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re: college admission is contingent on academic honesty?

Mar 25, 2023
I am proof positive that one can actually lose out on attending his or her first choice university because of academic dishonesty. It was during my senior year when I experienced study burn out and I just lost all interest in doing well in my classes. I was spent and needed a break. So I hired academic writers to do the work for me. I just wanted nothing to do with my schoolwork at that point aside from scoring well during my exams. As for the research papers and essays, I just did not have it in me to work on those anymore. Then, I got caught because the stupid writer plagiarized a majority of the paper via the cut and paste method. I was suspended for a month and it went on my student record. Although I did get admitted to my dream school, they rescinded my enrollment invitation when they read my academic record. They did not even give me probationary status. They just did not trust that I would not violate their academic oath if I attended their school. Luckily, my second choice university accepted me on probationary status so now, I am doing well in all my classes, without the help of academic writers.

re: how effective is quillbot

Mar 25, 2023
Quilbot released during a time when grammar checkers were becoming a useful writing tool for students online. The online writing assistant came out almost simultaneously with the more popular Grammarly website. There was a time when I was using both writing tools at the same time to try and perfect my writing tasks. Eventually, I stuck it out with Grammarly because of the better features and more relevant assessment tools it provided. Quillbot has started to catch up to Grammarly though but, I think it is too late for that program to become a major player in the field. There are far too many AI writing tools that have come out and continue to be released. Students do not neet to use the traditional grammar websites anymore. Both Grammarly and Quillbot need to up their game to catch up since the AI writing tools are fast becoming the norm for most of us students. Sure it works, but not as well as the AI counterparts.
bbbbb  EssayChatMar 24, 2023
How are transnational corporations and government organizations able to infiltrate/damage indigenous lands and communities without legal repercussions?

re: questbridge applicants and ivy league universities

Mar 23, 2023
Why did you automatically assume that the OP was a Black hs student? Even the Whites have problems with attending college. You sound like a typical redneck. Maybe, you are a redneck rather than a low income black person? It would make sense considering your gutter mentality. Why would you want to hold back someone from improving himself and his state in life? Who gave you the power to make the person feel bad about himself and his ambitions in life? There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the first one to accomplish anything in any family, regardless of skin color or race. What matters is the ambition of the person. It is that ambition that will help him belong in the top college communities in the country. I am a colored schoarship student in an Ivy League university in the South. I have never felt out of place nor have the school and student body made me feel like I do not belong. Why? I made the grades and have proven to be an asset to the community. That is all these universities ask for and that, is something I believe the OP can provide.

re: questbridge applicants and ivy league universities

Mar 22, 2023
I would consider the arguments that your parents may be giving you against attending those top universities, should you be admitted into one. Those schools are way above your financial league and could leave you feeling very left out since you are not financially capable like the regular students. Sure you can attend based on scholarships and the kindness of others. Have you considered how the paying students attending those schools would treat you? Racial and financial profiling will follow you throughout your studies at the school, which may prevent you from performing academically. You would still lose out because you would get kicked out of the school. Why risk it? What point do you want to prove? There is no future for you at those high flying schools. We do not belong there because our parents can't afford the educational lifestyle. Do you really think you will be happy being surrounded by all that wealth and knowing that you can never achieve it? This is America. Blacks don't matter. Get real.

re: college admission is contingent on academic honesty?

Mar 21, 2023
I would definitely panic if I were you. If you know that your high school academic record has black marks on them due to your dishonesty at certain points during your time of study, then you should prepare for the worst. I fully believe that the college with be sent a copy of your academic violations along with all your other documents and transcript as required by the university. As such, they will definitely learn of your violations, which most universities will consider red flags and could very well force them to rescind their admissions offer to you. These unis will not allow a student, with a proven track record of academic violations to join their student campus where the student will have a high likelihood of continuing his negative actions in pursuit of his college degree. Your rescinding letter should be forthcoming. While it is sad that this should happen to you, you should have known that your bad actions would never produce positive results.

re the case for ending the pass or fail grades

Mar 18, 2023
The grading system as we have come to know it is actually a more recent invention of the educational system. When schools were first developed and envisioned, the educators did not see the need for a grading system. Those who wished to learn simply came to the library and read all the books that they wanted to, asking the scholars questions and developing their personal opinions. They sought to improve themselves based on their interests alone. No judgement, no grading. So yeah, I could see reason as to why the pass or fail grading system may become obsolete. These were never used as the basis of learning and education at the start. With the emergence of AI, open learning, open source coding, and the like, the need to have focused educators and a formal testing system is rendering the grading system obsolete also. Some students do not do well in tests, both oral and written, but prove that they can do the job in actual applications. So what did those grades prove? Nothing.

college admission is contingent on academic honesty?

Mar 18, 2023
I would not panic just yet if I were you. There is no indication that the university has requested your academic grades as of yet. Or have they and you forgot to mention it? How many times were you caught doing the dastardly deeds? My guess is only once? Repeated offenses result in expulsion later on so I am guessing you are not a multiple time offender. With any luck, the university may decide to call for you to ask additional questions about the academic dishonesty cases. If they do that, then there is a great chance that you will be made to sign an academic honesty contract with them that is separate from the academic oath taken by the incoming freshmen. They may want to also, place you on probationary admission for a semester or a full academic year. In other words, they might decide to test you out first before admitting you as a regular student. Wait for them to contact you then do as they instruct you. They may be willing to give you a chance at this point. Who really knows right?

college admission is contingent on academic honesty?

Mar 18, 2023
You were informed correctly. Your class records will be forwarded to the new university once it is requested for on the other end. That means, if you have already reserved your slot as a student, your record of grades, conduct, and academic violations will be open to scrutiny by the admitting university. Proven academic dishonesty will definitely result in the revocation of your admission. However, academic dishonesty is not limited to your personal cheating in exams or plagiarism in papers. If you hire someone to test for you remotely, if you hire someone to write your papers for you (and you submit the same for a grade without making changes), and if you are caught soliciting for the outsourcing of your academic work, are also additional grounds for the cancellation of your university or college admission. This is a very tricky situation for students who have gotten used to outsourcing, specially in their academic year. Your best bet is to not use academic outsourcing during your senior year. That is usually the time when students become complacent and get caught violating academic rules.

the case for ending the pass or fail grades

Mar 18, 2023
I was just wondering if there are students in this chatroom who might be in agreement with me about the coming end of the grading system in schools. I have been reading educational reports indicating that because of the ease by which kids our age are learning faster than formal schools can teach in terms of our interests and relevant information, it is becoming apparent that schools are fast losing its relevance in the educational system. It is because of the fact that students can learn about subjects and occupations of interest to them even without a teacher or formal classroom training that schooling is becoming irrelevant and along with it, the usefulness of the eons old grading system. In effect, passing and failing students in school is irrelevant because the student could still succeed in his chosen field, even without a relevant degree. Which is why there are some parents and educators advocating for a grade free educational system. Do you think such a call will catch on in today's soceity? Would it have a future in terms of becoming applicable to the educational system? Has grading really become irrelevant already?

college admission is contingent on academic honesty?

Mar 18, 2023
Guys, I need some words of encouragement right now. I decided to post in this chatroom rather than the forum because there seems to be a war going on in there that does not concern me, but could very well be weaponized against me by certain personalities who may have had access to my academic profile in the past. I do not wish to be judged, I wish to be helped.

I am a high school senior who has just gotten the best news of my life. I got into my first choice university. While I am ecstatic about my future college life, I am also worried because my academic record is not flawless. I was caught once hiring someone to take a test for me and then again, when I hired a dumb writer who plagiarized the paper that I submitted to my teacher. Both resulted in academic dishonesty cases and I was suspended both times after my admission of guilt.

I recently found out that college admission is normally contingent on my academic record and how clean I can manage to keep it until the start of my college term. My parents have already paid the deposit for admission but I am still afraid that the university might dig deeper into my background and find my suspension records. Do they ever really dig that far back? How can I best deal with this situation? All advice will be listened to and considered helpful towards my college preparation. Thanks in advance.

re: questbridge applicants and ivy league universities

Mar 18, 2023
I can only assume that you are one of those Black students whose family comes from the lowest income bracket of society. I, only a family with no actual understanding of the benefits of a college education would ask you to give up your hopes and dreams for a better future. Not because you cannot achieve it, but because they actually believe in the lie that has been sold for decades, that the blacks need to be kept in the gutter. If I am right, your own family has turned into your enemy. Therefore, you must do your best to prove them wrong. Do not allow them to kill your hopes of bettering yourself. You go do you. Apply to your dream universities, you never know when Lady Luck might smile upon you and give you the boost that you need, admission into the high profile university that will help you become the next Barack of Michelle Obama. Forget your family, they will never support your aspirations. Go after your dreams. You deserve at least the chance to achieve it.

re: educators divided on chatgpt

Mar 17, 2023
It appears to me that the instructors, teachers, and professors are unable to do anything about the rise of the AI program. It is into everything and anything these days. Competitor AI have also shown up and students have been flocking to the use of the writing tool for most of their academic work. Even educators are now admitting that they themselves have been using the tool to help with the development of their lesson plan and exam questions / instructions. That is of course, against the rules of teaching but I guess there are those of them to see the writing on the wall and that the future of education wille eventually be AI based. So why not jump on the bandwagon this early? The better they learn to use the programs, the better teachers they will become. They will eventually learn how to integrate their standard teaching methods into the use of AI in the classroom. There is no stopping it from becoming a useful educational tool. While there are still traditionalists against its use, there are more and more academicians who are becoming more accepting of the technology. What do they say again? If you can't beat them...

re:study group - money funnel for my professor?

Mar 14, 2023
I would personally advise you to drop his class. if the class you have with him is a pre-requisite, then you can always take the class at a later date. Dropping it would be better than giving in to the corruption of this professor. If it is an elective, then you can always choose not to take that class again, specially if there is only one professor teaching the class. I see no reason for you to allow him to fleece you financially. If it were me involved in this situation, I would report him to the school authorities since it is obvious that he is not an honest teacher and, he more than likely applies an unapproved grading system in relation to his students. He is definitely not trustworthy. Which bothers me because if you do not satisfy his "study group" needs, he could still fail you in the class. Think about it very well. You are in control of your future and in this case, your college education.

re: questbridge applicants and ivy league universities

Mar 9, 2023
Never allow anybody, specially your family members, to tell you what you can and cannot achieve in life. The whole purpose of sending you to school was so that you would not have to end up living and working like your relatives. They cannot tell you when you have had "enough" education. You go after your dream of graduating from college. You wanna attend branded universities or sumthin like that? Nuthin stands in your way. You got the grades for it? Then try. You should at least try to achieve your dreams. Jus don't forget about the back up universities. That is important. In case you do not make it into the Ivy school stuff. I was the first person in my family to attend community college. Sure it was a 2 year course, but it got me out of the life that my parents and other siblings were living. Now, I am working on getting an equivalency for a 4 year course so I can get a job promotion. People like us, we can only go up from here. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

re: educators divided on chatgpt

Mar 8, 2023
I know right. Teachers and professors seem to be the biggest violators of their own academic rule not to use the AI in class. They are using it everywhere from exam creation to writing letters of condolences to parents and students. Thereby proving that the AI does have a proper application in an academic setting. Specially when the teacher is lazy enough to not even want to try and develop a lesson plan or test questions anymore. Then they call us students cheaters. Who is the real cheater here? The one who uses the AI for academic improvement, or the one who is paid to know better than the AI?

It is important that we students stand up for our right to use the technology for our own ease of learning and grade advancement. While the school boards pretend to know better than we do, the truth is, they do not. They are just a bunch of old suits who cannot keep up with the evolving educational landscape around them.
Lamar Jericko  

questbridge applicants and ivy league universities

Mar 5, 2023
I just wanted the opinion of the students and parents here about something bothering me. I am going to be the first member of my family to graduate high school and (hopefully) attend college. The problem with my ambtion to attend college is that I am eyeing attending a university that could actually help me have a better future. Think along the lines of Harvard, Princeton, MIT, and other similar universities. I know that I have the grades to qualify for admission, but not the money to enroll and afford to live at these campuses. I was thinking of trying to enroll via the QuestBridge application channel, thinking that maybe I can snag a scholarship in the process.

My family members are not really receptive to the idea of me trying to gain admission into these rich kid schools but I refuse to be deterred from it. Do they make sense when they say that a black kid from a low income background has no chance of getting into these schools? That the universities will not even have a look at my documents all because I did not fit the mould? I thought that is what the QuestBridge thing was for. Can someone please shed some light on this for me? I would really appreciate it.

re:study group - money funnel for my professor?

Mar 5, 2023
He is not the first teacher to actually form a fake study group. Teachers use that ploy to negotiate a financial payout to pass their failing students. They make it difficult to complete the task for the group, so that the parents will be forced to come forward and ask them "What do I have to do to get my kid to pass this class?" Then the negotiations begin. Let me be clear though, this only happens when a teacher is financially challenged. Not all teachers do this. Also, I believe this is a practice more common among private school students and parents. Public school parents tend to be as financially challenged as the teachers, who just pass the kid regardless of his actual class performance.

It is all up to you and the group members to turn what is a fake study group into a real one. Work on your lessons, learn the lessons, practice the tests, pass the class using a legitimate study group. Do not let your teacher or professor force you to do something a study group should not be doing.

re: educators divided on chatgpt

Mar 3, 2023
Educators are divided? I don't think so. From what I have read, the teachers, professors, even instructors have been sucked into the ChatGPT craze. They've been using it to create their lesson plans, homework instructions, and exam questions. What does that mean? That it is alright for lazy educators to use the AI but not the students? Now, would that be considered fair in any guise? I mean, the system helps teachers, so why can't they allow the same to help the students?

Oh, just to be clear, my professor was caught using ChatGPT for his exam creation. He is currently on preventive suspension while his case is investigated. Further showing that the teachers are liars. They are complaining just because the students are using it. It is alright to use it if you are not a student. No fair ! Teachers will eventually get caught using the AI and then we will see if there is any truth to their being divided by the use of ChatGPT by students. I still say, if teachers can use it, students should too !

study group - money funnel for my professor?

Mar 3, 2023
So, I am not doing too well in one of my major classes in college. I've got a chance to pass, I am told by my professor, if I join a study group for under performing students in, you guessed it, the very class I am failing. Apparently he has lumped us all together as a "study group". The thing is, it is not really a study group in the sense of the phrase. Rather, it is a group of students who are destined to fail the class, so he is trying to get us to pass by giving us a group project to give us a reason for him to pass us. It's kind of like, all I have to do is participate in the group and do something just to say I helped with the project. In exchange, I will not fail the class. However, the "project" is more of a money funnel for our professor. We won't actually be creating a project or writing a paper, neither will we be studying and preparing for a "last chance exam". Basically, we buy what he tells us to, in exchange for a passing grade. Isn't that illegal? Should I go along with this "study group" or just drop the course and try to take it again next semester, hopefully under a different professor. Which way do you think I should go?

re: how effective is quillbot?

Mar 2, 2023
Just like ChatGPT Quillbot has its good points and bad points. The good points would be that it allows you to edit your work for grammar errors, punctuation problems, and gives you a helping hand when it comes to discussion improvement. But only in terms of the actual presentation. Not because it does the research work for you. Personally, I use Quillbot only for editing my essays in the same way that Grammarly would. I would never rely on a reworded research paper or the like. AI does not have the ability to recognize inconsistencies in research presentations, citations, and source presentations. So I would not be comfortable using a paper revised by Quillbot. I still prefer to do my own research and writing. Stop being so lazy that you would rather have an AI revise an old paper rather than writing a new one yourself. If you cannot write the paper, then don't do the homework. If you hire someone else to write the paper for you then you might as well drop out of school.

re: educators divided on chatgpt

Feb 25, 2023
There are some teachers who would rather go back to the old school way of proving a student's learning process rather than sticking to essays and research papers. I have read that some of them are now considering going back to oral recitation and exams, along with spot quizzes and testing on a paper and pen basis. I guess they figure that the only way to fight the technology is to not use the technology themselves and prevent the students from doing things that would allow them to access the program for their benefit. Hence the return to basic teaching and testing methods. In other words, ChatGPT has forced teachers to actually go back to the job of teaching as opposed to their previous reliance on long research papers that were not always written by the students. If there is one thing that ChatGPT has done, it is unite the teachers in finding a way to do their jobs the way they were supposed to. Now they really have to teach instead of passing off the task to reading materials and opinion or research papers.
Pedro  EssayChatFeb 24, 2023
So I was thinking, what if I purchase a model paper instead and then run the paper through Quillbot, then updating certain information / as needed instead?

Having used and continuing to use Quillbot myself based on model papers that I purchase(d) from academic writing banks, I would have to say that it works better than ChatGPT. The main difference, for me, lies in the way that the model paper actually has human insight into the topic that was written about and therefore, creates a human touch when it is paraphrased or re-presented in my paper. I can easily add my own knowledge and sources using Quillbot, something that ChatGPT users find difficult to do at this time. The monotone writing of that program is what makes it easy to spot. Specially since students tend to not review a ChatGPT written paper, which a Quillbot user is forced to do. Dare I say it? Easier and faster is not always the way to go when writing our term papers. ChatGPT is good as a model for content, but it is empty of actual and usable content. Buying a prewritten paper, then enhancing it to become one's own is far better and more cost effective than hiring an academic company or independent writer. That is what Quillbot is good at doing and that, is why I will always prefer to use it over a ChatGPT or any writing service available.
Lord Sussex  

re: earning losses for post pandemic graduates?

Feb 23, 2023
The world hit the reset button during the pandemic. World economies basically came to a screeching halt for a number of years and when it returned, the world was a totally different place. Education was never the same again. In fact, education seems to have lost its importance beyond elementary and high school levels since the students learned how to make an income, and basically learned how to code because of their free time. The ease by which they learned without the aid of teachers or a formal classroom setting during this time is what led to the rise of the less educated student, who makes more money than his educated counterparts. I think these are the reasons why earning losses became the norm for them once the markets reopened. There was no real need for businesses to hire college grads when high school students were coding killer apps and automation began taking over the fields of work where college graduates used to be given importance. All things considered, if you already have the cash to support your own business, then maybe do away with college and bust out on your own. Stop wasting time when you could already be making money for yourself. Stop funding these academic writing companies and independent writers who just want your money. They will just provide throw away work every single time anyway. Save your cash for yourself.

how effective is quillbot?

Feb 22, 2023
Coming across essay writing companies that sell model papers, based on old and previously used student research submissions in their own classes, I began to wonder if I still need to hire an essay writing company or an independent writer. I have heard about the good work that Quillbot does when it comes to paraphrasing text, to the point where it can pass plagiarism checkers. So I was thinking, what if I purchase a model paper instead and then run the paper through Quillbot, then updating certain information / as needed instead? It would definitely save me from financial hardship since the writers and companies do tend to charge prices per page that would break the bank for me. All I want and need is a usable paper for my class anyway. If there is a cheaper way that I can do that, I should take it right? Do you think there would be any problems if I use Quillbot rather than ChatGPT to complete my paper? I heard that ChatGPT is having problems writing certain topics already so I think the model paper, ran through Quillbot would be the way to go?

re: educators divided on chatgpt

Feb 21, 2023
Hello from Hong Kong! I came across this chatroom as I was surfing around the web looking for a proficient academic researcher to partner with as I complete my college thesis. Yes, I need to write my thesis personally because our academic regulations are quite strict. It does not allow the student to even consider hiring an academic writer to complete the paper. Although we can have assistants when doing research. That is not against the rules, I think.

Anyway, I just came across an announcement that all academic levels in Hong Kong will be considering any ChatGPT (or its equivalent AI apps) developed paper to be on the same level as an academic plagiarism offense. The authorities have decided to treat the use of the program the same as any other academic offense, with the penalties being the same. These penalties range from a failing grade in the class or expulsion from the school or university. Eitherway, it is now perfectly legal for the teachers and professors in Hong Kong to use the AI writing software detection tools. Making it even more difficult for students to complete their papers in classes where a student might be doing poorly. So we cannot use academic writing companies and we cannot use AI to write the paper either. Students in Hong Kong have enough pressure as it is without these limitations in place.

Having read that news articles, which is easily searchable, it appears that the educators are slowly coming together with regards to how to deal with ChatGPT as an educational tool. They will not give it any credence, they will not allow students at any level to use it. It is considered academic dishonesty and a violation of the academic oath to do so. Several other international universities have already done this so I guess it is only a matter of time before the rest of the international education institutes follow suit.

re: educators divided on chatgpt

Feb 20, 2023
While my school does not advocate the use of ChatGPT or its alternates, my teachers acknowledge that they will not be able to stop us from using the program. Afterall, it is there, it makes our academic lives easier, and it allows us to comply with our class paper requirements. Since there are no clear rules from the school board about how ChatGPT should be used in our classrooms, some of my teachers have decided to sleep with the enemy for now. Adjusting their teaching style to accomodate the new technology and the ease by which it allows us to comply with their homework requirements.

My teachers still ask us to complete written reports and research papers. The difference? Now they ask us to do an oral report and we have to respond to their suprise questions during the report. At any given time, the teacher can interrupt the report, and ask probing questions that were not included in the report we had given so far. It keeps us on our toes and forces us to still study the lesson because, who would want to get a lecture from the teacher about the way AI has been misused by students?

Other teachers have already purchased the ChatGPT detector software so they do not ask us to do oral reports or tests anymore. They just run the paper through the program and wait for the report. Use the AI at your own risk because they do give failing scores.

I think that this will be the situation for our schools for the foreseeable future. Teacher and professors are in unchartered territory here. They both do not know how to react to the emergence of the AI paper. Until clear rules are set into place for the use of the technology in the classroom, there will always be an educator divide in all school levels.

earning losses for post pandemic graduates?

Feb 19, 2023
So, I have been busting my ass trying to get the best grades I can in college. Working on my papers without hiring any outside help or resorting to AI writers, and basically, doing all I can to ensure that I get a good job opportunity once I graduate. Then I read about how there will be at least 4 generations of college graduates, myself included, that will be faced with low entry level wages and a lack of salary increase for at least a decade after entering the workforce. Why then, am I working to get that college degree at this point? What is the use of writing all of these essays, doing these research papers, and preparing for my thesis and thesis defense?

Truth be told, I have been working part time and I have managed to save up a pretty nice account. It would allow me to invest in myself and pursue a bigger, more lucrative version of the current part time business I am running. College is something I am doing for my parents since I will be the first college graduate in our family. At this rate though, maybe I should focus on developing my wealth rather than meeting academic expectations instead? Let's talk. I'd love to hear your ideas. Open communication will help me decide what to do now that I am at a crossroad with my education and professional opportunities.

re: students should never work as middlemen for essay writing companies or freelancers

Feb 18, 2023
My story is a bit different. I started as the middleman for a freelancer. The money was good at the start, till his work started becoming problematic. He began to fall behind in terms of revising the papers of my classmates and friends, leading him to finally offer me an "editing" job to "speed up" the revision process. He offered good money to have me do this for him so I agreed to do it a few times for him. Next thing I knew, I was revising more and more papers for him, but getting paid less and less commissions because he claimed, "I am already paying to to revise the papers as needed". I do not know how it happened that I began working for him eventually, aside from getting him writing jobs. I quit having nay sort of relationship with that writer eventually. I could not study and fix his bad papers at the same time. It was not worth risking my own grades for. Work as the middleman only if you do not care about your future as a student. These types of people know how to turn the tables on their middlemen without them ever realizing it. Well, you will realize it eventually. I just hope it won't be too late for you by that time.

re: students should never work as middlemen for essay writing companies or freelancers

Feb 17, 2023
Anybody here work for a freelance writer?

Yes, I have worked for a freelancer as his middleman. I was promised a 10% commission for each paper I referred to him, 20% for every repeat client from my referral. Everything was good at the start, I was aggressive in sending clients his way, even making sure that they chose him over other freelancers available online that they could speak to personally and interview. I used my word of honor to get him clients and I was amply paid for my hustling. At least I was paid well at the start. Then I found out from my schoolmates and classmates that he was already cutting me out of the deals, having them place their orders directly with him rather than passing through me so that I could have them use my referral code. I was livid when I found out what this freelance writer was doing. He was basically stealing from me, stealing my hard earned commission and disregarding the network I was instrumental in creating for him at my school. To get even, I destroyed his reputation with my classmates and made sure that they would never hire him again. Of course they took my side when I told them how this freelancer walked back on our deal. Fair is fair and my commission should have been paid.

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