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Rene - pakistani fraud

Jan 31, 2014
Watch out for Pakistani fraudster who got email account to defraud students. His email:

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 29, 2014


: next to the last

"The data analysis chapter is the penultimate chapter in many dissertations."

the irony...

Jan 29, 2014
An excellent command of the English langeage


professor verb's word for the day

Jan 28, 2014

noun plural

: jitters, creeps

"Scorpions and spiders give me the heebie-jeebies."

that's extortion ...

Jan 27, 2014
I recently received an email from a person i am assuming is a scammer asking me to pay him so as not to reveal the information he has on my project to my college

Who was it?
wordsies  EssayChatJan 26, 2014
sausage, venison, pork?
or you had something else in mind :)

just curious...

Jan 26, 2014
posting as 3 different persons/emails here

Which three, s.v.p.?

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 23, 2014


: language that describes something as better or worse than it really is

"The White House hyperbole about the war was not credible."

i've worked with mobths before...

Jan 22, 2014
2 mobths to work with

It's nearly always fatal.

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 22, 2014

: silly or scatterbrained

"The ditzy groom forgot the ring."*


*Don't let this happen to you, guys!

thank you!

Jan 19, 2014
I memorized the contents of a California job case in junior high school about a million years ago, but I haven't kept up with the printing industry recently. Thanks for your description of a thriving industry. Good luck!

typesetting services

Jan 19, 2014
Hi Professor Verb,

Yes many people hire us for typesetting services. This is where we follow publisher's formatting instructions for print and Kindle page layouts. As reading is still very much alive in this day and age this remains a thriving industry. :)

We began offering this service after receiving numerous requests from our proofreading and editing clients. It has now unexpectedly become one of our most popular services. Not for student clients but for professional academics and business people.

In addition to page layouts, we can also provide universal ISBNs and cover designs. So if you write any books in the future we would love to help you with this.

Best regards,


professor verb's word for the day

Jan 18, 2014

: a person who hates or distrusts humankind

Insert name of your favorite misanthrope here (is it Uncle Billy? Cousin Fred? Den mother? Barking dog-owning neighbor? The Man? You?):

"_____________________ is a big, fat misanthrope."

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 15, 2014

: having or giving off a smell, esp. an unpleasant or distinctive one.

"As lawyers for the Judge Advocate General's office at the 101st Airborne Division, the two Army captains complained in writing to the commanding general that being forced to run 3 miles every morning made odoriferous and therefore unprofessional the rest of the day and requested the installation of a shower in their office. The commanding general responded that he too was required to maintain a nonodoriferous state and the two captains should take a shower in their quarters when they had the opportunity."*

*Based on a true story (the general had a shower in his office).

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 12, 2014

: three spaced periods indicating omitted text

"Use an ellipsis to shorten a quote to conform to APA guidelines concerning quotation length."

i can see why...

Jan 11, 2014
"Choose your writer yourself..."


website on sale

Jan 11, 2014
The following website on sale contact

it depends...

Jan 9, 2014
I´m going to write an essay about a book, but I did´t know what i have to write about. Should I write about plot, etc.

It depends on the book and your assignment. What are your assignment guidelines? Share these and we might be able to help.

In addition, there are some useful tutorials available at that might assist you in getting started.

please help me!

Jan 9, 2014
I´m going to write an essay about a book, but I did´t know what i have to write about. Should I write about plot, etc. Please help me.

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 8, 2014

: deceit used in order to achieve one's goal.

"The chess players engaged in one subterfuge after another."

you will be treated fairly...

Jan 7, 2014
Any advice on essaytown would be greatly appreciated.

virtualreeaalit y  

has anyone heard of essaytown

Jan 7, 2014

I'm looking to get some help on an essay and came across this website. Does anyone know much about them.

I've started an essay, but due to recent family bereavement I'm unable to do much more. In any other given circumstance I would not request such a service.

I'm ideally looking for a reputable company or writer who writes for UK students. I don't think I could deal with being ripped off after last few weeks I've had.

Any advice on essaytown or other services would be greatly appreciated.

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 5, 2014

: a self-taught person

"Leonardo da Vinci was one of the world's great autodidacts."

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 2, 2014

1: the ringing or sounding of bells
2: a jingling or tinkling sound as if of bells

Insert your own sentence using the word for the day here: "_____________________."
wordsies  EssayChatDec 29, 2013
Why would Roz/Writer_Roz/ write a low quality paper that is full of grammatical errors and poorly cited/referenced?

She wouldn't!


Dec 29, 2013
Roz is top notch writer, you shouldn't fret over your assignment. She will get it done. Probably on vacation.

writer roz/

Dec 28, 2013
Why would Roz/Writer_Roz/ write a low quality paper that is full of grammatical errors and poorly cited/referenced?

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