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slowly but surely

Mar 20, 2015
There is no rapid cut and paste

I always say that - when you copy-paste, do it slowly but surely.

copyright-free school-related graphics and some weird stuff too...

Mar 19, 2015
Visit Professor Verb's Compendium of Zany Pictures at -- dozens of categorized, school-related graphics available, copyright free.

jane austen's persuasion 5-page essay

Mar 18, 2015
TOPIC: Given that Persuasion was Austen's last completed novel, we tend to read it as the culmination of her career (even if she herself did not see it that way). Many readers have noticed differences between this novel and her earlier ones -- differences in focus, scope, tone, emphasis, subject matter, style, etc. etc. -- that seem to signify that her work might be heading in a new direction, or at least continuing to change.
The characters listed below have all been discussed by scholars as indicating some kind of change in relation to Austen's previous novels. Choose ONE of these characters, and write a 5-page essay discussing this issue. Do you think that this character represents some kind of departure from Austen's earlier work" or not? If your answer is yes: what is the nature of that departure, whether it be slight and subtle or major? If your answer is no: how is this character continuous with earlier characterizations? If it's both: what continuities and discontinuities do you see? In any case, please discuss the representation of this character first in the context of Persuasion, and then relate your analysis of this character to one or more examples (of your choice) in Austen's earlier novels. The idea is to use your character analysis a way of approaching larger issues concerning the form and/or meanings of Austen's work, revealed in her characterizations.
Mrs. Croft
Anne Elliot
Captain Wentworth
Sir Walter Elliot
The Narrator


here ya go ...

Mar 17, 2015
give me a quote

"I can write better than anybody who can write faster, and I can write faster than anybody who can write better."
- A. J. Liebling (1904-1963)
Allacademia  EssayChatMar 16, 2015
I want an academic essay about school violence (800 words) chphrase=all

check allacademia, it has all those essays.

research paper - deadline 20 march

Mar 15, 2015
I need A+ quality research paper of 3000 words by 20 March. Knowledge required in the fields of economics, financial systems, financial regulation, banking. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writer.

Payment will be made in stages of work completion. Serious and professional writers please contact.


are you for or against?

Mar 13, 2015
I want an academic essay about school violence (800 words)


looking for a writer to writer a asian film project

Mar 11, 2015
looking for a writer to writer a asian film project

writer has to know the styles of film, genre and etc.

please experts only and PLEASE make sure the quality of the paper, i have had few writers wrote for me and all end up with bad results

payment method will be paypal and price is negotiable


this has been said to me in many of the major cities of the world...

Mar 11, 2015
Try me for a new experience. I promise you will not be disappointed.



Mar 11, 2015
has to be the fastest relocation I have ever seen

professor verb's word for the day

Mar 9, 2015


: relating to prophecy

"I hope the dream I had last night about receiving a poor grade on my research paper doesn't prove fatidic."

*This will send 'em running for their dictionaries!

develop a mathematical modelling code for computer aided molecular design

Mar 2, 2015
I need help with developing a mathematical modelling code from this problem given in the text book "Computer Aided Chemical Engineering". Chapter 7: Identification of Multistep Reaction Stoichiometries: CAMD Problem Formulation

If you are able to help, please email me your qualifications, price, mode of payment, and also the software that you suggest to be used. We will discuss further via email.


we would need to see the case studies...

Mar 1, 2015
please can anyone help with question?



Mar 1, 2015
Organisations have been regarded variously as 'institutions', 'systems' and 'cultures'. Drawing on at least one of your seminar case studies, compare and contrast any two of these perspectives and discuss the extent to which each can illuminate and inform the management role. please can anyone help with question?

essay help

Feb 27, 2015
My goals after graduation is to become a full time college student while studying mechanical engineering. I would like to work on small engines. After starting college at a technical college, I would like to transfer out to a 4 year college and finish studying mechanical engineering. My goal is to get my bachelors or masters in math and science. One day I hope to get employed at the Kawasaki dealer working on small engines.

professor verb's word for the day

Feb 24, 2015


: the quality of being confident or fearless of danger or punishment, especially in a way that seems foolish or rude

"After being caught stealing cash from the the mail, the fired postal worker had the temerity to ask for her job back."

ommmggg.. okay school essay needed an example

Feb 21, 2015
OKay for english
essay question is how does "poets world effect his poetry "
robert frost


0stata assignment (i need completed assignment in 4 days

Feb 20, 2015
Introduction, description of country's banking system, data and models estimated (using STATA), analysis of results and conclusion. You must choose one of the following:

1. Analyse the financial ratios of banks within a country using SGMM estimation - following the papers of Kosmidou (2008) and Tregenna (2009).

2. Estimate SFA and determine if efficiency scores differ in the inclusion/exclusion of z-variables.

Maximum 3500 words #email_below#

Michelle Hodge  

need writer for human relation in admin

Feb 19, 2015
I need a writer to write the following: Using the results of my SWOT analysis and the Pest analysis on your organization and your personal reflections that I have included in the attachments, come up with three goals for you and your role in your organization (Completed on the Milestone Four Temple). Add three action items/goals that reflect important aspects of your future growth as a professional and as a student (Completed on Milestone Four Temple). Additional, revise Milestone One, Two, and Three based on your additional knowledge, and submit the entire final project. The template Final Milestone Four in the one that you combine all the others, instructions are on that template as well.
On the Pest Analysis for milestone 3 (Pest Analysis). I need to have this redone. My instructor said that this was extremely broad. There needs to be a focus on the organization that you are part of or the profession (I am a property manager) that you hope to have in the future. The statements are very vague and do not really provide enough specifics that demonstrate context or detail. I have attached this. I need this update to put into the Milestone Four Assignment.
I have all my assignment that I can send that need put into this Milestone four assignment.


professor verb's word for the day

Feb 18, 2015


: strong criticism or public disgrace

"Most countries have armies, but in Pakistan the army has a country. ... The army's record is not one to be proud of. Wars launched against India in 1947, 1965, and 1999, won little or nothing beyond international opprobrium." -- Nosebags; The Economist (London, UK); September 20, 2014.

darn, diggity

Feb 16, 2015

that's what you get when you sleep 2 hours a day

re: "circular economy"

Jan 30, 2015
I make it and she spends it...

kenyan scammers

Jan 30, 2015
No payment before job is done.That kills the deal... Beware of Kenyan scammers who will promise to have it done well and on time.

I agree, I warn yea all from this Kenyan scammer. Good luck with writers hunting!

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 28, 2015


: a newly created term used to distinguish the original or older version, form, or example of something from other, more recent versions, forms, or examples (e.g., "brick-and-mortar stores").

''Nowadays we need such distinctions as free-range chickens,* birth mother, natural blonde, ... and manual toothbrushes. The faster we advance, the more retronyms we enlist." -- David Astle, Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, November 1, 2014

*My wife and I were driving through a desolate part of Texas last summer when we saw a three-legged chicken running alongside the road. The chicken was nearly pacing us and we were doing 45 mph on the dirt road. Intrigued, we followed the chicken to a farmhouse set back from the road about a half a mile, and saw an old man sitting on the covered porch in a rocking chair. We asked him if that was his chicken we saw running down the road so fast and he replied, "Yup. I love chicken legs so I bred some three-legged chickens so I'd have some extras." When we asked him how they tasted, he said, "I don't know. I've never been able to catch one."

looking for writer in uk for phd thesis that have experience in information, communication and technology studies

Jan 23, 2015
I'm willing to pay a good amount of fee to pro-writer (phd thesis) but i have one condition which is: Meeting him anywhere in UK, ill pay for an hr tutor, i might need 2-3 hrs tutor per month. for more info.
please send me an email

olivera_888at hotmail dot com


fake customer

Jan 19, 2015
This client Ray is fake. Just want your writing samples.

when i was going to high school in wichita...

Jan 16, 2015
this is right where a student scores

... it was the Hourglass Bar right across the street from Wichita State.
Claude Chabrol  

you are out of your mind...

Jan 14, 2015
600 USD for 1500 words? He-he, crazy sob. Good luck finding clients.

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 8, 2015


: having an active feeling of repugnance or distaste -- typically used with "to"

"The students were not averse to having a few beers after finals."

Jan 7, 2015

Is this guy legit?

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