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May 1, 2013
When I was in college, a 10-pg paper was something I dreaded and it hung over my head like a dark cloud all term, exactly the way it does for allof my clients now. I could never have imagined that someday I'd be writing the equivalent of 1or 2 10-pg papers just about every working day (or night) of my life. When it come to UK work, I don't necessarily decline it, but I'm definitely much more careful about what projects I can take safely and I do routinely pass on many assignments that I'd do without hesitation for US clients.
99essays  EssayChatMay 1, 2013
If you can't write 10 or more pages per day, you basically can't make a living at this. To paraphrase freelancewriter, what seems daunting or impossible for a student is all in a day's work for someone who does this for a living. Two 2,000-word essays is well within reach for all writers that I know, myself included, especially if done to American undergraduate standard. British work is known to be a different animal, and thus the business model there is usually to charge far more and allow for numerous revisions. I personally refuse almost all British work.

overseas delivery

May 1, 2013
you also pay £17.99 ($28) for a large domino's pizza (yikes!)

Well it costs alot to deliver across the Atlantic you know......they can't use their motorbikes!!
I agree that most things are more expensive here than in the USA (my favourite country after UK).

you also pay £17.99 ($28) for a large domino's pizza (yikes!)

May 1, 2013
In the UK quality writing involves students paying at least £110 ($160) for 1000 words


critical proof is in the pudding

Apr 30, 2013
Any students thinking of engaging this company should click on the link and hang on to their credit cards.
Karen has been banged to rights again.

i was bragging...

Apr 30, 2013
What has the fact that you have been to the UK got to do with anything?

World travel broadens one's perspectives don't you think? I agree with you when you say, "the research required to write a 2000 word quality essay cannot be easily completed in a day." No one ever said it was easy -- that's why they call it "work.".

In truth, I may have been exaggerating (I was estimating), but a couple of 5- or 10-page papers a day is common and I've been doing it for a long, long time. It may not be 10,200 satisfied clients; I may "just" have half that many but that's still enough to substantiate my claim of "thousands and thousands."

For the record, I've also lived in Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and Belgium. Join the Army -- see the world!

don't thank me

Apr 30, 2013
Many of my clients are from the UK. I've been there, but only briefly.

What has the fact that you have been to the UK got to do with anything?

I am sure you do write for SOME UK students particularly those who are studying in the USA.
I don't imagine you could write 2 high quality 2000 word essays on the social implications and importance of Jane Eyre, Thomas Hardy or similar per day. In the UK quality writing involves students paying at least £110 ($160) for 1000 words and then there is your type of service where you would not dare charge that amount for non urgent work (unless you offer a cut and paste service).
You generally get what you pay for in life, including ordering bespoke essays.

thank you for your interest...

Apr 29, 2013
Many of my clients are from the UK. I've been there, but only briefly.

let's do the math...

Apr 29, 2013
Average two papers a day x 340 days a year x 15 years = 10,200 satisfied clients

prof verb's verbiage

Apr 29, 2013
"Thousands and thousands of satisfied clients."

Would that be 2,000, possibly 100,000 or 250,000 or maybe more.....
Note to discerning students: Don't bother with someone who exaggerates and self promotes to this ridiculous extent.
Charlie Singh  

need qualified business writer

Apr 29, 2013
I have written a business plan and i feel that currently it's at B Grade/C Grade level in terms of marks.
Now I have examples of a grade work for the same assignment from my professor.
I'm wanting someone to adapt the current work I have done and make it more academic and higher quality of writing so I can achieve the highest grade.
This obviously means reading what I've done and adding to it etc. This will mean adding graphs, break even analysis, spreadsheets, calculations etc.
There must be conceptual evidence and theories included and academic business terms in level of writing.
I will provide all resources and together it will 1 piece of work. I want it done within 6 days.
If anyone is capable of doing this please contact me. I will only pay via PayPal and will want to see evidence of writing, due to the high nature of low quality writers around. My email is Please contact me directly.



Apr 27, 2013
Any one knows Steven Allison?? where is he?
I am trying to contact him!!!

cut it out

Apr 27, 2013
i need a new pat on the back

we all know the value of these posts and who makes them

the making of writing veterans

Apr 26, 2013
Twenty pages (or more) in 24 hours is a LOT when you're starting from scratch and haven't done any preliminary research.

Very true. As you can see, she hasn't said the paper was that great but all factors considered, it was a good try. I guess, during the coming low season, I will start reading random topics and saving up references so I don't get off guard.

testimonials are powerful medicine...

Apr 25, 2013
I had to hire Jmark to make him write my 20+ pg research paper in 24 hrs.

Twenty pages (or more) in 24 hours is a LOT when you're starting from scratch and haven't done any preliminary research. All in all, that was some good feedback for Jmark, huh?
KNSPSY  EssayChatApr 25, 2013
I had to hire Jmark to make him write my 20+ pg research paper in 24 hrs. Basically we worked together.
I don't recommend anyone paying for a paper to anybody, even now as I am writing this after having accomplished an impossible feat.
But when you do absolutely have to hire somebody, make that somebody be JMark. I can't guarantee that will produce a top-notch quality work for you.
Sometimes his verb choices were sloppy and arguments convoluted and repetitive, which is all understandable given the enormous time pressure I put on him.
Nevertheless Jmark is absolutely great because he listens to you. You tell him how to organize the essay and what resources to use and etc., and he listens to you.

type your notes!

Apr 25, 2013
Take good notes in class and type them up as soon as you get home. The information will be fresh in your mind and you can expand on your notes while you type. Typed notes make it easier to review later on as well.

The first thing to put on any piece of paper is the date (that's important!) and remember kids, a short pencil is better than a long memory. Finally, when studying for tests, read something seven times and you'll remember it.

a pair of ...

Apr 23, 2013
Professorverb; a paradox or an oxymoron?

A pair o' morons perhaps?


Apr 23, 2013
Your paper will pass through this great writers.No jokers we are in business


research paper topic? (operating systems)

Apr 16, 2013
I need assistance for a 15 page research paper on operating systems. Can anyone give me advice on who to use for this topic??

you should see the syllabus...

Apr 15, 2013
Must be some course ...

99Essays@gmail. com  

and not done yet?

Apr 14, 2013
fifteen years of homework...

Must be some course ...

fifteen years of homework...

Apr 14, 2013
since 1998 (imagine that!)

99Essays@gmail. com  

that's it?

Apr 13, 2013
since 1998 (imagine that!)

I have diagnoses older than that.

why don't you get lost and stop wasting our time?

Apr 11, 2013
**student seeks long term university professional business management writers**

No respectable writer will deal with a pain-in-a-butt like you. Just go away, no one wants to work on your order anyway.

ok, i'm not ...

Apr 9, 2013
OK, I'm not a veteran of the Irish army. Just teasing ... thought you were giving discounts to native-English-speaking countries and left our the poor Irish. Wikipedia tells me that they have 8,500 members.

There was also a potato famine.
ProfessorVerb  EssayChatApr 8, 2013
That came out wrong and I should have explained. My father and I both served combat tours (my father far more than me) in Southeast Asia with troops from these four countries. Therefore, a 20 percent discount is my way of showing my respect, camaraderie and admiration for active duty service personnel and veterans from these four countries.

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