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Personal Statement for Scholarship - Diversity and Education

EssayChat / Jan 9, 2019

There are many reasons someone benefits from a scholarship which are defined primarily by financial need. As someone who is expected to pay for any gaps in financial aid and with education being very expensive, seeking a scholarship allows for one to feel a sense of relief for solving this all too real problem. I realize I am not alone. Many people will be applying for this scholarship but my personal experiences, hardships growing up, and focus on academic achievement as well as personal goals means I am different from other candidates. While I believe being humble is important and there is little reason to point out any personal hardships or challenges as they are just part of life, I believe many things that have happened to me make a stronger, wiser person. My story is probably like many and my family is probably like so many nowadays in America.

Scholarship EducationMy parents once told me something that I motivates me desire to be nurse and that is how one person can make a difference, even in a small way, to someone else. As a nurse, I have the ability to not only care for someone, to be his or her advocate, to pass my knowledge about healthcare onto them and their families, but also I can change their lives for the better. Call it empowerment or the ability to care, connect, and trust in someone else but my parents instilled me the importance of helping others. I believe they did this because they realized early on what I large capacity for care I have for others and that it is best to help and encourage others to be their best because this helps everyone achieve their own happiness and wellness. It is not easy to always have such a focus in this world. I also think my parents only want what is best for all their children and they know achieving this level of education is not without its challenges and sacrifices. I am ready for the hard work and I am grateful for any help that the scholarship allows. For me, receiving the scholarship is not all about the financial relief but what I can do to help others.

I have thought about my role as a caregiver, my role as a nurse and the importance of continuing education. To be my best self will always be my goal regardless of challenges and hard work. I say bring it on because now is the time of great change. This is the best time to be alive and looking to start a career in healthcare because recent reform has reshaped how delivery of quality care will take place, is taking place as patient centered, and an environment that is inclusive to all people from different cultures.

Diversity is exciting to me and means there are opportunities for learning about people, about culture, rituals, and families which is part of what makes someone a good nurse. The desire to know more and apply knowledge to move it forward to others who may need help. My job is to fill the gap and promote solving problems as they come with change, promote learning from situations, and remaining open to new experiences. This is how we will collaborate and solve the next set of problems that come with this shift in delivery of higher standards of care.

With reform have come many changes and concerns for how the healthcare professional and possible staffing shortages will deal with this shift but for the answer returns to defining the patient's needs and standards of care per their perception where I can be an advocate for them to learn more about their wellness.

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