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native english writers required for new academic writing service


I'm about to start-up an essay writing service. I've been freelancing for years, but it's now time to move things on. I'd like to hear from academic writers whose first language is English, and only those writers. I'll be able to tell instantly if you don't have an excellent level of English, so please don't try to trick me.

Please apply with the following details:

- Name;
- Nationality;
- The number of years you have been active;
- Qualifications;
- The subject areas in which you excel;
- Turnaround time per 2000 words, and;
- Expected rate in GBP per 1000 words (it may end up being more that this figure).

Additionally, please provide some form of verification of your identity, such as a phone number on which I can contact you using iMessage or Whatsapp, a Facebook link on which I can send you a confirmation message, or something else similar.

Moreover, instead of asking for samples of your work, I'd like you to submit a 300 word introduction to the essay title, 'Discuss the development of ASMR as a means of relaxation.' Use Harvard referencing, include a reference list (although it will probably just contain a couple of references), and ensure that the work is fully original (this will be checked).

If all is well, you can expect to start receiving work over the next month once I've finished setting up my website and once I have a bank of writers large enough to get going. Payment for work will be made once quality and plagiarism checks have been conducted.




academiceve92 - excellent research writer for hire

May 26, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana State University, and I double-majored in the English program with the writing and literature options. I chose to do this because reading and writing are my two biggest passions; I couldn't pick just one. It was a little more work (and twice as many papers), but I found that I was up to the challenge. Since I started school, especially college, I have loved schoolwork. I enjoy reading and learning about new things, as well as the challenge of forming a well-argued paper on topics that mean a lot to me. So in the spirit of "do what you love," I have been looking into freelance writing, with a focus on academic papers.

Six years of English courses, as well as an internship with my university's press, have given me plenty of experience with the intricacies of English grammar and proper punctuation. I'm confident in my ability to deliver work that is up to university-level standards, and I know the importance of re-reading and revision. With the majority of my college work consisting of short essays and term papers all due within the same week, I'm no stranger to working with a close deadline looming over my shoulder.

As a literature student, most of my assignments were poetry analyses and literary research papers. Due to several of my classes covering one or two of the same works, I've had to approach the same book or poem from a different angle. This has improved my researching skills, as I've learned to sift through the first pages of results and find other sources that, while just as credible, may have a completely different take on the work in question. Carefully considering these sources have led me to write a paper on the same work with an entirely new thesis than its predecessor. In the world of freelance academic writing, I feel like I have an advantage when it comes to literature papers at least, because I will not just be rehashing the same point myself and others have made a hundred times before. There is also the advantage that if a client needs a paper on a classic work of literature, I've likely read it already, often more than once.

That being said, I am not limiting myself to just literature papers. I have always had a strong interest in history, and believe I could handle lower-level history assignments with no problem. Areas that I can confidently say I specialize in are women's studies and LGBTQA issues, especially when combined with literary research papers. I have most often employed feminist and queer theory criticism when analyzing a literary work, so I have a strong background in these areas. I would also like to add that taking a Style in Writing course has given me experience in mimicking the writing style of others, which would be helpful if a client was very concerned about being accused of using someone else's work.

I'm not looking to work a freelance essay writer just for extra cash or because it's not easy money. I understand the work involved in producing a quality paper, and I wouldn't be applying for this job if I didn't actually love it.


re: "i want to improve my english writing"

May 16, 2016
You do this the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.* In addition, you should read as much as you can, especially authors whose writing style you admire.

Sawsana  EssayChatMay 15, 2016
Hi everyone. I am new in this site and i want to improve my English writing

re: i thought it was

May 14, 2016
Although historians remain divided on when it happened, here's what one authority has to say: "The change from the United States are to the United States is was not at all smooth, and has even served as a linguistic emblem for the nation's own turbulent history. The Civil War is often credited with (or blamed for) transforming 'the United States' into a singular noun."

competent academic writing

May 14, 2016
have experience writing academic papers in diversified subjects. I also have experience in managing online course classes and producing good grades of course. my written English is perfect and my research skills have developed over the years hence ability to research and write top-notch papers

i thought it was

May 14, 2016
United States. Or did all states suddenly file for independence and I wasn't aware
Jon Hurton  

looking for top quality essay/assignment/content writers.

May 11, 2016
I am running a writing agency which provides writing services of all sorts to students globally. Due to workload, I want to hire some writers who can work with me on assignment basis. However, i would like to get contacted by serious writers who can provide top quality services with 100% original work and can meet the tight deadlines.

Contact address: #email_below#

seas  EssayChatMay 9, 2016
now only selected

Your email is not established.
Essay Writers  

sample job: asos implements marketing strategy

May 9, 2016
Marketing strategy
How ASOS implements marketing strategy
With changes in technological advancement the development of social media has brought up a new form of marketing. The many young adults venturing in the social media for recreation, companies have resulted to using social media as a way of attracting customers to their websites to show case their products.
Some companies have switched to online global stores having no physical store and working on the delivery concept.
This reports shows an example of a global online store and the methods it uses as a means of marketing strategy within the various social plat forms. In our case we will discuss ASOS a company with its roots in the UK and how it has used social media and its own website to expand.
ASOS is an online fashion and beauty store based in Britain, the online store targets young adults. The company sells more than 850 brands and a range of accessories and clothing. The company is a global retailer that has incorporated the online platform as a base of its operations. The store offers from men's wear, accessories, jewelry, footwear a well as beauty products it has websites that target the Australia, UK, USA, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, China and Italy.
The companies head offices are located in Camden town as of 2013 their fulfilment center was in Barnsley where they provide employment to over 3,000 people. The customer care division can be found in Hertfordshire.
The company was established on 3rd june 2000 founded by Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson. The words ASOS initially meant AsSeenOnScreen. The company got admission to the AIM (alternative investment market) in 2001 at the London Stock Exchange. During the final quarter the year 2010 ASOS launched three international stores in Germany, france, as well as the US and in September 2011 the stores launched three additional sites in Italy, Australia, Italy and also Spain.
Market strategy
Refers to an organizational strategy which brings together all its marketing goals to a single comprehensive plan. The best marketing strategy is drawn from a thorough market research and focuses on the correct product mix in order to attain the maximum profit as well keep the business going, in the market plan the marketing strategy is usually the foundation.
In other words a marketing strategy model allows a business or organization to focus on the limited resources on available opportunities with an aim of increasing the sales and hence attain a competitive edge.
Marketing strategies are a high level rules that are aimed at directing the market operations, a company's marketing strategy is the way it ensures maximum impact within a limited budget.
Social media marketing
This is form of marketing that utilizes social networking sites as a form of marketing tool. The aim of social media marketing is to develop content which the users share within the social media increasing brand exposure creating a broader customer reach.
SMM helps the company in obtaining direct feedback while creating a good impression for the company. the interactive aspects of social media allows the customers an opportunity to make queries and air their complaints in real time the interactive system is usually referred to as social customer relationship management.
With raise in social platforms such as LinkedIn, myspace , twitter, facebook the companies opted to join in and take advantage of the internet to market and promote their products.
Asos which is a global beauty and fashion store has become among the largest growing online fashion retailer in the UK. From its launch on June 2000 and trading over 65,000 products with three mixes namely, local global and own label brands now they are currently offering shipping to over 230 countries attracting over 29.5 m users monthly. The company has local websites for US, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia , China and Russia.
To begin with, the ASOS bears a website that is designed to optimize their customers experience, they have an endless list of handy tools as well as features that they offer. There videos of models cat walking as they dress in items that the company sells.
ASOS targets young adults so the company knows if it will remain a trend setter and retain its influence then its market needs to be fresh and innovative to remain appealing to its clientele. As a result of the market pressure due to competition ASOS have devised marketing on social network to their advantage. Their strategy is discussed below.
ASOS has a facebook fan page that has over 4 million likes, the page is used in product promotions, sales as well as ranges the page is also used to direct traffic to their blog which contains articles in the online magazine. The pages involve posting of visuals and is updated daily with 2 to 3 pictures including weekends. The updates which seem to be most appealing to the fans or followers are those which involve celebrities. Updates that involve the fans or are competitive in nature are also known to attract a lot of response. At times they run campaigns asking fans to tag themselves on photos while dressed in ASOS purchases with a chance of being featured in their website or gallery.
Uploaded photos by ASOS customers are added on the facebook album showcasing all the current entries, this is a particularly efficient technique in marketing since it builds good relationships with the customers by respecting their taste and preferences at the same time they showcase the items available for purchase on
In case of enquiries or requesting for further information the customers need only to contact ASOS directly on the page, a customer attendant is always ready to clarify the customer's queries.
ASOS in twitter unlike on facebook are exceptionally active and combine the use of multiple accounts that are intended to cater for the different market and preferences. The main account usually responds to hundreds of tweets from customers who may have been excited due to a recent purchase. This helps in building the brand loyalty and serves as a post-sale follow up. At the moment ASOS has taken a stride to try out the new twitter incorporated app known as Vine app and launched a campaign hashtag #ASOSUnbox. The online store is also offering prizes to consumers posting their clips of themselves either unpacking clothes under the new tag. Updates that generate highest attention from followers are mostly the ones that customers associate themselves with, a good example is the hilarious GIFs on lazy weekends as well as easy to apply tips in fashion, this updates generate over 100 likes and a number of retweets.
The place to find the company on insatagram is just by searching ASOS HQ, the account has been given a personal touch compared to facebook and tweeter. The method used in instagram is in accordance to what is trending from piggy-backing to posting selfies as well as photos for their food, mostly the posts comprise of snaps of the staffs coffee breaks, breakfast culminating to the stylist of the day from ASOS. This ensures the brand remains in the people mind and leaves an impression that people can relate with. By seeing other people dress or use ASOS products new customers are incited to use the same products from ASOS.
The hashtags are often used to maximize discovery while searching though it is not that necessary since they have over 3,000 followers. It appears at times that the intention behind the instagram account is more of building relationship with fans rather than market their product. As of December 2014, ASOS came up with the ASOS advent calendar, this was acompeteion with price being handed out on a daily basis until the Christmas day. All the followers were asked to do was post the festive pictures followed by the hashtag #instaadvent. Despite the fact that associating ASOS with the hash tag #instaadvent is not easy to relate the campaign offered an opportunity for ASOS to cement loyalty within its customers.
ASOS website
ASOS has a marketing policy of free delivery and returns which has distinguished the brand from other rival competitors, the company has a belief that that this form of investment is essential in developing its brands placing it at the front of its competitors particularly those based on the British streets.
Customer engagement management
At the end of 2013 ASOS had over 7.1 m active users as active customers on the ASOS website as compared to the 5m users in 2012, the company implements country specific website for Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, France, Australia, USA. The customers assissing the site over their mobile phones contribute to over 30% of the websites global traffic, this are official figures taken from the company's website.
ASOS has created a number of platforms that allows customers to interact with each other and discuss on trending topics on fashion the platforms include,
Marketplace: the marketplace platform allows customers to sell and buy products with anyone anywhere globally, the customers on this platform can in over 120,000 products coming from over 130 countries. The sellers in this section could be wardrobe recyclers all the through to emerging vintage designers who start up and run Boutiques and are eager to grow their business, the market place selling app was launched in September 2013. The app simplified the customer interactions sellers who achieve enough success are usually featured on the official ASOS site as it happened with The WhitePepper brand.
Fashion Finder, by implementing fashion finder customers and business can show off their ideas there are no restrictions and even another retailer can also show case his or her products the website has his specific section which receives over 1.3 m visits on a monthly basis. Anyone who logs in to this section can browse for styles as well as outfits they have created, they can also request for practical fashion advice and shop conveniently from third party retailers. The company rises interest through competitions that ASOS launches in collaboration with other brands or retailers. Editorial conte
ProfessorVerb  EssayChatMay 8, 2016
Re: "recommend your clients to us small EssayChaters when you retire?"

I have two or three other writers that I know to be honest and competent whom I depend on to help me from time to time when I am overbooked or don't feel I can provide clients with what they need. I make it clear from the outset that I am referring these clients. Besides this small cadre, I've had terrible experiences with other purported academic writers. It takes time to develop a loyal client base, and this requires consistently honest, reliable and high-quality work product.

professor will you

May 7, 2016
recommend your clients to us small EssayChaters when you retire?

re: writing peak year?

May 7, 2016
I've never been so busy in this 20-year career. I'll be retiring in a couple of years and you guys can have it all with my blessings (I'll keep a few plums for myself)..

writing peak year?

May 6, 2016
According to writing agencies, their earning peak was 2010-2013. Now the times are harder for writers and agencies?


Apr 29, 2016
I have some story written and i want to post it on a blog but its full of plagiarism, Can you make it look original? It should be original because the readers are native English speakers.


engineering dissertation services wanted

Apr 23, 2016
25 pages dissertation about a gravity compensation system. The specific system is already designed and it looks similar to the system provided in this video: . The difference is that on the metal disc a bottle of coke is attached instead of the structure of the video. Dry ice is inserted in the bottle and then the pressure on the top of the bottle is measured in order to find out what the force through the whole is (watch the video for detailed description). The measurements are taken by 2 pressure/temperature sensors who are connected to an arduino board and then translates the data using python. Full dissertation structure is required including: title page, abstract, Contents page(s), Introduction, Literature review, methods, Conclusions and References. Since I ll be conducting the experiment I can provide the data results, in a week or so. UK writer is required with experience on this topic. More info can be provided directly to the writer.


dissertation help on bnp.

Apr 22, 2016
Need help with dissertation. Need about 2000words written ASAP. Only UK qualified people need apply. I will ask for proof. Need someone who can get me a first.


looking for a uk local writer

Apr 20, 2016
I have a 3500 words essay related to the UK criminal justice system and juvenile delinquency. I am now looking for UK LOCAL writer and familiar with this area to help me, thanks!


the main causes of gendercide in india and china

Apr 13, 2016
Gendercide, an act that refers to the systematic elimination of members of a specific gender is quite common in Asian countries and in particular, Indian and China. It is shocking that close to 200 million females are victims of gendercide worldwide. According to Ufret (2014), culture is largely to blame for this worrying trend which in essence is a violation of female human rights. Gendercide is an outrageous violation of sanctity of life and its really sad that two of the most important world economies have allowed this trend to persist among its citizenry. In this paper, we investigate the gendercide problem in Indian and China from a sociological perspective. Special attention is give n to the role of international community and local advocacy in shunning this abhorrent at against females.
What is Gendercide?
Gendercide is defined by Warren (1985) as the systematic elimination of members of a specific gender (normally females) and is a widely practice act in Indian and China. Using illegal ultrasound equipment, some Indians and Chinese citizens pursue the determination of the sex of unborn children with the sole purpose of gender determination. After such a scan, selective sex termination is then carried out with the aim of killing girls and letting children live. According to Kolloor (1990), female feticide is this selective abortion process that unfortunately leads to the killing through abortion of female fetuses. Other than this method, these communities also perform female infanticide to a large extent. Female infanticide on the other hand is the as the extermination of a completely dependent child under the age a year by either their parents or by a person whose care the infant has been delegated. It is shocking that in India, midwives conspire with parents and grandparents to deliver a "stillborn" female child by either smothering it with a wet piece of clothing or by strangling the child with the umbilical cord. The resulting scenario has created a crisis of gender imbalance in both Indian and China. According to UNFPA (2011), the male to female ratio has risen in such places from the normal 105:1100 to as high as 140:100.
The roles of finances and culture in gendercide
Culture and finances have been exposed as the main causes of gendercide in Indian and China. The culture in both countries shuns poverty and the dowry and social policy systems have been rigged to favor males and enslave females. The Indian Dowry system has been set up to favor males and their families and to do the opposite to the females. In this regard, females are obliged to pay heavy dowry prices and should they fail to raise enough dowry, they would be punished and even killed by their spouses. In China, the One Child Policy coupled with the male sex preference has led to female gendercide in families that prefer having male children.
A sociological analysis reveals a common denominator in both countries- patriarchy. Both nations have for a protracted time period favored and practiced patriarchies. In such a s system, males are favored over females in all matters of the society. This ultimately leads to a serious dislike of the female gender and favoring of the male offspring. The fact that close to 200,000 girls are either missing or aborted in India annually is sickening. That number coupled with Ufret (2014), assertion that there are close to 1,500 sex-selective female abortions conducted in Indian and China every hour is quite chilling to say the least. Perhaps more despicable are the reasons used by the parents willing to sacrifice their children in the name of culture. Some of these women claim that by killing off their female offspring, they help them avoid the harsh realities of being born a female and languishing in poverty.
In other words, female offspring in China and India is a cursed gender. This is because they are viewed as unnecessary beings that are expensive to bring up and "sell off". This point brings us to the main financial motivations for gendercide in the two nations. According to Ufret (2013), male children are viewed to be monetarily better than their female counterparts. Sons benefit from money, dowry and other forms of inheritances while daughters and their families must provide it to the males. Women are therefore a representation of poverty and material loss to their families.
India and China can never truly progress by leaving their women behind. It's high time they realize the role and importance of women to the greater development agenda. The countries cannot pretend to be world leaders in anything until they shun through legislation or otherwise, the killing of innocent young girls in the name of male dominance. The international community should shun and act on these two nations for this act of gendercide since after all, it's only the almighty creator who should decide who lives or dies.

It's a Girl (2012), Synopsis, see:
Kolloor, T.M. (1990). Female Infanticide: A psychological analysis. Grass Roots Action, special issue on Girl Child, 3 April 1990.
Ufret, S (2014). No One Wants a Baby Girl: Analyzing Gendercide in China and India. Global Majority E-Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2 (December 2014), pp. 117-127
Warren, MA (1985).Gendercide: The Implications of Sex Selection. Holmes HB. PMID: 11649758;

need help urgently for dissertation

Apr 11, 2016
I need a skillful, competent and honest person to help in my 10,000 words dissertation with no plagiarism and a high quality work.
The topic is factors affect job satisfaction in singapore health care industry by using secondary data in the methodology and data analysis part.
I need it urgently as the due date is 20th of April!


re: "a reliable and trustworthy website"

Apr 11, 2016
IMHO, SNR is the best in the business.

various of assignment help websites, which are reliable and trustworthy??

Apr 10, 2016

I'm looking for a reliable and trustworthy website to do my assignment in mechanical engineering (subject: stress analysis with FEA).

Can anyone suggest any website to help with my assignment that anyone is satisfied and are not scammers?
An authentic and experienced source.

don't let your future hang by a thread......

Apr 8, 2016
 Offered Croatia  Croatia  
Whether you need essays, coursework, theses, dissertations or any other type of written work, I can help.

With a long time experience in the business and a proven track record of client satisfaction, you can be sure that I will accommodate your every need. Although I mostly work with private clients, I regularly write papers for reputable essay companies from the US and Canada.

My services are in the median price range (when compared to other reputable writers), but you really get a bang for your buck. To add frosting on the cake, I am now offering discounts in memory of the 4th anniversary of my first independent order, so if you need something done, now's the time.

If you want to know more, you can click my advert on the bottom of the page, or simply email me with the order details. I'd be happy to give you a no obligation quote.

I am a verified Paypal business member, with an account in good standing. Payment can be done through Paypal, Bitcoin or Skrill.

If for whatever reason I cannot help, I will recommend other reputable writers or companies that can. However, my subject range is broad enough to allow me to write on almost any topic.

I am available through Facebook and Twitter where my handle is "wordsies"


seeking the best academic writers at the worst time of year

Apr 4, 2016
It's the busiest time of the year for academic writing companies, and we are no exception. We're in serious need of highly skilled, highly experienced professional academic writers. We need writers in all subject areas, but particularly in business (and all related areas), statistics, and information technology.

No company in the academic writing industry pays as well as we do for top work.

Take a chance and carve out some room in your busy writing schedule. If you're an excellent writer who meets your deadlines, you'll be treated fairly and compensated very well.

To apply, send two samples in two citation styles to #email_below#

Please include a short cover letter and be sure you send your best graduate-level samples the first time.

You'll be glad you did!

PS - English Native Speakers only, please.


scientists discover that donald trump is really an alien!*

Apr 1, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
April Fools!**

Don't be fooled by posers...

Contact Professor Verb for all your custom research and writing needs. I've been a full-time academic writer since 1998 and have helped thousands of students graduate.

Ten cents a word (about $30/page) for first-time clients. Discounts available for repeat clients, larger assignments, active duty military/veterans*** and firefighters.

Remember: "I write it right with all my might!"****

**April Fools' Day spread throughout Britain during the 18th century. In Scotland, the tradition became a two-day event, starting with "hunting the gowk," in which people were sent on phony errands (gowk is a word for cuckoo bird, a symbol for fool) and followed by Tailie Day, which involved pranks played on people's derrieres, such as pinning fake tails or "kick me" signs on them (
***Please inquire
****I like footnotes


looking for supervisor for counseling sessions

Mar 23, 2016
This is not for a writing assignment. I am looking for someone in the US or Canada who is a registered counselor or psychologist and would be willing to act as a supervisor for counseling sessions. Very little work on your part, I just need general feedback. You need to have a masters degree and belong to a professional governing body and be able to show proof of that.
lisacedar2016 at


i will help

Mar 17, 2016
Hey! I am writing a book, but I think I need a basic novel frame to figure out when my main events should happen, and how to treat my characters. A friend is writing a book, and they say that they followed a guide. What should I do?

~Woeful Writer

I can write the book for you. Of course i will be taking 99% of royalties plus you'll be buying me beer every weekend. In a previous life, i wrote all of Shakespeare's work and, more recently, i wrote Albert Einstein's papers which are falsely attributed to him.

book writing

Mar 15, 2016
Hey! I am writing a book, but I think I need a basic novel frame to figure out when my main events should happen, and how to treat my characters. A friend is writing a book, and they say that they followed a guide. What should I do?

~Woeful Writer

essay help!!

Mar 12, 2016
Hi, I'm Lulu, 10th grade,
I have an assignment which is an essay that is due tomorrow (I need it in like 2 or 3 hours), and I have no idea on how to start with my essay, and what to write.
The essay is about the novel, Lord of the Flies. The topic is: Choose any of the main characters whose personalities are described in detail ​(Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy, Roger) and trace their development in the story as it ​pertains to Golding's theory that the basic flaw of mankind is inherent in man. ​Support your thesis with character details highlighting their flaws or descent into ​savagery.
So may anyone please help me with the essay. I would really appreciate it if you helped me with it.
Please and thank you.
Sincerely Lulu.

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