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re: the return of corporal punishment

Sep 23, 2022
I totally agree. If there are safe spaces and lines that teachers cannot cross when dealing with their students, then how are teachers supposed to teach and how are the students to learn that the world is not composed of safe spaces and treatment from other people that are stacked in their favor? These are things that students can only learn through corporal punishment in school. Do not focus on the word corporal, that is why there are people who immediately disagree with the punishment. These do not have to be the same corrective procedures our parents and grandparents passed through as students. There are newer ways of serving up corporal punishment without seeming too dictatorial. I am totally in support of academic community service as a form of corporal punishment as mentioned in one of the previous threads. It builds character and teaches the students about real life in a way that I think we are too protected from these days because of unreasonable "wokeness" in all avenues of life.

re: parents forcing their children to become repeaters

Sep 22, 2022
Parents these days are all about achievements rather than actual learning. They somehow have created this idea in their minds that if their child does not achieve a certain grade point average or have a continous string of consistent A's in class, then the child has failed. They are punishing their children for something that is not their fault. They have decided that the child has not learned enough during the schoolyear not because the teacher was not good, but because the student simply did not care to perform when their parents knew they could. So, even thought he child has not failed academically, he has failed in his parent's eyes and must therefore be punished. It is not going to help him learn to keep pounding in the same lessons into his head. He needs a break. Remember, all the students are still easing back into the academic rigors since the blended learning and Covid lockdowns changed the way students learn. Give them a break. As long as they have not failed any classes and the school is not the one asking him to repeat a grade, why punish him?

re: pronoun usage in classrooms and in essays

Sep 20, 2022
This is so true. I have already had several clients hire me to write non-pronoun based or modern pronouns referenced papers. Their woke teachers and professors kept returning their papers not because the content was wrong or irrelevant, but because the students used traditional pronouns out of habit.

They were in grammar school earlier in the new century so they still learned the tradittonal way of writing papers. It is not their fault that they automatically write as they were taught but, they should not be punished for it either. By hiring a writer trained to write in woke ways, the student in some they do not fail the assignment or project just because of pronoun usage problems.

Truth be told, some students even hire me to teach them how to write in the woke method. something I am glad to do even if it means losing them as a client. Why? Well, it means I was able to actually teach them something they can regularly use in their current and future classes.

re: pronoun usage in classrooms and in essays

Sep 19, 2022
Seasoned academic writers will not have a problem with writing general essays with no pronoun usage. Neither will it be a problem for us to come up with papers that need to be written using the "woke" form of essay writing that has been slowly emerging in the classrooms. There is absolutely no need to home school the students when other writing help is available for them. Seriously writing an essay or research paper should be the last thing on the student's mind at this point.

The reason you and your child are having a hard time completing these papers is because of the bias your brains unconsciously carry. It balks at the thought of having to change what it has gotten used to and therefore, creates the wrong references unwittingly. Professional writers can help avoid such unconscious errors in writing. Which is why you and your kid/s need our help going forward in this academic year.

Leave the heavy lifting (and pronoun usage remembering) to the writers. As a parent, it is not your duty to oversupervise their lessons and their completion of these. Go worry about something else like their physical science project or something. Let the worries fall to the people who can actually help the student, the academic writing professionals.

re: pronoun usage in classrooms and in essays

Sep 18, 2022
As a parent who personally tutors my children and oversees their essay writing assignments, I have also been finding it difficult to guide them in the writing of their papers. That is because of the "woke" teachers who do their best not to "offend" their students who may have sexual orientation issues in their class. The problem, is that the papers my children's papers come across as unreadable, senseless, and lacking in proper direction. All because of 2 things:

1. The teacher would rather they do not use any pronouns in their papers;
2. If necessary, then the teacher would like them to use "new" pronouns rather than the traditional ones.

This is where the problem comes in. I have always taught my children to address people by their obvious gender roles (nothing wrong with that right? ) so they do the same in their papers. It is automatic for them since they were raised to know that a man is a man (not a non-menstruating person) and a woman is a woman (not a menstruation person). They receive a failing score each time they accidentally use correct gender pronouns. The teacher will not accept logical reasoning to change their scores. It is confusing them so much that I am thinking of simply homeschooling them and releasing them into this confusing educational system only when they reach college, when I cannot guide their learning interests anymore. What do you guys think about that?

parents forcing their children to become repeaters

Sep 15, 2022
I do not know how to receive the news that parents themselves have decided, in most cases, to hold their children back a grade these days. Not because their children failed their classes, that could have been fixed in summer school, but because they are not confident that their children actually know how to learn. They believe that the pandemic has caused their children to forget how to learn and that their grades do not reflect their actual ability meet the mark in terms of academic standards. Where are these parents coming from? Why add that sort of pressure and disappointment to the children who are already struggling in the new school environment? What make them feel less that what they are? Why isn't it enough that the child did not fail his classes and qualified to move up to the next grade level? These decisions just do not make sense and I cannot understand why the schools are going along with this silliness. My child for one, knows that he did his best and since he passed all his classes, has nothing to worry about. He has not disappointed his parents or anyone else. He is good enough. That is all that matters.

re: teachers that cannot spell

Sep 14, 2022
Let us turn this discussion to the truth of the American system of education, we do not have enough US born and bred teachers anymore due to the low wages and difficulties in teaching specially in the post pandemic times. This is something that has been a long time coming, even pre-pandemic. Why are our schools inundated with foreigners teaching English? This is laughable as they barely speak the language but, pass the licensing exam and you get to teach in American schools.

How pathetic are we that we allow Vietnames, Filipino, Indian, Russian, and other non-English speaking teachers into our campuses and classrooms? Then we complain that the quality of education has sunk and our kids speak a form of English that we do not understand?

Get these foreigners out of classrooms! American schools should have only American teachers as educators ! Foreign wannabes should be kept out of our educational system unless they are enrolled in it to learn the proper use of the English language.
Sun Dog  

re: re: the return of corporal punishment

Sep 13, 2022
As a high school student who is a part of the ROTC program of my school, I can definitely see the benefits of corporal punishment in the school system. Since teachers are expected to be both educators and disciplinarians these days, it makes sense to allow them the leeway to punish the students within corporal boundaries. It must not cause physical or mental harm o the students. Let the punishment fit the academic violation. As an ROTC cadet, coporal punishment is part of the course. when applied properly, the corporal punishment activity can actually help build character and inform the student as to why what he did was wrong. It is not like corporal punishment will be a form of teacher bullying. There are guidelines in place for its application. There is no such thing as corporal punishment on a whim. From what I have heard, the parents will be informed prior to the punishment taking place and what sort of punishment it will be. They can opt out of the system if they wish but I hope more parents opt in. The pandemic has created too many spoiled bullies. At least that is what I have observed since I returned to school. We need a way to bring character and discipline into a world where too many "safe spaces" about. Let corporal punishment be the demarcation line.

re: pronoun usage in classrooms and in essays

Sep 13, 2022
I feel for you buddy. I am in the same predicament except, I am the transgender student in question. My parents are cool with who I am and my school principal pretty much understands what I am going through at this point. Although, he has not instructed the teachers to address me by my preferred pronoun even though I have signified that I would prefer it. My preferred pronouns are Me and I. My teachers are coming to terms with my preferred pronouns but have a problem when I write personal essays using the same. They said I still have to identify as my born gender when I write these papers. They cannot give me a valid reason as to why I cannot use my desired pronouns since I am talking about myself. Isn't my right to use the pronouns I prefer even in my school papers? Why can't we just get rid of pronouns altogether and just write all the essays in general terms? That way we do not have to decide what pronouns should be used to refer to us or to anyone else in both written and oral speech?

teachers that cannot spell

Sep 10, 2022
I need some advice from other parents who might be undergoing the same situation as I am. This is in regards to the way our public school system has deteriorated to the point where they seem to be hiring ESL teachers, foreigners who somehow qualified to become teachers in our public system, who are allowed to teach our children English. Why these non-native English speakers were hired to teach English in America is something that will always bother me and baffle my mind.

We all know that our kids are taught to spell as a part of their reading development exercises. This how they learn word meaning and increase their vocabulary. So teachers often quiz them about word spelling alongside word meaning. My child is one of those advanced English readers since I signed the kid up for Kumon classes. It helps him stay advanced of his basic class teachings and gives him a leg up when it comes to reading comprehension for his grade level. So, you can imagine my surprise when his teacher marked him down for spelling the word "abbreviation" wrong, causing him to fail the test by one word.

As a concerned parent, I made sure that I got to the bottom of this since I knew the child had spelled the word correctly based, not only on his writing, but also on several online and offline dictionaries that I have access to. I will admit, my child had never come across the word before, had never used it in a sentence before, and only spelled the word using hearing and syllabication methods. The point is, he got the trick word right when all his classmates got it wrong.

I spoke to the Asian teacher about this and showed evidence that the spelling was correct based on several sources. He still insisted that the word was incorrectly spelled based on his knowledge and the way the word would have been spelled in his own country. WTF? Since when did English words get spelled based on a foreigners spelling method? That really sounded like a cop out to me. Long story short, he refuses to change the grade of my kid and is daring me to take it up with the principal if I really think I will get anywhere with such a "trivial" complaint. He also reminded me that he has the power to make my child miserable in his class if he so wishes.

What should I do? I know that I should take this case to a higher authority but I am afraid that my child might suffer the consequences. I also do not have any evidence of these threats since I neglected to record the conversation we had at the PTA meeting. Should I just let this go for the sake of my kid? Maybe I should just pull him out of school and home school him? What would be the best course of action in this situation if you were the one involved in it?

pronoun usage in classrooms and in essays

Sep 9, 2022
So, has anyone else here read about the teacher who was suspended and fired because he refused to use the preferred pronouns of his transgender student? He seems to have won the lawsuit he filed against the school since they violated his personal rights. Being a straight student, I have to admit that I am thoroughly confused by these new pronouns being used by my classmates and how to use them. Some of their pronouns are not even real words. Like, what gender does Zee (?) refer to? Why does a single person want to be addressed as They/ Them? Aren't those group pronouns in the third person? Should I throw out all the grammar lessons I learned in school in favor of these preferred pronouns? Exactly how do these work in relation to traditional grammar rules? Why do I need to address my transgender classmates in a special way? What makes them different from me or anyone else in our class? Does this mean we can all choose our pronouns just because we want to? If these are how pronouns are really used, then my grammar teachers have been teaching me wrong all these years. Hahaha !

re: the dwindling clients of academic writing services

Sep 8, 2022
I can only assume that the tightening of the noose around these academic writing services worldwide is another reason for the thinning clientele. I mean, almost every country has implemented some sort of anti academic dishonesty law at this point. Most of the regulations were set into place during the lockdown to prevent student's from becoming too lazy during the SFH modular and blended learning set-up and carried through into the return to F2F classes. Since the companies found it difficult to do their "jobs" under the new regulations, the companies had no choice but to pivot from academic to professional writing gigs. This time, they are targeting upcoming executives or rank and file employees looking to get promoted at their jobs. Now, this a change in clientele that I can support because there is no dishonesty involved in this. Asking for help to get a leg up at the office is better than sucking up to the boss for a promotion. The professional has the merits and knowledge to get the work past his supervisor, something that students always struggled to do. I believe these companies will be able to do a better job and gain more clients in this new writing field.

opening an account

Sep 7, 2022
Looking for someone from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or any of the ENL countries capable of opening writing accounts. Handsome compensation of up to $500 per account. Let us do business. HMU ASAP.

re: the return of corporal punishment

Sep 6, 2022
My grandparents grew up in the corporal punishment era. My parents were raised on the tailend of the same school based punishment. I was raised hearing the horror stories related to teachers whapping their students, shaming them, and physically punishing them with half knee bends under the heat of the sun for the smallest infraction, such as being late for class. When they received the notification that they could opt me out of this punishment at school, they did not think twice about getting me out of it. Their belief is that the exercise is not character building, nor the correct way to alter a perceived problem in the student. It is however, the best way to scar us mentally for life and send us down the negative path. Oh yeah, this is the best way for us to lose all respect for our teachers too, according to my parents and grandparents. Detention with school service (e.g. cleaning the classrooms, helping in the canteen, working in the backroom after school or on weekends) is one punishment they would support though. That actually teaches us to be something more than a delinquent student, or so my parents and grandparents think. Me? I just hope I never make a wrong move at school that would require some sort of punishment. Why are we going back to the dark days of education in this state anyway?

re: exam consultants: the future of academic writing

Sep 5, 2022
Exam consultants are sometimes confused with or used interchangeably with the term "tutor". There is a difference between the two as one focuses on exam preparation and the other helps the student with his studies in general. An exam consultant also helps the student study, but it is more in relation to ensuring that the student will get a passing mark in his tests.

Since the student does not know what type of exam will be given on the day itself, the main concern of the consultant is to make sure that he is capable of delivering answers regardless of whether it is given as a math equation / formula, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, map reading, logic and reasoning, or even, an essay. Under their preparation/supervision, the student should be ready and able to pass any type of test thrown at them in a particular subject.

The exam consultants prepare the students for individual tests, not the various subjects matters. That is why they get paid more these days. They are paid handsomely by subject. They get paid even more unbelievable amounts if they have to take the test for the student, an option available only if the schools and teachers do not employ keystroke, scanning and IP tracking devices during the actual remote test.

These are the reasons why they have helped to successfully evolve the profession of an independent academic writer. They are seasoned enough to help the students pass even the most difficult test formats because of their writing background and gained knowledge covering a variety of subjects.

the return of corporal punishment

Sep 2, 2022
So, there are some American schools that have found a need to return to corporal punishment for their students. I can understand why they would think this is a good idea since the kids did get tremendously spoiled during the pandemic and the existence of "safe spaces" in schools have really limited the way teachers can handle the kids. Let us remember that schools used to teach classes in good manners and right conduct, which sadly, has not been taught for ages hence our rapidly deteriorating young adult population. When I was a student, corporal punishment was in place and I have to say, I did not enjoy it one bit. The half knee bends under the heat of the sun, the paddle spanking for incorrect answers, tardiness, or just because the teacher did not like the way I looked at him/her make me want to shout "Do not bring it back!" From what I heard though, corporal punishment these days will be far different from what my generation experienced. My children's school just sent me an e-form to opt out of corporal punishment for my children. I am really torn about this. I believe corporal punishment has its benefits, but it could also harm the mental well being of my children. What to do... what to do? Can anybody offer an insight into this?
Marley Rose  

re: the problem with independent writers

Aug 31, 2022
The other problem I have come across with independent writers is that they have a tendency to over-extend themselves when it comes to time allocation for clients. There are times when they get greedy and take on more work than they can handle, resulting in inferior paper submissions to their clients. They just churn the papers out like the independent paper mill that he / she is with only the most minimal of quality concerns. Sometimes they still deliver original papers, sometimes they don't. All that matters to them is that the client gets the paper they paid for.

During this greedy time of theirs, they also make promises they cannot keep and make claims that they know they cannot live up to. Some of them will claim to be able to write UK academic papers, even though their education was not received nor completed in the UK. Independent writers like that surely cannot charge proper prices since they know they can only partially deliver the writing expectations (if at all) by the student. Those papers are written as a Hail Mary and the student is often left with an unusable paper written by a greedy character and nothing more.

It is because of these posers that it has become highly dangerous to hire independent academic writers. It is better to hire a writer or writing consultant from a legitimate UK consultancy instead. These companies are no longer difficult to come by. They have actual offices based in the UK. Only they would know the academic regulations, the necessary writing style, and most importantly, they know that they should not be writing the papers for you due to the threat of legal action under the Essay Mill law.

exam consultants: the future of academic writing

Aug 31, 2022
Exam Consultation is not a line of work that automatically means the writer is helping the student to cheat. Rather, it is a new and emerging avenue of academic writing that helps student's prepare for tests. For most students who freeze when taking exams or get a brain fart whenever they see words written in the exam file, an exam consultant can help him or her get over that test phobia. We do not just take the test for the student, in fact, we do not even have to do that for them (unless they specify that we do so) because our main purpose is to help them review for the test. After reviewing, we set up "mock exams" for them to take to help them relax and feel more prepared for the unknown exam that they will be taking. Do not jump to conclusions or judge us based simply on a preconceived notion. You do not know how we actually function and what our main purpose for working in this line is. Not everyone is out to help cheat the system. We are merely trying to evolve from the dried up academic writing market. Is there anything wrong with that?

re: a warning to paid exam takers

Aug 30, 2022
What a lovely way of describing the crime that you are aiding in. Calling yourself an "exam consultant" does not change what you are doing, helping the students cheat. No matter what you call yourself, you will never be taken as a professional who is doing a proper service in the academic community. The title you have chosen to give yourself reeks of the illegality of your "job", if you can even call it one. Hiring yourself out to help students answer tests is not a job you should be proud of. That is kind of like saying "I help bank robbers by driving the getaway car." Minimal involvement, but still resulting in major participation in a crime. I know that you started out as an academic writer. What pushed you to go into the "taking exams" field? Was it the money? Or was it the way that clients in the academic writing area have started becoming few and far between? Eitherway, you should think of getting out of this current profession of yours. It can negatively affect the very person paying you for help.

re: the dwindling clients of academic writing services

Aug 30, 2022
I choose to think of the slowly diminishing field of academic writing this way, it is not fading away but merely evolving. the method of studies has changed since the pandemic started. Classes are now completed differently and so to the homework and research work being done. Schools now have different methods of receiving completed work submissions that pretty much check whether there was a possibility the students used a writing service or not. These days, students are caught using writing services and the schools do punish those caught using the services. So they would rather be more cautious and write the papers themselves. It does not have anything to do with inflation as far as I am concencerned. We have passed through inflation after inflation but have never been this affected by it. What did affect us, are the changing rules regarding academic proof of writing by the student. The learning institutions have gotten stricter and the students are feeling the noose tighten.

re: room scans before testing: a clear violation of the 4th amendement

Aug 29, 2022
It is about time someone challenged the validity of the actions these schools and teachers have been taking. During the course of the pandemic, they had altered the way students were taught and how they learned. Rather than the learners have more room and leeway to study in a relaxed atmosphere, they turned the student's bedroom, the family kitchen / dining area, the living room and den, into de facto prisons for them. Taking control of the home in ways that they would not have been able to during the pre-pandemic time and being in control of even when parents were allowed into these areas of the home. They turned into dictators and bullies of a different kind. Perhaps because this was a situation they could control when they could control nothing else. They forgot that students are human beings who share the same rights as other adults. Even as college students, they have the right to privacy in their dorm rooms. Teachers and professors forgot all about that because the pandemic forced them to make up the classroom rules as they went along, and nobody tried to supervise them to prevent these sort of abuse from happening.

re: a warning to paid exam takers

Aug 29, 2022
Thanks for the heads up. this is a timely warning considering that the next academic year is about to open across the US and Europe. I do hire myself out as an "exam consultant" to the students during their scheduled test season. It is a job I fell into during the pandemic when the students were involved in SFH. It is a highly lucrative job for most writer's involved since the research writing work is a bit hard to come by even during the hot season. The student's appreciate my help. Most of them would not have been able to pass their tests without me.

I would like to indicate though that I find the actions of this teacher to be despicable. Involving the students in a sting operation just to prove a point should be punishable by loss of job if you ask me. This is similar, in my opinion, to a violation of the student's rights. While it is not a violation of the 4th amendment, as mentioned in a different thread, the fact that the student was set up to fail is unforgivable. The professor should be taken to task by the parents. Report this person to the school board. Find a reason to get the teaching license revoked. What was done is not fair to the honest and dishonest students alike. The "exam consultants" should not be blamed for any wrong doing in this case. It was the teacher that did something wrong.

re: the problem with independent writers

Aug 29, 2022
I used to hire independent writers myself. I liked how they were more open to discussing the costing of the order and that they were easier to contact when needed because I spoke directly to them instead of having to pass through the company support staff. I actually had a regular writer that I used for the first 2 years of my studies. 2 years of bliss before the nightmare started.

Maybe the writer needed extra cash. Maybe he thought he could get more out of me. Maybe he thought he could have a big payday, by blackmailing me.

At first he threatened to contact my school and reveal that he had been writing my papers for all that time and that he was continuing to do so during that academic year. I will admit that I still hired him to write my papers. I have no excuse for that. It wasn't like I was too busy to do it myself. I just did not want to. When I started to ignore his emails, he upped the threats to include that he would publish my work online to prove to the world what a cheater I am. I still ignored him. Then, he emailed again, this time, lowering his silence price by a couple of hundred bucks. I had him in a corner now. I threatened to expose him for the criminal that he is at this very forum. I let him know that I was done dealing with independent writers and that I had started writing my papers myself.

If there was one thing good that came out of that experience, it was that I learned how these independent writer blackmailers can never make good on their threats. Second, I learned that my academic papers do not need to be perfect to get a good grade. I just had to make the effort to write it. My grades were better when I started writing my own papers. I fully intend to graduate my senior year in college without the help of an independent writer or an academic writing company. I want to be proud of graduating using my own skills and actually learning from the classes I attended.

re: grace days for college students?

Aug 29, 2022
Only the Gen-Xers would complain about grace periods in school being unnecessary. They are the last generation to be raised under the "Do as we say, not as we do" method of child rearing and education. They failed to understand the importance of mental health because that was not even an issue when they were growing up. I have seen how the way my father was raised and educated created a man whose mental health was compromised. He does not know how to be personally happy. He fails to be satisfied with any accomplishments he makes. All because too much was asked for and expected of him growing up. School was not an enjoyable experience for him. Deadlines for papers were tight even as homework and exams were given almost daily. He told me that sometimes, he just wanted to go somewhere private and scream due to the tremendous amount of academic pressure he felt while in college.

My father is a different kind of man. He appreciates the Millenial and Gen-Z's need for grace periods. Studies can only be properly accomplished if done within a relaxed setting. We learn better through and open and 0 expectation type of learning situation. We are not slackers. We just function differently. We know our responsibilities and we deliver, all we need if the removal of helicopter parents and teachers. Deadlines never did anyone good. Not in the workplace and not in school.

a warning to paid exam takers

Aug 25, 2022
While academic writing does seem to be on a severe downward slope these days, the slow writing days has not translated into students not needing academic assistance at all. In fact, they seem to have shifted their focus from hiring academic writers for research and writing purposes to hiring academic writers to help them cheat on their exams when the tests are done remotely or in classroom. They pay the writer to help them find the right answers to the questions online. The answers to the exams are often found on well known cheating aid websites that the students may have a problem accessing, but their paid exam takers would be able to access since they are not on the school wifi system, nor are their keystrokes being remotely monitored as the students are.

I read about this teacher who actually planted:
1. A fake exam question in the test.
2. A fake solution on a well- known cheating website.

The result? 19 students were caught cheating and automatically got a failing mark for the test and were reported for academic dishonesty to the school authorities.

If you are a writer who is hired for exam cheat purposes, you better stop it. The teachers are conscious that this is happening and have taken measures to catch the cheaters. Do not be the reason a student gets expelled from school.

room scans before testing: a clear violation of the 4th amendement

Aug 25, 2022
I knew it was only a matter of time before the out of control professors and teachers were put in their place with their privacy invasive ways of administering remote tests. I am glad that I can now tell my professor that I refuse to submit to home scanning just to prove I will not be cheating on my test. Thank you Cleveland State University student, Aaron Ogletree, for successfully suing the university in relation to this practice by one of their professors.

The case hit the headlines today online and is easily searchable on Google for anybody interested in finding out details about the case. The bottomline is this, the 4th amendment prevents this violation of privacy. The home is considered a sanctuary and cannot be searched only by people with legal jurisdiction to do so. Students agreed to this search during the lockdown because nobody knew better. Thankfully there was one professor that dropped the ball and allowed for this landmark legal decision to come about.

This is a big win for data privacy and a big loss for professors who should not be giving exams remotely in the first place. There is a reason hybrid learning was developed. Keep the exams where they belong, in the classroom where proctors can properly monitor the test taking of students. Where it is legal for them to be eagle eyed and observant.

re: the dwindling clients of academic writing services

Aug 22, 2022
It is not only the student clients that are dwindling in this case. Even the academic focused writers are veering away from this market due to the stress and uncertainty of income that comes with it. If they do not pound the pavement and become aggressive in going after clients, both company based or independent, they would not have any income for a whole week,let along a month. I have come across former academic writers who have chosen to leave the field for health and financial reasons. By moving into the more relaxed field of open writing, they manage to lessen the stress of revisions and sudden instructions changes. They also have a bigger take home pay since there are no penalties to be had.

Direct client communication and varied writing opportunities are really the way of the future as far as the diversified writers can tell. Academic writing starting losing clients during the pandemic and it has not stopped since. So the writers who are truly qualified to do more than just academic writing have moved on to far greener pastures at the moment.

The writers who choose to stick it out in academic writing will find the field continuing to dwindle, until they themselves will find it severely difficult to find clients even during the supposed hot seasons. Those hot seasons will disappear as well. We have inflation to thank for the shrinking of the student writing clients.

re: grace days for college students?

Aug 20, 2022
Giving these college students "mental health breaks", is unrealistic. Generations of professionals and laborers went through the educational system without having these "safe" allowances. If we had a hard time in class, we worked harder to become competitive. Studying was the solution to the "hard time". We did not have a safe space to go and cry because we did not like what the professor told us. We just accepted it and soldiered on. We dealt with deadlines as if our lives depended on it because the teachers would not offer any slack for the deadlines unless we were hospitalized. The educational system back them was meant to toughen us up for the real world. The kids today think social media and AR are a form of reality. They have no idea how to take tough love, critical observations, and straightforward rules. They have become too soft because we made them that way. They do not need grace periods or open deadlines. They need to know that they have to work within expected guidelines and deadlines because offices are not "safe spaces". Deadlines for businesses are set in stone. The client is not going to wait forever for them to feel better about completing the work. Safe spaces and grace periods? What a joke !

re: the dwindling clients of academic writing services

Aug 18, 2022
If a writer is solely reliant on academic writing for his clientele, then it does not matter if he is servicing local or international students. The result is the same, a limited number of students who avail of academic writing services. Do not misunderstand, there are regular inquiries regarding services per day. These inquiries rarely translate into actual orders though.

Even at adjusted prices, the students just do not seem to want to part with their allowances these days. Which makes it difficult for writers, regardless of company affiliation or independence, to achieve their monthly earning quota. Academic writers need to diversify into other fields of writing to make sure they do not end up with a permanent dry season.

The dwindling of clients has nothing to do with the writer's skill or talents. Our jobs that are recession proof, has proven to not be inflation proof. With the rise of the cost of living, so depreciated the value of the Dollar, Pound, Euro, among others. That depreciation is what prevents the students from taking the risk of hiring writers.

They just cannot afford to risk their allowances these days. It may spell the difference between rent and grades or food and grades. They can always work on their papers themselves and save the money for far more important expenses. Hiring academic writers do not rank in their survival list.
Alisha  EssayChatAug 17, 2022
How do you know this?

I can attest to the claim about the background of company writers. When I hire company writers, I give specific background requirements to the company I am hiring. In turn, they send me a list of writers who have placed bids on my job order. Along with the list comes links within the company website to the resume of the writer. I can see everything in relation to their undergraduate, post graduate, seminars attended, and other relevant background information that can help me assess the qualifications of the applicant writer in relation to the listed and non-listed work requirements. While I cannot interview the writers personally, their background is enough to help me consider my top candidates. Once I have made my final choice, the writer is assigned to the task and we immediately communicate via the provided communication channel. There is nothing special about this procedure. A majority of the writing companies that I have successfully worked with have provided me with similar information during the writer vetting process. It helps me hire the most qualified writer (in my opinion) for the task.

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