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Richie  EssayChatJan 24, 2011
and or don't quite cut it

Right, but the most "sophisticated" ones, i.e. the ones using the latest technology, tend to use address (powered by Google) in the hopes it would add them any legitimacy ;).
Snitch  EssayChatJan 24, 2011
interested writers apply to

Japanese Fraudster.
smirk  EssayChatJan 24, 2011

and or don't quite cut it
Richie  EssayChatJan 24, 2011

Is it a coincidence most spammers or fraudsters use the email address (thinking that address is legit?) Why don't they provide the website's address (probably becoz it would be easy to prove they are foreign people trying to provide writing services for US/UK-based students)
Guest  EssayChatJan 24, 2011
Then $1 per page??

LMFAO.........I guess so....:D
Richie  EssayChatJan 24, 2011
We do not pay $2 and $3 as stated below.

Then $1 per page??

alice's job offer

Jan 24, 2011
Neither 3 nor 6; I think it's 2$ or even low!!!

ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to post the bids here, hopefully Alice will be kind enough to clarify this at the end
Guest  EssayChatJan 24, 2011
3 usd or 5

Neither 3 nor 6; I think it's 2$ or even low!!!

2 alice

Jan 24, 2011
( only realistic prices will be considered)

and what is a realistic price? 3 usd or 5?


Jan 24, 2011
If you want good paper use Amon as I received my paper before deadline and has really written a good paper with good analysis and very good grammar. You may be charged more if the topic requires extensive research but you get what you pay for.

good marketing

no evidence of a scam

Jan 21, 2011
Can anyone help me write three x MSC Nuclear science and technology essays (1200 words) ?

If you want good paper use Amon as I received my paper before deadline and has really written a good paper with good analysis and very good grammar. You may be charged more if the topic requires extensive research but you get what you pay for.


Jan 20, 2011
Plagiarism :) They stupidly assumed that their work would not be thoroughly checked before being passed onto clients. Only established writers who enjoy an excellent, well-earned, reputation directly upload work to clients.

These writers mentioned working with other sites. Guess what the background check revealed? Fired for plagiarising and for inserting their email address into the docs they upload for clients. So, they are plagiarisers and client thieves :)

The others - application rejected because their writing was incoherent. Of course, they didn't take their rejection well. I think one of them mentioned something about my days on earth being numbered :)

So - apart from being plagiarisers and vile client thieves, they are mentally unhinged :)

Interestingly enough - I listed the ES members whom clients should contact if they want to work directly with writers. The people on that list don't trawl for customers because they are BUSY.
Richie  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
Not going to name names but, several of the customer-trawlers were rejected and/or fired by several companies.

Ah, so that could be a reason why some companies receive an unusual number of applications/resumes.. What was the reason of them being suspended?


Jan 20, 2011
Not going to name names but, several of the customer-trawlers were rejected and/or fired by several companies. Read the ads very carefully and put your common sense to work.

Again - I am not referring to ALL those who are advertising their services but to several of them. They know who they are ...
Harvard Writer  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
I am not really sure why there is so much cynicism on this board, but email me... I would be happy to chat with any doubters. I know many prefer the invisibility of online for such comments, but I am quite glad to meet face to face.

Idoncare  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
I hold an undergrad degree from Harvard

Guest  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
Writer and editor, fast + solid writing work

I wonder how a "solid" research work can still be FAST.... Can someone help? :-s
Richie  EssayChatJan 16, 2011
And why do you only want Indian writers?

Some say they are reliable? :D

indian writers

Jan 16, 2011
And why do you only want Indian writers? Will you be telling customers that they are native speakers?
Misfit  EssayChatJan 16, 2011
We need Indian Academic Writers for long-term work....

Will they be writing in Indian or English? If they will be writing in English then I would be interested in knowing why its only asking for Indian writers.
Richie  EssayChatJan 15, 2011
We Need Indian Writers

To write in Indian or English?

we need indian writers

Jan 15, 2011
We need Indian Academic Writers for long-term work....


Jan 14, 2011
I know what you mean as it has happened with us. We simply clarify that the customer - if it really is a customer - has not attempted to contact us through the legitimate support channels and should they want to do so, we would be more than happy to address their concerns. Doing so saves all a great deal of trouble, especislly if the poster is not a real customer :)
Ivory Research  

response to wrt

Jan 14, 2011
EssayScam and EssayChat are certainly not our support forums. However they are sources for information for our potential customers. Should we simply ignore complaints on the forum like many companies do - our potential customers will assume that this is how to treat unhappy clients. Do you see what I mean?

Out of all complaints posted on EssayScam and EssayChat - no one previously contacted me or our complaints department. If someone decided to go public - I have to respond in public as well. However trust me; dealing with complaints on forums is the last thing I enjoy about my work :-)

I wish everyone to have a wonderful weekend!

Ivory Research
Richie  EssayChatJan 14, 2011
I want to have an opportunity to resolve the complaint before someone goes public.

But something doesn't work since your customers HAVE to go public and only then you care to take care of them the way they expected.

my mistake

Jan 14, 2011
Regarding your name.

Katherine - you could have done what many of us do. We simply emphasise that this is not our support forum and any who wish to contact us csn do so through the contact info clearly displayed on our websites. Don't give and take because
1) you will be leaving yourself wide open to attacks
2) you will be accused of spamming.

Do you see what I mean?
Ivory Research  

response to wrt

Jan 14, 2011
Dear WRT,

Yes, we are competitors, but I believe that being well-educated individuals this should not affect our communication. I have nothing against your company and I would not feel comfortable posting any comments about it.

When I mentioned juvenile behaviour - it was not about you at all. I did appreciate your opinion on the case with Maz.

However what I disagree with you upon - is judging the company based on the fact that I have broken forum rules by posting an e-mail address. I am not promoting the company, but resolving complaints, so it is essential that our customers can easily reach us. I want to have an opportunity to resolve the complaint before someone goes public. Do you not think that this is a fair thing to ask?

National origin is an important attribute of every individual; however, it has very little to do with management skills and the legitimacy of the company owned by the individual.


P.S. And by the way - my name is not Katarina or Ekatrina

katherine - ivory research

Jan 14, 2011
I have never concealed the fact that we are competitors.

Now - is there anything misleading about my post. Yes, you were students and now are registered as British citizens and live in the UK. Your company is registered in the UK. The implication here is that you are liable under British law. That works in your favour, by the way and sets you apart from those who claim to be registered in the UK but reside outside the jurisdiction of British law. So, no, my post was not juvenile and was fair. I could have simply stated that the owner was a former Russian student studying at a British university. That would have been the truth BUT it would have been a half-truth.

Furthermore ... even though we are competitors, did I or did I not defend your company against maz's half-assed insinuations that you were scammers?

Yes, you spam your contact info at every turn. That is not proper. I stand by my criticism ...

Read my post carefully prior to concluding that I am attacking you simply because you are a competitor. Were that the case, I eould have stuck to half-truths and let Maz's insinuations go unanswered.

By the way - my username here is the same as my essayscam one. I have no need or cause to conceal my identity.

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