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the true story - just for richie rich

Dec 29, 2010
You said:

"What's the true story - she was a freelance writer for your sites and now she's trying to badmouth you? What's the reason, you owe her any money or something?"

Ask Hala the mad egyptian scammer dog. I am not called Melissa so do not know all details.

What I DO know is that Hala Khalek (WRT) owner of Thessayist and Oxbridge-Researchers (NOT based in Oxford at all and using NO Oxford writers!) was SACKED by Melissa years ago - for cheating, plagiarism, stealing etc.

That started a war between these two little spiteful girls that is still going on.

Funny really, and sad. I like watching the mad old bint going crazy when she is exposed though! So sad! It actually thinks IT MATTERS! LMAO!

And any time anyone exposes Hala Khalek she 1) accuses them of being Melissa; 2) begs the mods (her lover ET/WB's friends) to ban them.

That is libel and lies - so perfectly in keeping with most of what is vomited on EssayScam ( by its resident psycho WritersBeware and her little dog WRT (Hala EFL Khalek).

That PROVES that what we all say in true actually! I tell the truth; Hala Khalek does not.

WB and WRT constantly threaten legal action on EssayScam. NONE HAS EVER BEEN BROUGHT AGAINST ANYONE. And ALL 'evidence' cited is nothing of the sort - just linke to old threads of angry rants and bile-spewing by our resident psychotic loons! SAD SAD SAD!

richie - let it go!

Dec 29, 2010

Listen MORON - I am NOT Melissa, so how can I start a fight about that?

What I say on here is true - WRT is Hala Khalek; she owns and runs a couple of small crap essay companies so has spent years on EssayScam disparaging and libeling her competition and licking WB's fanny. (WB is connected to ET).

I do NOT CARE about Hala Khalek or her bitchy history with a woman who sacked her. But then when the egyptian liar accuses me and anyone else who exposes her of being someone called Melissa and saying I am a liar and libeler - then I have the right to say what the hell I like about Hala the mad arab dog!

Trust me - I know ALL about this business and ALL about WRT and WritersBeware. That is why I inform idiots who come here thinking this site is the place to come for impartical advice just what silly little sitting ducks they are! You are WAY too green to even be here!

I point out some FACTS here so IDIOTS like you realise that WRT is not the innocent little thing she pretends to be! If yo cannot appreciate that, then shut up, twat! LEARN from your MORONIC statements, retard! How can I learn from the past when Hala has just accused me of being someone I am not! DOH!

And please do not think you know ANYTHING about this business or its scammers (like WRT and WB). You do not! And you are now backing up Hala Khalek - fine by me, if you want to be known as a scammer licker.
Richie  EssayChatDec 29, 2010
Listen Richie

As far as I can tell it was you who started the fight again, not her. Just learn from the past and treat it as a good experience, dragging the past is useless for both of you.

libel advice

Dec 29, 2010

"Sorry, should note that you did say that ET has no address or phone number, which COULD be a problem. Then again, I don't list either for privacy reasons but turn out a high-quality product."

NO - it IS A REAL PROBLEM! I wold not trust your site anyway frankly. High quality product? YEAH, RIGHT!


"Also: Saying that people are engaging in libel is itself libelous unless you can prove it."

Oh really - care to read the ENDLESS LIBEL spouting from Hala (WRT's) and WB's fat gobs? Accusing people all the time - citing dumb threads fullk of their mad opinions as 'evidence' (LMAO!).

For example, I am not Melissa - and yet Hala says I am. LIBEL!

So GO GET MELISSA, Hala yo sad arab dog! Why so shy! Go get her! She sacked yo for stealing and now you want revenge! Fine! Go see her, bitch! Scracth each others eyes out! I DO NOT CARE!

HALA KHALEK you are such a FOOL!
Richie  EssayChatDec 29, 2010
I am not called Melissa

I'm an impartial poster.. why don't you let it go, whatever happened in the past is the past, why do you drag it anytime you have a chance? It's pointless, waste of time. You'll get cancer because you are so concerned about the past.

advice for amon

Dec 29, 2010
1) I am not called Melissa

2) Someone called Melissa Madwidge sacked Hala Khalek (for plagiarism or stealimng perhaps) many years ago - this is the start of Hala's mad feud with Melissa - she accuses anyone who exposes her of being called Melissa! I think she needs help!

3) You are new here Amon and know nothing, frankly. You'll learn! NO legitimate essay company advertises on here! If you do people will avoid you! CAn yo not SEE that! You just believe what yo read here! Get real, love!

4) Neither you nor the psychotic WB or her sidekick WRT are anyone's judge or jury at all - you are desperate posters on an online forum for saddos. Don't forget it!

Now we shall wait for Hala's mentrual tantrums and WB's synchronised menopausal rants. How sad these people are! Their responses will prove my points.


Dec 28, 2010
Let me explain:

WritersBeware has spent 3 years and 7000 posts (that is 1 million words!) being an utter psycho libeler liar on EssayScam - (a site OWNED by a cople of Poles in Illinois who WB knows and who offer editing services themselves - who also have a connection to a site called Customessays) - and has NEVER given ANY REAL EVIDENCE for any of her BS lies! Her OPINIONS are NOT evidence! LEARN SOME LAW, RETARDS!

Of course, WB is too much of a gutless coward weirdo to reveal her true identity too. But then attempts to reveal others'! IGNORE her! IF she admits what I know - then I shall reply to her. ntil then, let the loonie rot! She has been threatening legal action in her vile poisonous angry sad posts for 3 years - and we are ALL still waiting! Waiting....waiting....waiting...

WB has ALWAYS defended and praised ET - and has criticised most other companies; she is even dumb enough to claim that only 'old, big American companies' are trustworthy! Like Enron Essays perhaps! LMAO! ET CLAIMS to have been online since 1995 - funny that seeing as the NAME ET was not even registered ntil 2001! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!

WB is a sad sack psycho nutcase unemployable loser - listen to her and you deserve to get scammed! She is a complete 100% NOTHING - always was and always will be. Why else do you think she lives for some sad internet forum? Lots of those with mental health isses do - so we can just hope she lives her life in her basement vomiting filth at the world online and doesn't hurt anyone eh?

ET reveals NO phone number on its website. That makes it a scam. It also claims to have been online since 1995! LIE! The name ET was only registered in 2001! LIE! SCAM! (Now let's wait for WRT and WB to defend their company ET - which is a company to avoid for sure).

Students: NEVER trust an online company that does not give a landline phone number! NEVER!

Amon - you criticise my post. Why? I am educating you into the ways of EssayScam and the losers who post there. No claim on EssayScam is EVER backed up with real evidence, BOZO - just becase WB shouts and claims it is, does not make it so! I certainly wold not trst anyone like you Amon desperate enough to plead for business here! AMON - you are a dmb beginner here and KNOW NOTHING! Just accept that and you'll be fine. Or be an ass licker of WRT and her boss WB - I do not care either way!

WRT is guilty of deception because she (Hala Khalek) runs it from Manchester but calls it 'Oxbridge-researchers' thereby IN EFFECT claiming that its writers have degrees from Oxbridge! Legal, yes - bt I wold not trust any shyster who uses such desperate tricks! If I ran a company from say Mount Prospect Chicago but claimed I was 100% independent and based in Oxford UK, with university writers - would you trust me eh?

I woldn't trust ANY liar and scammer who posts on EssayScam or here either. Especially the resident ET liar and scammer WritersBeware who is TOO DAMN SCARED to reveal her name! COWARD! YELLOWBELLY!

BTW I am NOT Melissa Anyone or Elvis or Lord Lucan - that is just Hala Khalek's Egyptian brain going mental again! LOSER!

Hala Khalek (WRT) who is the 2nd and 3rd largest poster on EssayScam (2 user names Hala - TUT TUT) recommends WritersBeware (her hero) ET (her hero's company) and Custompapers (which is connected to EssayScam).

But then, Egyptians are said to be corrupt as Chicage dogs eh Hala? Or is your name Al-Fayed now?

Hala - continue your massive SHILL and attempt to disparage others. Every lie and insult from you PROVES me right. Thank you, Melissa-obsessive (by the way, didn't Melissa M sack you once? Sour grapes huh? YOU CHILDISH GIRLY TIT!)

Ha ha ha! Melissa sacked Hala for plagiarism! And Hall she want revenge but she dumb egypt loser so just get fat and angry insteads! EFL TRASH HALA KHALEK! Thesssayist - AVOID!

WritersBeware and WRT: IGNORE (but laugh at!) HA HA HA HA HA! LMAO!
kont  EssayChatDec 28, 2010
I only have me and a few freelancers for rush seasons

Why don't your freelancers set up their own websites? It would take them an hour to do it....
Amon Giralda  EssayChatDec 28, 2010
Is it your only site, it doesn't look too professional.

Kont: Yes. I'm not a big player, I only have me and a few freelancers for rush seasons. It's a site designed by a friend for free, we're going to improve it as soon as we can. What you can see, though, is that everything is well-written, my pricing structure is stated very clearly up front, and none of it is stolen from other sites. I don't have a bevy of sites designed to disguise my ownership. It's all above board. If you have any complaints, questions or suggestions, forward them to and I'll gladly implement them in the new site!
kont  EssayChatDec 28, 2010
Judging a book by its cover is hardly wise.

I don't know if he writes well, just commented on his site (as I thought he has other sites too and this was only one of them).
WRT  EssayChatDec 28, 2010
   Today, 18:31 by kont  |  #
Is it your only site, it doesn't look too professional.

Seriously?! Judging a book by its cover is hardly wise. Does he write well? Are his arguments logical? Is he honest about who he is and his qualifications?

That is what any semi-intelligent customer would focus upon.

And, no, I do not know Amons
kont  EssayChatDec 28, 2010

Is it your only site, it doesn't look too professional.
Amon Giralda  

i love...

Dec 28, 2010
How every time I point out that I, a new member of EssayScam, are not associated directly with you or WB or anyone else, they slink back and never respond. It's a damning position. EssayScam as a board may have some problems, but it is NOT a gigantic conspiracy.


Dec 28, 2010

Thanks a bundle! ^_^

the mkm story (and centralpark - we know you :) )

Dec 28, 2010
What's the true story - she was a freelance writer for your sites and now she's trying to badmouth you? What's the reason, you owe her any money or something?

This is the thread you need to read :) ssayscam-org-1326/

true story?

Dec 28, 2010
What's the true story - she was a freelance writer for your sites and now she's trying to badmouth you? What's the reason, you owe her any money or something?

Here it is: in-up-auction-1851/

No - we do not owe her a pence - vice-versa. Her own lawyer, after being confronted with the TRUTH - withdrew from her repesentation.

Besides the fact that she has yet to account for literally thousands of dollars, she STOLE OUR COPYRIGHTED Backend AND TRIED TO CREATE HER OWN WEBSITES - using our programming.

We may have been her first victims in the industry but we were not her last - she went on to steal the copyrighted webcopy of several companies and claim both affiliation and ownership of them.

We, as a company, thought that taking down her sites was sufficient. We did not want to go after her for several other things - she is 25 and we did not want to destroy whatever semblance of a future she may have. Unfortunately, her continued libellous activities have made it impossible.

On of her most laughable claims is thay she is a top marketing executive with Reed - her direct boss enied that, saying that they fired her for ethical reasons and non-performance of her duties within two weeks of employment.

Yes, we called every single one of your former workplaces and all is on public record.

Get me for libel if you can - you started this. Libel, by the way = lying. You have nothing on us as you know that EVERYTHING HERE is the truth and we have not revealed all. Don't provoke us.

"melissa" - the true story?

Dec 28, 2010
Melissa is back

What's the true story - she was a freelance writer for your sites and now she's trying to badmouth you? What's the reason, you owe her any money or something?

melissa is back (and i know who you all are but am collectively calling you all melissa)

Dec 28, 2010
1) as I, not others, have stated from day 1, I am British by blood and acquired the Egyptian nationality (also by blood), much later. I am not based in Manchester - our registered office is. I, as you well know, live in London most of the year-round,
2) two of my partners are American; Texas and Illinois. A third is Australian. You know that already, though, don't you - you know it for a fact.
3) you have experienced our reaction to liars. Listen to this: S.A. is here. You will know what that means when he gets back.

1) I do not take kindly to employees (full time) who stole tens of thousands of dollars
2) I do not take kindly to employees (full time) who do not do their job AT ALL and are nothing but lazy bums who assume that they are working with fools

Breaking News:
Since I have been taken in by people like you a couple of times, the person you really fear the most is the acting CEO.

Another thing:
I am proud of both my British and Egyptisn origins. What shames me is the fact that I cannot count Arabic as one of the languages I am comfortable with; what shames me is that I am illiterate in the language. But, no, I am proud of my national origins - both of them and am loyal to both my countries.

As for ET - were you, in any way, literate, yiu would have found their contact info.

Mods - isn't it time that this multiple ID idiot (who works with a couple of others) is permanently banned.

Now - go to hell. You have nothing on me but I have plenty on the lot of you.

Your sites were taken offline and we will go full steam ahead against all of you.
brett  EssayChatDec 28, 2010
being connected to Essayscam

I've heard at least 20 sites are connected to EssayScam (because their official reps post there from time to time).
brett  EssayChatDec 28, 2010
ET has no address or phone number

IT has, but it takes at least 50 IQ points to find it ;)
Amon Giralda  EssayChatDec 28, 2010
Sorry, should note that you did say that ET has no address or phone number, which COULD be a problem. Then again, I don't list either for privacy reasons but turn out a high-quality product.

Also: Saying that people are engaging in libel is itself libelous unless you can prove it.
Amon Giralda  

nice one

Dec 28, 2010
First of all, your URL doesn't work, which doesn't bode well.

Second, I am not connected with any of these companies and I post on EssayScam, so your statement is false.

Third, Custompapers being connected to Essayscam, even if it were TRUE, would not make CUSTOMPAPERS a bad outfit. This is not an argument.

Fourth, an Egyptian BASED IN THE UK is not being deceptive.

Fifth, I have seen a lot of people mention WB being connected to ET, except that I haven't seen any PROOF of it, which is odd given how much her detractors would like for it to be true. Also, you have said nothing about ET that is actually BAD.

So you posted generally good advice... after three unsupported and irrelevant claims. Nice.

essay sites to avoid

Dec 28, 2010
The ONLY way to be sure of a good quality paper is to pay a reasonable price for it! Ensure the essay company is based in a Western Country - it MUST have a landline phone number (0800 is not sufficient); also it should be LLC or Limited company too. Ignore EVERYTHING else, including ANY post on EssayScam (which will be from competitors mentioned above).
Amon Giralda  EssayChatDec 26, 2010
Where are you located, are you a native English speaker?

From what I have seen, he is not. The lack of response here indicates something, I think.

list of the sites to avoid

Dec 26, 2010
Richie is right - the `iffy' companies have upped their prices.

WritersBeware has listed the companies to avoid multiple times. Please read her posts.

This one is very important:

Others (search strings) re=1&forum=&action=search&searchGo=1 here=1&forum=&action=search&searchGo=1
Richie  EssayChatDec 26, 2010
Warning: pay cheap and you will get crap.

That was true a few years ago, but now the frauds tend to have about the same prices as legitimate sites despite they offer their writers peanuts per page...
Amon Giralda  

thank you...

Dec 25, 2010
For the rec, WRT! I hoped that writing well would be noticed. I agree with his entire list, by the way: All those listed clearly know their way around the Internet, know how to research, know how to make an argument and cite it and support it, etc. You (almost) can't go wrong with people who can write well on a forum.

since recommendations are allowed ...

Dec 25, 2010
As a company, we do not believe in shilling or self-recommendations. We do well enough by word of mouth. However, I've noticed that a lot of mediocre writers and less-than-credible companies are spamming this board. Customers are, therefore, understandably confused. To clear up this confusion, I will list credible companies and writers (just so you know I am being straight here and have no other motive than to participate in the removal of the scammers from this industry and am not fishing for clients or shilling for our company, I am listing COMPETITORS):

Ukessays and any of the AA sites

Writers you can contact via the board

I will be adding to this list as it is not exhaustive.

Companies you really need to stay away from:
Masterpapers and all its sister sites
Bestessays and all its sister sites

Posters you need to ignore - Dan's various usernames, expertwriter, stu4 (aka STUpid) etc

Posters you need to focus on and take really listen to: WRITERSBEWARE and MAJOR.

Warning: pay cheap and you will get crap.

NEW - Only individual freelance writers / editors may advertise here (writing agencies may take advantage of the paid advertising opportunities). Short / re-written / poorly-written ads may not be accepted.

NEW 2 - Writer's email is now linked to{your-email} page.

NEW 3 - Only writers who have an EssayScam Writer Profile activated and have at least 2.000 Rating can post their ads here under their associated email. Writing service ads not posted in this category will be removed.

IMPORTANT: Ads of Regular writers whose EssayScam Rating falls below a certain level (currently < 10.000) or who haven't posted a relevant and meaningful message in a public forum on EssayScam every 24hrs or less will also be automatically removed.

If you already have an ad published here, please make sure to delete the old one before posting a new (and never published) one. Ads posted through proxy servers will be removed. Ad re-posting / bumping will keep the reposted ad unreviewed or deleted.

Recommend your academic writing business email here!



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