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freelancewriter  EssayChatSep 25, 2023
My path to happiness: Make me a journal

A prayer for all my country man poetic essay: Essay

Describe an experience you had in the past three years that will help you to adjust to a host family in the u.s. how will it help? explain.: Write an essay

It seems that some of you think that this is a place to order an essay by posting these kinds of messages. If you're looking for a writer here, the first thing that you need to provide is your contact information so that you can be reached. When a writer does contact you, you'll need to be able to provide all of the details of the assignment, including the instructions, length, and due date. Nobody can help you here if you don't leave your contact information and/or if the only thing you post is "Make me a journal," "Essay," or "Write an essay."

describe an experience you had in the past three years that will help you to adjust to a host family in the u.s. how will it help? explain.

Aug 25, 2023
Write an essay

wanted biology writer

Aug 7, 2023
Looking for a biology writer to write me a 2500 word resit essay for a uni. Needs to have 14 references Harvard style and be good English.


re: the end of essay homework

Jul 25, 2023
It was only a matter of time before teachers caught up to the lack of relevance that essay writing has on classes these days. Oral essays are the way forward, which makes it more difficult for students to achieve an easy grade. This is not the same as the oral reports that we used to do during our time. This is all about being able to think on the fly and respond intelligently to questions posed in class or online by the teacher. What does this do? It proves the student's ability to think based on long term explanations and reasoning. The end of essays means the end of essay writing mills as well. We will finally be able to get rid of contract cheating in a way that has never been done before. The end of the essay mills means the students will finally learn how to think for themselves rather than being told what to think by their paid writers.

re: chatgpt and changes to essay homework

Jul 25, 2023
I agree. Essay writing should not be the only method by which we assess the intelligence of the student. We should also consider how well he understood the paper that he wrote. It is one way of proving to the teacher that the student has not paid some essay mill to complete the paper, he has not just done cut and paste jobs from online sources, or that he had an AI write the paper for him. When it is this easy to comply with class requirements, teachers must make the extra effort to verify that the students are actually doing the work as expected. The best way to test that is to do away with essay writing and go back to the old shool method of oral examinations. Ask the student questions that test the intellect in class. There no time for him to find other ways to get answers. His brain will have to kick into high gear if he wants to receive a grade.

re: benefits of no traditional exams

Jul 25, 2023
I have always wondered what the point of all those memory work based exams were for us when we were studying. Now, it appears that the science of learning has finally caught up with what we all knew, exams prove nothing when it comes to the learning of a student. Memory work just means the student has a photographic memory or, the kid has a good short memory span. There won't be any need for them to remember those stuff once they get out of school. Not unless they are in the STEM field. What is important is that we learned how to develop opinions and think for ourselves. Acts of learning / proof of learning that were frowned upon in the past because it forced teachers to become answerable to the students. Remove that from the equation and the true, natural ability of the student to learn and be intelligent comes out. It is not about memory work after all. It is about how we understand things.

re: no homework? any benefits?

Jul 25, 2023
My daughter attends a no homework school. I see no problem with it. She seems to be well adjusted and intelligent. She is even more interested in learning than when she needed to complete daily homework. She has become more curious about the world around her. She asks more questions now that show she is developing her thought process. She experiments with things of interest to her. She does not struggle to complete class tasks anymore. She is happier from what I can tell. Has her learning suffered without the homework? I should say not. More than once I have seen her pick up her school tablet, reviewing the lessons of the day, without being prodded to do so. Learning has become something fun for her. Advanced reading of school material is not a chore, but a way for her to keep in touch with her classmates during off time discussion in their online groups. Removing the pressure of homework has changed the learning landscape for my kid. I am sure it has done the same for others.

re: no grading classes

Jul 25, 2023
I think that no grading classes would be highly beneficial to students these days. Just think back to the time when we were learning. We all struggled to remember those dates, events, names of scientific stuff, all those things that we did not really end up using in the real world. Now, students are being taught to be more realistic in their approach to things. Learn what you have to not because you are forced to memorize things, but because you need to understand its importance. That makes learning about these things much easier than during our time. The only problem I can see with the non grading system is that students may no longer strive to achieve when there is no letter grade or numerical grade attached to the learning process. What reason do they have to learn in that case? When the learning field is level, does that really seem beneficial to the students? Or do they suffer because of the lax learning environment?

re: paraphrasing using chatgpt

Jul 25, 2023
Since I use ChatGPT as a lesson plan assistant, I am able to integrate the essays that the program creates into my paraphrasing lessons. I allow my students to show me an example of the ChatGPT paraphrasing of an original topic I wrote, then ask them to interpret what the program said in their own words. The program simplifies the process for the student, who actually gets a good idea of what a paraphrased paragraph should look like. It is more helpful to me as an educator than if Ihad to constantly try to explain what paraphrasing is and how it should be used in a paragraph. It helps the students build their vocabulary when I ask them to use the program to write a paraphrasing, including certain keywords. They learn how to use the vocabulary properly and also, develop better thinking skills because they need to explain what their statement means to me, as written by the AI. It makes the learning process fun for a new language.

ai promoting bias thinking

Jul 25, 2023
Chat GPT and Google Bard influencing the way our students think and respond to questions should not come as a surprise. These programs are slowly taking over the job of teaching the students anyway. Students who do never had an inclination to do their homework personally, who pay essay mills and participate in contractual cheating are the ones who benefit the most from the one sided writing that these AI programs produce. They do not even bother to read the content half the time so they have no idea that they are being unduly influenced, at least in public percepton, by the AI they have chosen to use for essay writing. When they do read the essays in class, they are forced to agree or disagree with the given information in their paper, which results in influenced thinking on their part. They do their best not to influenced by the opinion of other people as indicated in the AI essay, but that is just impossible. They will be influenced one way or another.

re: what is ungrading all about?

Jul 25, 2023
Ungrading is just about changing the way teachers do their jobs. It is the lazy way of educating our kids. Just as students want to do as little as possible to pass a course, so do the teachers want to do as little as possible in terms of having to assess our kids learning abilities. It is not about being fair to students about their ability to learn. It is all about the teachers not wanting to do the hard part of their jobs. I never thought I would see the day when teachers would not want to grade the students. That was one fo the best times for teachers before. Being able to assess the numerical learning equivalent of the student gave the teacher a sense of power. The idea that students needed to satisfy a criteria before being allowed to pass the class. That time is long gone. Teachers are slowly losing the power to control the learning assessment of their students.

re: all digital or hybrid course materials?

Jul 25, 2023
My school district is not one of the rich or well funded ones. We struggle to get coursework materials, new library books, even computers for the students to use. The hybrid system of education is one that we benefit from because of the lack of funding. With limited technology at our fingertips, we have to resort to text books that are more accessible at the local libraries. The students also use the internet at the local library rather than at the school. Does this mean hybrid learning materials make it more difficult to learn? On the contrary, the student have a lot more fun learning this way. They take glee in finding errors in the textbooks, as indicated online. They feel empowered to learn more because they are doing it among their peers after school. Hybrid course materials work for this generation. They respond better to the learning process. While they prefer to use the internet as their main source of learning, they see the value of books just the same when it comes to gaining an alternative opinion from early authors.

re: the problem with legacy admissions

Jul 25, 2023
Just as I did not see anything wrong with Varsity Blues, I see no reason to end legacy admissions. There has always been a societal divide existing in our world and the educational system is not exempt from that. There will always be some children born more priveleged than others. Why should they lose out on a chance to study at the best schools just because their parents graduated from that school before them? Isn't that the ambition of every parent? To have his child follow in his footsteps from education to career? So where is the problem with legacy students then? They are only fulfilling their place in society. They are meant to study at those schools. If they are not, then they themselves will opt not to attend or, they will flunk out of the school. It is not assured that they will graduate from the school just because they are a legacy. They are only assured a place of study in the best school. Why take that against them?

the end of essay writing

Jul 25, 2023
Since AI has invaded our classrooms in ways we never imagined, maybe the time has come to rethink the way that we conduct our classes and the learning activities? One of the activities that I believe has gone past its prime is the essay writing part of the learning. When a computer can write the essay for the student, who does not even bother to read the content, then we have a serious learning problem to solve. How do we get the students back from AI dependence? Why should we do this? Maybe we should do away with all written homework and just go back to the basics of learning? We have to find a way to prevent AI from taking over the learning process to the point where students get grades even though they failed to put any effort into the learning process. We cannot disallow the use of computers and AI so maybe use AI in place of textbooks instead? Any ideas on how teachers can use technology to our advantage?

chatgpt and changes to essay homework

Jul 25, 2023
I have been faced with an influx of AI written essays coming from students over the past few months. It is difficult for me to accept that the students are just passing off their homework to ChatGPT or Google Bard for completion. Yes, these programs allow them to comply with the class requirements but, I am worried that they are not really learning anything since they are not thinking about what to write anymore. They just go with the flow of the AI essay. They do not read it, they do not personalize it. Which is why the writing is wooden and lacking in depth. The only way I saw to solve the issue was to force them to read the essay in class. I went back to oral reading so that I could ask questions and force their logical thinking and reasoning skills to the front. Developing what they lost when they asked AI to write their essay for them. They struggle to respond. Is the response correct? Correct for the most part. I guess as educators, we have to adjust to technology. Learn how to make it work for us as teachers, rather than just letting the students use the AI without guidance or supervision.

benefits of no traditional exams?

Jul 25, 2023
I am beginning to get confused by the new age method of teaching that some schools have decided to implement. Now, the schools are telling me that to be fair to all students, they are doing away with the traditional way of assessing knowledge, which is by using exams. Instead, the students will be rated based on short and long essays (in place of quizzes) and perfomative tasks (rather than quarterly assessments). They claim that this is the best way to truly assess the learning of a student beyond simply memorizing dates and events. Now, the students need to prove that they truly understand the lessons beyond just textbook learning. They also claim that is will lessen the chances of a student cheating during an exam. Which is probably true, but then again, students hellbent on cheating will find a way to cheat, no matter how the teachers try to stop it. Anyway, I am just concerned that we are raising a generation of unlearned youth because of the way the schools are pussyfooting around the learning process for our children. What do you think?

no homework? any benefits?

Jul 25, 2023
I just received word that my son's school is going one step further than their no homework on weekends policy. The school has decided to eliminate homework altogether. Their reasoning is that the students need to have more time away from schoolwork if they are to learn anything about the real world and how it functions. So, aside from going to school to attend lectures and participate in activities, our kids, once they get home, can just take the rest of the day off and procrastinate. At least that is how I see it. I do not understand how they are supposed to learn anything if they do not get any form of learning extension outside of the classroom. There is no benefit to attending classes then right? We used homework to further develop our academic interests outside the classroom. Since when did that become a bad thing? What is wrong with some home based learning during the week? Home schoolers do that all the time and they are beating our school based students at assessment tests every single year.

no grading classes?

Jul 25, 2023
Schools these days seem to be hellbent on making life easier and stress free for students. They no longer want to rely on memory work to prove the intellect of a student, which is what our generation grew up on. Instead, they are now being asked to think for themselves and assess their lessons. The idea is that they learn from reading an understanding, their reasoning and logic skills now take the place of memory work. These, in a way, eliminates the need for an actual grading system to be in place at schools. As parents, how do you feel about this? Do you think it is right to disregard memory work considering the students are already failing in history classes? They do not know who the founding fathers are and they are barely getting by in math and sciences? Should we not be expecting more from the students and the schools rather than expecting less? Would this be considered a negative reflection of our current educational system?

paraphrasing using chatgpt?

Jul 25, 2023
I am attending English Second Language classes. In our classes, we are being taught how to write essays. For these lessons, the teacher tells us that it is important to know how to paraphrase text from other sources. We have been practicing this for several days now. I have been doing this on my own and have done a fairly good job at the task. Then I heard from my other classmates that they ask ChatGPT to do the paraphrasing for them. They told me that it helped them learn how to paraphrase better. That our teacher cannot tell the difference when they use the AI for their essay writing take home tasks. Shouldn't this be considered cheating in a way? Even though the work was written for them, that does not make it original since the AI could have cut and paste information from other online sources right? Can anyone suggest the best way to learn how to reword text, without cheating in the process?

ai promoting bias thinking?

Jul 14, 2023
I am a teacher who has allowed my students to use ChatGPT for their homework needs / essay writing. I figured, why not allow them to use it since they will use it whether I give them permission to or not? Well, it was a good idea at the start. I finally had 100% homework compliance in all my classes. The work was mechanical for the most part but I ignored that in favor of the fact that the students were at least making an effort to complete the class requirements. I could always quizz them orally on the AI generated text. That is where my observation started to kick in.

The students were no longer thinking for themselves. They simply memorized the text from the essay, which they did not write. Their mindset was influenced by the text that they read. When I asked them to explain their opinion further, they could not do it. They did not understand the context that the AI had written. They had merely taken key points for their responses. They were not thinking for themselves. Reasoning and logic were dead. AI did that to them.

Let this be a warning to other teachers. We need to find a way to control AI use of our students. AI is good when properly used. The last thing we need is to produce a generation of non-thinkers. We have enough of them already these days.

what is ungrading all about?

Jul 14, 2023
So, I have heard a lot about this thing called "ungrading" where students are not going to be getting letter grades in school anymore. There is a perception that letter grades are no longer necessary because logic and reasoning development have become the school learning slants these days. Grades only work on memorization, but do not really represent true learning on the student's part. So why grade them for memory work? It sounds logical, but then, how would students know that they are doing well, or not well, in any given class? How does it really work?

While I am highly interested in the talks happening at my school about this, I am uncertain about how it would affect my future as a college applicant. How would ungrading benefit me as a student when colleges and universities are not applying this method when it comes to their applicant assessment? Can I be confident that I will be given a fair share of admission consideration then?

all digital or hybrid course materials?

Jul 13, 2023
I was wondering if my school is the one that is still left in limbo when it comes to reference materials for students? While all the other schools that I know of have already moved towards digitizing all of their reading material and classwork, even the exams, my school is still implementing book based learning, paper based tests, and giving electronic reference materials only as a last resort reference for students. I find the books to be highly outdated and quite difficult to access since there are only a certain number of copies available of a book at the library. It is almost as if the school is trying to make it difficult for us students to learn. Not to mention, they want use to learn outdated information rather than up to the minute information that can actually help us become more intelligent individuals. Do these books still have any place in today's school system? I envy my friends who do not have to carry schoolbooks with them everyday, they just have a single tablet in their backpack and nothing more.

the problem with legacy admissions

Jul 13, 2023
So, it seems that Harvard has finally gotten into trouble because of their legacy admission policies. Finally, these Ivy League schools are being called out for their unfair admissions practices. I firmly believe that legacy students take away the rightful place of deserving students at the university. These kids have their place in the university secure from the moment of conception. They are admitted to the university whether they are capable of doing well at the school or not. They do not really study, nor do they pay attention to their grades. They are legacy kids, they will get their certification no matter what. I hope that Harvard will lose this case. The courts need to do away with this discriminatory practice existing in exclusive admission schools. There should not be a separate set of rules for the kids of the rich that keeps the deserving middle or low income students from attending the school. This case was long coming and I hope, will have a positive outcome for the students who find it difficult to gain admission to the school.

stop look an listen message abot bioiversity

Jun 30, 2023
stop look an listen message abot bioiversity

re: do-over grades?

Jun 25, 2023
I would prefer that teachers always implement do-over grading for the students. I am a student who does not perform very well in class the first time. I am a visual learner. I need to understand what is required of the me in the task. I need to have it pointed out to me at least once after I submit the paper to my teacher. Once I know what I did wrong, I go back and improve upon the paper, this time producing as expected. While I do not expect to get a high score for submitting the paper late and, needing to do the assigment or task a second or third time, I do appreciate the chance to not fail the task in terms of grading. While a do-over reliant student will never be the brightest of the bunch, he will eventually catch up to the rest of the class and perform in alignment with them. Do not judge the student based on his ability to get the task done right the first time. Not everyone can perform in a cookie-cutter, factoryline setting.

re: college admission is contingent on academic honesty?

Jun 25, 2023
If a school will not consider academic dishonesty a major offense that should keep the applicant out of its school, then that institution is nothing more than a diploma mill. It is important that schools consider the personal and academic integrity of the students applying to become part of their student community. The image and brand of the school is at stake. No school would want to be known as an "easy" entry. Only party colleges and universities carry that image with pride. Even then they try to avoid the connection whenever they can. Academic integrity dictates the kind of students that the school graduates. Giving students a break after having previously violated the rules in their previous school does not give them a second chance. It tells them that its ok to violate the rules. They will be forgiven for it anyway. So no worries. Just go about breaking the rules. Your future will not be affected by it. That is the wrong message to be sending the students.

re: should i use writing bots for college admission essays

Jun 25, 2023
I tried using a writing bot for my college essay. Just because I was facing a mental block and had no idea what or how I wanted to say in response to the prompt. I gave the AI as much information as I could, including the word count. Then, I waited for it to work its magic. It sure came up with a 250 word personal essay for me in a flash but, it wasn't really as useful as I thought it would be. The writing was just too mechanical in format. The words did not flow as naturally as it would if I had written the paper myself. Sure the paper seemed exciting when I first read it, but then the novelty of reading the AI developed text wore off and, upon further reading, I realized that the paper did not really offer a true representation of who I am and what I want to tell the admissions committee. I ended up trashing that version and writing my own version instead. Now that, I could live with.

re: should college students be admitted based on trauma essays?

Jun 24, 2023
I am ashamed to admit that I am a student who only got into college because of my trauma based essay application essays. I truly had a horrific background to speak of in the first place. I never expected that those problems from my past would have helped me get into my first choice college. I had dismal grades and I would never have been admitted to the school if I had not qualified as a diversity student based on my application essays. That is not something I am proud to admit, but something I have admitted to my classmates and friends each time I am asked how I got admitted to the college, considering I can barely keep my GPA up to stay enrolled. They understand my background and agree I should be given a chance, but they are also vocal about letting me know that I may have taken a slot away from a deserving student, who did not use guilt to gain a place in the student community.

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