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con artist

May 27, 2013

Hello Chrissy
The guy you are looking for is a CON artists/scammer
see this January thread

seriously, walking?

May 26, 2013
I however seek to walk and talk for the innocent lot of troubled students.

I didn't know we were charging walking now. But, maybe, just maybe you struck a vein of gold. Good luck with that

oh boy

May 26, 2013
Typically, there are five stages or phases in the industry lifecycle. Gort and Klepper (1982) originally identified these five stages. These five stages include early stage, innovation phase, shakeout or cost phase, maturity phase and finally decline phase.

with every line I read.............


May 26, 2013
this is what happens when you don't pay writers at al:l

You should post it on your blog or web site, and reindex the site, so that it can be accepted by Google. And yeah, there is a lot of crappy scammers out there.
were being sourced in places where countless number lives were lost due to blood money generated from the illegal mining and smuggling activities in those areas

by the way, not that i'm not sympathetic to your plight, but you might wanna spruce up your structure. this is horrible :)

are you sure...

May 26, 2013 have just delivered the paper that I had given them. The quality is amazing

Are you sure you aren't At least can you prove it? You'd praised before and knowing that they're the best, why did you go to the other companies knowing that they might not be amazing? Could you tell others why you think they're amazing?
NEWTON  JAMES  EssayChatMay 26, 2013
With several assignments to complete in a short period of time, I decided to engage various essay writing companies at the same time. have just delivered the paper that I had given them. The quality is amazing. I did not expect to get such a quality paper for an undergraduate course. I am waiting for other 3 companies to deliver theirs.


May 26, 2013
Anybody who has ever dealt with a customer with such a username and email ( advise
99Essays@gmail. com  EssayChatMay 26, 2013
When you grow up, get a job, have some kids and pay taxes, you may see things differently

99Essays@gmail. com  EssayChatMay 26, 2013
You are a sheep and think like a sheep.

You are naive and don't understand anything about business.

insults are free, help is not ...

May 25, 2013
You are a sheep and think like a sheep.

Better send money directly or go to OK to help personally.

In reality, I never thought I would get in a urination contest over asking people to help my fellow Oklahomans in time of need.

Your sophomoric suggestions indicate you have never experienced any real hardships in your life and have had everything handed to you by your parents. When you grow up, get a job, have some kids and pay taxes, you may see things differently, but based on your tone and attitude, I doubt it.
ron  EssayChatMay 25, 2013
But in the end, I'd rather they do well financially and get the job done at some level of competency, as opposed to running the cheapest possible operation.

You are a sheep and think like a sheep.
99Essays@gmail. com  

red cross

May 25, 2013
It is a myth that you should choose the charity with the lowest administrative expenses. Getting resources from donors to areas from need involves labor. Labor is not free, and when it is performed by highly skilled individuals, it is not cheap. Non-profit administration requires a particular skill set, and it has to be paid for.

You could drive or fly to Oklahoma and start tossing cash randomly into the air or throwing cans of soup into people's yards. You'd be performing "charity" at very low cost. (It still would not be free, because you'd have to pay for transportation to get there, and take a few days off work.) Personally, if I'm going to give my money to charity, I'd rather give it to people who know what they're doing and get paid appropriately, rather than hand it to some dude plans to sling soup cans.

Are the administrators of the Red Cross overpaid? Yes, probably. But in the end, I'd rather they do well financially and get the job done at some level of competency, as opposed to running the cheapest possible operation. I don't write the cheapest essays, and I don't expect other people to work for rock bottom prices, either.

i hope you never need their help...

May 25, 2013
By sending money to organizations like Red Cross, you are only feeding the parasites and the bloated system. You are NOT helping the victims.

I disagree. According to ross-chapter-sending-emergency-vehicle-to-oklahoma/: A total of 30 emergency vehicles from several Red Cross chapters are expected to make their way to the [Moore, OK] tornado zone.

I agree they could do better (couldn't we all?)
but Charity Navigator ( rates the Red Cross overall 59.64 out of 70 and gives them 3 stars (out of four); for Financial they give them 55.35 (out of 70) and 3 stars (out of four); for Accountability & Transparency the Red Cross gets 70.00 (out of 70) and 4 stars (out of four stars).

There are thousands of people without homes and hundreds injured, not to mention the dozens killed in this disaster. Please help in any way you see fit. Thank you.

learn the reality

May 25, 2013
but I sent the Red Cross ten bucks -- and so can you.

It is not my duty to EDUCATE you about the world YOU live in. Learn the reality first and then take action. Start here: lly-go-to-charity 9

Give yourself a CHANCE and drop Facebook crap for 10 minutes. Maybe some day you'll be able to educate others. By sending money to organizations like Red Cross, you are only feeding the parasites and the bloated system. You are NOT helping the victims.

charity begins at home ...

May 25, 2013
Better send money directly or go to OK to help personally.

How can you send money "directly"? I live in Oklahoma and I can't help these people (the area is cordoned off), but I sent the Red Cross ten bucks -- and so can you.
ron  EssayChatMay 24, 2013
Oklahoma Red Cross

Nice, but 70-80% of the donated money will be eaten by the parasites from Red Cross or other "non-profit" organization. Better send money directly or go to OK to help personally.

please help oklahoma tornado victims ...

May 24, 2013
You can donate $10 to the Oklahoma Red Cross to help the victims of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado by texting the Red Cross at 90999 or by calling 1-800-REDCROSS (73327677) -- thank you!
Ivory Towers  

critical spam

May 23, 2013
We are a genuine company based in the UK offering premium quality academic writing, editing and proofreading services. Please see the testimonials on our website for genuine feedback from real clients.

Oh just go to see why Karen has to put "genuine" before company. She has been ridiculed and exposed by many on that forum as well as here as a publicity mad spammer. I expect she drafted the Testimonials herself based on her propensity for encouraging favourable comments. It's time you went back to doing what you did before in the city Karen and leave essay writing to the professionals.

study tips for stressed-out students ...

May 22, 2013

1. Study where you take your tests. If possible, study in the same classrooms where you will be tested.

2. Use the "eating an elephant approach." Students can typically study for about 30-45 minutes before they want to do something else - anything else. Break your study material into manageable chucks so that, like eating an elephant, you can do it one bite at a time and it won't taste nearly as gamey.

3. Use flash cards. Just writing the flash cards will help you remember the material and reviewing them with a friend several times will reinforce the information.

4. Put the bong down and get some sleep. Even young people need their rest and a tired (or stoned) mind can't remember as much.

5. Type your notes. This is probably the number one best way to improve your study habits. Take good notes in class and then type them up as soon as you get home. The information will be fresh in your mind and you can add to the notes as you type them. Consult your text and include relevant information from there. Typed notes make review much easier later as well.


u r funny

May 21, 2013
They are generally American writers with no serious criminal records.



May 21, 2013
Right! And fairies go around and give gold to unsuspecting bystanders.....


May 21, 2013
Wow. He pays his writers 10% of the sale price? Oh my. He's almost a not-for-profit.

that is ...

May 21, 2013
That is crap. I know for a fact that there's a writer/company rep named Bubba Tolstoy who is an expert in health science and several other things who can do that work for $30 a page. If he hasn't time himself, he sends it to his writers, and I know that he pays them up to 10 percent of the sale price, to ensure quality. They are generally American writers with no serious criminal records.

oh and one more thing

May 21, 2013
Need an expert in field of health science,with good experience

NO YOU DON'T. Most of us do this professionally and have done so for many years. On a daily basis we write on subject areas other than the ones we studied at university. Any good writer can tackle any subject area within reason. You'll struggle to find an "expert" in health science, and if you do find one they're probably lying to you about it. However, the work you'll receive will be of a good standard and you'll be none the wiser. So do yourself a favour and follow these steps:

1...Just look for a writer that can prove his/her ability to write on any subject
2...Build a relationship of trust with that writer
3...Pay some form of deposit
4...Leave them to write the work in peace and only contact them before the agreed hand-in date when necessary
5...Request sample paragraphs from the work to prove quality, along with a screenshot of the plagiarism report (which you should be offered for free) to prove originality.
6...Pay the remainder of your balance.

Simple really, isn't it?

annoyed writer

May 21, 2013
Greeting everyone i am looking for a writer to construct a reflective paper for me i have been scammed in the past and writers these are claim to be writers with poor quality work
i pay only after i approve the quality.


Do you seriously expect to be able to commission a bespoke piece of academic work with no assurance for the writer that he/she will be paid? So, you just decide you "don't like" the work and refuse to pay? That's definitely fair. However, I'm sure the work will magically appear, unaltered in the submission box at your university.

Those looking for a writer, please be aware that you're paying for someone's time and skills. While essay writing comes easy to us, we still have to apply skills and spend time that would have been better directed at other work. Oh, and for clients that actually intend to pay for work they have ordered. It is your responsibility to check a writer's writing style/quality before proceeding with the final order. Some form of upfront payment (preferably 50%) is mandatory for the writer's peace of mind that they are not setting about completely wasting their time and effort.

Either buck up and complete your own work or comply with our terms.
99essays@gmail. com  

your demands ...

May 21, 2013
Well, good writers don't write 3,500 words and then hope for payment later. They get paid first ... usually either 100 percent or, at the very least, 50 percent. So under the conditions you're demanding, you're pretty much ensuring that you'll get "scammed," or at least disappointed, again.


May 16, 2013
I believe this writer to be legitimate and trustworthy.

But I think would be better. Your guess is not good. ;p
NEWTON  JAMES  EssayChatMay 16, 2013
Thank you for the job well done. I highly appreciate your efforts in giving me more than what I expected. I will always use your service. The live support also gave all what I needed before delivering the paper to me. I recommend all needy students to this service. It is more than you expect.

no he is not

May 15, 2013 :a spammer Today, 02:24pm
i did work for .He paid in first two months but now stopped my payment and switched of the cell numbers.

He paid you 2 months and now phone switched off... very funny your kids of spam writers.........

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