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english help

Feb 27, 2017
I am trying to write a paper and I am having such bad writers block due to content and flow.


re: can anybody write a story on the topic - when i woke i was become an old man

Feb 21, 2017
That's funny -- the same thing happened to me this morning.

finance research paper

Feb 21, 2017
I'm looking for someone to help me with a research paper on whether mergers and acquisitions creates value for shareholders. It will involve collecting and analyzing data as well.

sristi  EssayChatFeb 17, 2017
hi can anybody write a story on the topic - when i woke i was become an old man
Alexa.k99  EssayChatFeb 15, 2017
Hello, I am looking for a real, genuine and professional freelance writer who is fairly priced and not a scam to help me with a biology essay which is due in two weeks. I wish to know how and why I should trust their service, if they will provide me with the essay within the due date range and if I can expect a great grade. My grades are very important to me and if I really was able to handle my other educational/personal life tasks I would have done the essay myself. Please, help me with finding the right individual, I'm tired of searching for a legit writer. Thanks.
Mani Pratt  

need help on my motivation letter

Feb 14, 2017
Hello, please I am applying for a master's degree in Electrical Engineering - Energy at KU Leuven in Belgium and I am asked to supply a motivation letter but I don't know from where to start. If you can help then I'll be forever grateful. Thanks..


english literature edexcel gce coursework help wanted

Feb 11, 2017
I require assistance with my coursework, contact me if anyone is offering to help.
'War Fever'
'The Empire of the Sun'


re: an example of story ending with use one stone to kill two birds.

Feb 9, 2017
The two aging hippies, Zonker and Foghat, were camping one night around a campfire, partaking of their favorite cannabis products, watching the stars and debating the meaning of life. After a few hours of imbibing, both hippies passed out where they sat. When they awoke, they discovered they had fallen asleep on two pigeons who had been attracted by brownie crumbs, crushing them in the process. This outcome can only be termed a classic case of "two birds killed with one stone."

killing two birds whit one stone

Feb 4, 2017
Good evening all, I need an example of story ending with use one stone to kill two birds.

greetings to the general house. please i need help with this essay before the closing date. thank you in advance. the essay is: describe your intended plan of study and the kind of job you plan to seek on return to nigeria (for pg only) (not more than 50

Feb 4, 2017
I, Okorom Chikezie G, write to apply for the Federal Ministry of Education BEA Scholarship Award - 2017/2018 academic sessions. I hold a bachelors degree in Biology Education. As an undergraduate student of Biology Education, I developed interest for Public Health and Medical Parasitology due to the global and societal relevance in solving environmental and health problems and hence the development. My desire for public health and medical parasitology was stirred up during my academic and self made research activities on life and health challenges bewitching man and his environment which also brought me closer to the field of parasitology and their medical importance which thereafter informed my decision to further my academic pursuit by exploring the field of PUBLIC HEALTH AND MEDICAL PARASITOLOGY in which I hope to concentrate on the GLOBAL HEALTH AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES.( Identifying factors facilitating adolescents access to contraception and contributing elements that decreases unwanted pregnancies in rural areas)

At the course of my NYSC program, I was exposed to an environment where there is less or no proper interest on health and lives of the people; this also informed my zeal to pursue this discipline.

On my return to my country Nigeria, I plan working with the Ministry of health or Educational institution where I will invest much in my society through creating health awareness and disease free society that in the next ten years, it would have grown to global capacity with many people especially the students and the youths even the aged would also benefit from it. The relevance of PUBLIC HEALTH in the society cannot be over emphasized. I strongly believe that this field of Public health is sine qua non to the development of any developing nation like Nigeria where the study and exploration of the course is still at infancy stage. I am of the opinion that the under optimization and utilization of health related facts and environmental resources is a vital problem which Nigeria must overcome in order to address all the health, diseases and socio-environmental problems bedevilling her, Hence my decision to study PUBLIC HEALTH AND MEDICAL PARASITOLOGY so as to enable me yield to the need and demand of my fatherland and other countries in the aspect health, global, environmental and risk management by application of the knowledge of Public health and medical parasitology. As a result, I intend establishing a research institute where every research data (especially on global health, infectious disease and environmental data) will be made available for researchers and even students. Subsequently, if need be, on my own I plan to establish a health management consultancy centre for hospitals and related organizations.

Despite the fact that my greatest challenge towards achieving these aforementioned is finance on this note, it is my passionate hope and belief that you will help to facilitate my ambition, dreams and visions by granting me the scholarship.

Thank you so much as I await your positive response.

need help

Feb 4, 2017
i want an essay on the topic- one hand extended to help is better than to joint for prayer
ProfessorVerb  EssayChatJan 31, 2017
Re: kindly provide sample so that I can choose from the best

I'm looking for the best apples and oranges. Please do the same.

application essay

Jan 30, 2017
I need an application essay to the university. kindly provide sample so that I can choose from the best writer.


re: how to write a essay about mistake that completely changes life

Jan 14, 2017
"To err is human ..."*

Over time, most people manage to learn from their mistakes (especially the painful ones) but the majority are not life-changing events. Moreover, not all life-changing events are the results of mistakes, and some outcomes that first appeared to be mistakes turn out to be blessings in disguise, so it is possible to have your life completely changed for the better as a result. These outcomes, though, mean that these decisions can only be considered mistakes to the extent that the original judgment was wrong.

Some types of life-changing decisions, though, can be readily regarded as mistakes, such as being arrested and convicted for drunk driving (or another serious offense), unplanned teen pregnancies, gang membership, etc. If you elect to write about one of these, you could cite some examples from the literature concerning how the decision to join a gang (or whatever) was definitely a life-changing mistake based on what happens to these individuals.


* ... to moo, bovine

a mistake that change your life

Jan 9, 2017
Well I would like to help me
how to write a essay about mistake that completely changes life.I don't know may be I didn't do that mistake to write about it on the essay. Pls help me

re: an essay about a good deed i have done

Jan 6, 2017
Thomas Aquinas argued that just doing a good deed is not enough. Good deeds must be done for the right reason and in the right way in order for virtuous credit to accrue to the "good-deed doer."
abdul  EssayChatJan 6, 2017
l need a help to write an essay about A GOOD DEED I HAVE DONE .pls help me and give me some instructions.

who's your writer? a phd-level writer helping students!

Dec 8, 2016
 Offered USA  USA  
Let's face it once and for all. Not everyone is a great writer. On the other hand, not everyone is a great brain surgeon, either. We've all got strengths and weaknesses, and at least in theory, this makes for a vibrant society.

helen@graduatewriter - Research WriterBut even though so many folks just aren't great writers, students at all levels and in all fields are, in fact, expected to be just that, on top of whatever else it is they're doing in school.

Now, I may not be a brain surgeon, but I am most definitely a great writer. So are my colleagues. Collectively, we've been professional academic writers for hundreds of years. We focus on graduate level work (theses, dissertations, research papers, case studies, and so forth), but are happy to work with undergrads on term papers and such.

We also know our way around the world of online learning; discussion posts and custom-written responses are second nature to us.

Our work isn't cheap, but nothing of high quality comes cheap. Having said that, our rates are competitive, and most of our clients are repeat customers, with their own identified writers. Why? Because we are worth the money, hands down.

If you're a student in need of anything from an admissions essay to a dissertation, click on the link below and check us out. Better yet, send us an email and let us know what you need. Our excellent customer service representative will help you every step of the way!




Nov 21, 2016
Hi, I am looking for someone to help me with a finance case study - could anyone help?


it's not just the grammar

Nov 16, 2016
If the person really knows you well enough to provide a reference in the first place, he really doesn't need you to remind him to provide a "good word." The words in brackets are for you to choose based on the nature of your relationship.

Is the punctuation and phrasing of this sentence correct? Could it be improved?"I offered that he may contact you if he would like a reference on me; if you could kindly put in a good word, if he reaches out, that would be much appreciated."

"I suggested that he contact you as a [personal/professional] reference and would like to thank you in advance for your time."

More formally:

"I took the liberty of providing your contact information as a [personal/professional] reference. Thank you kindly in advance for your time."


grammar query

Nov 14, 2016
Is the punctuation and phrasing of this sentence correct? Could it be improved?

"I offered that he may contact you if he would like a reference on me; if you could kindly put in a good word, if he reaches out, that would be much appreciated."
jullien  EssayChatNov 4, 2016
i am writing this essay about commercial but i am having trouble to come up with main thesis about

phd political theory writer

Nov 2, 2016
Anyone who is skilled in this area with the qualifications please contact me. Seeking original material only of a 1st class standard. Will not pay for anything else.


"writers" - get back to earth

Oct 23, 2016
"Writers" - get real. Why do you pretend its just a social forum or chat? it is business forum. You think admins are stupid? If you post anything - you do it only to spam your service - it is all calculated. Either you or business chat is a charitable organization. You are spammers who are active only for advertising exposure. You have other option - go to google and pay $2-$3 per click and wait till sub-saharans click on it ::) Pv - you want to write another chat? Tell us what keywords on google you use to find one? Im pretty sure it goes like : "free chat to post ads" , "forums that don't ban for spamming", what else? Worpies dont cheat yourself with the "safety" keyword - its not about safety, if it was you'd get banned long time ago.

ONE RULE FOR ALL! If not, theres corruption. But some writers thrive in corruption so it confuses me.

to admin and all who may be concerned

Oct 23, 2016
I understand that you need to increase safety of the forum, and I applaud the effort. But a modicum of sense would be advisable. I suggest that you provide at least some degree of lenience for long time users, such as myself and PV (since we both frequent EC) when applying the new rules. I understand the new 24 hour policy is in effect for regular writers, and that's okay. But if a person has a proven track record, both on ES and EC, don't you think it is okay to apply a slightly different set of rules? PV has been here much longer than I have, and I believe you're doing a disservice to yourself and the students by removing him. He has, if anything, proven that he is a honest and dependable writer, a fact that most, if not all others who frequent EC have not. Yet, they are allowed to use the chat for spamming and obvious fraud but one of the oldest members of ES and EC cannot? I believe you need to implement a crossover policy, that a user who has xxx + amount of posts and karma on ES should be given preference and be exonerated from the 24 hour rule (say 1-2 posts per week?). That will allow us, the older members some leniency and will not impact the safety of the forums in any way ( I think 50k or 100k karma is sufficient for regular writrers).

this is not an ad .. but let's do some math

Oct 23, 2016
Dear EssayChat students:

I've been a member of this forum for many years, and I believe I've contributed to its popularity as much as anyone (the admin has adopted my recommendations for some games and a survey feature and has even used the text I suggested to replace their draconian guidance concerning hiring freelance writers in the past). I also submitted numerous "words for the day" that the new system prohibits, but which many of my clients and anonymous respondents tell me they enjoyed.

I have advertised in this forum for at least 6 years and appreciate the opportunity but recently admin has implemented arbitrary and capricious rules that prohibit me from advertising for one full month unless I pay them for a premium account. I refuse. Apparently, the new rules require freelance writers to make a "meaningful post" to every day. No problem. I did that -- and far more. I've initiated a number of new threads and have attempted to contribute to anything other writers had to say.

My latest ad, though, was deleted (and new post suspended for a month) because it was more than 29 hours since my last posting. The guidance I had available said writers must make a post "every day or so" and then it was changed the next week to "every day." After my ad was deleted, I was respectful in my email to admin that I was unaware of this change but would have accommodated it because I value this forum. No more. Regardless of the specifics of this new requirement and how it is interpreted, 30 posts a month = 30 posts a month.

I'll find an alternative forum. Thanks for the ride.
Dr Alex  

#email_below# is a scammer

Sep 20, 2016
This Kenyan writer tarnishing my name that I am a scammer, you are not very smart. First of all you are not a client but an incompetent Kenyan writer operating under #email_below# you are the scanner. Just because I gave you work and you can't handle does not make me a scanner and it does not make you a client. Second I get paid for my services after the client have received their papers. So you can see how shallow and stupid you are. Your name is already on essay chat as a scanner and now you want to tarnish my name just because I have refused to allow you work on my orders. No wonder you never get any client.

Travis D.  

dr. alex is a scam

Sep 20, 2016
To all students, kindly beware of this scammer. Three days ago I sent two orders two Dr. Alex #email_below# and made a payment of $130 as he requested. To this day I have not received any order and attempts to reach him have been futile. I have initiated a dispute with paypal. Dont trust this writer..he is kenyan and a scammer....

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