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Apr 10, 2011
you charge about the same as good companys. I see no reason to work with you.

Not to sound pompous, but he and I happen to be 2 of the best and most prolific writers (out of 200+) at some of the best companies you'd be ordering from. (If you don't believe me, just ask anybody at those companies who they consider to be their top writers.)

Anytime you order from a company, your paper quality always depends on which writer happens to take the order. Some of us have been doing this full-time for years and routinely write 100+ papers every month. Other writers (even at totally legitimate companies) have much less experience, do this only part time, may write only a few papers a month, and might even be on their way to getting fired after a short tryout. Would you rather have a writer with 50 papers in his portfolio who does this in his spare time or a writer with about 3,000 papers who only does this for a living and nothing else?

On your end, the cost is about the same or a little less and you know for sure who's writing your paper. You also get an opportunity for more direct contact with us and we may be able to give you more control over your project than when you place orders with companies. You're not getting a worse product with us; you're pretty much guaranteeing that you'll be getting the best possible paper available from the creme of the same crop of writers you'd be dealing with either way.

We don't really compete with companies on the prices for long deadlines, but if I were a customer and my choice was the luck of the draw from 200+ writers or the certainty of knowing that I'm using one of the best and most experienced writers at the top essay companies, I'd rather spend the same $25-50/pg for us that I'd be spending anyway.

That's why.
pheelyks  EssayChatApr 5, 2011
Good companies (that's how you spell the plural form, by the way) charge $50 and up for orders due in a few days.

Maybe in the UK, but not in the US.

You're wrong. Thanks for playing. As for sick days, the illness is rare that actually renders me incapable of working. If I suddenly can't complete an order, there are reputable companies I can recommend to my clients: this hasn't happened to me in two years.
sod  EssayChatApr 5, 2011
Good companies (that's how you spell the plural form, by the way) charge $50 and up for orders due in a few days.

Maybe in the UK, but not in the US. What happens when you have an emergency or get sick? Good companies won't have a problem to reassign orders. What about you?
pheelyks  EssayChatApr 5, 2011
you charge about the same as good companys. I see no reason to work with you.

Good companies (that's how you spell the plural form, by the way) charge $50 and up for orders due in a few days. I don't charge less based on deadlines because I'm always working on deadlines of a few days. If you don't like my prices, don't contact me--I don't need your business.
noway  EssayChatApr 4, 2011
You can also expect to pay at least $30/page working with me directly

you charge about the same as good companys. I see no reason to work with you.

that's not me....

Apr 3, 2011
Apparently some desperate f*ckers have set up a site claiming to be me (pheelyks). Don't use this service--I am not associated with it in any way, shape, or form. If I had any legal grounds to sue them, I'd do it.
Michael  EssayChatApr 3, 2011
Is it possible to get my money back from a dishonest compagny? Should complain?

Do anybody know a legitimate compagny to buy coursework?


Apr 3, 2011
no ofcourse, they trick me. The first just said that the transaction did not work and the second sent me a paper that has nothing to do with my work.
Richie  EssayChatApr 3, 2011
lost 300 pound and I am lost for my work.

Did you get your money back or not?

buy essay

Apr 3, 2011
Hi, I have try to buy a lab report on two different websites and it was a trick so now I lost 300 pound and I am lost for my work. Do someone know a honest website where I can buy courseworks?
Worried1  EssayChatApr 3, 2011
Hi Richie,

Was your earlier note to me? - If so, by :o(

Worried1  EssayChatApr 3, 2011
I read earlier in my search on this forum that Pheelyks and Amonsessays are credible - how could I contact either please?

Thanks again.

private work has nothing to do with company work

Apr 3, 2011
First FreelanceWriter, now Pheelyks announce their private websites to the public. Running away from the ET sinking ship? Rats!

Listen, you idiot: I've had my own site for a while and I've been taking private work for as long as I've worked for ET and other totally legitimate essay companies. I still write as much as I ever have for ET (about 75 papers/month) and I also take as much freelance work as I can.

I have nothing to do with that site claiming to be created by Peelyks and neither does he.
aContender not pheelyks

Apr 3, 2011
Just for everyone's info, is not a site by the writer pheelyks from essayscam's forum. See thread below:
Richie  EssayChatApr 3, 2011
to get my payments back

You've been scammed, by whom?
Worried1  EssayChatApr 3, 2011

Thank you so far for your responses - what I need at the moment more than anything else is to get my payments back. I can then proceed to give my order to another (legitimate) writer :o(

Thanks again,
Mike  EssayChatApr 3, 2011 is a fraudulent site from Pakistan that plagiarizes the papers that it delivers to customers.

Apr 3, 2011

Please could somebody help? I have requested an essay write-up from, but it is now not only 6 hours late and when I contacted them their customer support blocked me - I wasn't an angry customer, I was rational and just wanted to know where my essay was. I can't contact them via online chat, their phone line or their email address. I thought I had contacted a legitimate company, but obviously not. Yes, I've been stupid here and only found this site after placing my order, but is there anything at all that I can do to get my money back and find a legitimate writer?

Thanks in advance :o(
Mike  EssayChatApr 1, 2011 is a fraudulent site form Ukraine. It has no connection to Australia whatsoever.
Richie  EssayChatApr 1, 2011

If they are the same as then some people say they are not based where they claim they are.
plchat (australia)

Apr 1, 2011
does anyone know anything of this site? Is it genuine? I just place order and wondering how much is it quality...
Mike  EssayChatMar 30, 2011
Who was it then?

It was some scumbag trying to smear him.
pss  EssayChatMar 30, 2011

If you mean then yes (but I doubt they offer essay writing services).

is writerwrite a genuine website?

Mar 29, 2011
Is writerwrite a genuine website?


Mar 29, 2011
Any thoughts?? I use papermasters all the time but this time I needed fast and IRACS not papers. They did not deliver? Any suggestions on where I could go now

nice try

Mar 29, 2011
"Americans are a little bit too harsh toward Kenyan writers. After all, American president was also born in Kenya, and he is quite eloquent.

More about Kenyan writers: Kenyan writers info"

No, he wasn't, his dad was, nice lie, and in any respect who cares, that doesn't mean they can write English. There are Professors in America that can write papers in the Kenyan language, but that doesn't mean I know how to write Kenyan.


Mar 27, 2011
Unlike many they have decency to admit what they can't do and won't do


Mar 27, 2011
Any writer from et pls contact me i want your services the best one for american literacy

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