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pheelyks a.k.a sypheelys- is he a writer or a scam?

Nov 28, 2011
To say the truth I am tired of this. I am new here as well as essayscam. But I ask myself who the hell is pheelyks a.k.a sypheelys? I hate the fact that he pulls down his fellow writers as well as other writing companies . Who do you think you are? If I want you as a writer I will pick you but stop smearing others with cow dung. It makes you look insecure, unprofessional and a useless character. As a student I wouldn't go for you. Sorry.

vulgarity in advertising

Nov 23, 2011
While it's true that I point out the lies propagated by dishonest competitors, I attempt to do so politely. The extreme temper tantrums these ESL scammers throw in response are a clear indicator of their maturity levels and capabilities.

I don't hide behind anyone, and anyone seeking evidence of my qualifications is welcome to email me. My address appears at the bottom of the page in a post titled, "For High Quality, Original." We can discuss your project at length before any payment is made, and you can decide for yourself if I'm capable of assisting you.
BIG  EssayChatNov 23, 2011
Syphilis : You've started the same sh1t all over; if you can't get clients purely through your own qualifications and experience, you don't have to disparage your competition in a desperate attempt to win clients.

Syphilis, I warned you: behave or else I will work on you till you quit your little business of helping students cheat.
A small time writer like you with no solid/enviable argumentative skills and demonstrable experience in churning out high quality papers can only resort to hating your competition because you know the little money you earn whoring yourself to gullible students is at risk.

do you need proper punctuation?

Nov 22, 2011
If so, I wouldn't hire the "Oxford" writers below. If they're actual Oxford graduates, I'll eat my hat.

I went to a high-ranking university in the US, where I excelled in my English major and in other courses. My writing and research skills are my strong selling points, not the name of a school that sounds impressive (you can also actually check my credentials, if you want--see if the "oxford" folks can offer the same assurance).

For a full discussion of your project without any obligation, or just for some advice about the industry in general, send me (pheelyks) an email. It appears in a post almost at the bottom of this page, under the title "For High Quality, Original."

Looking forward to working with you,
No need for a name  

someone is selling customers data - fake!

Nov 21, 2011
Our company has been approached to buy emails from customers from a uk essay writing company. We boughts some to try and it all was fake - this guy is a scammer. Claims to work for a new uk essay writing company as a sales person

contract essays

Nov 18, 2011
these guyz are scummers
you will loose you money and score poorly

to phee or not to phee

Nov 16, 2011
Are you nervous about sending a bunch of money to an unknown company, hoping that they're actually based in the country they say they are and that they're capable of delivering high-quality academic research? It's more than understandable--the number of scammers in this industry can make it very difficult to know who to trust.

If you send me an email, I can provide free advice as well as discuss your project needs at length before any payment is even requested. When it comes time to make a payment, I am a verified US seller on both PayPal and Google Checkout--something very few of the writers at pensters that have taken to advertising here can claim.

My email address appears in another post a little more than halfway down the page, titled "For High Quality, Original." I'm happy to chat with you about your options and the industry as a whole, with no obligation or expectation of a purchase.

pheelyks does math!

Nov 13, 2011
I've been noticing a lot of students seeking help with finance and other math-intensive papers and assignments lately. Though I'm not a brilliant mathematician, I am more than proficient through advanced algebra/geometry, and can handle most finance/business calculations as well as provide assistance withe pure math assignments.

The administrators only allow one email ad per page, so please scroll down and find my email address under a post titled "For High Quality, Original (admin changed my title, too). I can of course still help with written coursework and research, but thought I'd let everyone know I can do math, to!

re: pheelyks

Nov 11, 2011
Claiming you got a phone call form someone claiming to be a customer is hardly evidence that I can't walk the walk." If this client is so upset, why doesn't she go ahead and post the essay on essayscam for all to see? I hereby grant full permission.

Once again customers, make up your own mind. It doesn't cost a thing to send me an email and decide for yourself if I'm legitimate or not. The fact that so many competitors are this intent on attacking me might give you a hint as to how effective I am in this industry.

Also, I happily sign my name to everything I post. Ask yourself why these competitors keep themselves anonymous--if what they say were true, there wouldn't be any harm in their being consistent and open.


Nov 11, 2011
Pheelyks - Big Talk, No Walk, No Original Research

This made me chuckle. His posts are fairly calm and rational on here, but on Essayscam he embarrasses himself. Last week I got a call from a client. She told me that she had some work done for her by someone she had found on here who turned out to be all bark and no bite. It turned out it was Pheelyks. The wording of the post I've quoted is exactly the same as hers, so it is either her (a client, not a competitor) or someone else who also had poor work completed for them by Pheelyks. It's nice to see that he can't walk the walk despite being able to talk the talk.

this is getting old....

Nov 11, 2011
Really, BIG/friend/etc, you have nothing new to say and no evidence to back up any of your claims. This is the kind of stuff that's expected at essayscam, but we're trying to keep it a little classier in here, if you don't mind.

BIG  EssayChatNov 11, 2011
sphyeelys, when do you ever get it???
I dont write essays for students, nor do i have time to slave for lazy students, dimwit!. i can't get time to help students cheat. i am better than that.

OHHH...And you continue with your blatant spam! sphyeelys you are more pathetic than the conventional Shyphilis and you know how you acquire the latter?. Good guess, by whoring your ******* to anyone with $$$.

Get a piece of life. Stop helping students cheat.

this "spheelyks" (pheelyks) character is sure getting a lot of attention lately....

Nov 11, 2011
So, I guess I'll leave it up to the customer. You can email me with no obligation for a calm and rational discussion about how the process works and your specific research needs, or you can listen to the....interesting rant below and go with their services instead.

The moderators only allow one "email ad" per page, so please look for a post below titled "For High Quality, Original" (most edited the title) to find my email address.

Thanks in advance for being more sane than some of the more colorful competitors in this industry!


to all students: dont use this pheelyks(sphyeelys)

Nov 10, 2011
Hello Students,
There is this sphyeelys-oppp!- I meant pheelyks, a resident spammer here that specializes in disparaging its competitors and pointing out typos in a bid to 'prove' to you the student that it has exceptional writing skills. What a nauseating way of whoring its horrible 'services'
If this sphyeelys is qualified and competent, then:
a)it wouldn't be spending whole days trolling this forum or would be busy writing for clients.
b)If it is qualified, then I'd assume it would be getting lots and lots of referrals from satisfied customers and it wouldn't need to spam its services around.
c)When does it ever get time to write for students if it is ever busy whoring its services??????????????????????
d)Why haven't you ever heard a satisfied student ever recommending it????
e)Just look at essayscam and see how its rickety arguments are forever dismantled by more argumentative forum members. It has to hide behind its grannie(WB) to win support.
The only thing it knows is pointing simple typos in a bid to prove its worth.
Sphyeelys, STFU!!!!!!
If you have enough clients, why bother advertising and spamming your 'skills' all over.

Sphyeelys,.......go ahead, point out my typos/grammatical 'errors' , and who knows, your lil' dirty business might get one sucker here.

re: pheelyks - big talk, no walk, no original research

Nov 10, 2011
If you can't compete nicely, maybe you shouldn't be competing. Asking questions about me and then answering them yourself in an attempt to denigrate me just makes you look pathetic, "friend."

Customers, don't be taken in by lies. You can see how original my research and writing are just by sending me an email.

stellar advertisement.

Nov 9, 2011
Wow. Just wow. There are 12 mistakes in this. Kudos.

islamic criminal law

Nov 9, 2011
need an expert in Islamic Criminal Law for helping me with editing and proof-reading. please email me on

There's no such thing as Islamic criminal law, as in a unified and coherent body of law. There are four primary schools of law (five if you add the Wahhabi) and they are divergent; in some instances, contradictory. So, the question is: what are you focusing upon? Are you going to look into one of these schools; discuss the debate surrounding the notion of their being Islamic law; look into the differences between the schools and arrive at a common meeting point?

pheelyks - big talk, no walk, no original research

Nov 7, 2011
is pheelyks a legitimate writer? any past experiences with his services?

Big talk, no walk. Cannot be focused on the subject - he lives on general ideas only. Correct grammar and sentence structure, but no original thought/research and repetitive.
kenya writing  

academic writing jobs

Nov 7, 2011
We need experienced academic writers who are comfortable with APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago referencing styles.

Payment will be made via MPESA on a weekly basis.

Apply via URL attached to this post.
kenya writing  

for kenyans by kenyans

Nov 7, 2011
Are you a gifted Kenyan writer?

We are a Kenyan owned company that is looking for content writers who can write interesting and informative articles for blogs and websites.

Our prices are great and we pay on a weekly basis via MPESA.

Apply now!
pheelyks  EssayChatNov 5, 2011
Do the folks at pensters make you nervous (they should)? Are you unsure who to trust after reading pages of vague promises? Send me an email and we can discuss your project in real terms, without a bunch of marketing bullsh*t.

I provide high-quality, professional, and confidential academic assistance. That's it. I don't make fancy promises and I will tell you exactly how things work in this industry and what you can expect from me. We will discuss all details to your satisfaction before a single penny is paid, and you will have an opportunity to see my work before paying for your full project.

You'll find my email address in another post titled "The Real Pheelyks" toward the bottom of the page. I look forward to working with you.


Nov 4, 2011
Hello folks! why not turn to online tutoring with experienced tutors? Glorenet has the solution. You will be able to view their profiles. might be the solution for majority of your problem.
Aplus writer  EssayChatOct 12, 2011
sieve through

I think you meant sift through but nice try anyway. For high quality business essays, dissertations and research papers done by a highly qualified writer with a solid UK educational background (although not a UK native) please contact me on an address midway through this page. Its titled business papers and the username is Aplus writer.
The Real Pheelyks"  

the real pheelyks"

Sep 8, 2011
there s very bg work fro you in daadab, kenya and somailia for u, stop ua rubbish writing work

RE: Nutrition Specialist Sought (NICK)

Anyone that wants some assistance would be well advised to leave some sort of contact info.....or, you know, contact any of the few legitimate writers that have posted their contact info here already (my email address appears in another post titled "T lower on the page, for example).
mr. plairarisism  

plairarised paper by mr. plairarisism

Sep 8, 2011
need a plairarised paper for free contact: i charge 20 usd per page, thanks


Sep 7, 2011
Do you need a good grade in any area of Mathematics, statistics, marketing,Religion( Christianity) , Physics and History.

You are ridiculous. There are so many mistakes in this. I hope that you do not actually manage to trick anyone into believing that you are capable of writing a coherent piece of academic work. Moron
Mike  EssayChatSep 6, 2011
I only receive payment by western union or bank wire


"I only accept payment via Western Union or bank wire so that you are absolutely powerless to recoup your money when I rip you off."

i offer assignment help,homework help,term paper help,thesis help in mathematics and statistics up to graduate level

Sep 6, 2011
Do you need a good grade in any area of Mathematics, statistics, marketing,Religion( Christianity) , Physics and History. Then you are in the right place. I will help you at an affordable rate. Send me the details and I will give you the price. I only receive payment by western union or bank wire and you will get the work within 24 hours for works that are less than 20 pages and within 72 hours for works that are above 20 pages. My email address is: My work is 100% guaranteed of the grade I said you will get, otherwise I will refund you completely.

the real pheelyks

Aug 26, 2011
Anyone who thinks "Australian Writer" is actually from Australia (or a qualified writer) needs to seriously reexamine whether or not they should be in an institution of higher learning in the first place.

If you would like writing/research assistance from a highly-qualified native English speaker, delivered in a confidential and professional manner, send me an email. My address appears in another post about halfway down this page, aslo under the title "The Real Pheelyks."

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