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do not use him- scam-kenya---benard alutseshe #email_below#

Feb 9, 2016
Benard Alutseshe #email_below# this person from Kenya took my money, do not use anyone from Africa, and I never got a paper


law essay help offered

Feb 8, 2016
 Offered UK  UK  
Assistance with writing Law essays/dissertations at LL.B and LL.M level.
Dissertation Proposals and Proofreading also available.

Professional and reliable service where there is only one writer; ME.


re: "i need help with an essay on a short story about five pages long"

Feb 7, 2016
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived the five pages Long, the older cousins of the three pages Short, distant kin to a Few Marbles Short but completely unrelated to the Paragraph twins, whom they closely resembled. They all lived happily ever after. The end.
Expert Writers  

best quality academic work at prices which you choose

Feb 6, 2016
 Offered India  India  
Hello Students,

We are a team of 3 writers with 3 years of experience in academic writing. If you are stressed with your workload and would rather like to enjoy your personal time, Just leave it to us. We can take up assignments in Marketing, Operations, HRM, dissertations, research proposals, case studies etc.

The pricing would be based on your choice ( Based on the urgency of the task ). For example: If you have 3-4 days in hand, then a 1000 Word assignment would just cost 40 pounds. So its high quality and lowest price.

So. just email and get in touch with us. Thanks!!

Dr Robert Smith  

dr robert smith: retired professor helps students

Feb 4, 2016
 Offered UK  UK  
I help students with their papers in English, business and humanities subjects. I am a retired professor. I have taught in the US, USA and other countries. Native English speaker. Some of my students are doing applications, research proposals and thesis work. I will give you a quote for what you need.



Feb 2, 2016
Can anyone help me with criminology dissertation 1000 words


write phd dissertation and essay write

Feb 1, 2016
 Offered Other Country  
Hello students, for your dissertations, capstone reports, thesis, research proposals as well as essays kindly email me at the email address provided below. I major in subjects like finance, marketing, HR, management, sociology, philosophy, psychology, English and Literature, Political science, history, economics, IT, Nursing, Health and many others except Engineering and Biology

Sandra  EssayChatJan 31, 2016
I need medical writers asap

You forgot to mention your email address

ma social work dissertation

Jan 31, 2016

Can Anyone Please Help A MA Social
Work Dissertation.
The Writer/Accademic Has To Be UK Based Only!!!
You forgot to mention your email
Nick Taylor  

business cards distribution london

Jan 31, 2016
Urgently need someone to hand out business cards around Universities in London.

6 pounds per #email_below#

Mr Genuine  EssayChatJan 30, 2016

Can Anyone Please Help A MA Social
Work Dissertation.
The Writer/Accademic Has To Be UK Based Only!!!


re: urgently need someone to write a skeleton plan

Jan 28, 2016
That would cost an arm and a leg...

academic assistance

Jan 27, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
Dear Graduate and Undergraduate Students,

I offer professional academic assistance to students in all disciplines and levels. I hold a Ph.D. with honors from NYU, so I research and write well.

And here are three guarantees: 1) pricing is reasonable and competitive, 2) you will receive a "B" or better on any assignment; and 3) time constraints pose no problem.

Last, I can cogently and creatively complete a thesis, dissertation, research paper, exam, discussion question in any subject. Special requests are also invited.

Yours very truly,



british academic writer

Jan 27, 2016
 Offered UK  UK  
Hi students,

University/college semesters are well under way and, no doubt, some of you will already be struggling with your assignments. If that's the case, then I'm here to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling.

Working from the UK for a number of years now, I offer excellent quality, fully referenced, and completely original assignments of any form on a variety of academic disciplines.

Please contact me for my website address, because forum rules prohibit me from posting it here. There, you'll find further details about me, my services, and my fees, in addition to a substantial number of references from past clients.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Steven :)

PremiumPaperWri ter  

experienced writer ready to meet your spring semester needs!

Jan 24, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
Are you in need of a quality and experienced model essay writer? For over 7 years I have worked full-time in the industry, producing model research on all non-math related topics.

From Ph.D. qualitative dissertations, to online class aid, to high school biology or literature essays, no project is too big or difficult. Even better I offer:

-Scram free installment payments available so you can be sure you get the quality you need
-Free Bibliography/Works Cited
-Multiple payment options
-And am even willing to talk to you over the phone to put you at ease.
-And of course, 100% plagiarism free!

Your schoolwork is something you can't risk. Go with a quality writer and have no stress!


re: how cartoons satirize modern life

Jan 24, 2016
Yet another Simpsons paper!
viby777@gmail.c om  

theses and dissertations expert

Jan 22, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
Research I, dissertation coaching, writing and research for students who need to finish, get hired, publish, and make sure their work gets them where they need to go, especially in capstones and theses. Experience in counseling, social sciences, humanities, nursing, and MBA. Open to many types of needs, but no longer maintain stats software, so numbers folks must crunch and deliver their own numbers.

I'm a research I stay-at-home writer full-time and I have amazing clients for whom I can get into the literature and make sure they are pleasing their committees and covering their topic in the academic conversation.

One-off projects/undergrad projects are fun and welcome. I'm familiar with all the style guides and don't mind nit picking the formatting until it meets requirements of the field and school.

KK writers  

get your academic tasks done with quality.. customize your cv, resume and cover letters too

Jan 21, 2016
 Offered India  India  
While working as freelance writer for last 7 years, I have written, edited, formatted and proof-read numerous highly demonstrated and conceptualized projects. I give quality power point presentations, white papers, dissertations, blogs, eBooks, articles, press release and newsletters. My specialties include APA Harvard, MLA, and IEEE, AMA or Chicago reference styles, Resume, Personal Statement, Letter of Recommendation, Personal Development Plans (PDP), Biography, Career Development Report (CDR) or Cover Letters.



Jan 20, 2016
Although it is fairly obvious that I go by wordsies and not freelancewriter/or any combination of the words, I too want to point out that there are three different entities that use emails containing freelance writing, freelance writer and similar - however, each of us has a very different handle, with FreelanceWriter being the oldest and (in my opinion) the only one entitled to actually use that specific handle.
The similarity in e-mails is the unfortunate (!!?) consequence of the specific field in which we operate.

experienced and expert writer on a wide range of subjects

Jan 19, 2016
 Offered India  India  
If you are looking for an expert writer to work on your content or an expert essay or thesis writer, please contact me. We have completed over 3000 complex projects and especially keen to work on education, social sciences, media, nursing, law, management, business, psychology, politics and history.
Many thanks,


benard alutseshe

Jan 19, 2016
I have been writing for For two days now they have refused to respond to any of my emails and I am just giving them 4 hours should I fail to get the payments, I am going to publish all the job I have ever done to them in what ever social media or website that exist including the university websites where they source for the projects

to avoid confusion

Jan 13, 2016
Please do not confuse me (FreelanceWriter) with "The Freelancer" or with "Freelance Writing Contact" because we are three totally different writers.

new year, new worries

Jan 11, 2016
 Offered Croatia  Croatia  
Hello there young scholar!

The mega feast is over, but sadly, so is the school break. New materials are clinging in the corner of the eye, unseen, yet worrying. Do not let the what if's (I did it earlier) and only if's (I did that report when I was supposed to) get to you. I am here to help with all your what if's and only if's, preventing catastrophe, averting stress and offering quality support for all your writing needs.

My track record is proven, well documented and readily available online (and offline). I have serviced hundreds of clients, written everything that can be written - except cook books, those are hard - and always strived to be the best. My clients will confirm that I always deliver on time, that my work is top quality and completely free from plagiarism. What else do you need, really?

I have years of experience under my quill, which is as sharp as it can be, just waiting for you to contact me at the e-mail address provided below. Do not hesitate, assignments will not write themselves, eh?!

The fees are competitive, turnaround time is fast and I never take on assignments that I cannot complete " for whatever reason. If I cannot do something, I will direct you to someone who can. That's a promise!


experienced british academic writer

Jan 11, 2016
 Offered UK  UK  
I am a biological and health sciences graduate with an MA in bioethics and medical law, another in psychology and I am currently working towards my PhD in philosophy of psychology. I am an experienced freelance writer and have had my work published in well regarded periodicals.

I am equipped to write in a wide range of areas within science, social sciences and humanities. My areas of interest include medical ethics, mental health law, medical law, public health & healthcare policy, jurisprudence, psychology of religion, developmental psychology, childhood studies, philosophy of mind and addiction studies.

Every piece of commissioned work I write for you is highly original and fully referenced and of course totally free of plagiarism. If I am able to take on your project I will provide a 200 word (or more for longer projects) sample plus a project plan free of charge before you decide to proceed. Reasonable amendments are free of charge.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Jan 6, 2016
hi, law phd student or prof required to write 2500 words / 10 pages, essay in International Commercial Arbitration Law.


open spaces for online classes and essays

Jan 4, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  

I am an experienced professional writer who has been taking classes and writing papers for over 10 years. My rates are competitive and my work is high quality. I have a Master's degree from a top-level American University and I am a native English speaker. I am committed to producing high quality work and will not take any paper or class that I do not feel comfortable with.

I have two spaces left for online classes this semester, so contact me soon before they fill up! I also accept individual papers.

I specialize in humanities courses - no math or business classes please.

Simply email me with a detailed description of what you need and we can get started!

Just Passing By  

am i also entitled?

Jan 3, 2016
A 10 percent discount is available for larger assignments, repeat clients, active duty military/veterans and firefighters.

I am not a firefighter but a snowfighter; am i entitled to a discount given that i fight snow with fire-like-fury?

now accepting orders for january...

Jan 3, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
Start the new year out right by contacting Professor Verb at the email below for all your academic research and writing needs. I've been a full-time academic writer since 1998 and have helped thousands of students over the years. I subscribe to Questia and have EBSCO access and use peer-reviewed and scholarly sources whenever possible. If your topic is out of my league (it happens), I'll refer to you other academic writers I know to be honest and dependable or the best essay company in the business.

Ten cents a word in advance by PayPal only please. A 10 percent discount is available for larger assignments, repeat clients, active duty military/veterans and firefighters.

Remember: "I write it right with all my might!"


fake writers

Dec 21, 2015
Hello, is a newbie and will just plagiarize your paper and refuse to correct it. Do not hire her to write your paper at your own risk. she will make you lose many clients and get your account closed
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