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freelancewriter  EssayChatMar 31, 2018
My teacher suggested I could possibly talk about normalizing Down Syndrome kids and other children with genetic disorders...

Your teacher is expressing her own personal subjective belief and her obvious bias, because her suggestion already presumes the position that the desire not to have a child with Down Syndrome isn't a justification to terminate a pregnancy. That's fine if that's your choice, but there's nothing "wrong" with deciding that you don't want a child with Down Syndrome, and I'm saying that as someone whose younger brother had severe DS.

How about this as a thesis?: "If it is morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy because someone doesn't want a child at that particular time, then it is also morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy to avoid having a severely-handicapped child." The "con" position would include the argument that it's not morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy for that reason because DS children can have worthwhile lives; and you'd also have to answer the question: "If it's OK to terminate a pregnancy for that reason, what about terminating a pregnancy because of the gender or eye color of the fetus?"

help wanted!

Mar 28, 2018
hey, need a literature review on the subject of the British NHS 7500 words.

Media Writer  

fast essay response on advertising in the media

Mar 28, 2018
One of the more notorious advertisements from the BMW automotive company aligns perfectly with the concepts of objectification of women in the media that Jean Kilbourne outlines in "Killing Us Softly 4." The advertisement is a print media ad that depicts a close-up shot of a young, blonde woman who is laying prostrate on a bed, and giving the camera a sultry, "come hither" look. It is clear from the shot that the woman is lying on the bed in anticipation of a romantic encounter with an unseen individual, and a caption next to the woman asks the question: "You know you're not the first. But do you really care?" At first glance, this caption suggests that the subject of the photograph should be so thrilled to be having an intimate relation with such a beautiful woman that the question of whether or not she is sexually "pure" is irrelevant. However, when one glances at the far right corner of the advertisement, one can see that it is an ad for "certified pre-owned BMW vehicles."

As such, the advertisement directly compares the young woman with a vehicle, and suggests that she has had multiple "riders," which is not only vulgar, but exceptionally degrading. As Kilbourne observes in her lecture, it is quite common for automotive manufacturers to feature beautiful women in their advertisements (somehow completely ignoring the fact that heterosexual women and homosexual men are also potential new car buyers), and to draw visual comparisons between the vehicle and the woman. However, this BMW ad takes this comparison a step further, by suggesting that someone who prefers to buy new vehicles is as skittish and archaic as a man who insists that his bride still be a virgin. When regarding this BMW ad, it is hard to believe that it was made just a few years ago, and not in 1955.
Bill  EssayChatMar 28, 2018
need a paper on how air pollution affects the earth asap!!

position paper thesis help

Mar 27, 2018
Hi, I'm brainstorming arguments for my position paper on the topic of genetic screening and its impact on abortion choices. I'm having trouble coming up with a thesis for this position paper. I don't want the thesis argument to be too general, like "selective abortion is wrong" or "genetic tests are a okay." My teacher suggested I could possibly talk about normalizing Down Syndrome kids and other children with genetic disorders, but even with that, how do I write an entire position paper on that thesis since I would need to mention arguments against that?


if you need help...

Mar 24, 2018
Hi, I need help writing a research paper. I don't know what to write about. I kind of want to write about law enforcement since my degree is going to be criminal justice. should probably provide some contact information...

research paper

Mar 21, 2018
Hi, I need help writing a research paper. I don't know what to write about. I kind of want to write about law enforcement since my degree is going to be criminal justice.

what if you're a scammer

Mar 10, 2018
Payment is after delivery and confirmation of quality, as i got approached by like 3 scammers yesterday.

You're not serious. How do WE know you're not a scammer? No fool writer will risk writing a dissertation without advanced payment.

gateway drugs

Mar 7, 2018
I need help writing a paper on Gateway Drugs. I am stuck on alcohol and I need one more paragraph on it... Plz help!


peer review article

Feb 23, 2018
I am looking someone to writing a peer review resaerch article(Review paper) on a microbiology topic by 5000 words.


am buying essayshark, writerbay, unemployedprofessors, homework authors

Feb 18, 2018
Hello writing fraternity,

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how many selves do we have?

Feb 12, 2018
i need help wrotimg this essay!



Feb 6, 2018
I have been brother zoned by someone now what???. Any ideas to write down an essay on this???

healthcare technoligy

Jan 27, 2018
I need the writer to help me in this semester in healthcare IT, I have a lot of assignments with good work and good price. I just need editing for my work , plz


procrastination essay.

Jan 24, 2018
hello, am willing to help you with this essay. i provide 100% original essays on time at a negotiable price.

help for position paper "sustainable development of isolated areas"

Jan 19, 2018
hi could anyone please help me with my position paper about 'SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF ISOLATED AREAS" as soon as possible!! urgent!!


actuarial science expert needed

Jan 11, 2018
In need of an actuarial science expert to handle a complex paper involving calculations in spreadsheets.


chinese client sites

Jan 11, 2018
Hello, can someone email to me all the Chinese client sites for academic writing.
Just send only the links. email me here #email_below# want to help my chinese students


writerbay account

Jan 4, 2018
I am selling my writerbay account. You must be able to meet my conditions for us to engage. I'm from India and therefore if you are based in India it would be easy since we can meet at my college,Delhi College of engineering.

The pricing is quiet expensive too. If interested in-box me
I can promise you that the quality of the account is one of the best.
Rhiannon Jones  

expert in american literature needed

Dec 12, 2017
I need assistance with an essay based on American Literature.
The assignment is 3000 words long and needs to be based on a novel chosen from a specific selection of books.
The assignment is due mid-January.

Please drop me a line if this is something that you think you can assist me with.


rn nurse writer

Dec 10, 2017
Hey there if you are looking for a writer who specializes in nursing papers look no further. Shoot me an email $10.00 - $15.00 (depends on time frame) a page includes APA format, title, reference page if needed. You can give me the details of your paper or assignment and we can go from there!
ProfessorVerb  EssayChatDec 1, 2017
Everyone is dirty and stinky. Filth is this industry's key pillar. No student should use services from anyone here or anywhere else.

Wow. Let me guess. You are a "key pillar" of your community who goes out of her way to help others in need. I hope so. Before you drag us all (and me) down into the cesspool, though, please reflect on what you are saying. Just last evening I was describing the success of some of my clients with my wife. Some have gone on to successful careers counseling young people who have been traumatized, countless nurses are caring for sick people, and others are leading the way in identifying opportunities to improve life chances for everyone. What we both took away from this conversation was the fact that people don't necessarily need to know how to write great research papers in order to help others in their professional careers. It's easy to cast stones, but I do believe Jesus had something to say about that. I do trust that I didn't hit a sore spot ...

i need help in essay about vertical cavity surface emitting lasers for miniature atomic clocks

Nov 30, 2017
Points should include:
1/ what is Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL)
2/ why VCSEL good?
3/ what's the the Atomic Clocks? What do they do now?
4/ why is VCSEL better for Atomic Clocks?
5/ how is the VCSEL fabricated? and what are the special things which make it the fabrication for Atomic Clocks or is it just the same as any other VCSEL?

- What level have you ordered at?
- What referencing style do you need?

- How many words do you need?


need a law writer in contract law

Nov 24, 2017
I need assignment done due for details and payment.thank should be in the UK

Qurumaa  EssayChatNov 22, 2017
I need help with my papers. I need it like right now....

finance and accounts

Nov 15, 2017
looking for someone to write a money management paper. preferable someone with accounting and finance knowledge. essay is on funds and bonds or background.


simple question

Nov 10, 2017
Lets start with a simple question, w*nch. WHY do you live in the sh*thole of Kenya - maybe because you can easily commit crimes through bribery and blackmail there?
Ms Melisa  

your self-righteous puke is amazing.

Nov 10, 2017
Now expect several Kenyan or Ukraine cyber-criminals to contact you from various, anonymous email accounts (some of those fraudsters have access to .edu email accounts so don't get your hopes high when you see one).

We've been into this. Stop playing your Captain Savior card, in order to drag unsuspecting students into your steaming cesspit of fraud and incompetence.
All of you are scammers, debasing the education system. Granted the Kenyan + Ukrainian gang might be ahead of the vile pack but all of your schemes funnel into one sh*thole where students are served with garbage after paying top dollars,

You're a nobody. You are a hack trying a deplorable act that's as old as this sh*tty fog of an industry: trying to play it 'right' in the eyes of potential clients, that they can fall for your veneers and use your dirty service. You're fooling nobody.

Who can stand even on a small molehill in this industry and start pontificating about ethics? Can you? Of course you can't. if you can allow a speck of truth trickle into your dense matter inside your skull you can understand this.

Why didn't you encourage the student below to write his own sh*t instead of relying on shadowy charlatans with no iota of conscience?
Stop your artificial demarcations---this industry is one amorphous puke, with its players- from the lazy boneheads in universities to the Ukrainian pythonheads willing to sell their moms for $2- shamelessly and perpetually redefining fraud, dishonesty and idiocy. No one is clean. Not the Kenyan thug who'd do a hell lot better grazing goats; not the Ukrainian thief who shouldn't even write for mosquitoes and certainly not the condescending American 'writer' who thinks adding a professorial identity on his handle somewhat makes him a scholar. Everyone is dirty and stinky. Filth is this industry's key pillar. No student should use services from anyone here or anywhere else.

before you go though a nightmare.

Nov 10, 2017
Please reach out to me as soon as possible.

Now expect several Kenyan or Ukraine cyber-criminals to contact you from various, anonymous email accounts (some of those fraudsters have access to .edu email accounts so don't get your hopes high when you see one). Expect fake names, like: Kathy Johnson, Brett Steward, Lauren Gates to be associated with the fraudulent accounts. They have hundreds of resumes stolen from logged-only websites like LinkedIn so that even if you try to look them up, they won't show up, or they would show up under the same generic names. Note that these fraudsters would often reverse-engineer the names to match them with the desired skills.

Take the fake name "Kathy Johnson" as an example. The scammer would choose this name to contact you because you want a legal paper written. Now check this out: - a dozen or so professionals associated with this name on LinkedIn. The scammer knows 90% of prospective buyers would AT BEST google the person, so they would use a search term like: Kathy Johnson law legal profile. Of course, one of the profiles would show up and now the student thinks everything is fine and pays the criminal.

Make no mistake because same criminals send the fake "adopt our gorgeous pedigree puppies" or "looking for a couple to adopt my child because my army husband died and I cannot afford to raise him (BTW - I'm from South Africa so the child is white)" emails.

Do you really want to get scammed, blackmailed, or extorted? Think twice before you reply to one of those emails. If you must order a paper, spend more with a very known provider that risks too much bad publicity to scam you to avoid a nightmare.

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