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sort of a no duh

Jan 7, 2011
Then why you still promote your site, not believing you are totally swamped :)

Simple: Given the time it'll take people to contact me combined with the time before their assignments, it should work itself out. As of now, I'm getting plenty of assignments with due dates into early February.
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
Right now I personally am totally swamped.

Then why you still promote your site, not believing you are totally swamped :)

sort of

Jan 6, 2011
I don't see many available orders yet.... :(

Right now I personally am totally swamped.

That having been said, things are a little slow. I won't say anything specific, but some companies have some stuff going on, other more selective ones don't. Lots of college applications and resumes right now.

is the writing season on?

Jan 6, 2011
I don't see many available orders yet.... :(
AmonsEssays  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
It's not a forum but a message board :)

Well, the Nerd Police is on the roll! NYYYAAAH-NYYYAH!


It's a message board where people reply to each other. I guess it's sort of like the classic old BBS.
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
She's "participating" in the forum.

It's not a forum but a message board :)
AmonsEssays  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
To be fair, she isn't spamming the same message over and over. She's "participating" in the forum.

ella ivory = full of crap

Jan 6, 2011
"(and no I am not going to do some self promotion)"

Wow, that's a bunch of crap. Is that why you SPAM your URL in every post and promote your Facebook page?
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
Thats good to know

Where is my coupon code then? :)
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
Give customers big discounts on their essays - that's what matters for them the most these days.
Ella Ivory  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
What do you mean? To find out about students or their wishes?

A bit of both really and more. Customers are the most important part of any business and in order to be able to understand and develop as a business, potential customers needs have to be clarified & better place would I find out about said needs than a forum.
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
a good source for finding out about our targetd audience

What do you mean? To find out about students or their wishes?
Ella Ivory  

hello all

Jan 6, 2011
Hi I work for a custom writing essay/dissertation company (and no I am not going to do some self promotion). I have just recently found this forum and thought it would be a good source for finding out about our targetd audience.

freelance writer looking for job

Jan 4, 2011
hi everyone i am a freelance academic writer with plenty of experience of academic writing. i am willing to provide assistance to any one who need it. my email is contact potential employers and customers as well. your satisfaction is guaranteed with quality and reasonable rates.
Amon Giralda  

yes, but...

Jan 4, 2011
This guy may be just for a quick buck, and if you're not satisfied he won't do much to satisfy you. Same like semi-writers on craigslist.

Lotto: Your comment is fair enough, but I have done what I can to indicate otherwise. I have a website that shows my policies, give people writing samples, and have established myself here and on EssayScam. I am recommended by WRT alongside other established writers. And I've been at this for ten years, so the bucks ain't quick. I pride myself on really caring about customers. And as I've noted on this very forum, I can't afford not to have good word of mouth. If anyone has had a bad experience, I will do my best to do the right thing.


Jan 4, 2011
Have you ever stepped foot outside Oz?

You are not very good at pretending to be
1) educated
2) British
3) sane

I won't go into your other claims (that you are a famous author, run a multiple-million pound company, etc.) as they are the ramblings of a disturbed individual.

Melissa Kelly Madgwick - whatever your username, all have no problem identifying you. Importantly, whatever the disagreements between essayscam and essaychat members, all are in agreement where you are concerned :)

Seriously, you are still young ... try to make something of your life before it is too late. You are headed towards self-annihilation and only you can save yourself from total destruction.

You arouse pity and disgust.

You are really uncouth, crass and low-class. Just look at your language ...

Terribly sad

height of insanity

Jan 4, 2011
You've reached it Melissa :)
Yes, Melissa Kelly MADgwick - you are insane.

rtt, good advice, et al.

Jan 4, 2011
Melissa Kelly Madgwick: ssayscam-org-1326/
A chronicle of your fraud, lies, insanity and criminality.

Where is the court order you supposedly obtained to remove this thread? It does not exist :)

Bottom line -
Your sites are offline
Our sites are online and expanding

Live with that ...

melissa madgwick

Jan 4, 2011
You all know who she is by now. She claims that she fired me and, therefore, I am lashing out.
Take a look at her blogpost:
Do not believe what you read! Truth behind serious allegations made.
December 17, 2009, 12:09 am
Filed under: Uncategorized
Hello World!

The purpose of my blog posting is to rectify serious rumors that have been made public on internet from a known person. This person is facing serious defamation charges concerning Melissa Madgwick and her businesses.

The owner of Sydney Pet Minders ( namely Melissa Madgwick, has come under attack by an individual Melissa Madgwick unfortunately had worked with over the past two years. This individual has set out to destroy Melissa over the past year, by posting crude comments on a public forum and accusing her of being a certain racist blogger. Melissa's lawyers are trying to rectify this situation and such false posts are to be removed immediately by court order.

Now as we all may be wondering why on earth would someone set out to destroy a young 23 year old Univeristy Graduate from Sydney Australia with such a bright future? Jealously and threat of competition are the two major reason behind this persons low act(s). This individual hacked into Melissa Madgwicks business email accounts at the beginning of 2009 and illegally discovered that Melissa was trying to open her own businesses. Melissa Madgwick worked tirelessly for a year and received little rumeration for her work from this person. Melissa Madgwick held onto many false promises made by this unamed individual for over a year, however in the end Melissa Madgwick had no choice but to open her own businesses and start making a living for herself and her family.

Melissa Madwick and her websites are not scams and are far from it.

Here is the list of websites that are soon to be operational: (The websites have not been active and have been found illegally whilst being developed).

Please contact Melissa directly or you can call her lawyer directly to discuss the false allegations made against her.

Kind Regards,

Truth Blogger

Now - she asked people to contact HER lawyer for the truth. Here is his contact info:
John Cheng, Director
Damin Murdock, Lawyer
Berrigan Doube Lawyers
LEVEL 11, 210 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Ask them why they withdrew from her representation :) Ask them how they reacted to her making false statements on their behalf (fraudulently attributing statements to her lawyers).

And the bottom line is:
Her sites are all offline
She stole from us and several websites

Our sites are online :)

Melissa Kelly Madgwick ... have you no pride AT ALL?

BTW - Melissa Kelly Madgwick misrepresents herself as a marketing exec with Reed Publishing in Sydney Australia. Call them up please. See what they have to say about her and why they TERMINATED HER within two weeks of her employment.

Melissa - you do not suffer from chronic depression or anorexia as you claim but, from multiple personality disorder.
Good Advice  

paul aka wrt aka hala khalek is a liar and a moron

Jan 4, 2011
WRT is a well-known psychopath who has used over 20 usernames at She (and her other user names: Paul, Oxbridge Researchers, WRT) is insanely obsessed with her former employer called Melissa Madgwick, Hala/WRT is bitter because WRT's lawyers lost a case against Melissa and her sites - there was no case, apparently! Now the batty lunatic Hala Khalek has nothing more to do than post insane diatribes containing barely comprehensible gibberish.

That just about sums it all up

Business quiet then Hala WRT? You seem to have spent the last 3 years prattling around on EssayScam playing. Sad when women get old and fat and ugly - no man and a failing business = lots of time. ROTFLMAO!

GoodAdvice is NOT called Melissa!

HE - and Yes, i HAVE A PENIS! - has never ever had ANY form of legal argument with WRT aka Hala Khalek the owner of the site Oxbridge Researchers (based in Manchester, UK and this attempting to con students into thinking they have Oxford ni writers!). He has never met Melissa, though he did have sex with a pretty girl called Mel once. In Oxford actually - where Hala Khalek pretend to be on her amateur Manchester-nased essay websites from 'Oxbridge' researchers! LMAO!

I only know the name Melissa becauuse of WRT's insane obsession with her! Anyone who disagrees with WRT or exposes her scam site ort makes a fool out of her as I have done many a time, gets accused of being someone called Melissa!

Hala the moron actually thinks that is a defence! LMAO!

Here are the facts as I know them: years ago, in a land far far away, there lived an ogre called Princess Hala Fiona Khalek. She was employed by an Australian who was pretty and slim and blonde called Melissa M. Then Princess Hala was sacked by Melissa for plagiarism and theft and fraud and goodness knows what - and ever since then, Princess Hala Fiona has been obsessed by this Melissa and has constantly threatened to take her to court.

The fact is Hala Khalek's case against Meliss cost princess ugly Hala loads of money and would have been thrown out if she had continued it (Hala Khalek knew this so chickened out!).

Now Hala aka Paul - if you have any EVIDENCE to the contrary, please post it, If not, please do shut up parroting that slimeball Hala Khalek (WRT) - you sound like a tit. YOU ARE A LAUGHING STOCK, HALA KHALEK! No credibility at all! So at least students know NEVER to use your crap sites - where EFL writers like you write trash for silly expensive prices!

But please please PLEASE Hala mad Egyptian woman - continue your legal fight against Melissa! I love to see you lose even more money than your business does already!

LMAO! Keep vomiting your lies on here, Hala - all year long! Personally, I have better things to do! But thanks for the entertainment - you really are a CLOWN!


Jan 4, 2011
The lawyer comment was not directed at you.

I cannot comment on your merits as a researcher/writer and certainly do not know where you are located. What I do know is that you regularly spam both essayscam and essaychat. Such behaviour reflects negatively upon you. I would advise that you build credibility through constructive, informative posts. Believe me, it would serve you better.


Jan 3, 2011
As is one of the lawyers who obliterated you :)

You can call me on my land-line number...


Jan 3, 2011
Lots of these companies (and EssayScam and WritersBeware) are based in Chicago for F sake!

As is one of the lawyers who obliterated you :)
Yes i am located in HornChurch (London)...

If you were located in Hornchurch, whether Essex or Havering, you'd have known that the 'C' is not capitalised :)


Jan 3, 2011
tnx for the reply. are you uk based?

Yes i am located in HornChurch (London)...
Lotto  EssayChatJan 3, 2011
Amons Essays

This guy may be just for a quick buck, and if you're not satisfied he won't do much to satisfy you. Same like semi-writers on craigslist.


Jan 3, 2011
Anyone who orders a paper through one of the random, anonymous, completely lawless charlatans who SPAM tis forum is an absolute idiot who deserves to get defrauded.

amons essays

Jan 3, 2011
Anyone have any experience having Amon write for them? I understand recommendations aren't allowed - but I would like some feedback from others PLEASE.
AmonsEssays  EssayChatJan 3, 2011
Who has now added apparent Ph. D fraud to her repertoire.

"good advice" is a psychopath

Jan 3, 2011
"Good Advice" is a well-known psychopath who has used over 20 usernames at Her name is Melissa Madgwick, and she has an equally insane, male partner. Melissa is bitter because WRT's lawyers CRUSHED her and her sites. All of her ripoff essay sites have been taken offline. LMAO! Now the batty lunatic has nothing more to do than post insane diatribes containing barely comprehensible gibberish.

you could...

Jan 3, 2011
You can look for the person who used no ableist slurs or attacks on entire nations.

NEW - Only individual freelance writers / editors may advertise here (writing agencies may take advantage of the paid advertising opportunities). Short / re-written / poorly-written ads may not be accepted.

NEW 2 - Writer's email is now linked to{your-email} page.

NEW 3 - Only writers who have an EssayScam Writer Profile activated and have at least 2.000 Rating can post their ads here under their associated email. Writing service ads not posted in this category will be removed.

IMPORTANT: Ads of Regular writers whose EssayScam Rating falls below a certain level (currently < 10.000) or who haven't posted a relevant and meaningful message in a public forum on EssayScam every 24hrs or less will also be automatically removed.

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