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Mike = esl garbage and/or fake address?

May 28, 2011
Domain name:


Trading as:
Essay Writer

Registrant type:
Non-UK Corporation

Registrant's address:
PO BOX 502943
United Arab Emirates

"spike" = matthew "nutjob" w.

May 28, 2011
"Spike" = Matthew "Nutjob" W.

I know exactly who you are and what sites that you own. You can play your denial game all you like. You have protested just a tad too much already, psycho.

the truth about phleeyks

May 28, 2011
Your little rhyme made me laugh. Spike is obviously a psychotic moron. Guilty people always backlash the way she (Melissa) is!

No, Phleeyksie: your post and all your other abuse and insults show that you are 1) worried like hell about me exposing you as a scammer; 2) completely desperate; 3) a fantasist who probably needs psychiatric help.

Guilt people always 'backlash'? Well, sorry, RETARD, but it is YOU who are 'backlashing' against my allegations against you by (VERY predictably) hurling insults, abuse, allegations not based on evidence, and then forming a little bullying clique to attack anyone who exposes you.

Calling me 1) psychotic; and 2) a moron - shows how desperate you are. There is NO evidence for either in my posts: intelligent, fact-packed, revealing posts which expose you PHLEEYKS as a dodgy character that NO STUDENT should ever trust - unless they want their details to be sent to their college tutor, that is. And unless they want a D grade essay for an A grade price.

There have been serious allegations about you Phleeyks: about how essay you have written get sent to students' tutors and universities, which then expel them. I have no idea if these allegations are true - but your angry, violent response to these allegations do rather suggest that they are.

You then accuse me of being someone called Melissa - again, based on no evidence at all, just your psychotic opinion - despite my telling you that I am 1) male and 2) not an ex-essay-site owner. And yet you persist! Such are the ways of the desperate, the sad and the mad.

Interesting us of the noun 'backlash' by the way which you change into a verb: your English level is really weak, isn't it? 'BACKLASH' is NOT a verb, MORON!

Keep wriggling on my web, Phleeyks: the more you wriggle the more you get trapped! LMAO

Students here know which writers to avoid now.

Students should ask themselves this: why are certain writiers pimping and hustling here when ANY writer worth his salt would be writing for a large agency and getting paid a lot with regular work? Why? Were they sacked by those sites for incompetence and dishonesty (yes, actually). Were you sacked Phleeyks? Be honest now. I know who you are and will post your personal details if you continue to lie.

Is it worth taking a risk on someone advertising on some cheap and tawdry forum like this? If I were a student, I just would not risk it: I'd go with an established company.


May 28, 2011
Your little rhyme made me laugh. Spike is obviously a psychotic moron. Guilty people always backlash the way she (Melissa) is!

mike and phleeyks: get a room, guys!

May 28, 2011
Errr...and that's 'style', is it? Maybe in white trash USA. I give you an E grade - for effort. But really, the English language ain't your strong point is it? I've seen better poems on toilet walls: MUCH better poems. How long did it take you to come up with rhymes for the antiquated word 'fellow'? And no, I am not a sodomite. Jeez. I should think you are projecting your own insecurities onto others here.

Boy Phleeyks - you sure are desperate, boy!

Monkey Mike - keep playing with your own poo - you seem to have a talent for it. What you do not have a talent for in providing ANY evidence whatsoever for any allegation you make. Get this through your retarded special needs head, monkey boy:

I AM NOT MELISSA. I have no idea who this woman is either.

Got that, retard? Your saying it does not make it true. I am not even a woman! Ifv you have no evidence then keep your wacky mental conspiracy theories to yourself: everyone here can see you are obsessed and have a fixation on someone called Melissa who may, or may not, exist. You PSYCHO!

Now, I have no idea why this Melissa preoccupies you so much - maybe she put you out of business? Perhaps she rejected your perverted sexual advances Mike (AKA WB from ET).

But I couldn't care less if you publish details of Melissa's sites and try and damage her businesses. Why should I? Nothing to do with me. I am an honest observer who knows this business and how biased and useless any posts by you and other moron monkeys here are: I just post here to tell the truth for the benefit of all students looking at this site.

I would not care if ALL essay sites went out of business: I consider the whole industry a scam that helps students cheat and commit fraud.

But, to be honest, I don't care if you kill each other - you obviously have some kind of OCD and seem to be stalking this Melissa. Is this the first time Mike, or are you a serial offender? Phleeyks too seems obsessed with this woman - especially her supposedly dry genitalia. Jeez you guys are pervy! Buy a doll! Get a room! Shut the F up - you both need help.

Phleeyks - your desperation is screaming from every word you write. Boy, are you worried! But I see it as my duty to warn students that if they pay money to hustlers like you, then they are not likely to spend it well - especially with the question mark that hangs over the confidentiality you offer - or the lack of it.

But students themselves must decide who is right.

invective with style

May 28, 2011
This "Spike" is an interesting fellow,
Who doth rage and frustratedly bellow
And what really is odd
(The silly old sod)
"He" tells others that they need to mellow!
Mike = garbage

May 28, 2011
In reading the site, my view is that is a load of incompetent garbage that all potential customers should avoid.
Spike  EssayChatMay 28, 2011
I agree. I won't miss Melissa. I won't miss you either if you hang or shoot yourself (well, u live in the US of Dead - so sooner or later someone'll shoot yer!).

But really - this is REALLY getting to you, isn't it? YOu are obsessing and obsessing about this fantasy woman called Melissa who you think is against you.

My advice: seek psychiatric help. Take pills. Shut up.

STUDENTS: Do NOT use Phleeyks as a writer unless you want some deranged headcase psycho doing your essay and then, just for fun, sending it to your university so you'll get expelled! NEVER trust this jerk. He's clearly unbalanced and corrupt.

I let your posts speak for themselves Phleeykie and I pity you - I really do. I never like to see people becoming mentally ill. Not even moronic retarded loser jerks like you who probably deserve for worse.

Keep on clowning Phleeyks. You're funny! LMAO!

invective with style

May 28, 2011
There once was a lass named Melisser
And none of the boys tried to kiss her
Yes, the lads were up front,
"She's a dry little ****,
And if she hangs herself dead we won't miss her!"

proof melissa!!!

May 28, 2011

monkey mike the fantasy monkey!

May 27, 2011
Anyone that believes Crazy Melissa's allegations is welcome to contact her instead

Who is Melissa?

I am not Melissa and there is no evidence I am.

Scammer Phleeyks and monkey Mike (WB) hate being exposed by me here - so try to defame and disparage what I write be accusing me of being someone called Melissa who is allegedly the owner of dodgy sites (though I see no evidence for that either - just empty allegations from those whose sites are in direct competition with hers!).

But fine, if you PSYCHO RETARDS want to believe I am female (I am not), and called Melissa (I am not), have gone out of business because of you (I have not), then go ahead.

No skin off my nose at all - and what's even better is that Phleeyks and monkey Mike show themselves to be angry and worried at what I have said - which suggests that it's true!

Keep going on and on and on - you usually do! LMAO!

STUDENTS: Only use Phleeyks as a writer if you are not worried about the essay being sent to your tutor.

Mike is also known as WritersBeware who is from the essay site ET (which some say is a lie-scam company)
Mike  EssayChatMay 27, 2011
In my personal opinion, is complete crap.

Melissa Kelly Madgwick
FYI Her new company is

Mike  EssayChatMay 27, 2011
I'm not surprised. It's yet another shining example of the dirty and often illegal tactics of the Ukrainians in the industry.

Send an email to "" and "" to get the filthy page removed.

Knapp Entrepreneurship Center
At the Illinois Institute of Technology Main Campus
3424 South State Street
North Wing, 4th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60616

Nik Rokop
Managing Director
Direct: (312) 567-3030
Cell: (312) 404-4454

David Winkin
Associate Director
Direct: (312) 567-3893
Mike  EssayChatMay 27, 2011
Wow, the mentally deficient chimp can't avoid embarrassment even when I tell it-IN ADVANCE-that it's being set up.

Hey, Matty, you're a fu*king idiot.

well well well

May 27, 2011

One thing is to spam or do 'aggressive SEO,' but that's going too far and may upset too many people who don't understand the industry features a number of legitimate sites, but it is also infested with get-rich-quick-buck crooks.

Mike should know what to do.
Melissa K Madgwick  

melissa kelly madgwick

May 27, 2011
FYI Her new company is

the real pheelyks

May 27, 2011
Thank you for the continued advertising, Melissa, but I no longer work for

Customers that would like a hassle-free, reliable, and professional experience that delivers them a high-quality, confidential product are welcome to send me an email. It appears in one of my posts towards the bottom of this page (the site administrators have asked that I only include my email address once per page).

Anyone that believes Crazy Melissa's allegations is welcome to contact her instead. Have fun with that.

avoid scammer liar phleeyks

May 27, 2011
BE SURE STUDENTS: Never order from this Phleeyks character. You'll either fail your course or get expelled from college when your essay ends up in your tutor's hand - before you hand it in!

Phleeyks is a proven liar: I am not a woman and I am not mad. I am not a scammer and have never gone out of business. Any evidence for your allegations? No - because there can't be because they are lies! But keep 'em coming: they make you look SO bad an unprofessional, and should act as warning lights to any students who may have been considering ordering with you.

Phleeyks, you are SUCH a loser - but never let the facts get in the way of your cheap and tawdry marketing of your cheap and scammy amateurish essay cheat 'business'.

For essay that fail and make points without evidence, please contact Phleeyks at ''.
pheelyks  EssayChatMay 27, 2011
For confidential, professional, and surprisingly sane services, please send me an email. My address appears in another post towards the bottom of this page. On your way down, be sure to read some entertaining posts by a madwoman and former scammer I helped put out of business.

mike and phleeyks: two of a kind

May 27, 2011
It's "you're," psychotic moron

Mike (AKA WritersBeware) you really are a PSYCHO MORON, aren't you!

Your = possessive pronoun
You're = contration of 'you are'

LEARN HOW TO USE AN APOSTROPHE, Idiota! Now run along - you'll miss your class. Grade 3, isn't it? Good luck at big school.

As stated before on here, Mike (MikersBeware) is obviously EFL, probably a Russian peasant. LEARN HOW TO SPEAKING ENGLISH, RUSKIE!

Phleeyks - now why would I want to send you a private little email when I am perfectly happy for everyone to see you struggling to defend yourself here. You really are so desperate and worried. I'm not!

The fact you want to keep these allegations private shows you are obviously worried by them. I shall let students draw their own conclusions.
However, they should be aware that many students here have complained about the essays you have written for them as well as the lack of confidentiality: several students say they got into real trouble because essays you did for them were sent to their college tutors.

I couldn't possibly comment on this - but if I were a student, I'd be concerned about hiring some hustler from a forum like this; I'd rather pay more to go to a professional agency. Just like if I want builders for my house: dop I get some jerk off the street corner (like Phleeyks) or go to a professional building firm.

At the end of the day, it's up to students themselves - and the more you insult and attack me for raising these matters, the less likely they are to trust you Phleeyks - though you're probably too retarded to think of that!

the real phleeyks is unreal

May 26, 2011
For reasonable rates, professional service and an end to the craziness of sites like these, please contact me.

You mean YOUR craziness and the way you libel, disparage and defame others, making false allegations against them with no evidence?

If I were a student I wouldn't waste a penny on hiring you. I couldn't trust you. Not after what students have said on here about your methods and untrustworthiness.

I thought you were going to sue me for defamation - my 'crime' being stating what others have said against a nickname: Phleeyks.

I do so hope you are not promising students that you can write essays in law!!!

But continue pimping yourself, jerk. The only person you make a fool of is yourself.

stop digging!

May 25, 2011
Again, customers, you can judge the sanity of this troll from the tone of its posts

So here My MORON you accuse me of being insane (libel and defamation) and accuse me of being a troll.

In fact I am exposing you Phleeyks for the lying trash you are.

But you are right: customers can decide.

I say other students have said you plagiarise papers and sell essays and that some students have had real problems at their colleges when their tutors have discovered they bought their essays. You say that;s not true. Students can decide for themselves who is telling the truth.

But would anyone really trust a man who helps students cheat and fraudulently get qualifications for a living.

If I were you, so, I'd shut up and stop digging that great big hole you're now disappearing into.


phleeyks is unreal...

May 25, 2011
Actually, it can be if what was said was unfounded in the first place.


Do a beginners law course boy, and then come back and talk to the grown-ups.

The fact is, you are desperate anyway to advertise your tawdy services on here - which, like all essay writing services, aim to help students cheat, to get qualifications they don't deserve and to defraud universities.

I ho you get treated by a doctor or nurse who paid for his/her qualifications in the future.

And if you can't face being challenged then don't post here! And if you can face people making accusations against you - or reporting them - then you should stop making false accusations against other people! Understand?

Now shut up and go away, loser.

the real pheelyks

May 25, 2011
It is NOT IN ANY WAY Libel or defamation to report what others have said!

Actually, it can be if what was said was unfounded in the first place. That's beside the point, however, as you are the only person ever to make these accusations against me, to my knowledge. If you can provide the tiniest bit of proof to back up your allegations, let me know.

Again, customers, you can judge the sanity of this troll from the tone of its posts. This individual is seriously damaged; I do not plagiarize in my creation of custom model essays, nor has anyone ever been expelled (to my knowledge) for properly using any essay assistance service.
Spike  EssayChatMay 25, 2011
Exactly where have you heard this, and who are these students? Unless you can actually back this claim up, this is defamation and legally actionable


It is NOT IN ANY WAY Libel or defamation to report what others have said!


I could quote Hitler for example or one of the many corporate liars in the USA - does tghat make me liable for what they say and do!


Read a book PLEASE: law for beginners should do it.

the real phleeyks is legally out of his depth

May 25, 2011
Exactly where have you heard this, and who are these students?

None of your damn business, sucker.

Unless you can actually back this claim up, this is defamation and legally actionable ("pheelyks" is a legal trademark and protected as a business alias, before you start your asinine legal arguments).

NONSENSE! I can call you ANYTHING I like and make ANY accusation I like on here and so can anyone else. You for example claim I am called Melissa and oen scam sites. Neither are true but I can;t sue you! Wouldn't want to - you show yourself to be insane and pathetic by doing so. But you seem to have run into a storm of pots and kettles there, Mr Black!

Legally actionable! LMAO! REALLY! LMAO! YOu Americans - always threatening legal action - but never taking it because yolu have NO CASE AT ALL. You don't actually sell poor students law essays do you Phleeyksie! OMG! OMG!!!!! LMAO!

So come on then: tell me your real name and address and I shall write you a letter stating what I have stated here. Then you can spend £100,000 on trying to sue me and lose it all.

Your legal ability is at third grade level, boy. LMAO! You are SUCH a clown!

You Phleeyks are a liar who has made false accusations against many here. If you can't take it, don't give it out YOU RETARDED TIT!

My advice to students is this:

Do NOT use Phleeyks as your essay writer. Others here have stated how they received plagiarised essays and got expelled from university because their university got hold of essays that Mr Phleeyksie had written.

My advice: do your own essay and STOP cheating and engaging in fraud by using scammy services like those offered by our legally-challenged idiot Phleeyks.

the real pheelyks

May 24, 2011
Some have stated their essays are poor quality and others that the essays have been sold again, thereby getting students in trouble. I am merely passing on opinions.

Exactly where have you heard this, and who are these students? Unless you can actually back this claim up, this is defamation and legally actionable ("pheelyks" is a legal trademark and protected as a business alias, before you start your asinine legal arguments).

I'll put up with your crazy insults, insinuations, and vitriol, but claiming this kind of thing to be true when we both know it is a blatant lie pushes things a bit too far.
Spike  EssayChatMay 24, 2011
You might be able to tell from the tone of the very vocal detractor posting repeatedly below that I have pissed off some other people in this industry, largely by exposing their scams and pointing out the poor quality of the products they offer


I am not a scammer and have never conducted a scam or deliberately sought to disparage anyone here.

If you have evidence of others' scams, then please post it. EVIDENCE that is - not dumb opinions backed up by the opinions of essay sites owners keen to try and hurt their competition (oh how deperate are they!).

As I said before: getting Phleeyks to write an essay is NOT SAFE for students. Some have stated their essays are poor quality and others that the essays have been sold again, thereby getting students in trouble. I am merely passing on opinions.

I have no need to scam - I have a proper job, a respectable one - no, I don't help stupid students cheat and be fraudulent to make my money either.

Some people here are SO desperate - aren't you Phleeyks?


the real pheelyks

May 24, 2011
Admin: If you're going to limit the amount I can advertise, please limit the number of posts directly attacking me (however nonsensically) as well.

NEW - Only individual freelance writers / editors may advertise here (writing agencies may take advantage of the paid advertising opportunities). Short / re-written / poorly-written ads may not be accepted.

NEW 2 - Writer's email is now linked to{your-email} page.

NEW 3 - Only writers who have an EssayScam Writer Profile activated and have at least 2.000 Rating can post their ads here under their associated email. Writing service ads not posted in this category will be removed.

IMPORTANT: Ads of Regular writers whose EssayScam Rating falls below a certain level (currently < 10.000) or who haven't posted a relevant and meaningful message in a public forum on EssayScam every 24hrs or less will also be automatically removed.

If you already have an ad published here, please make sure to delete the old one before posting a new (and never published) one. Ads posted through proxy servers will be removed. Ad re-posting / bumping will keep the reposted ad unreviewed or deleted.

Recommend your academic writing business email here!



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