24, 2016
The proliferation of scammers and hacks has made this academic writing business an absolute drag. It's worse when one's location/nationality brings about an undue pressure to differentiate oneself from the fraudulent bunch. Frustrating.
Dr Alex  

#email_below# is a scammer

Sep 20, 2016
This Kenyan writer tarnishing my name that I am a scammer, you are not very smart. First of all you are not a client but an incompetent Kenyan writer operating under #email_below# you are the scanner. Just because I gave you work and you can't handle does not make me a scanner and it does not make you a client. Second I get paid for my services after the client have received their papers. So you can see how shallow and stupid you are. Your name is already on essay chat as a scanner and now you want to tarnish my name just because I have refused to allow you work on my orders. No wonder you never get any client.

Travis D.  

dr. alex is a scam

Sep 20, 2016
To all students, kindly beware of this scammer. Three days ago I sent two orders two Dr. Alex #email_below# and made a payment of $130 as he requested. To this day I have not received any order and attempts to reach him have been futile. I have initiated a dispute with paypal. Dont trust this writer..he is kenyan and a scammer....

Abraham warning

Sep 13, 2016
Beware of the person who uses this email id I posted a ad on this Essaychat live regarding a native English speaker to help me with some business and this guy comes up lying with a Kenyan phone number saying that he is an English Speaker. When I asked does he have a Kenyan number he told some insane story of him visiting Kenya. So, I didn't reply to him and blocked his number so this enraged him and he began sending abusive emails calling me a white racist, first of all I am not a white I am Indian......Please beware of such rascals who ruin the name of writers and of the word decency.........

looking for an expert writer proficient in engineering

Sep 8, 2016
2000 words, engineering, design and draw from one of the options given, no need to use software to draw. You can draw by hand. Make. Computations to determine the bridge's structural integrity. Deadline 48 hours. Can you do it?


chapter of results and analysis

Aug 28, 2016
I am looking for a writer who particularly has knowledge in Computer assisted language learning and learner autonomy and must be good at using SPSS to write a 120 pages of chapter of results and analysis.


are you scared of spiders?

Aug 24, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
You're not alone -- humans are hard-wired to fear spiders and it ranks only second to the fear of death as the leading phobia today. Many students also have a phobia about writing research papers until they gain some experience and learn how others approach the process.

Contact Professor Verb at #email_below# for all your academic research and writing needs (I don't do spiders). Ten cents a word in advance by PayPal only please. Discounts available for larger assignments, repeat clients, active duty military/veterans and firefighters..


marketing/business thesis paper with knowledge on spss

Aug 20, 2016
Hi, i am looking for a writer who can finish a 8000 words thesis on marketing thesis. he/she must be able to analysis using SPSS.

Email me lucassg500 at if you can do the above.

Thank in advance


who wants to work from home?

Aug 15, 2016
If you're an excellent ENL researcher, writer, and editor (particularly in business, information science, and medicine), we'd like to help you to earn a living in your pajamas.

Our high-end, high-paying academic writing company is expanding like crazy, and we need a few more excellent writers to pick up projects.

If you want part-time work, you got it. If you want full-time work, we can offer that too. Our freelancers earn very competitive per-page rates.

Contact Madeline at #email_below# if you're interested, and we'll take it from there.



Scott McMurphy  

looking for an expert writer proficient in it

Aug 14, 2016
I have a 12000 word IT dissertation. Looking for a writer who can handle the order in 3 days.


research into existential object relations

Aug 13, 2016
The dominant theme of this post is the inter-connectivity of object relations theory, possession, social boundaries, and relationships between partners. The loss of boundaries articulated by Daniels is of particular interest to me, as personal experience has led me to examine the links between balance, within the context of a relationship, and self-perception. If an individual is constantly defining him/herself with relation to another human being, then how is self-esteem, autonomy, and an overall solid sense of well-being inform healthy boundaries? The post suggests that a loss of boundaries is tantamount to a loss of a solid sense of self, with object relations theory then having specific implications for partnerships of various kinds.

If human beings are constantly searching for relatedness, or, as the post states, "attachments that allow for emotional bonding with others," then that search, in itself, is integral to the individual's identity. Attachments as emotional bonds are paramount to the human life, but are they paramount to self-perception in a way that negates, or at the very least trumps, personality? While the post indicates that a relationship may become similar to a possession in that the individual feels a sense of ownership over his/her partner, I believe that it is possible to be attached and bonded within a relationship without feeling a sense of possession.

The word possession connotes a power differential between the possessor and the possess-ee, through which an inherent inequality would negatively impact the relationship. Though the post implies that a balance may be possible if both partners harbor a sense of possession, I believe that any sense of ownership, even one that is equally felt by both partners, is problematic and boundary-confusing. Most saliently, it is unlikely that each partner would frame the act of possession in the same way, with one person's possession manifesting as jealousy and another's manifesting in a comparatively healthy way. Invested emotional energy neither necessarily constitutes a possession nor a blurred boundary, though it has the potential to be both given the right circumstances.

The post highlights further that certain circumstances during early childhood will determine both boundary-loss and the negative effects of object-possession later in life. Unconscious conflicts in the absence of treatment, by extension, shape adult experiences when individuals seek to repair childhood losses of objects; this implies that the adult is constantly seeking out self-validation only through relationships with others, however. I believe that strong senses of self-identity need not be derived solely from relationships but can be garnered from a wide spectrum of sources. If an artist, for example, seeks and finds a sense of self during the act of creation, then it is his/her relationship with his/her work that sources a strong sense of core being-ness; and yet, this raises further questions about object relations, as the artist's work may then be the object from which s/he derives identity. A core difference between the post's explanation of intimate relationships and the variables of possession and self-identity and the artist example, however, is that a power differential already exists between artist and artwork, with the former not only wielding greater autonomy than the latter but also responsible for its entire existence.


Aug 8, 2016
thank you for everything that you have done helping us with our essays so that can we do with a safe and God has giving me such Thailand so as I say God is the mighty God and he gave you so sweet thank you very much for helping us with our SA God bless from Isando to move on from a son soccer Sander to you thank you God bless you my darling I love you so much I love you so much even in it thank you for being with us if you 6and something I haven't told you about me I am Christian a child of God so this is our fearneed help with Excel so that you can go to heavenI know that looks good in SA essays so can you please send a message back to me and help me how to send a thank you very much

individual differences

Jul 27, 2016
I need a writer who has a Masters in Psychology at least and can write a 2000 words Essay.


martin lurther king and malcom x urgent

Jul 27, 2016
need help soon like right now! martin luther kings letters to birmingham jail and ballet or bullet
ProfessorVerb  EssayChatJul 25, 2016
in summer vacations i donot go anywhere please help me to write eassy on it

When I woke up, the first thought that came to me was, "Hot damn! It's the first day of summer vacation and the livin's gonna be easy." Sure enough, the day started out great. Sitting in my cozy breakfast nook, I finished a couple of cups of coffee with a croissant and leisurely read the newspaper (something I rarely get to do in the morning). Just then I heard the phone ring and when I got up to answer it, I tripped over my dog, Muffin (naturally, we call her, "Muffin the Mutt") who had been worrying a piece of croissant and broke my leg when I pirouetted and fell on the kitchen tile floor.

I never did find out who was calling (let's hope it was important), but don't worry -- Muffin the Mutt was just fine but the emergency room doctor assured me that I would be out of action for awhile. As a result, I spent my summer at home learning how to navigate stairs on crutches and pop wheelies in my wheelchair. Muffin spent the summer unsuccessfully chasing squirrels in the backyard, barking at things that weren't there and perhaps also making plans for how to spoil next summer.

how i spend my summer vacations

Jul 21, 2016
in summer vacations i donot go anywhere please help me to write eassy on it

professor verb's word for the day ...

Jul 20, 2016

: adjective

habitually complaining, fretful

"The writer was whiny because he missed his nap."


Jul 20, 2016
I would be really glad if you explain why the comments may be deleted. This late night I came to check the discussion about "Marvelous Essay" service. Somebody called me not that good in the comment and I just wanted to defend myself and now I see that the comment is gone. Why then not to delete the comment about bullying somebody?

re: need help turning a short story intio a novel

Jul 9, 2016
Tolkien sure didn't ...

and so we do...

Jul 4, 2016
"[Independence Day] ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more." -- John Adams July 3, 1776
Arbens darius  

novel writing

Jul 1, 2016
Need help turning a short story intio a novel

international essay writng

Jun 11, 2016
H........... i wish to Improve my English Writing. Spell .English language and i hope you will be help me with take pay.............!

re: please don't try to trick me

Jun 4, 2016
How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?*

How many bananas can a chimpanzee eat in one sitting?**

* Assuming the bus is 50 balls high, 50 balls wide, and 200 balls long, about a half million


** David Greybeard, a chimpanzee studied by Jane Goodall, once ate about 50 bananas in a sitting (wow!)


native english writers required for new academic writing service

May 29, 2016

I'm about to start-up an essay writing service. I've been freelancing for years, but it's now time to move things on. I'd like to hear from academic writers whose first language is English, and only those writers. I'll be able to tell instantly if you don't have an excellent level of English, so please don't try to trick me.

Please apply with the following details:

- Name;
- Nationality;
- The number of years you have been active;
- Qualifications;
- The subject areas in which you excel;
- Turnaround time per 2000 words, and;
- Expected rate in GBP per 1000 words (it may end up being more that this figure).

Additionally, please provide some form of verification of your identity, such as a phone number on which I can contact you using iMessage or Whatsapp, a Facebook link on which I can send you a confirmation message, or something else similar.

Moreover, instead of asking for samples of your work, I'd like you to submit a 300 word introduction to the essay title, 'Discuss the development of ASMR as a means of relaxation.' Use Harvard referencing, include a reference list (although it will probably just contain a couple of references), and ensure that the work is fully original (this will be checked).

If all is well, you can expect to start receiving work over the next month once I've finished setting up my website and once I have a bank of writers large enough to get going. Payment for work will be made once quality and plagiarism checks have been conducted.




academiceve92 - excellent research writer for hire

May 26, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana State University, and I double-majored in the English program with the writing and literature options. I chose to do this because reading and writing are my two biggest passions; I couldn't pick just one. It was a little more work (and twice as many papers), but I found that I was up to the challenge. Since I started school, especially college, I have loved schoolwork. I enjoy reading and learning about new things, as well as the challenge of forming a well-argued paper on topics that mean a lot to me. So in the spirit of "do what you love," I have been looking into freelance writing, with a focus on academic papers.

Six years of English courses, as well as an internship with my university's press, have given me plenty of experience with the intricacies of English grammar and proper punctuation. I'm confident in my ability to deliver work that is up to university-level standards, and I know the importance of re-reading and revision. With the majority of my college work consisting of short essays and term papers all due within the same week, I'm no stranger to working with a close deadline looming over my shoulder.

As a literature student, most of my assignments were poetry analyses and literary research papers. Due to several of my classes covering one or two of the same works, I've had to approach the same book or poem from a different angle. This has improved my researching skills, as I've learned to sift through the first pages of results and find other sources that, while just as credible, may have a completely different take on the work in question. Carefully considering these sources have led me to write a paper on the same work with an entirely new thesis than its predecessor. In the world of freelance academic writing, I feel like I have an advantage when it comes to literature papers at least, because I will not just be rehashing the same point myself and others have made a hundred times before. There is also the advantage that if a client needs a paper on a classic work of literature, I've likely read it already, often more than once.

That being said, I am not limiting myself to just literature papers. I have always had a strong interest in history, and believe I could handle lower-level history assignments with no problem. Areas that I can confidently say I specialize in are women's studies and LGBTQA issues, especially when combined with literary research papers. I have most often employed feminist and queer theory criticism when analyzing a literary work, so I have a strong background in these areas. I would also like to add that taking a Style in Writing course has given me experience in mimicking the writing style of others, which would be helpful if a client was very concerned about being accused of using someone else's work.

I'm not looking to work a freelance essay writer just for extra cash or because it's not easy money. I understand the work involved in producing a quality paper, and I wouldn't be applying for this job if I didn't actually love it.


re: "i want to improve my english writing"

May 16, 2016
You do this the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.* In addition, you should read as much as you can, especially authors whose writing style you admire.

Sawsana  EssayChatMay 15, 2016
Hi everyone. I am new in this site and i want to improve my English writing

re: i thought it was

May 14, 2016
Although historians remain divided on when it happened, here's what one authority has to say: "The change from the United States are to the United States is was not at all smooth, and has even served as a linguistic emblem for the nation's own turbulent history. The Civil War is often credited with (or blamed for) transforming 'the United States' into a singular noun."

competent academic writing

May 14, 2016
have experience writing academic papers in diversified subjects. I also have experience in managing online course classes and producing good grades of course. my written English is perfect and my research skills have developed over the years hence ability to research and write top-notch papers

i thought it was

May 14, 2016
United States. Or did all states suddenly file for independence and I wasn't aware
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