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About Us

Student Help was founded by a group of former students who today share an interest in the essay writing and research business. We have visited many forums and read tons of blog posts to determine which research writing companies and freelance writers are trustworthy enough to give them our hard-earned money. What we learned seems typical of these forums: lots of personal fights, hidden agendas, and meaningless accusations. It took a lot of research and patience to learn which website or writer would produce a quality model paper without scamming the customer.

By creating EssayChat, we hope to be an accessible platform for meaningful discussions about reviews, offers, opinions, and experiences with both essay websites and individual freelance writers. Our goal is to provide a quick answer to the million dollar question: which company or freelance essay writer would you recommend and why?

One word of caution: don't expect this website to solve all of your problems. Unfortunately, many posters will still be dishonest about their or their company’s location, qualifications of writers, compensation for writers, etc. Some posters will be posing as legitimate clients when in fact they work for the company in question. There is no way to avoid that. However, what you can surely do is to post your own experience with the recommended company or writer. That should help other readers looking for assistance.

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