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prices of kenyan writers are not real

Nov 4, 2012
My fellow writers from Kenya why are you coming up with such ridiculous prices! How can a customer be assured of quality paper when you charge as low as $5 a page while others charge up to $40 a page. This is not a place to demonstrate your frustration and incompetence.

give me an opportunity to prove that i am your best option for assignment help - contact me directly!!!!

Nov 3, 2012
If you have any questions about my work, my ethics, or my track record, please feel free to contact me directly and I'll be glad to answer any of your questions to prove my worth and actual reputation as a stand up writing service! The majority of my business comes from repeat customers, and if I was truly scamming people I certainly wouldn't have lasted this long using only one email address and my true name. I understand that this is a competitive business, but I only aim to please the few customers that I earn, and am proud to say that I have done so for 100% of my customers thus far. I was even so lucky as to have a customer happy enough to post an honest and thankful review of my work here on Essay Chat a few days ago. As always, I'm honest, fair, and do everything I can to please each and every customer I'm lucky enough to help with their course work. If you need help with an assignment of any type, please email me, and I'll be happy to discuss helping you. I'm also now offering to Skype directly with any potential customer so that you can put a face to my name and see me first hand to prove that I am who I say I am.

Peter Vincer

FastWritingServ ice  

no, it isn't him

Nov 2, 2012
"Is this "peter" a scammer? any evidential support? any answer will be greatly appreciated!"

It isn't him, I'm just new here and found the site accidentally while reading another blog. A customer was looking for an academic writer and someone led him hear. The other recommendation was the reason why I wanted to visit this site. What I liked about it is it gives direct access to customers since I'd seen some customers advertising here. Anyway, if you'd worked for companies you know how they restrict you access to customers. Nevertheless, once I'd gone behind them and contacted a customer I wrote a thesis for from the Middle East, because he had an email in the order. I wrote a book for him as a ghostwriter and that was a pot of gold. Anyway, try the service and I guarantee you'll like it and it's not only money back guarantee, you pay after you see the work. Send email to if you have any writing work you want to be done professionally.

peter vincer

Nov 1, 2012
Is this "peter" a scammer? any evidential support? any answer will be greatly appreciated!

about peter vincer

Oct 29, 2012
I must say that I am saddened by what I have read in the previous post. I do not know why someone would make such remarks about another writer. The remarks are ridiculous and only aimed at painting him in bad light. I want to say that I have worked with Peter for sometime now and I must say that he is a genuine and straight forward person. He is not a scammer and he does not live in Uganda. The information he has provided is true unless there is another Peter whom this person was referring to. My feeling is that, there are other writers out there who do not have something to post here. Their only concern is getting other writers kicked out of this forum. If you are one of them, why should you do that? Kindly compete for customers like the other writers and stop spoiling the name of other established writers. To all clients out there, if you are looking for a reliable writer, I am sure Peter Vincer will be of great help to you. I am a writer myself but I must acknowledge the fact that Peter is way better than me, something which I admit. Cheers!!!

decide for i seem like a scammer from uganda?!!!!

Oct 29, 2012
So, after a happy customer gave me a great review here, at my request, I am being accused of being a liar, a scammer....and a Ugandan (for some reason). Here is my email chain with the customer that wrote me the review. What a shame people can't just leave a great writer lucky enough to get a great review alone.
Email #1 From me to my happy customer....

"Hey (customer),
How goes it brother? I'm just writing you to see how your paper turned out. I never heard back from you regarding any changes you desired, but I hope that our work was up to your standards! I'm sorry once more that you had to pay to have your work done for you, but it seems it all worked out! Lastly, I'm always trying to get new customers, so I figured asking you to write me a "review" of sorts couldn't hurt! It's a cut throat business, so if you could write me a "thank you/letter of recommendation" that I could use to advertise it would MEAN THE WORLD! Everything went pretty smoothly with our dealings and I provided what I promised, before I promised you'd have it. If you're so inclined, a couple kind words would go a LONG way! Thanks and I wish you the best!
Kindest regards,
Response #1 from customer.....

Hey there!
Didn't mean to fall off the map, it's just juggling the work and exam thing that's keeping me a little busy.
I made the changes I wanted and it all worked out the wash, haven't gotten feedback yet... and frankly don't expect any till year end. I will make time over the weekend to write a glowing 'thank you-note" in which my name will be Gary Meyerton or something.
Talk soon.
My reply - (2nd email)....

No worries, I'm sure you have plenty to do besides keep up with the dude that helped you with some homework! :-)
I'm glad it appears to have all worked out for you! Hopefully, for you, it was a one-time occurrence! That's sooooo nice of you, it would mean the world....and certainly help with "the biz!"
All my best,
His reply #2.....

Mid-exam and working, so a bit scattered.
Where should I post my song of praise?

My response #3.....

No problem, I hope you're well otherwise!! If you could post it on (which only takes 2 clicks of a button) that would be suuuuppperr cool, maybe email me a copy! I'm sorry for requesting this of you, but I think that we had great chemistry and I also think that you were happy with my overall service and product, so I think it's a great opportunity to use some good feedback for harvesting some potential biz :-) Esp. considering the scope and timing of your project!
Thanks again, A TON!
His final email to me.....

Posted a mini song of praise. Here it is.
Hope it helps and please keep in touch

Warm regards

I'll start by saying that I'm not the type of person who ever thought of having someone else do my homework, but recently had my laptop stolen which set me back weeks on a pretty big paper. Scared out of my mind and not really sure if anyone on these sites can be trusted, but with my back against the wall - I took the plunge.

I had an honors level 30 page research paper due and there was just no way of making the deadline by myself. Peter and his team managed to put me at ease, so that I could actually get on with work and the rest of my studies without having to try and do several weeks work in a couple of days. Peter was compassionate, willing to answer questions, patiently took the many many notes I had AND they actually got a top-notch paper done in the allotted time.

I hate to admit it, but I kinda wish I found him earlier - the countless sleepless nights that could have been avoided. I highly recommend using his services to anyone! (
If you read this and think that I wrote everything above myself, well, maybe I made a mistake requesting anyone give me a good review here. I thought it would help. The sad thing is, if you read through my history of postings on this site, it was kind of by accident that I started using my real name, it just happens to be in my email address. Now, people are saying downright rude and untrue things about me out of jealousy, or ignorance, or greed without any justification. Only, they're not doing it about some random email address, they're slandering my real name. Maybe I need to rethink my decision to use my real name in this business. Once again, I'll reiterate the truth.

My name is Peter Vincer.

I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin

I served 4 years in the US Military and was honorably discharged.

I am currently an ESL teacher in China.

I helped a customer in need of urgent writing with a 30 page psychology paper and asked them to write me a review because of how happy they were with what I did for them. The response has NOT been what I was looking for. HOWEVER, if you read this and realize that no one could make up the communication I just provided between my customer and me - especially using perfect English that only a native speaker from America could use, then I'd love to help you. I can put you in contact with other past and current customers that only use my services. I have NEVER scammed anyone and NEVER will. As always, I offer affordable, terrific writing and have a team of fantastic writers that each specialize in specific subjects. I hope to hear from you soon!


this has to be a first for essaychat

Oct 3, 2012

For those of you that doubt whether or not I have been using my real name to advertise here (or those of you that were ridiculously confused by the post I'm re-sharing above), this appears to be a message from one of my students intended for me.

A little information for clarification. By day, I am an American abroad teaching oral English to middle school students (grades 7, 8, and 9) in a small city outside of Shanghai, China. I now realize that when I google my email address, my essaychat posts, with my email address included, are the first thing to pop up. So, what I can gather of my students typed my email address, that I must have given his/her class, into a search engine. She stumbled upon and didn't realize that she was posting a message to me in a public forum, rather she thought that she was sending me a private message about a Korean pop singer/song. I get a lot of "fan mail" from my students, and most sound quite similar to the above post. Due to my name being Peter, this sounding too much like my other "fan mail," and a reference to a Korean pop star to boot (my students LOVE Korean pop music) I did a little more research and voala! ...this should explain the confounding post in all caps about "Gangnam Style" and "psy."

In summary...

#1 - I'm very sorry that this board was infiltrated by one of my students looking to ask me if I liked a Korean pop song. On the bright side, I googled it and the video/song is kinda cool and catchy :-)

#2 - Those of you that questioned whether or not I was using my real name/email and/or was an American...there is your proof.

#3 - As always, if you need ANY assignment done by a great team of native English writers, including myself, you can reach me at peter(dot)vincer@gmail(dot)com

about gangnam style

Oct 2, 2012
Tania1001  EssayChatSep 20, 2012
academic writing help is a fraud company from pakistan.
Peter  EssayChatSep 17, 2012
Below is an unedited gchat archive of my conversation with the guy I "scammed." Please read for yourself! I am a great person to work with, feel free to ask any of my other writers! I think that after reading this, you may actually want to work with me MORE than you did before reading this. my email is and I'm always looking for honest, smart, fair writers to add to my team!!!

Muhammad: i sent you paper with summar
now writer adding cover letter
just wait
me: so, I only got $100 from my do you want to proceed
Muhammad: in 10 min you will get paper with summary plus cover letter
12:28 PM
you mean we have to publish this paper online
my writer fee only $120
how i can ask for $100
12:31 PM
should i received my funds now or not
me: no. They had to turn it in at school today.
I am trying to get the rest of the money.
12:32 PM
But I promised to have it for them 10 hours ago.
what about question 3?
Muhammad: writer checking
12:33 PM
me: ....and we both know you don't pay your writer up front
Muhammad: i paid
me: this isn't good work, and the directions weren't followed. It's on you to check this stuff as soon as he is finished.
Do you agree?
12:34 PM
Muhammad: yes not
yes you are right
12:35 PM
leave it
me: so whether or not I was available online.
Muhammad: give it to your customer
i dont want money for this paper
me: I don't want you to think I'm screwing you...
I was checking my email on my phone every hour...
waking up...
but either way
Muhammad: ok great
bye for now
12:36 PM
me: q3 and ex. summary weren't done
Muhammad: i don' t need money
that's the reason i never work for without any money
i sent you excutive summary
me: do you think that I should send you the rest of the money? would you send the rest if you were me? honestly?
12:37 PM
Muhammad: i am going to publish this paper online
no more discussion
me: what do you mean?
Muhammad: i am refunding your money
me: you're going to cause my customer to fail after I paid you money?
Muhammad: i don't want
me: why would you do that?
Muhammad: i received just 50
12:38 PM
me: these are people's lives...
Muhammad: which i giving refund
me: what kind of threat is that?
Muhammad: nothing
me: I'm trying to work this out with you and you're threatening to put the work online?!?!
12:39 PM
Muhammad: no
i am just giving your money back
me: just did that!
Muhammad: and taking my paper back
12:40 PM
me: this is NOT how to do business
Muhammad: yes
when i sent you many emails
where was you
me: from a different account.
who does that?!
Muhammad: and now its early morning time your student don't like the paper
then you are not professional
12:42 PM
me: we could have worked together a lot, but certainly not anymore after how you've acted and threatened. I am a good person and could have been a valued customer. Think about that when you wish you had more customers...
21 minutes
1:03 PM
Muhammad: you received revised paper
with summary and cover letter?
i sent you now
1:04 PM
reply me
i have to leave
you received revised paper?
1:06 PM
me: yes. I received it.
1:07 PM
Muhammad: ok
hope i will receive remaining funds shortly
me: I still can't get any more money from my customer...but I want to make you happy
Muhammad: Thank you
: how can we settle this?
1:08 PM
Muhammad: now its on you
i don't ask for anything
me: what will make you feel like this was a bad situation full of misunderstandings, and with it settled we can both leave happy and work together to make money in the future?
1:09 PM
Muhammad: yes
we will make money together in future
what about remaining 3 assignments you send me
2 more stats and 1 you send me yesterday
1:10 PM
this one
Topic : What Drives Exports around the World?
Maturity date: 30th September 2012
Format: electronic version
Section: introduction; hypothesis; Data and sample construction; results; conclusion
Number of pages: <=20 pages
is it confirmed
1:11 PM
me: 1 stat one the customer found someone else to do it. Another still hasn't sent the money
Muhammad: ok
me: The last one has been paid.
1:12 PM
Muhammad: we can start working?
how much for this one
me: The instructions are vague from the customer, it is 2000 words
We need to analyze the data
that the other group member did
1:13 PM
Muhammad: ok we need to do only data analysis part
about 2000 words
me: yes
Muhammad: Section: introduction; hypothesis; Data and sample construction; results; conclusion
here is the structure student mentioned in requirements
1:14 PM
me: I'm looking through all the documents now
give me one sec
Muhammad: we have to do (Data and Sample constructions) or Results Section
1:18 PM
me: I just sent you everything they sent me!
1:19 PM
Muhammad: ok
1:20 PM
me: it only needs to be 1750 words + reference page
not 2000
Muhammad: ok
one confusion
customer need power point slide?
Format(Essay -Report - PowerPoint):
1:21 PM
me: No powerpoint, those are just the three options we give our customers to choose.
13 minutes
1:35 PM
Muhammad: ok no problem
1:36 PM
ask customer to choose format
i will do it
1:37 PM
my writer is online now
John site for sale. for essay writers

Sep 11, 2012
Im selling my site - a site for finance dissertation/essays/research/coursework . I get at least 3 orders a week .....I tend to write all the assignments (i have a PHD and Msc in finance). I would prefer someone who has good reputation and work with my current clients.

PM if interested.
Karen Oliver  EssayChatSep 7, 2012
It is obvious that you worked with '1st class grad' and told him/her what to post and when. You and the other poster was a shiller. EssayScam has seen a lot of posters like you and we're glad they haven't been fooled! When the fraud has been exposed, you cry. Not the way to go.

Yeah you said this exact quote before - doesnt take a lot of brain power does it?

Obviously I was working with them, as they are one of my writers. What I did not know is that they suddenly decided to promote my site on which I know you dont allow.

How can I be responsible for the actions of others? After joining your site I was made aware of your policies and I have abided by them and been a productive member of your community. I think you are being rather hot headed and I would like normal relations to resume. Thank you.
Karen Oliver  EssayChatSep 7, 2012
It is obvious that you worked with '1st class grad' and told him/her what to post and when.

What are you talking about?

What is a shiller exactly? Glad you know what this is and I dont.

Which "other poster" are you talking about exactly? Any IT person would be able to verify straight away we are independent parties.

A good writer of mine decided of her own free will to write on this evening although I did not asked her to. Following threatened ban from some weeks ago I have not asked any further comments from writers or customers after previosuly being booted off the site. I cant help it if writers decide to post their own comments without my prompting.

I do not want to offend anyone and I do not want to engage in his online tittle tattle that a certain company wishes me to enagage in. I won't do it.

I will let the customers decide for themselves.
Circle  EssayChatSep 7, 2012
I have written my own thoughts on other companies, both positive and negative and they stay up, but anything anyone writes about my own company seem to get deleted, or I get my own login banned - why?

It is obvious that you worked with '1st class grad' and told him/her what to post and when. You and the other poster was a shiller. EssayScam has seen a lot of posters like you and we're glad they haven't been fooled! When the fraud has been exposed, you cry. Not the way to go.
Karen Oliver a fraud!

Sep 7, 2012
I have been a member of for a few months now and what I have noticed is that anyone posting anything negative about others is permitted but as soon as anything positive is said it is withdrawn, whether this be by clients or company writers.

Surely this is wrong and not right people should have their say. I have written my own thoughts on other companies, both positive and negative and they stay up, but anything anyone writes about my own company seem to get deleted, or I get my own login banned - why?

I would like an official response. Thank you.

rohith nagari - online scammer

Sep 7, 2012
Watch out for the alleged credit card fraudster who buys essay services and never pays (ie. he probably uses a stolen account to make purchases). Here are his details:

Rohith Nagari
Senior Mountain View High School, Vancouver. WA

Sep 2, 2012
Is this essay site a scam? anyone?
joey  EssayChatAug 30, 2012
mr. plairarisism
Patrick James
The Real Pheelyks"



I am a post-graduate student and i have used this writer, he is one of the best I know of. You can't accuse him when you never paid a penny, maybe he feared you are a scammer student and refused to proceed with your order. 'The truth is its own interpretation!'
yes  EssayChatAug 29, 2012
Are all the writing companies set in Pakistan rubbish?

Max  EssayChatAug 29, 2012
Are all the writing companies set in Pakistan rubbish?
Concerned  EssayChatAug 29, 2012

Can we get the list of usernames or email IDs this user has posted? Thanks

its tom's lost...

Aug 28, 2012
I never paid him anything for the time he spent on my outline.

never work with writers using or other multiple anonymous emails!

Aug 28, 2012
Avoid using this company and writer.

How many times student will get scammed this way.. "Tom" has dozens of emails and it's likely you deal with him if you don't learn that:


Once they scam you, they create a new email and will scam you again. Simple as that.

do not use or

Aug 28, 2012
Tom and I agreed on my topic and a fee. Once he was suppose to begin researching my topic he went MIA the last two weeks. Avoid using this company and writer.
Hobah Gabriel  

just need some confirmation

Aug 22, 2012
can any one please confirm that this is our beloved forum genuine email address, i really want to know it is very important to me, as i have received an email and could not replay to the address.

thanks in advance
Martin M.  

freelansewriter = charles and he is brilliant

Aug 19, 2012
Charles is a high qualified writer and not a scammer! I have been very satisfied with the service he offer and will use him again.

tania... after delivery payment

Aug 15, 2012
Dear Tania,
Due to your USP (Payment after delivery) a majority of fraud companies and freelance writers would really kick your ass. I do the same and people should realize that in this industry no one is perfect. Some times you produce high quality work abd at time the report is not as per students description. But the best part is people like us dont cheat our clients. They pay us after they have a good look at our work and are satisfied. Anyway chill and dont take notice of such idiots.

tania is a fraud

Aug 15, 2012
OMG........ How stupid are you? How can I be fraud when I take payment after the work delivered. By the way who are you and which report are you talking about? I think some people dont like my selling method of after delivery payment. I know due to this people like you cannot scam the poor students. I challenge you to provide the report I delivered on this very forum or else shutup.

tania is a fraud

Aug 15, 2012
Oh my God!

So many people here complained about this tania and i ignored
and i thought she was genuine, she is fraud.

She copies work from the internet and then gives to students, she is so fake!

The work i received from her was rubbish!

People be carefull!!

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NEW 2 - Writer's email is now linked to{your-email} page.

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IMPORTANT: Ads of Regular writers whose EssayScam Rating falls below a certain level (currently < 10.000) or who haven't posted a relevant and meaningful message in a public forum on EssayScam every 24hrs or less will also be automatically removed.

If you already have an ad published here, please make sure to delete the old one before posting a new (and never published) one. Ads posted through proxy servers will be removed. Ad re-posting / bumping will keep the reposted ad unreviewed or deleted.

Recommend your academic writing business email here!



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