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homeschooling is better than actual schooling?

With all of the confusion facing the American educational system, I am starting to rethink the benefits of sending my child to public school. The government has poked one too many fingers into the school curriculum in my opinion. My son and daughter are no longer being educated, they are being indoctrinated into changing our society, and not for the better. My concerns with how well they are truly being educated became even stronger when my son could not even tell me who John Wilkes Booth was, but he could tell me the story of Roe V. Wade and why overturning it regressed society as we know it. That is not the kind of education I want for them. I feel like the only option for getting my kids a real education these days would be to homeschool them so that they can have an actual chance of performing like a logical adult in the future. They may be starting too late being adolescents already, but I feel like I have no choice. Do you think I will be doing the right thing? I have seen the homeschooled kids of my cousin and they seem to be well adjusted and mature for their ages. That is all I want for my children too.

re: should i encourage my child to use chatgpt or its equivalents?

Feb 2, 2023
Yes. I believe that you should encourage your child to use ChatGPT as a learning tool. As parents, we spend more than enough on after school learning methods for our children. From Kumon to tutoring, our kids seem to spend more time studying in and out of school than they do resting. Even their weekends are already dedicated to studying. So if there is a tool out there that can help them learn how to do things easily, if there is a method by which they can accomplish tasks while learning something, if that method will not break the bank, then I say, GO FOR IT !

As parents we also need to lookout for the mental health of our children. When learning stops being fun for them we end up with academic rebels. My kids are enjoying using ChatGPT at home. It helps free up my time from tutoring them or having to hire someone to teach them. They seem to get a kick out of using the system and then teasing each other trying to get the funniest answer out of the system. Whatever it is they are doing on the system, it makes them keen to do their homework when they get home. What used to take 4 hours to encourage them to do now takes no time at all. Encourage it's use as a learning tool at home and save yourself the bother and a bundle. Do not get me wrong though. I would never encourage the use of the AI while at school. That is what teachers are for.

should i encourage my child to use chatgpt or its equivalents?

Jan 31, 2023
My son is in high school and is slowly being introduced to written homework assignments like properly formatted essays, creative writing, and research papers. As an early learner, he struggled to learn how to write in Cursive. Yes, my child goes to a private school that still teaches handwriting. The way he struggled to learn Cursive is nothing compared to the problems he has encountered when dealing with his written homework.

Even in gradeschool he did not find it easy to write about "What I Did During the Summer" or "Who Do I Admire?" I often had to jump in and write those papers for him after talking to him about the homework. He began to try his hand at writing recently and really wrote the most horrible papers I have ever read. Yet, as a supportive parent, I knew he would not pass his paperwork grades at the rate he was going.

His father came home one night and asked me if I had heard about ChatGPT. He explained to me that one of his co-workers had a child who also struggled to write (they are in the same grade level but different schools) and they tried the free writing software on the advice of the child's writing tutor. His co-worker claimed that it worked wonders and the child is now writing homework based on that writing assistant. I told him we could give it a shot. We had nothing to lose anyway, our kid had the worst grades in creative writing and history, which were all text based assignments and paperwork.

Our child used the system a few times and really got into the writing thing. I would say his writing has remarkably improved since he began using the program. We always caution him to just get inspiration, but not use the AI created text in class. His grades have improved since he began doing that. I should be happy right? But I feel the opposite.

I feel like I am allowing my child to cheat the system by accomplishing his paperwork this way. I have read that schools have banned the use of ChatGPT in class and someone even developed a ChatGPT detector to help teachers find AI written papers. So my question is, should I continue to let my child use the system, which is proving to be helpful to him or, should I stop him because the educators frown upon it?

re: ai writing software: the solution to academic and independent writer hiring problems?

Jan 30, 2023
I have gone almost a full semester without hiring an academic writing company or freelancer. The reason? The ChatGPT system actually helped me save thousands this semester by properly assisting me in developing my class papers. It definitely gave me a boost to see the model essays that the system could develop. It even helped me with finding information online for integration into my work.

Basically, I spent some time developing the paper that the AI developed, without plagiarism worries. I have to say, I never enjoyed working on school papers so much during my time in college. It actually made me appreciate the extra reading I had to do to complete the homework, research paper, even a simple opinion paper became a source of entertainment for me.

I think my professor knows that some of us are using the platform but has decided to turn a blind eye to it. He mentioned how some of us had improved our written work almost overnight, then he referenced the program. He ended with ""Whatever works!", which leads me to believe he appreciates that we are now putting an effort into completing the written work as opposed to the obvious writer for hire papers he normally receives.

re: labor based grading

Jan 28, 2023
As a parent of an under achiever, I can tell you guys that Labor Based Grading for my high schooler has come in very handy. Though my child is not a Special Needs student, I will admit that he has had his share of learning disabilities. He tends to lag behind in class because he learns slower than the others. It is not that he is not trying, he just doesn't learn at the same pace as the rest of the class. His teachers tend to give him extra work just to help him meet test requirements. They also consider his attempts at class recitation, and the fact that he is a dutiful student who is always on time and never absent. If not for his under performance in tests, he would have been the exemplary student in his problem classes. The teachers give him extra "labor" work to boost his scores and also, give them a valid reason for passing him in class. It is all part of the No Child Left Behind policy I guess. Whatever the reason, Labor Based Grading has its benefits and should be more widely promoted across the school levels.

re: how to write the perfect personal statement?

Jan 27, 2023
I am not sure what school you are planning to apply to as a transfer student but I would like to share my experience with you since I too am a (successful) transfer student. I had to write my personal statement based on specific information being asked by the university.

They had a series of questions for me that I had to respond you in my personal statement. Each question needed to be completely addressed and I could not write about things that they were not asking about because those, I were told, would not be considerations when they started assessing my application. I stuck to their writing requirements, which allowed me to completely develop a relevant transfer personal statement. They mostly asked me about my educational coverage at my (then current) school in relation to the major I would be transferring into. If I had any educational or learning difficulties during my time at university, and my academic reasons for transferring. They did not want to learn about my personal reasons because their focus was on my academic qualifications in relation to their transfer student requirements.

It sounds to me like you should have stuck to the basic premise of the transfer student personal statement rather than writing too much about your personal reasons. Even with no particular topic to cover, you could have realized that there are specific rules for writing this sort of essay if you had Googled it and looked at the samples online.

Next time, when no topic is provided, look for an example before you write the essay. That is regardless of the application essay type. Find the sample that you are most comfortable emulating and develop your essay along the same lines. I also do not see a need for you to hire a high priced writer just for an application essay. That would be a waste of money when there are a lot of free templates for you to go by.

re: essays are an inefficient teaching tool?

Jan 26, 2023
Essays are no longer that important in my opinion. Students have shifted their focus in this century from text based writing to coding and software development. It is no longer important to be good at essay writing since the educational focus is moving towards STEM based education. These classes require more formula based understanding and enhan Ed problem solving skills. A totally different focus from what essays require. Only students still interested in the arts and more general based education would find a need to do well in essay based class work. The only use students interested in coding would have for essay writing would be when they are writing a proposal to sell their app. In which case the text is still not mostly word based but rather a mix of text and code. Mostly code anyway.

It is the study focus of the student that will dictate if he will need to write good essays or not. I rarely come across literature, arts, or journalism students these days. It appears those are dying courses since it is so easy to write creative stuff these days.

re:advantages to college admission invitations

Jan 25, 2023
I have to agree that one of the basic reasons a student should not accept an academic invitation for college enrollment is the quality of education. It is important to remember that traditionally known colleges and universities have the better trained teachers and better equipped learning laboratories, regardless of the course. That is why the school is pricey. It has nothing to do with being elitist or whatever reason you may have in mind. The fact is, these universities do not care about the quality of the students they have in their roster. They only care about making money. There is another name for these universities, diploma mills. As long as you can afford to pay for your entry, you are in. Forget the quality of teaching, their teachers only got their jobs at those universities because no other medium to high profile university would hire them. With that kind of quality, what sort of education do you think they can provide the students? That should be the primary reason one should not consider enrolling in these sorts of universities an advantage.

re: internet not available in schools

Jan 24, 2023
From what I understand, the limited internet access is part of the return to face to face class training. Since the students developed short attention spans and forgot how to participate in class during the lockdown, there are a few schools that implemented a relearning process among their students. This is to help them get used to focusing on reading academic text and paying attention in class. Why? Some students were looking for the off button in class to remove their teacher from their sight. They wanted to do something else on their school tablets. So I can understand why such a rule was implemented by the educational institutions.

In my child's school, the computers in the library allow for limited internet access using preloaded sites such as Google, Google Scholar, JStor, and other similar sites. They may access these sites and some others as the school sees fit and useful to their education. Maybe there isn't anything wrong with that. They can access the open internet all they want when they are at home, after they complete their homework and other class related responsibilities.

re: re:advantages to college admission invitations

Jan 23, 2023
Do not look down upon these universities. They actually have quality education at an affordable price. I am currently attending one of those universities and I have to say, there is no difference between my education and an Ivy League education. Where lies the difference? It lies in the students.

The Ivy League students tend to be careless since their futures are set for them. They can simply glide by each semester and study just enough to pass the courses or, they hire people to do that work for them. Rich, priveleged brats that they are. Us? We know we have a disadvantage when it comes to the job hunt. That is why we work towards beefing up our grades and skills. It is the only fighting chance we have upon graduation. We do get a good enough education. The rest is up to us. It is sometimes equal to the Ivy league counterparts but very few people know that. We are the better taught ones because we work on learning our lessons, because our future depends on it. Who cares if it is my first choice university or not? What is important is that I am getting a college education.

re: how to write the perfect personal statement?

Jan 22, 2023
Writing a personal statement for university transfer is pretty much an easy narration to create. There is no need to hire a writer to do that for you since only you can justify your reasons for the university move. Nothing beats a personally written essay, the reviewers can actually tell the difference between a paid essay application submission and a personally written statement. Your application will be helped by the latter.

Since this is a transfer statement, focus on exactly that. The personal reasons for your desire to shift universities. Consider if you are moving for personal reasons or for academic learning targets. Maybe focusing on academic learning reasons would be more beneficial in this case. After all, you are applying for admission to your first choice university. Combine that with an introduction about yourself and your learning interests. You can even throw in your career goal in relation to your completed education. You can say anything you want, provided it actually creates a character representation of who you are.

Work on explaining your desire you complete a course in relation to a career goal. Explain what circumstances led to your current enrollment. If it is is a money consideration then say so, just remember to explain that you are now financially more capable of attending the new university. If it was an illness that needed you keep you close to home, then explain improved health circumstances. You are free to discuss the reasons, provided an improvement can be included in the discussion. If you were previously rejected for admission and you were told the reason why in the rejection letter, then explain how you now meet that requirement.

Talk about your personal growth and how you have achieved this at your current university. Then discuss why you feel the personal need to change universities to further your personal growth. That way you cover a personal aspect for the transfer.

Finally, explain what you have learned at your current university. Tell the screener whether you feel that the university is good but not capable of delivering your desired learning outcomes. Make that the main reason for your university transfer.

Remember that changing universities should not be taken lightly. That is why your personal statement is needed. The personal statement should not just cover your personal feelings and circumstances. A well written personal statement will allow the adcom to learn about your character, learning desires, and social abilities in relation to the teaching and social development objectives of the university you wish to transfer to.

Again, there is no need to spend all that money on hiring a writer. This is something you should write yourself to achieve the outcome you desire in the final paper. Do not allow some stranger to write your written interview. He can never do it as well as you can.

I can say all of these things because I paid a large amount of money to hire a writer to write my own university transfer essay. What a nightmare that was. The paper was unusable and my money was gone. I had to go and write the paper myself in the end. Did I get into the university? Yup. All I did was look at other example essays for transfer university papers available online. I used those as my work samples and it worked wonderfully for my application. I was open to the reader in the correct and relevant manner. That is what this personal statement is all about.

personal essays

Jan 20, 2023
That is what the personal statement is all about right?

It depends, I get these requests all the time, and I always have to respond that, unless they want me to make up something fictional that has nothing to do with them, they need to provide me sufficient info and the right type of info to support a well-written statement. Whatever I write will obviously be written well enough to get you in; but if it's about something totally routine and common and/or something they hear 100 x/day (like "I always liked science and I enjoy helping people and I realized how rewarding this is by caring for my grandmother; so I want to work in medicine...") It's not unique. Likewise, at least half the time, these clients give me a draft like yours, explaining why your grades might no be a strong as they could be and, essentially, making excuses about why you standard data (i.e. grades and aptitude testing scores) weren't particularly great. Those kinds of essays might not necessarily hurt your chances; but they definitely won't help your changes either. There's no formula: you could write a great personal statement about why you want to study chemistry (unless you can support it with your projects and comments from your Chem advisor, etc, or about having had to work for your parents for 4 or 6 or 8 hours on school nights and how you coped with that and tried not to let it destroy your could even write about your relationship with the dog you'll miss while you're away at school and what makes him so much more special than other dog owners think their dogs are. You could write a whole essay about the origin, modern application of, and intricacies of the MLB infield fly rule in conjunction with an essay about wanting to study journalism and sports science to become a sports reporter. It really doesn't matter; but if you want good results, it's got to be really about yourself or your genuine interests in an interesting way that makes it stand out from all of the other "I had to work a lot in high school, so my grades are lower than they could have been..." essays.... or "I was a candy striper in a hospital last year and now I'm inspired to become a doctor because I liked helping patients. They (literally) get stacks and stacks of those...

how to write the perfect personal statement?

Jan 20, 2023
I am applying to transfer from my current university to my dream university. The application system requires me to write a personal statement with no particular topic to cover. So I was a bit lost when I first wrote my personal statement. I talked about how I have always wanted to go to this university but did not qualify at first, which is why I ended up going to the college my parents could afford to pay for. I told the reviewer about the problems I have. The financial problems, the way my background is based on a problem family and my need to get away from them, so I am trying to attend a college out of state. I was raw and fully open in my personal statement. Then I was told that what I wrote did not qualify as a personal statement. Can someone tell me why that it. I mean, it does say "personal" so it means I should be open about my background right? That is what the personal statement is all about right?

re: internet not available in schools

Jan 19, 2023
Stop with these educational conspiracy theories. There is no dark intention behind limiting the exterior internet access of the students. They should not be spending their time at school on social media anyway. They can feed that addiction off campus and at home. How could you fail to note that focus and concentration are the main learning problems for our kids there days and the best way to deal with it is to force them to focus and use school online libraries to help home their reading and research skills?

There is no indoctrination involved. Parents do that well enough without the help of schools. The educators are not Neo-Nazis and school is not a Hitter youth camp. Do not blow things out of proportion. The only thing that could come out of this are better educated and open minded students.

Trust the system. Our kids are one of the worst educated in the world. Get your minds out of the gutter and help them become learned young people instead.

another dog essay sample

Jan 18, 2023

How to Cure Problem Barking

Dogs bark for several different reasons: sometimes it is because they are happy and excited, such as during play; other times it is because they are being territorial and their barking is part of the territorial display that dogs use to proclaim their dominance over their turf and to ward off anybody they perceive as an intruder. Generally, "problem barking" would be any barking behavior that disturbs the peace and quiet desired by dog owners (and their neighbors) and that is unwanted. Dogs may also bark when left alone in the home because of separation anxiety; these represent more complex cases than ordinary problem barking and may be treated by anti-anxiety medications prescribed by a veterinarian in conjunction with more advanced behavioral training than is ordinarily required to reduce or eliminate ordinary problem barking.

As with almost all forms of dog training, the most crucial element is that you first establish an understanding of what "no" means. It is virtually impossible to teach your dog to stop (any) unwanted behavior until your dog first reacts appropriately to being told "no." The one thing you do not want to do in connection with curbing unwanted barking is to shout (anything) back at him because he will likely interpret that as "barking" on your part and it will only encourage him and reinforce the behavior, the same way that dogs bark more in packs and in response to other barking dogs. Once you have firmly established what "no" means and your dog responds appropriately in other situations when you tell him not to do something, you can begin to teach him not to bark when you don't want him to bark. Meanwhile, because barking is perfectly appropriate during play, you should let your dog know that it is OK, such as by telling him he is good or even by "woofing" back at him when he is barking excitedly at play. Generally, that is preferable to creating rule that barking is never allowed and it may be easier to curb unwanted barking if you allow dogs to bark when it is appropriate than if you try to discourage all barking.

Probably the most helpful tip to stop your dog from barking is to try to anticipate what triggers his barking before it happens so you can react proactively and reward him instead of reactively with scolding or punishment such as being confined to another area of the home or banished to his punishment place. Typically, dogs bark when strangers approach the home, when they hear voices outside, and (especially) when they hear other dogs barking first. Luckily, most dogs also react in ways that provide a cue in advance tipping you off that they are about to bark, provided you know how to recognize them. First, they will raise their heads and their ears will perk up and your dog will also turn toward the noise to focus on its direction. That reaction is also associated with characteristic changes in body language, such as jumping to their feet or jumping off a couch and moving toward the direction of the sound. Finally, many dogs will also give a very small initial "pre-bark" that sounds more like a reflex or a cough than a full-fledged deliberate bark.

If you recognize these indicators and react quickly, you can distract your dog by telling him "no" but more in the tone of voice that you would use to warn a toddler not to do something than in the tone you would use to stop unwanted behavior that has already begun. You can also call your dog over to you and offer a favorite treat by recognizable phrase (such as "do you want a cookie?"). At this point, you dog may be struggling not to bark or he may still bark once or twice. You can use the word "no" as long as you don't do it repeatedly, loudly, or in "rhythm" with his barking. You can also show him that you are withdrawing the treat by letting him see that you are putting behind your back while telling him not to bark and giving him a choice of barking or getting his treat.

If you execute all of these steps correctly, you can actually get to the point with many dogs that instead of barking at noises when they occur, they will actually come over to you for a treat (and your affection) as soon as they hear the sounds they used to bark at. Other dogs will always require gentle reminders as soon as you anticipate a barking situation. However, in most cases, you can discourage unwanted barking quite effectively using this approach.

short sample essay about dogs

Jan 18, 2023
Here's something I wrote for a (now-closed) veterinary clinic's blog about 8 years ago:

The History of the Domestic Dog

The domestic dog, (Canis familiaris) has been a loyal companion to human beings for thousands of years; but until relatively recently, nobody knew with any certainty exactly where the species came from. It was clear that the dogs we love evolved from other canid species from the Canidae family, but whether that meant that our dogs are descendants of wolves, jackals, foxes, or coyotes was an open question until the late 1990's. The application of modern DNA sequencing techniques finally proved without any doubt that all domestic dogs are descendants of wolves, and specifically, of the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus), making them Canis lupus familiaris.

Based on the archeological evidence, it appears that human beings formed social relationships with dogs long before they even became the domesticated species known today as Canis familiaris. That evidence includes ancient burial plots containing two human skeletons and a dog-like skeleton in Germany dating back to 14,000 years. Meanwhile, the famous Chauvet caves in France provide archeological evidence of human-dog relationships in some of the earliest known human footprints on the European Continent. In particular, the 26,000 year-old footprints of a child are preserved next to those of an animal whose paw prints clearly indicate that it was an intermediate species of canid that had not yet evolved into a domestic dog.

The other fascinating fact about dogs is that all modern breeds of dogs are actually genetically identical. This means that the largest Great Dane, the smallest Yorkshire Terrier, and every other dog in between are the exact same animal except for their external physical features and behavioral tendencies for which we have selected in breeding them. That may seem surprising until you consider that domestic dogs share more than 99.9% of their genes with their wolf ancestors. Still, DNA only answers the question of genetic identity and physiology without addressing the more interesting question about how dogs and humans formed their first relationships and social bonds.

By piecing together what we know about early human societies and canid behavior, evolutionary historians and archeologists theorize that the first canid-human relationships were formed when wolves began associating human settlements with a source of food. Initially, they probably remained at a safe distance from humans, only scavenging human food scraps at the fringes of their territory. Individual wolves who were less fearful than others probably began taking food from people more directly and eventually, some of their pups became familiar with people before they developed the natural fear of human beings that all wild adult wolves share.

The first "pet" wolves were likely those pups who were kept because they were the friendliest and least afraid of people. By "breeding" the friendliest wolves, early human beings actually conducted a form of artificial selection that produced more friendly wolf pups every generation. Believe it or not, all of the behavioral and obvious physiological differences between wolves and domestic dogs are attributable to breeding for particular physical traits and for behaviors desired by human beings in their pets. Domestic dogs are friendly and easily socialized to bond with humans precisely because we have continually bred individual dogs with those traits ever since. So the next time that you play with your friendly Golden Retriever, think about the fact that, genetically, your best friend is actually more than 99.9% Grey Wolf!

re: essaychat

Jan 18, 2023
Hi, what kind of essay about dogs do you need? What writing level do you require? You did not really say much about the kind of order you need completed in your post. Is there a chance you can be more specific about the paper requirements? While there are definitely writers interested in reaching out to you about this project, we cannot do that without knowing what we are supposed to do first. The cost of your paper will depend upon the type of paper you need to produce. While you will be assured of original content in the paper you will be receiving, the degree of originality will also depend upon the number of sources you need, how many quotes you will require, and the degree of authority for the source materials. As you can see, simply posting a phrase or paper title like you did will not be helpful in your quest to find a writer. I hope you can be more specific so that we can contact you privately soon.

re: internet not available in schools

Jan 17, 2023
I too am bewildered by this move of some private and public schools. What good is supposed to come of this? How is not having in school access to the internet supposed to benefit our children? I can only think of two reasons. Censorship and mind conditioning. By controlling what our children can read and where they can search for information at school, they can brainwash the children into the culture of Wokeism. They gain better control of our children in a similar manner that Nazi teachers controlled the Hitler Youth in the schools. This is nota good sign for things to come for our educational system. It would appear that parents will soon be on the warpath against teacher and the schoolboard. We must definitely fight indoctrination in our schools. It starts with insisting that they allow open, uncensored, uncontrolled access to internet in the schools. Free speech and freedom of thought must be always protected. The ban is a violation of our children's right to open and freeflowing information. They should be allowed to decide for themselves. Leave internet access limitation to the parents.

internet not available in schools

Jan 12, 2023
It seems that some private schook, the one my children attends also included, have decided to somewhat go back to the traditional way of schooling. That is no exterior internet connection for students while in school. They can only have WLAN connections to the library and other educational resources within the school controlled online setting. Phones stay in the lockers and only school issued tablets are allowed, without program alterations. While I find this move quite severe, the school has explained that this is supposedly the best way to help train the kids to learn again. This January will be the resumption of their face to face classes since the pandemic.

I am concerned as to how this might affect the in-class learning of my kids since they belong to the technology generation. They are the siriang "Ask Google" kids who have come to learn by dictation rather than reading and memory work. Do you think I have a right to be concerned about the school's teaching method at this point?

re: essays are an inefficient teaching tool?

Jan 11, 2023
Essays are not an inefficient teaching tool. Anybody who believes that is stupid. In my case, I find the essays helpful in the sense that I learn more about a class lesson based on the additional information I read about. What was first unclear to me becomes more understandable. I get to process my thoughts and understanding by writing about related topics.

I used to be timid and shy during class discussions. The essay homework and projects helped me improve my class participation. Now I can answer andpose questions as the classroom interaction requires. Even my teachers noticed I've become more talkative. Let's just say that essay writing did more than just improve my academics.

It has given me something to think about once I reach college age. Maybe I'll enroll in journalism. All this researching and writing has made me excited about sharing knowledge and information with others based on written information. The way I see it, news reporting is dead without issoup. Even vloggers need a script to read before shooting their comment vids.

re:advantages to college admission invitations

Jan 10, 2023
I am not thoroughly convinced of this reason. If I am going to attend an inferior university in the hopes of attending my dream university, shouldn't my parents and I spend less on the CPA improvement phase? most places have a community college for the students who just need to attend some sort of college.

Perhaps the community college would be the wiser choice in this case? My parents and I would save on tuition, housing fees, meal expenses, and most other things that out of state studies require. Why spend to attend a college or university that was never a part of my choice list?

Are most high school seniors really that desperate to attend an out of state university that they would sign up for any college that will have them? Would they not even consider the consequences of having an inferior start to their college education?

It just does not make any sense tome to settle for just any education when the learning process there is not assured. Do there universities have any quality? at all

re: essays are an inefficient teaching tool?

Jan 9, 2023
I have to agree that essays never really proved to be an effective teaching tool for me. All of those writing styles, quotation formats, headers, footers, learning to meet those requirements just weren't for me. Maybe it is because I have always had more technical skills than analytical skills. I've never gotten higher than a C in all my classes that need essays and research papers written. I always get an A in my tech classes, shop, garage, and physical education though. So yeah, I do not see myself getting any educational benefits from writing essays.

I've never been the brightest student in class whenever writing is involved. My teachers insist I learn how to write because the classes require it. I hate being in high school because of all the writing my teachers force me to do! I am just not interested in it. It is boring!

That is why I am here. To find someone to take that unfair load off me. I can only hope some writer here can take me on so that my teacher will think I've decided to " apply myself" to writing to improve my GPA.

I still insist essay writing is a useless teaching tool though. I am sure the evolution of education will prove me right.

re: ap classes or not?

Jan 7, 2023
I would not say that AP classes are overrated as attending these classes help screeners in assessing the actual college preparedness of the student. It goes beyond just grade considerations in this case. The fact that the student actually attended the classes shows that the student is serious about attending college and performing well in his major classes. It proves that he has taken the correct steps towards becoming an ideal college candidate. He realizes the importance of preparation in this case and takes pains to meet college requirements and improve his college application.

AP classes are only for ambitious students who realize the importance of getting into their first choice college. They are driven by their dreams of a better future. The AP classes are affew steps closer to achieving their post college and professional plans. These are some considerations that drive them to not only attend, but also do well in their AP classes. These are some non-academic reasons why students attend AP classes. Students of lesser ambition and non- college inclined would never qualify for the program anyway.

re: labor based grading

Jan 6, 2023
I remember when I was in HS and not doing well in my Science classes. During the last quarter of the academic year, I would beg the teacher for a project, experiment, or research paper that I could complete for extra credit.

At that time, extra credit was the best way to try and receive a passing grade in a class that a student had no hope of passing. Whether it be attending a class outing, buying a piece of lab equipment, or doing anything the teacher told you to do, it was the the most practical way of avoiding summer school. Turns out extra credit then is labor based grading now.

It is fascinating how a change in reference to the term makes it sound more professional. Regardless of how it is termed, the function is the same, to help the student pass the course with the most minimal amount of work. Hey, whatever works as long I do not need to see the student in my class ever again. Yep, I ended up becoming an educator myself.

advantages to college admission invitations

Jan 4, 2023
After seeing the discussions here pertaining to students who are apprehensive about accepting college admission invitations, I thought I would share my story to help ease your minds. Do not undersestimate the usefulness of these universities as stop gaps between high school graduation and your dream school.

The most common reason why a student would be rejected from his top 3 choice schools would be his grade point average. The GPA is the way the university assessors view your intellectual quotient in relation to your chosen major. A low GPA means non-acceptance, ffor that semester or academic year. It is not a permanent NO. This is where the college invitation comes in.

Enroll in the university that has invited you to attend their institution. Focus on improving your grades in the relevant and prerequisite courses. get that GPA up. Work on showing enough academic improvement to meet your dream school requirements. When your academic performance improves, apply to the dream school as a transfer student. With any luck, you will be like me and end up in the dream school the next semester/academic year.

These invitations have its uses, you just do notsee it yet. Consider your options before refusing the invite.

account creation

Jan 3, 2023
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re: ap classes or not?

Dec 31, 2022
AP classes are over rated. It is nothing but a source of bragging rights for the parents of the student.These careless birthers do noteven stop to consider the negative effects this added pressure puts on the already fragile mental and emotional state of their child. Our young lives should not be solely dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence for the benefit of our parents. I had a friend whose parents were highly disappointed that she did not qualify for AP classes when they thought it mattered. They almost ruined my friend's life and her future. They refused to fund her college studies because of it and her failure to get into the school they chose for her. Well my friend showed them.

Without the AP classes she got into the university of her choice, wasa consistent Deans Lister, graduated with job offers, and in now working under her own terms. She proved that there AP classes are not necessary when it comes to real college education and pursuing what she wants in life.

re: to take or not to take the sat and act tests

Dec 31, 2022
These assessment tests are only usable in instances when the student actually wants to proceed to a complicated college course in the STEM field. If he wants to attend medical school then go ahead and take the equivalent qualifying exam. I think it is called the MSAT right? If you want to take brain taxing college courses, then knock yourself out. Take the test. Either of them will do. Use it to figure out if you have what it takes to complete the course. Low scores? Rethink your choice of profession.

You also have to remember that more and more colleges and universities already consider there tests optional. If you know you cannot score well in either test, look to attend universities that do not ask for these results anymore. They know the scores do not necessarily reflect how well the student might do when studying the course anyway.

It is best for students to consider both options when deciding to take the test or not. It is a personal choice that nobody should mess with.

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