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by the way

Nov 9, 2017
Queen, you oughta look yourself in the mirror, first. You have a much longer career in this field than any of us :)
Ms Melisa  EssayChatNov 8, 2017
because you turn into a vile beast when you're hungry

Angry because i have called out your ghost writing veneers that conceal the deplorable scumbags that you all are?
well, i am not here to cuddle anyone's ego or to approve the sewer excuses that y'all front in order to miserably grant your sewerage operations a sense of legitimacy and ethics.

All of you are a bunch of fraudsters, greatly aiding pathetic students in gaming the system and debasing education throughout the world.
grab a mirror and check yourself deep. You can be certainly a better human if you work as a toilet cleaner in Zagreb than helping cheats.

eat a snickers......

Nov 8, 2017
because you turn into a vile beast when you're hungry
Ms Melis  

no 'scholars' here- only scumbags, fraudsters and slithery snakes of every shade.

Nov 8, 2017
Hey Scholars,

Too much honour???
No scholars here; only slithery snakes, irredeemable frauds, 2-bit African goats masquerading as writers, oily merchants passing off as great 'writers'(if they are 'great' writers, they'd be writing for respectable firms, right? and not helping the students game the system), hungry hyenas, irritating megalomaniacs and hordes of vulturous small timers salivating for a little cake of the academic fraud industry.

To call someone a 'scholar' in a forum patronised by the lowest of low, the vilest of scumbags, is too much of painting a donkey into a zebra.

Here, there is no integrity. The very foundations of the essay industry revolve around cheating and scamming; it goes without saying that its players are nothing more than pathetic accessories to deception and academic immorality.

And it adds no whiff of perfume to the cesspit be the accessory be a 'genuine' American writer or an African amateur fraudster---the pit is deplorable and full of the foulest of beasts.

edit discussion post

Nov 7, 2017
Hey Scholars,
I am looking for someone to edit my discussion post before I submit it to my class. I was wondering if one of you could read it and edit it for punctuation errors mostly. Thank you :)

The world of sport is widely loved by many around the world. For example, when I step out of my house I can always spot kids throwing around a football, playing soccer, or shooting around a basketball. In my opinion, I see that sports are the most influential events in the world (, 2017). Sports marketing uses sports, of any form, to aid in the selling of goods and services to an interested consumer. Reviewing, the learning material form this week I concluded, the sport marketing style is less about using a single marketing strategy and more about using various marketing strategies to keep up with this ever-growing market.

Before any marketing strategies are to be used it is imperative to see which strategies are the most effective. This is where sport marketing research comes in this allows a franchise or marketing team to examine the best possible strategies to use through the gathering of specific information such as; number of season ticket holders (quantitative data), attendance of arena events (games) (quantitative data), revenue made from merchandise (quantitative data), surveys (qualitative data), etc. (Dees, 2015). Through the gathering of this information (data) franchise can then apply the marketing strategies that best fit their required outcome. May it be creating new marketing campaigns, bonding with their core audience, or building upon their fan base. Whatever it may be, Schäferhoff states that (2016) "knowing your fan base inside out allows you to engage with them in deeper and more meaningful ways". Which in return provides foresight to the marketing team on how they should go about marketing their team.

The outlets in which sports products are marketed today are through posters, merchandise, billboards, etc. Another outlet can be through the media such as t.v. commercials of who is playing this weekend, newspaper ads, or through the chattering or ads posted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Due, to the various marketing, outputs the marketing team is able to communicate to all consumer groups be it fan or not.



Oct 23, 2017
write about a sport festival in your culture


i need some help with my personal narritive

Oct 23, 2017
Hello! In my class we are writing a personal narrative on what it means to be an American. It can be based off anything as long as you interpret in your essay what it means to you to be an American...and I'm lost because I don't know where to start or write about. Please help me, I'll be forever thankful


writer skilled in econometrics for journal article 6-9 pages model development

Oct 22, 2017

I am in need of a writer with expertise in econometrics, equations and model development. I am working on a journal article which demands at least 6-9 pages of econometrics analysis alongside model development. The area of research is grounded in democratic studies with the journal article seeking to contribute to an alternate proposition of a published article. If i decide to work with you , i would send you the sample article upon which my research draws inspiration from.

Please you should only contact me if you are an expert in the abovementioned field and have samples to prove you have worked in this specific area. Looking forward to hearing from you.


honest, reliable and knowledgeable custom essay writer

Oct 13, 2017
 Offered Croatia  Croatia  
Ever felt the rush of the semester, your blood boiling as you try to shuffle term papers, exams, parties and trying to squeeze in a couple of hours of sleep? To do all of this in just 24 hours is tough, and most students need an able hand to help them along the way from time to time.

As a long time freelance writer I have been exactly that, a helping hand to many students. My clients are studying in every imaginable field, from archaeology to zoology. I consistently produce quality essays, coursework, dissertations and any other type of writing that you can think of, and I do it at a competitive rate. Furthermore, my work passes every possible scrutiny, it is completely free from plagiarism (in fact if you find more than 2% similarity in any of my papers, feel free to ask for a refund), and is never resold or given to anyone under any circumstances.

I take great pride in the fact that I have managed to carve a place for myself in this highly competitive industry, a fact that was made possible through my lifelong dedication to perfection and quality. I will never cheat or lie to you, and if I cannot complete a paper, for whatever reason, I will point you to a reputable writer or a company that will be able to help. To this end, I have developed relationships with several top private writers and companies in the UK/US/CA, whom I know can assist in cases when I cannot.

Should you find this compelling enough to try my services, I advise you to order a small sample at first (perhaps a page or two), and then, if satisfied, proceed with larger orders. This allows us to develop a working relationship, based on trust and quality.

You may reach me through my website order system, through this forum's message system, or on social networks where my handle is "wordsies".
Thank you


i need help with a paragraph

Oct 3, 2017
I have one more paragraph for my procrastination essay. The topic sentence is " Procrastination is caused by overconfidence". I need sugestions or ideas for this paragraph. Please Email at #email_below#


an example job application letter for the coordinator of school site services

Sep 19, 2017
Please find enclosed my resume for the Coordinator of School Site Services for the University School District. I believe that I am uniquely qualified for this position not only because of my background in student development and leadership in an educational setting, but also because of my current relationship with the University School District as a Lead Teacher with Student Development, Inc. In this role, I have already worked closely with members of the University School District and follow school district policies.

For the position of Coordinator of School Site Services, a person is sought who has worked in an instructional setting or a leadership position. I am currently working in both of these areas as a Lead Teacher for Student Development, Inc., I am responsible for coordinating the educational activities of two teachers, two assistant teachers, four substitute teachers, and an art specialist. In this position, I utilize my Bachelor's Degree in Student Development and my Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership to oversee the learning environment of the students to ensure high educational standards, as well as the internal culture of the teachers to ensure that an environment exists that fosters open communication and accountability.

In addition, because Student Development, Inc. is located on the ground of the University School District, we closely monitor the policies of the school district. The knowledge and familiarity with school district policies will allow for an efficient transition into this position. Furthermore, having an understanding of the internal culture of the school district and the expectations that exist both internally and externally will allow for a strong working relationship.

I am confident that I could serve an exceptional asset to this position. Please allow me the opportunity to demonstrate my match and skills in person. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications in more detail.

analyze bank loans and accrued interest

Jul 26, 2017
Can someone help me grasp the concept of my essay assignment? I do not know where to start and my paper is due Sunday and I don't know what it is asking


aging adults - research questions and answers

Jul 19, 2017
Q1. Given that the demographic trends point to a much larger proportion of older adults in the United States, we will have to be ready to provide adequate care. Explain why the dependency ratio will affect plans like Social Security and Medicare drastically and why our society will need other resources to help care for the aging. (2 points)

In contrast to a retirement fund such as a standard IRA, where the money an individual puts into an account as a young person is saved for when he or she leaves the workplace (or simply reaches a certain age), the money which is extracted from the paychecks of younger workers is used to support current beneficiaries of the Social Security system. Younger workers pay into the system with the knowledge that when they themselves reach the designated retirement age, they too will receive benefits. Today, there is currently an imbalance of the "beneficiary-to-worker ratio, which compares the number of people drawing benefits to the number of workers paying into Social Security," due to the abnormally high numbers of individuals who are a part of the Baby Boom generation relative to the current generation ("How will boomers affect Social Security," 2017). Older individuals, thanks to improvements in medical care, are also living much longer than anticipated and although they are also working for longer periods of time, they still are entitled to receive benefits after a specific age.

This influx of older patients into the healthcare system will also affect Medicare, the insurance policy which all geriatric Americans receive, given not only the increased numbers of enrollees but also the fact that medical technology has improved. While this is considered beneficial overall in terms of prolonging life expectancy, it also results in increased systemic costs, as does the fact that older adults today are more apt to suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Today's patients aging into Medicare "had higher rates of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity" than did their parents and this trend is expected to continue (Barr 2014). Medicare plans traditionally offer lower rates of reimbursement to physicians than other types of healthcare plans, and physicians may attempt to compensate for the influx of Medicare patients and the costs that older, sicker patients incur overall by charging other patients higher rates.

Q2. Design an Adult Community Center that offers drop-in services for aging adults. Include in your ACC the following specifics:
a. Preventative strategies for maximizing successful aging (see table 14.1). Provide examples of how you would offer services for each item. (8 points)

Adult community care centers can offer support to promote healthier aging for older adults through preventative care that can ultimately reduce costs for patients, providers, and the system as a whole later on. These services can include educational and enrichment activities such as arts and crafts, adult education classes, book clubs, and other intellectual activities which can promote socialization and ward off dementia. Physical activity classes such as yoga and aerobics can aid in weight reduction and keep older joints mobile. Centers which offer healthy breakfasts and lunches can ensure that older adults are receiving appropriate nutrition. The presence of trained staff to monitor cognitive functioning, blood pressure, and fall risk can again act as a preventative check upon the health of older adults.

Although older adults may be seeing a variety of providers, this does not mean that they are receiving constant monitoring. In fact, the proliferation of providers and different treatments can create additional problems, since providers may not be in communication with one another. This can result in over-prescription of drugs or prescription of contraindicated drug treatments. Older patients are living farther away from their adult children than in previous generations and workers at community care facilities can act as advocates as older adults navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. It can also direct older adults to services they may not have needed previously, such as vision assistance, hearing aids, and psychological counseling, as patients may be experiencing depression due to a loss of functioning or as a result of the biological side effects of some ailments associated with aging.


Barr, P. Baby boomers will transform health care as they age. H&HN.

How will boomers affect Social Security? NASI.

academia-research account

Jun 28, 2017
Dear essay writers, I have an Academia-research account that I'm not using and would want to sell. From the account you can source for essay jobs and get paid twice every month. Any interested person can email me on #email_below#

scam writers who plagiarize and will blackmail you later for the work

Jun 18, 2017
they advertise on social network sites and craigslist, long story short they provided few of their sample essays and satisfied remarks from the former clients... and agreed to work on a essay about 20 pages for 5$ a page.. I kept in constant email contact. Well few days before the deadline they sent me work which was mostly plagiarized copied from the first google search results, when i confronted them about it they flipped said the work was good enough and i had to pay the full amount or they would contact the college dean.. asked them to piss of and find some other poor chump to work with...

fair warning only do paypal transactions for services offered not friend to friend.. or you might never see your money back!! that was their email contact

re: essay idea for immigration

Jun 12, 2017
The Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform for Western Nations
Bob  EssayChatJun 10, 2017
Hello, I need an essay idea for immigration.
Alexandr  EssayChatJun 2, 2017
I am looking for professional writers. If you are looking for a job please contact me

May 23, 2017
 Offered USA  USA  
I am an American writer located in NYC, where I was born and educated. My undergraduate degrees are in History and Psychology and I have a JD from New York Law School. I have worked as a Senior Writer/Editor for a very large U.S. federal agency and since 2003, I have written (literally) thousands of academic essays in dozens of subject-matter areas and on hundreds of very diverse topics within those areas, ranging from 1-pg high school papers on social media to 300-pg post-graduate dissertations on law and public policy. The vast majority of my clients are satisfied, long-term repeat customers (and direct referrals) who have used my services dozens of times. I routinely handle just about any topic in literature and other humanities and in most (non-mathematical) technical, scientific, business, and healthcare/nursing subjects. My web page provides a more-nearly-comprehensive list of topic areas as well as very detailed FAQs about my services and how I do business in general.

If your project is not one that I can take on with confidence, I will always tell you that and try to refer you to another legitimate writer or essay company. However, please understand that does not mean that I provide "referrals" just to help you find a cheaper price from someone else for any project for which I quote a price. (One wouldn't think that required an explicit explanation, but based experience, it seems to, at least sometimes.) Generally, you get the quality you pay for in this industry and my prices are about the same as those of the essay companies for which I've written and those of other equally-experienced legitimate American and British freelance writers who advertise here.

Please know that there are several other writers who use some variation of "freelance" or "freelancer" here and that I am not associated with any of them or with any Gmail account. My only email addresses are the one disclosed on my web page and my exact ID ("FreelanceWriter") here, "at" Simply email me any assignment description (and due date) anytime and I'll always respond promptly to let you know whether or not I can do it and give you a price if I can. Everything I write is always 100% original and properly referenced. If your project is out of my areas or something that I cannot take on with high confidence that I can do it well, I will always decline it rather than do a bad job on it and I will try to suggest another good writer (or company) whose services, reputation, and policies I know firsthand. In return, I just ask that you always give me the first look at any future work.

I would very humbly suggest to prospective clients that the way writers treat one another on these forums gives you a very good idea of how they treat their customers. I maintain a very good relationship with several other honest and very good American and ESL writers against whom I compete honestly and fairly, and without ever stooping to trash anybody else's reputation, much less anonymously. I always identify myself in all of my posts and I have also used the same S/N or ID on every essay-writing forum since I first joined EssayScam in 2008 and as my only Writer ID since I started writing for essay companies in 2003.

Payment is always in advance, but you can try me with a very short assignment before you decide to trust me with anything more substantial. My posts on EssayScam date back to October 2008 and are searchable if you would like to review my 9 years' of posts on that forum. (Remember to change the default "titles" to "messages" to optimize your search.) Every customer (and fellow writer) quoted in my Service Review thread is a genuine customer who can be contacted through the messaging system on that forum.

Thank you.



beer church, beer church, beer church ...

May 13, 2017
An idea whose time has come: "Beer Church" --

re: "why american people dont think cooking as hobby"

May 7, 2017
Let's face it: life in the 21st century can be incredibly demanding, and many people may not want to invest the time and effort needed to prepare three-course meals every night (or ever). Perhaps many Americans don't live to eat as much as they eat to live, and who has time to make a hobby of it?
kiril simeonov  

writer needed

May 6, 2017
Hello, I need help in my ms project paper. It should be completed before 10th May. Email me using #email_below# or #email_below#


foreign students essay writers needed

Apr 27, 2017
Looking for a professional writer who can perfectly handle foreign students essays.Experience is preferred.


interventions to improve communications with limited health literacy patients: a systematic review

Apr 18, 2017
Need help in writing a systematic review 4000 words due next Tuesday . Please only email me if you feel confident in writing it.


linguistics empirical project/discourse analysis

Apr 16, 2017
I'm looking for someone to help me with a Linguistics empirical project. This would be comprised of linguistically coding a set of texts and inputting coded data into a spreadsheet to preform discourse and content analysis. Once this is done, that research should be used to write a 2500 word essay. There were no requirements for this class and my major isn't Linguistics so I'm really out of my element. I can even write the essay myself but what I need help with is the text coding + discourse/content analysis. If anyone has any experience with Linguistics and discourse/content analysis please contact me.


finance/accounting writer needed

Apr 14, 2017
Looking for a professional writer who can perfectly handle Finance/Accounting calculation up-to master level.

Time  EssayChatApr 12, 2017
How did Britain in change after the Reformafion?

it didn't change at all.
Now, pay me $50

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