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stellar advertisement.

Nov 9, 2011
Wow. Just wow. There are 12 mistakes in this. Kudos.

islamic criminal law

Nov 9, 2011
need an expert in Islamic Criminal Law for helping me with editing and proof-reading. please email me on

There's no such thing as Islamic criminal law, as in a unified and coherent body of law. There are four primary schools of law (five if you add the Wahhabi) and they are divergent; in some instances, contradictory. So, the question is: what are you focusing upon? Are you going to look into one of these schools; discuss the debate surrounding the notion of their being Islamic law; look into the differences between the schools and arrive at a common meeting point?

pheelyks - big talk, no walk, no original research

Nov 7, 2011
is pheelyks a legitimate writer? any past experiences with his services?

Big talk, no walk. Cannot be focused on the subject - he lives on general ideas only. Correct grammar and sentence structure, but no original thought/research and repetitive.
kenya writing  

academic writing jobs

Nov 7, 2011
We need experienced academic writers who are comfortable with APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago referencing styles.

Payment will be made via MPESA on a weekly basis.

Apply via URL attached to this post.
kenya writing  

for kenyans by kenyans

Nov 7, 2011
Are you a gifted Kenyan writer?

We are a Kenyan owned company that is looking for content writers who can write interesting and informative articles for blogs and websites.

Our prices are great and we pay on a weekly basis via MPESA.

Apply now!
pheelyks  EssayChatNov 5, 2011
Do the folks at pensters make you nervous (they should)? Are you unsure who to trust after reading pages of vague promises? Send me an email and we can discuss your project in real terms, without a bunch of marketing bullsh*t.

I provide high-quality, professional, and confidential academic assistance. That's it. I don't make fancy promises and I will tell you exactly how things work in this industry and what you can expect from me. We will discuss all details to your satisfaction before a single penny is paid, and you will have an opportunity to see my work before paying for your full project.

You'll find my email address in another post titled "The Real Pheelyks" toward the bottom of the page. I look forward to working with you.


Nov 4, 2011
Hello folks! why not turn to online tutoring with experienced tutors? Glorenet has the solution. You will be able to view their profiles. might be the solution for majority of your problem.
Aplus writer  EssayChatOct 12, 2011
sieve through

I think you meant sift through but nice try anyway. For high quality business essays, dissertations and research papers done by a highly qualified writer with a solid UK educational background (although not a UK native) please contact me on an address midway through this page. Its titled business papers and the username is Aplus writer.
The Real Pheelyks"  

the real pheelyks"

Sep 8, 2011
there s very bg work fro you in daadab, kenya and somailia for u, stop ua rubbish writing work

RE: Nutrition Specialist Sought (NICK)

Anyone that wants some assistance would be well advised to leave some sort of contact info.....or, you know, contact any of the few legitimate writers that have posted their contact info here already (my email address appears in another post titled "T lower on the page, for example).
mr. plairarisism  

plairarised paper by mr. plairarisism

Sep 8, 2011
need a plairarised paper for free contact: i charge 20 usd per page, thanks


Sep 7, 2011
Do you need a good grade in any area of Mathematics, statistics, marketing,Religion( Christianity) , Physics and History.

You are ridiculous. There are so many mistakes in this. I hope that you do not actually manage to trick anyone into believing that you are capable of writing a coherent piece of academic work. Moron
Mike  EssayChatSep 6, 2011
I only receive payment by western union or bank wire


"I only accept payment via Western Union or bank wire so that you are absolutely powerless to recoup your money when I rip you off."

i offer assignment help,homework help,term paper help,thesis help in mathematics and statistics up to graduate level

Sep 6, 2011
Do you need a good grade in any area of Mathematics, statistics, marketing,Religion( Christianity) , Physics and History. Then you are in the right place. I will help you at an affordable rate. Send me the details and I will give you the price. I only receive payment by western union or bank wire and you will get the work within 24 hours for works that are less than 20 pages and within 72 hours for works that are above 20 pages. My email address is: My work is 100% guaranteed of the grade I said you will get, otherwise I will refund you completely.

the real pheelyks

Aug 26, 2011
Anyone who thinks "Australian Writer" is actually from Australia (or a qualified writer) needs to seriously reexamine whether or not they should be in an institution of higher learning in the first place.

If you would like writing/research assistance from a highly-qualified native English speaker, delivered in a confidential and professional manner, send me an email. My address appears in another post about halfway down this page, aslo under the title "The Real Pheelyks."

academic writing jobs for a kenyan agency

Aug 19, 2011

We would like to recruit experienced dissertation writers for our agency.

In your cover letter include two of your best dissertation samples and your resume.

Information on how much we pay and who we are will be availed to you if your application is successful.

Apply to:

Best wishes

the real pheelyks

Aug 15, 2011
No offense, "mary johnson," but even if you were a real customer and not an agent of Essay Vault, you wouldn't no good work if it slapped you across the face.

For eye-opening research and writing that is completed by a truly qualified professional, send me an email. It appears a few posts down also under he title "The Real Pheelyks."
mary johnson  

essay vault

Aug 15, 2011
The owner of is an ESL moron who can't type a coherent sentence in the English language. He also steals copyrighted images from other essay companies.

maybe, but i got really good and quality work from them, they have very good writers then.

the real pheelyks

Aug 11, 2011
I sent copy of my thesis and their team of academic editors reviewed it for free.

Yeah. A whole team of qualified writers/editors looked over your paper without getting paid. That's not how the world works.

If you need professional and high-quality editing or writing services, send me an email. I don't provide free services, but we'll discuss details and can review different options before you pay me a penny.

thank you besttheses

Aug 10, 2011
I happy to see your post here: besttheses. You really assisted me with my Management dissertation. The comments from lecturer were pleasing, and I know I am going to get a good grade. I have just emailed you my lecturer's comments. Kindly reply via my email if you received the comments. Thank you very much.

be aware of

Aug 8, 2011
Yes I do ascertain that, or is a real Con man who is at Pakistan he usually Masquerade as an agent/ from UK. He is very canning he places orders in legit freelance companies and get the details of the writer and then approach him personally with intention of paying you better. He promise to send you orders and pay within a week or two. When you persist that he pay you he usually tells you to request almost a quota what you are supposed to be paid through his paypal account if you request the full amount due for payments he decline the request. I believe his real name is Muhammad Abbas as its the one which he uses to pretense that he will pay you.
Muhammad Abbas ( canceled the following money request:

the real pheelyks

Jul 29, 2011
"Leonard Kelvin" has just spammed my email and likely everyone else's on this board. He is also clearly an ESL writer and according to the "resume" he emailed me his only experience is with Brownie Freelance, one of the well-known Ukrainian scam companies operating in this industry.

This guy's a joke, and a scammer.

If you want real high-quality work from an experienced professional, please send me an email. It appears in another post titled The Real Pheelyks about halfway down the page (mods only allow one email advert per page).
Linda Sanders  

thesis editing services - non-obligatory consultation to review your copy

Jul 25, 2011
Just here to share in case anybody's interested, I had my final thesis fine tuned by the ProofPerfect Team @ proof perfect
Their work is amazing! First I sent copy of my thesis and their team of academic editors reviewed it for free. For students or professionals out there looking for professional editing services to fine-tune your copy, I highly recommend Proof Perfect. They have the best quality of English!

Kudos Everyone. Happy Vibes.
Love Lisa Sanders


Jul 22, 2011
I just started my career as a writer this year. So i want to know how genuine this two sites are coz am working for them;

Any information will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
Tom  EssayChatJul 19, 2011

Sounds like multiple personality disorder. Should really have that checked out. Maybe best to wait until afternoon tea with Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes is over and done with.

essay companies

Jul 19, 2011


Has anyone used the company If so can you tell me your experiences with them? Thanks :)

the real pheelyks

Jul 17, 2011
For a proper custom research papers

How could you ever trust a company that can't even write grammatically correct advertising?

For high-quality, professional, and confidential work provided by a qualified native English speaker, please send me an email. You can find it a few posts down under another message titled "The Real Pheelyks."
kenya vs USA  

re: brownie freelance limited

Jul 15, 2011
Re: Brownie Freelance Limited
This company is run by Ukrainian crooks that hire writers from Pakistan, India, and Jordan so they can get away with paying them $3-$6/page, and when customers complain about the low quality of the work the company "fines

the writers without refunding a cent to customers. It's a great business model as long as you don't have a conscience.

For true high-quality work you can actually count on, send me an email.

It is the best writing company in the world. They pay writers event 20 dollars. don be cheated by stupid people

the real pheelyks

Jul 14, 2011
This guy seems to continuously be getting on everybody's nerves.

He himself is not trustworthy and is a cheat for money.

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