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msc system and control engineering writer required ( correct email add)

Jul 3, 2015
Development of a teaching kit for motor position and speed control modelling and identification

Subject: electronic and control
Pre-requisite: Data acquisition and embedded controllers (LabVIEW, dSPACE) + electronic knowledge

Electromechanical rig allowing to move an object to a given position respecting determined speed and acceleration profiles.
Similar size than the LabVIEW board currently used to connect motors
One power supply, low voltage
Means to plug and play different sensors. Should work with all or only with some of the sensors.
Should contain electronics required to isolate the data acquisition card or microcontrollers
Connectors to safely connect to LabVIEW or microcontroller kits.
Control software
Adapt current software developed using LabVIEW and dSPACE to control the rig developed
Develop a model of the rig in Simulink and one in LabVIEW
Generate data to be estimated off line using techniques learns in m06mse and m07mse.
Text BoxGenerate programs to be able to test control or estimation algorithm using software before deploying them on the hardware.


certainly not ...

Jun 29, 2015
It isn't bad to ask for freebies, is it?

... but it is naive to think that people will provide their services for free. Shucks, though, I may be wrong and you might receive dozens of offers from competent writers to provide your paper for free -- but I doubt it. Keep us posted.
shitzilla  EssayChatJun 27, 2015
 would you ask this of a grocer, a mechanic, a doctor or a lawyer?

Sure, i would. Why not? It isn't bad to ask for freebies, is it?

would you ask this of a grocer, a mechanic, a doctor or a lawyer?

Jun 25, 2015
In addition, since I am not in a situation to pay for the writer and I need to use my money to pay tuition for my education, it might be a good idea if you all can look for a writer who can write an essay for absolutely free of charge.


looking for an essay writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences

Jun 24, 2015
Hello, my name is Martha attending university. I am also majored in music therapy and taking psychology course as electives. I am also looking for a writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences including psychology. In addition, since I am not in a situation to pay for the writer and I need to use my money to pay tuition for my education, it might be a good idea if you all can look for a writer who can write an essay for absolutely free of charge. Please look for a writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences including psychology and let me know about it.

No So Real  

i get it now

Jun 23, 2015
Excellent support with task instructions and requirements= terrible clients with 1 million requirements for a 2 page paper
Competitive commissions = $3 per page with possible 'fines' if you're late by 1 second.
Bonuses for outstanding performers= $15 as a Christmas bonus

cliche phrases from writers

Jun 18, 2015
Why do some writers use the cliche "Now accepting new clients" when in fact they "accept" new clients even at 2AM (if they manage to get one)..?


Jun 15, 2015
If anyone has been scammed by a writer or a writer has been scammed by a client... Contact me and I will help you out to get your hard earned money back.
Nice Idiot  

mmm, i love this game...

Jun 10, 2015
of writing and not making money.

re: we have more than 100tasks every day

Jun 1, 2015
Don't we all? Life's tough, get a sitter.

statistics/economics writers

May 30, 2015
we need statistics/economics writers urgently. $4 per page.

uk-based essay writer wanted

May 29, 2015
I'm looking for a UK-based essay writer to be interviewed for a documentary on the essay writing industry. Must be willing to show your face. This is ideal for someone wanting publicity, as free national media coverage will be likely to send hundreds of clients your way. Can also discuss other benefits and expenses when you get in touch.


english comp paper needed

May 27, 2015
I have one final assignment I need written, 10-15 page research paper with an Information Technology focus, Paper is more about form over content. 10 Citations needed and a small summary of each. Please Send me your info along with prices and possibly a recent writing sample. This will need to finished in about a month to 5 weeks.


professor verb's word for the day

May 26, 2015


: a pleasant smell that follows the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

"Petrichor comes from atmospheric haze containing creosotes, terpenes, and other volatile compounds that are generated by plants."

here's dave barry's contribution...

Apr 27, 2015
Old and Middle English

In a sumer seson whon soft was the sunne,
I kylled a younge birde and I ate it on a bunne.

-- Dave Barry's Bad Habits: A 100% Fact-Free Book

undergrad, 2000 word essay.

Apr 25, 2015
I need B/2.1 quality essay of about 2000 words by May 13th Essay is in the field of English Literature- specifically Old and Middle English. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writers. Serious and professional academic writers please contact me.


professor verb's word for the day

Apr 24, 2015


Also known as "the vig," the juice, the house cut or the take, this is the amount assessed by bookmakers or casinos for taking a bet from gamblers.

"Some casinos publish their generous vigorish rates in order to attract more gamblers."

title: what are the implications of the photobomb on the discourse of photography?

Apr 20, 2015
hi, been looking for someone to write a 6000 word art history dissertation on photography!!!......................Looked into a load of different websites to pay for the service, but i havn't found one that hasn't been slated on the forums and due to the ulterior motive of advertising i understand that no one can provide me with a link to an honest service. i just want to pay a fair price to get this done. i have an outlined plan with research questions. please email me if your up to the task or can recommend someone that can. alternatively, has anyone had good/bad experiences with these custompapers, essaytown, papermasters, ukessays, graduatewriter.



Apr 19, 2015
hello, can someone help me to write an essay for my engslish class ?

professor verb's word for the day

Apr 18, 2015


: extremely loud

"The academic writer shouted out his frustration with the assignment's conflicting instructions in a stentorian voice that startled the neighbors."

this has been said to me in many of the major cities of the world...

Apr 12, 2015
get satisfied pay me


research paper due

Apr 8, 2015
I need B quality research paper of 2000 words by April 10th. Knowledge required in the fields of economics. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writer.

Payment will be made in stages of work completion. Serious and professional writers please contact.


professor verb's word(s) for the day

Apr 4, 2015
gully washer


: an extremely heavy fall of rain usually of short duration

"We had a real gully washer the other night that flooded our garden."

phonology assignment help wanted.

Mar 31, 2015
Hi, need help from a linguist on a phonology assignment; includes questions like analyzing the distribution patterns of a language, and deriving phonological rules. Please email me at #email_below# Will pay fairly.

Please at least be competent in linguistics and phonology otherwise I would be better off completing it myself. Thanks!


professor verb's word for the day

Mar 29, 2015

intransitive verb*

: to travel, especially on foot

"In Amsterdam, we saw a couple of backpacking college students who decided to peregrinate around Europe for the summer."

* no relation

we are have many orders for you

Mar 26, 2015
we have 10 people in our office. every one can get more than 5 orders from students. ww guarantee of constant supply of work. we need realy good academic work.We only contact you buy qq,plz intall qq and learn how to use qq ID: 972023265. we pay moren than 30usd/1000words if you work are good. plz contact ASAP THANKS


will trade or free to good home...

Mar 25, 2015
I need some design and development work done on a web site. I'll trade academic or website content writing in exchange. Contact Professor Verb at

professor verb's word for the day

Mar 23, 2015


: the description or study of the phenomena of death and the psychological mechanisms of bereavement

"In her 8-week yoga for grief course, Stang ... uses her background in thanatology to educate participants about death and normalize their experiences." -- Anna Medaris Miller, U.S. News & World Report, January 7, 2015

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