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Jan 20, 2016
Although it is fairly obvious that I go by wordsies and not freelancewriter/or any combination of the words, I too want to point out that there are three different entities that use emails containing freelance writing, freelance writer and similar - however, each of us has a very different handle, with FreelanceWriter being the oldest and (in my opinion) the only one entitled to actually use that specific handle.
The similarity in e-mails is the unfortunate (!!?) consequence of the specific field in which we operate.

benard alutseshe

Jan 19, 2016
I have been writing for For two days now they have refused to respond to any of my emails and I am just giving them 4 hours should I fail to get the payments, I am going to publish all the job I have ever done to them in what ever social media or website that exist including the university websites where they source for the projects

to avoid confusion

Jan 13, 2016
Please do not confuse me (FreelanceWriter) with "The Freelancer" or with "Freelance Writing Contact" because we are three totally different writers.


Jan 6, 2016
hi, law phd student or prof required to write 2500 words / 10 pages, essay in International Commercial Arbitration Law.

Just Passing By  

am i also entitled?

Jan 3, 2016
A 10 percent discount is available for larger assignments, repeat clients, active duty military/veterans and firefighters.

I am not a firefighter but a snowfighter; am i entitled to a discount given that i fight snow with fire-like-fury?

fake writers

Dec 21, 2015
Hello, is a newbie and will just plagiarize your paper and refuse to correct it. Do not hire her to write your paper at your own risk. she will make you lose many clients and get your account closed


Dec 20, 2015
Hi, is a big fraud. He is a cheater i hv many proofs. Dont give any work to him and dont work for him. He took my 800 usd. Guys please beaware.

essay help

Dec 14, 2015
I need help with an essay on a short story about five pages long


"that" time of the year

Dec 10, 2015
Good luck. This time of year all the "good ones" have their hands full. You might wanna try sending a few requests, not just asking for them.

business cards distribution london

Dec 10, 2015
Urgently need someone who lives in London to distribute some business cards around Universities in London. Preferably today is possible

Pay is £6 per hour. Thank you.


re: 3,000 words in five days.

Dec 8, 2015
Easy topic, busy time of year. You'll have to pay extra.

need help with an essay

Dec 7, 2015
Hello, I need a ten page paper written on The Cold War. I'll pay any price. Thanks


professor verb's word for the day ...

Dec 5, 2015


: extremely shocked or surprised

"The new college student was thunderstruck by the amount of writing required, so she turned to Professor Verb for help."


* See also: AC/DC:

argumentative essay on capital punishment

Dec 2, 2015
i need an argumentative essay written against capital punishment. please email for more information US/UK writers only please

Sarah Jackman  

skeleton plan for undergraduate economics essay (uk)

Nov 30, 2015
Urgently need someone to write a Skeleton Plan for undergraduate economics essay (UK).


operation management writer needed asap for assignment (business management)

Nov 27, 2015
This is for graduate level intellectual professors ONLY. Must be proficient in writing and English, reliable with CREATIVE writing skills. I am seeking someone for an ongoing basis. For this assignment payment will be given AFTER delivery, if you are "OK" with that PLEASE Contact me ASAP with samples of your work.

Thank you


happy thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2015
To all my colleagues, clients and friends who celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish all the best, bellyfull of great food and a lot of fun. Enjoy!

operation management writer needed for assigment (business management)

Nov 25, 2015
This is for graduate level intellectual professors ONLY. Must be proficient in writing and english, reliable and have CREATIVE writing skills. I am seeking someone for an ongoing basis. For this assignment payment will be given AFTER delivery. PLEASE Contact me ASAP.

Thank you.


an integrated academic writing script for managing writers and orders

Nov 19, 2015
******* allows you to get orders direct from the customers and assign to writers. We have developed a WordPress plugin for this. The reason for using WordPress is its ease in management and better SEO compared to other CMSs.

To access the plugin, go to wordpress/plugins/academic-writing-ordering-system/

Get orders directly from customers.
Get paid direct to your Paypal on each order
Control Pricing and currency
Manage your customers yourself

academic writers wanted

Nov 17, 2015
I am looking for academic writers. Interested parties to email me at or call +254720171728

scammers alert

Nov 16, 2015
Fellow Writers. please be very careful especially when dealing with these clients from US. they demand that they pay after delivery of their paper because they have beenscammed sevrally while the truth is that they are the real scammers. I have now fallen a victim of two of them now. None of them has responded to my emails immediately I sent their papers

college admission essays wanted: ill pay $5 per essay

Nov 16, 2015
Do you writers have any college admission essays that you want to sell me? Ill buy them for $5 each. Please send me an email at #email_below# Ill pay you today by paypal.



undergraduate level capstone report

Nov 14, 2015
I need some one can finish a around 60 page, 8000 words Capstone project on Burt's Bees with in 3 days, I have some sources available on hand. the first half will be strategic analysis and will need offer 3 strategies to this company. send me a email if you interesting, and i will provide a sample.


salute to our veterans...

Nov 11, 2015
We've been celebrating Veterans Day in the U.S. since 1919 in one form or another (see and it is fitting that we continue to do so because freedom is not free. Salute to our nation's veterans today and every day!

re: 200 words poem about the "burial of the dead"

Nov 7, 2015
Maybe this will help get you started:

Violets are blue,
Roses are red,
I would have finished this poem,
But now I'm dead.

good grief...

Nov 6, 2015
"6:500 word in 3 days ,, the price offer is 75 $ for all the job"

google guryere

Oct 30, 2015
I need help in writing introduction about Google Guryere!

Surendra Pal  

need academic content writer

Oct 30, 2015
Dear Writers
I need fallowing full time and part time Indian writers subjects listed below
Basic Subject
Science Assignment Help
Math Assignment Help
Chemistry Assignment Help
Physics Assignment Help
Biology Assignment Help
Psychology Assignment Help
History Assignment Help
Geography Assignment Help
Essay Writing
English Assignment Help
Humanities Assignment Help
Nursing Assignment Help
Computer Science
Programming Assignment Help
Database Help
Data Structure Assignment Help
Operating Systems Assignment Help
Computer Network Assignment Help
UML Diagram Assignment Help
IT Assignment Help
Game Programming
Computer Science Assignment Help
Medical Science Assignment Help
Silverlight Assignment Help
Social Science Assignment Help
Biochemical and Biotechnology Help
Chemical Engineering Assignment
Statistics Assignment Help
Civil Engineering Assignment Help
Electrical, Electronics Help
Mathematics, Computing Assignment Help
Mechanical and Industrial Engg. Help
Petroleum Engg. Assignment Help
Biochemistry Assignment Help
Cell Biology Assignment Help
Arts and Architecture Help
Business Studies
Accounting Assignment Help
Finance Assignment Help
Economics Assignment Help
Marketing Assignment Help
Human Resources Assignment Help
Operations Management Assignment Help
Strategy and Planning Help
Project Management Help
Business development
Case Studies
Referencing Style
email Us #email_below# with your sample work and your cv


are you a student looking for an essay or an essay company looking for writers?

Oct 28, 2015
looking for art history specialists

Either way, you should provide some way for writers to contact you.

looking for art history specialists

Oct 28, 2015
Dear all,

I am looking for an Art History graduate to write essays for upper-year courses at brand name universities. The goal is an A.

Kindly reply or write to me professionally, with 2 samples of previous Art History papers which you have done. If your e-mail shows any flaw at all in formatting, syntax, grammar, vocabulary or tone, it will not be read.

Thank you very much and I look forward to collaborating with the ideal candidate!

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