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Jan 20, 2011
Plagiarism :) They stupidly assumed that their work would not be thoroughly checked before being passed onto clients. Only established writers who enjoy an excellent, well-earned, reputation directly upload work to clients.

These writers mentioned working with other sites. Guess what the background check revealed? Fired for plagiarising and for inserting their email address into the docs they upload for clients. So, they are plagiarisers and client thieves :)

The others - application rejected because their writing was incoherent. Of course, they didn't take their rejection well. I think one of them mentioned something about my days on earth being numbered :)

So - apart from being plagiarisers and vile client thieves, they are mentally unhinged :)

Interestingly enough - I listed the ES members whom clients should contact if they want to work directly with writers. The people on that list don't trawl for customers because they are BUSY.
Richie  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
Not going to name names but, several of the customer-trawlers were rejected and/or fired by several companies.

Ah, so that could be a reason why some companies receive an unusual number of applications/resumes.. What was the reason of them being suspended?


Jan 20, 2011
Not going to name names but, several of the customer-trawlers were rejected and/or fired by several companies. Read the ads very carefully and put your common sense to work.

Again - I am not referring to ALL those who are advertising their services but to several of them. They know who they are ...
Harvard Writer  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
I am not really sure why there is so much cynicism on this board, but email me... I would be happy to chat with any doubters. I know many prefer the invisibility of online for such comments, but I am quite glad to meet face to face.

Idoncare  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
I hold an undergrad degree from Harvard

Guest  EssayChatJan 20, 2011
Writer and editor, fast + solid writing work

I wonder how a "solid" research work can still be FAST.... Can someone help? :-s
Richie  EssayChatJan 16, 2011
And why do you only want Indian writers?

Some say they are reliable? :D

indian writers

Jan 16, 2011
And why do you only want Indian writers? Will you be telling customers that they are native speakers?
Misfit  EssayChatJan 16, 2011
We need Indian Academic Writers for long-term work....

Will they be writing in Indian or English? If they will be writing in English then I would be interested in knowing why its only asking for Indian writers.
Richie  EssayChatJan 15, 2011
We Need Indian Writers

To write in Indian or English?

we need indian writers

Jan 15, 2011
We need Indian Academic Writers for long-term work....


Jan 14, 2011
I know what you mean as it has happened with us. We simply clarify that the customer - if it really is a customer - has not attempted to contact us through the legitimate support channels and should they want to do so, we would be more than happy to address their concerns. Doing so saves all a great deal of trouble, especislly if the poster is not a real customer :)
Ivory Research  

response to wrt

Jan 14, 2011
EssayScam and EssayChat are certainly not our support forums. However they are sources for information for our potential customers. Should we simply ignore complaints on the forum like many companies do - our potential customers will assume that this is how to treat unhappy clients. Do you see what I mean?

Out of all complaints posted on EssayScam and EssayChat - no one previously contacted me or our complaints department. If someone decided to go public - I have to respond in public as well. However trust me; dealing with complaints on forums is the last thing I enjoy about my work :-)

I wish everyone to have a wonderful weekend!

Ivory Research
Richie  EssayChatJan 14, 2011
I want to have an opportunity to resolve the complaint before someone goes public.

But something doesn't work since your customers HAVE to go public and only then you care to take care of them the way they expected.

my mistake

Jan 14, 2011
Regarding your name.

Katherine - you could have done what many of us do. We simply emphasise that this is not our support forum and any who wish to contact us csn do so through the contact info clearly displayed on our websites. Don't give and take because
1) you will be leaving yourself wide open to attacks
2) you will be accused of spamming.

Do you see what I mean?
Ivory Research  

response to wrt

Jan 14, 2011
Dear WRT,

Yes, we are competitors, but I believe that being well-educated individuals this should not affect our communication. I have nothing against your company and I would not feel comfortable posting any comments about it.

When I mentioned juvenile behaviour - it was not about you at all. I did appreciate your opinion on the case with Maz.

However what I disagree with you upon - is judging the company based on the fact that I have broken forum rules by posting an e-mail address. I am not promoting the company, but resolving complaints, so it is essential that our customers can easily reach us. I want to have an opportunity to resolve the complaint before someone goes public. Do you not think that this is a fair thing to ask?

National origin is an important attribute of every individual; however, it has very little to do with management skills and the legitimacy of the company owned by the individual.


P.S. And by the way - my name is not Katarina or Ekatrina

katherine - ivory research

Jan 14, 2011
I have never concealed the fact that we are competitors.

Now - is there anything misleading about my post. Yes, you were students and now are registered as British citizens and live in the UK. Your company is registered in the UK. The implication here is that you are liable under British law. That works in your favour, by the way and sets you apart from those who claim to be registered in the UK but reside outside the jurisdiction of British law. So, no, my post was not juvenile and was fair. I could have simply stated that the owner was a former Russian student studying at a British university. That would have been the truth BUT it would have been a half-truth.

Furthermore ... even though we are competitors, did I or did I not defend your company against maz's half-assed insinuations that you were scammers?

Yes, you spam your contact info at every turn. That is not proper. I stand by my criticism ...

Read my post carefully prior to concluding that I am attacking you simply because you are a competitor. Were that the case, I eould have stuck to half-truths and let Maz's insinuations go unanswered.

By the way - my username here is the same as my essayscam one. I have no need or cause to conceal my identity.
Richie  EssayChatJan 14, 2011
I feel that essay chat is a site that could possibly incite more harm than good. This is because when a person signs up, they can use any name they wish.

On any site a person can use any name they wish, no?

Maybe names should not be displayed at all, that would lead to focusing on the discussions only, not on names?

essence of essaychat

Jan 14, 2011
I feel that essay chat is a site that could possibly incite more harm than good. This is because when a person signs up, they can use any name they wish.

This allows people to claim to be whoever they wish to be, and that can only be seen as bad for everybody in the market. Negative posts, that could be damaging to companies or individuals are allowed to be posted, under whichever name the perpetrator chooses, whether that be a name of an individual or of a company.

I suggest that essayscam and essaychats usernames be merged, as I believe that this is the best way that people can be held responsible for their words.

Ivory Research  EssayChatJan 14, 2011
Dear WRT,

I agree I have "broken the rules" which state that I am not permitted to post management's private e-mail and postal address on the forum; however posting them on EssayChat is not forbidden, please check the FAQs.

In regards to the important issue of customer trust and breaking forum rules, this is an entirely different matter. Customers trust is achieved when they can see that they have certain guarantees in place to protect them. The guarantees are not only from the government i.e. being able to take company to court and get your money back; but guarantees from the company itself, which we provide for our clients.

Yes, I can not say that we get every order right and all of our clients are satisfied 100% (not 99.9% but completely100% satisfied.) However I can say that we treat our customers with respect and always try to resolve issues in the shortest amount of time. If there is an issue with a client's paper, our customer service operator's work very hard with the writers to get the paper amended to the client's request. Our office is open 105 hours a week, and we even made sure we were available for 10hrs on Christmas day, in order to make sure that our clients stayed supported.

If our client is still not satisfied after the amendments have been completed, the case is sent to our complaints department. If our complaints department can not resolve the case - it is then sent to me.

I want our unhappy customers to contact our complaints department by e-mailing before they post negative feedback on forums. If the complaint can not be resolved, clients should contact me on Give us a chance to resolve the problem before making it public, this is all we ask of our clients, as it means that everybody leaves happy.

We received two anonymous accusations, neither of which was backed up by any evidence. This leads me to think that these were our competitors, trying to ruin our reputation. Unfortunately they are not the only ones, but Ivory Research is an honest company and our reputation is extremely important to us.

Seeing statements such as:

Or "reviews of your competitors" which have clearly been written to promote their own company, without any regard to correct information, like:


These all make me feel like this market is becoming slightly juvenile, with companies focusing more on making competitors look bad rather than concentrating on their own services and customers.



Jan 14, 2011
Has offered some of you some very good advise. S/he wasn't obliged to but did. Act upon it ...
smirk  EssayChatJan 14, 2011
i suggest you set up a wordpress website and use google adsense to market it, that will prove much more effective than spamming a board
smirk  EssayChatJan 14, 2011
and this is unfair and inadequate response, don't generalize

Btw, what was your point? Katherine has offered you a way out, why do you refuse to cooperate?

a response! wow

Jan 14, 2011
Learn how to read English, Smirk!

care to give a lesson?

a 'partner' which can mean ownership too actually)

am I misreading this or is it what you write?

Are you EFL?

exactly, i don't use English as my first language, neither do you

re: sample assignment

Jan 14, 2011
Most professional researchers/writers can do them in their sleep but, apparently, it took you 'ages.' :)

WRT: You're a straight time-waster of me and all the people on this forum. NOwhere (get a life!) NOwhere did I state the amount of time I spent on the assignment!
If you're happy to have me admit I am not a writer (without even reading my posts), then, "Ok, mistress, I am not a WRITER!!!". Hope it satisfies your masochism :-D.

res to wrp

Jan 14, 2011
back to the point: how did they scsm you?!

Dear: Katherine will confirm that NOwhere I stated IR is a scam. I just discussed my experience which does tell us 'something' about this company.
I hope it clears my position. (Again you made a point without reading my posts :-( )
PS: I will not continue to post on this topic anymore (Read my response to Katherine).

maz - stick to the point

Jan 13, 2011
I said that your post indicates that you were a writer-applicant. Katherine initially assumed otherwise by asking for your order #, suggesting that you were a customer. Hence, my post addressed BOTH possibilities.

Now, stick to the point - how did they scam you? You asked us to draw our one conclusions as to whether or nit they were, and to use your experience as our reference point. So ...back to the point: how did they scsm you?!
Ivory Research  EssayChatJan 13, 2011
However, can you imagine how much time I spent on doing the sample assignment and then waited for your response. Does it not tell me how caring your company is for the most important asset of your business.

Dear Maz,

We really care about our writers. Yet, in every business there is one common problem: human factor. However hard you try to eliminate mistakes - there always will be some.


NEW - Only individual freelance writers / editors may advertise here (writing agencies may take advantage of the paid advertising opportunities). Short / re-written / poorly-written ads may not be accepted.

NEW 2 - Writer's email is now linked to{your-email} page.

NEW 3 - Only writers who have an EssayScam Writer Profile activated and have at least 2.000 Rating can post their ads here under their associated email. Writing service ads not posted in this category will be removed.

IMPORTANT: Ads of Regular writers whose EssayScam Rating falls below a certain level (currently < 10.000) or who haven't posted a relevant and meaningful message in a public forum on EssayScam every 24hrs or less will also be automatically removed.

If you already have an ad published here, please make sure to delete the old one before posting a new (and never published) one. Ads posted through proxy servers will be removed. Ad re-posting / bumping will keep the reposted ad unreviewed or deleted.

Recommend your academic writing business email here!



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