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MarkB  EssayChatMar 19, 2013
Please contact me on essaywritersdirect /at/ gmail /dot/ com so that I can provide you with a comprehensive proposal detailing why I am the best writer for this assignment, as well as a price quote.

CollegeReportSo urce  


Mar 19, 2013
pathetic, a student should be mentally equal to 3 fall for a site like this.

I'm sorry that you feel the need to attack us. We have never had a single complaint about our work, we are indeed based in the U.S., our writers are all native English speakers, and the last thing that we wish to do is get involved in a name calling match with anyone on here. If you don't like our website that's ok however it meets our needs just fine and instead of paying for a flashy website, we prefer to concentrate on the needs of our clients.
Thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.
Lulz King  

thanks 4 good laugh

Mar 19, 2013
Thank you for your consideration,
College Report Source

pathetic, a student should be mentally equal to 3 fall for a site like this.

steven allison of

Mar 19, 2013
Dont use Steven Allison of as he is scammer. He cheats his writers by awarding them projects and running away with their money. Don't use this service.


Mar 19, 2013
Does anyone knows EW_writers email adress?

either way...

Mar 18, 2013
stopbeingsilly: It is called a typo, idiot.

A typo is a misspelled word; by contrast, "disserve" instead of "deserve" suggests a basic lack of knowledge concerning these homophones or a Freudian slip. Either way...

no problem

Mar 18, 2013
Steven said:
Sorry, I didn't realise you had a similar title. I can't see it actually?

No problem, Steven. I just meant that your post title could be confused with my S/N, that's all. Just wanted to make sure that anybody meaning to contact you contacts you and that anybody meaning to contact me contacts me. No worries.

Steven  EssayChatMar 18, 2013
Good luck to you, Steven. Just want to make sure that nobody accidentally confuses us from the way you titled your post.


Sorry, I didn't realise you had a similar title. I can't see it actually?
stopbeingsilly  EssayChatMar 18, 2013
Dont use this scammer he goes by numerous namess

Care to name them, scammer. Just dont fool around if you cannot get clients.
ProfessorVerb  EssayChatMar 17, 2013
worried about your dissertation? is our ultimate dissertation package. . . . You disserve (sic) the services

How Freudian.
Brit Boy  

dont use

Mar 17, 2013
Dont use this scammer he goes by numerous namess
Jmark  EssayChatMar 17, 2013
Totally disregard any posting by anybody who does not use a specific S/N to identify all of his or her posts.

I couldn't have put it any better. All your other points are very valid but in the context of this forum, this one stands out.

a few purely objective suggestions

Mar 16, 2013
JMark Said:
And keep in mind that it is hard to get objective reviews on this forum because most of us are competitors, who barely know each other. Okay, we have a few who might pretend to know but in most cases, they don't.

That is true. However, there are definitely some of us who compete against one another here without resorting to negative attacks and (especially) without hiding behind the anonymity of this medium to do it like cowards and frauds.

I'd make the following strictly objective suggestions:

1. Totally disregard any posting by anybody who does not use a specific S/N to identify all of his or her posts.
2. Consider that the way writers treat one another here is probably a pretty good indication of exactly how they treat their clients and exactly how they do business in general.
3. Writers who "compete" by attacking or disparaging other writers here probably resort to that because they can't possibly "compete" on the basis of the quality of their work.
4. If you believe that any particular writer comes across as likely to be legitimate and honest in his contributions to this forum, it's probably a good bet that you can also trust all the other writers for whom that person openly vouches and recognizes as a legitimate competitor.
5. If a person cannot compose a single forum post in the kind of English that you'd hope to find in your project, that person is just not a viable candidate for your project because that's exactly the quality of "writing" that you will receive for your hard-earned money.

For the record, there are 3 other writers here against whom I have competed fairly as a freelancer and also on the boards of various essay companies for many years. We are all definitely direct competitors against one another for the same projects on the company boards and for the same prospective clients here (and elsewhere). We also routinely refer clients and projects to one another reciprocally whenever we get offered work that is outside of our respective areas or when we are too booked up to take on additional projects. If you decide that you can trust any one of us, you can trust all of us equally.

The other writers here (besides me) for whom I can personally vouch and recommend as legitimate, highly-experienced, highly-skilled, honest, native-English-speaking Americans (and one Brit) whose work and business practices I know first-hand are: ResearchPro, ProfessorVerb, and JohnsMom. You will never read a single post from any of us attacking or disparaging one another, or any other writer, for that matter. All of us always identify ourselves in all of our posts, too.

As for me, I am located in (and originally from) NYC and reachable via email to FreelanceWriter "at" or to the email address in my website linked here. My educational background includes an American law degree (JD) and I have written more than 5,000 essays since 2003 on hundreds of different topics in dozens of very different academic areas, most of which are listed in the Academic Essays section of my website. The vast majority of my clients are long-term repeat customers and my goal in taking on any project is always to do it well enough to earn your repeat business for as long as you need these kinds of writing services. If I don't think I can do that with your project, I will decline it and refer you to one of the other writers who might be able to do it, and the same holds true for all of them.


an independent and a fair may be hard to come by here

Mar 16, 2013
i was looking for reviews

And keep in mind that it is hard to get objective reviews on this forum because most of us are competitors, who barely know each other. Okay, we have a few who might pretend to know but in most cases, they don't.

nothing like a good writer.

Mar 16, 2013
is this a good writer

'good' is a very subjective term; even the best writers can produce trash and, conversely, some not so good writers can produce a decent piece once in a while.
The quality of every order that a writer completes is dependent on a number of factors such as his competence in the topic, access to relevant research materials and so on.
However, i am convinced you are not an actual client but simply 'johnsmom' trying to promote yourself here.

you might want to check out

Mar 15, 2013
a separate chat for students who have some assignment

margaret Sabatos  

essaychat management

Mar 15, 2013
A kind request.
why can't we have a separate chat for students who have some assignment. the present situation is that, the chat is too crowned with writer's adverts looking for clients

african scammer!!!

Mar 13, 2013
Robertqualityessays / at / gmail dot com provides example research materials and model documents for academic and business reference

He is an African scammer who calls himself Rober willis and Lilian Spikes once came to this forum to self recommend himself. Never use this guy or lady whichever it is, he once did my paper and the content was horrible

school is a stressful place...

Mar 13, 2013
Please forgive my rant.

Fortunately, you won't always be a student. Hang in there.

perceptual mapping tool.

Mar 13, 2013
who is familiar with perceptual mapping tool. please only answer if you do. thank you

stop it

Mar 12, 2013
We know this tune; stop your self-promotions.


Mar 12, 2013
Hi, I am Elyse who posted a request for a 5 page paper before. Well, I just want to recommend He is definitely one of the few honest writers here you can try. I am writing this because I know how hard it is to find an honest writer in these forums and i have had a hard time finding one myself in the beginning. Therefore I want to help future students who are in need of an honest writer. If you have any question about my recommendation, you can email me at


Mar 12, 2013
By the way, I wouldn't do such things after I received the paper. Come on... Seriously, that was a cause for my stupid rant... a huge misunderstanding...


Mar 12, 2013
"By then, he'd already assumed the worst and decided to retaliate vindictively against both of us. "

I did the rant before I got the file from her and because of so much frustration happening at once. I really thought she scammed me because it was the first time I asked her to do work... I pay respect to all of you!!!

sincere apologies to freelancer and johnsmom

Mar 12, 2013
Today, 07:59am Don't use him!!!
Today, 07:57am is a scammer. beware!!!

Please forgive my rant. I didn't really mean to do that. I did this because I was somewhat mad and there was misunderstanding before I posted. They are very good!!!

also, to be clear...

Mar 12, 2013
This post was also from "ssaypatol" and not PV.
Would this poster scream like this without a good cause?

Just wanted to make sure nobody thought that PV posted this because it's not always clear the way quoted responses appear on this system. I was quoting and responding to "ssaypatol."

nobody was "self-promoting"

Mar 12, 2013
Just to be clear, this post below is from the poster "ssaypatol"
Which one are you?

He/she was referring to the post by ProfessorVerb just defending JM and me. Nobody was "self-promoting"; PV was just trying not to exclude himself when he referred to JM and me as two of the best writers here. My thanking PV was sincere and I agree that he is also one of the best writers I know in this business.

once in a while you do run into problem clients

Mar 12, 2013
Thanks for your support, PV.

Would this poster scream like this without a good cause?


Actually, this was obviously from the extremely annoying client for whom both PV and JM have also done some work (initials W.H. from Brooklyn). Nothing but problems since I first started writing for him last year. A constant pest with half a dozen silly unnecessary emails for every little paper. He'd send 5,000 words of reading material and then ask why 2 pages of writing about that material (obviously) costs more than the ordinary price of 2 pages of writing. He takes these college Composition & Writing classes with assignments that are expressly designed to be multiple drafts with new requests from the instructor to add more themes, or different themes, or to incorporate more pieces of new literature and to make other refinements in successive drafts and he originally thought that paying for an essay meant that he could expect me to do all those subsequent drafts and revisions for him for the price of the original essay. After the first time that I told him that I didn't want to write for him anymore (months ago), he'd send me these ridiculous "VERY URGENT!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!...I'M SORRY...I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!" emails. In total, I did about two or three-dozen different essays for him in the last 6 months or so, including all of his "emergencies" that he needed only a few hours after he ordered them. I refunded his last assignment in full yesterday when I realized that I couldn't do what he wanted from the file he sent and he went to JM for it. Originally, I told him to just send me a used hard copy of the book because I might not be able to do it from a 175-pg pdf book file. JM apparently did it for him and sent it on time but for some reason, the files didn't go through and she had to resend it pasted after she found out about it. By then, he'd already assumed the worst and decided to retaliate vindictively against both of us. (I contacted JM to ask as soon as I saw his post here.) I always treated this guy fairly and he obviously liked my work because he came back to me dozens of time over 6 months. But I lost patience with his nonsense and that was reflected in the tone of my emails and in my pricing for him. It occurred to me that he might eventually do something like this after he no longer needed me but when you write for hundreds of clients, that kind of thing can happen once in a while, even to the best of us.


Mar 12, 2013 is a scammer. beware!!!

Would this poster scream like this without a good cause?

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