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Jan 8, 2011
Actually, even though I'm a writer, I care deeply if customers like a site. I don't want to associate myself with a site which has disreputable treatment of their customers, even if they pay well. And were I a customer, I'd want to make sure the writers were treated well, for the same reason you don't want an angry waiter.
Richie  EssayChatJan 8, 2011
anyone been a client ...or write for them

Your post suggests you don't care about anybody's opinion:

- If you were a writer you would only care about writers experience,
- If you were a prospective client you would only care about clients' opinions.

Since you asked the both groups it clearly means you are a tool and posted your message only to drop the link.

same day essay

Jan 8, 2011
Has anyone been a client of this website or write for them? if so,,any feedback pertaining to your experience(s) are welcomed.
Richie  EssayChatJan 8, 2011
you can pay by instalments without holding a uk passport?

I've never encountered a site that requires to show a passport to buy something online ;)
anakelson  EssayChatJan 8, 2011
Can anybody recommend a uk dissertation helper website that is not a scam and you can pay by instalments without holding a uk passport?
mat  EssayChatJan 7, 2011
Post your emails and we'll talk. Please send your biggest % and payout terms (hopefully you have Api or something similar too). Thanks.

essay affiliate (for richie and mat)

Jan 7, 2011
Post your emails and we'll talk.
Richie  EssayChatJan 7, 2011
Best Essay Affiliate (that pays)?

I'm also interested :)

best essay affiliate (that pays)?

Jan 7, 2011
What's the best essay writing affiliate that pays the best percentage and pays on time? I have a website with traffic from adult students I could put a link or integrate it with API on my site. Has anybody here done something like that, does it work in the essay writing business? Thank you.
AmonsEssays  EssayChatJan 7, 2011
Ella: To be fair, just having your URL in the message form isn't spamming, but you are here to promote your business. We'll see how honest you are about that goal.
Paul = trash

Jan 7, 2011 = TRASH
Richie  EssayChatJan 7, 2011
Apologies about not getting back to you sooner

Apologies not accepted.
Ella Ivory  

hi richie

Jan 7, 2011
Where is my coupon code then? :)

Apologies about not getting back to you sooner FB15OFF is the code you would place in the order form.

A message to those who woke up on the bad side of bed (Paul): I am not spamming, the post message form allows for URL's. Thus please keep your negativity to yourself.

My Goal: To have conversations with like minded people

sort of a no duh

Jan 7, 2011
Then why you still promote your site, not believing you are totally swamped :)

Simple: Given the time it'll take people to contact me combined with the time before their assignments, it should work itself out. As of now, I'm getting plenty of assignments with due dates into early February.
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
Right now I personally am totally swamped.

Then why you still promote your site, not believing you are totally swamped :)

sort of

Jan 6, 2011
I don't see many available orders yet.... :(

Right now I personally am totally swamped.

That having been said, things are a little slow. I won't say anything specific, but some companies have some stuff going on, other more selective ones don't. Lots of college applications and resumes right now.

is the writing season on?

Jan 6, 2011
I don't see many available orders yet.... :(
AmonsEssays  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
It's not a forum but a message board :)

Well, the Nerd Police is on the roll! NYYYAAAH-NYYYAH!


It's a message board where people reply to each other. I guess it's sort of like the classic old BBS.
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
She's "participating" in the forum.

It's not a forum but a message board :)
AmonsEssays  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
To be fair, she isn't spamming the same message over and over. She's "participating" in the forum.

ella ivory = full of crap

Jan 6, 2011
"(and no I am not going to do some self promotion)"

Wow, that's a bunch of crap. Is that why you SPAM your URL in every post and promote your Facebook page?
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
Thats good to know

Where is my coupon code then? :)
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
Give customers big discounts on their essays - that's what matters for them the most these days.
Ella Ivory  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
What do you mean? To find out about students or their wishes?

A bit of both really and more. Customers are the most important part of any business and in order to be able to understand and develop as a business, potential customers needs have to be clarified & better place would I find out about said needs than a forum.
Richie  EssayChatJan 6, 2011
a good source for finding out about our targetd audience

What do you mean? To find out about students or their wishes?
Ella Ivory  

hello all

Jan 6, 2011
Hi I work for a custom writing essay/dissertation company (and no I am not going to do some self promotion). I have just recently found this forum and thought it would be a good source for finding out about our targetd audience.

freelance writer looking for job

Jan 4, 2011
hi everyone i am a freelance academic writer with plenty of experience of academic writing. i am willing to provide assistance to any one who need it. my email is contact potential employers and customers as well. your satisfaction is guaranteed with quality and reasonable rates.
Amon Giralda  

yes, but...

Jan 4, 2011
This guy may be just for a quick buck, and if you're not satisfied he won't do much to satisfy you. Same like semi-writers on craigslist.

Lotto: Your comment is fair enough, but I have done what I can to indicate otherwise. I have a website that shows my policies, give people writing samples, and have established myself here and on EssayScam. I am recommended by WRT alongside other established writers. And I've been at this for ten years, so the bucks ain't quick. I pride myself on really caring about customers. And as I've noted on this very forum, I can't afford not to have good word of mouth. If anyone has had a bad experience, I will do my best to do the right thing.


Jan 4, 2011
Have you ever stepped foot outside Oz?

You are not very good at pretending to be
1) educated
2) British
3) sane

I won't go into your other claims (that you are a famous author, run a multiple-million pound company, etc.) as they are the ramblings of a disturbed individual.

Melissa Kelly Madgwick - whatever your username, all have no problem identifying you. Importantly, whatever the disagreements between essayscam and essaychat members, all are in agreement where you are concerned :)

Seriously, you are still young ... try to make something of your life before it is too late. You are headed towards self-annihilation and only you can save yourself from total destruction.

You arouse pity and disgust.

You are really uncouth, crass and low-class. Just look at your language ...

Terribly sad

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