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Personal Business Plan and My Educational Needs

EssayChat / Dec 18, 2017


In this report I have made a detailed presentation about my personal, educational and professional goals. I am presently completing my graduation course in the marketing subject. I choose this subject as I was interested in understanding the modern concept of the promotional activities. However, my educational goal is to complete CFA course in the financial field. My future goal is specialise in the financial and marketing subject. Both the subjects have a high demand in the present competitive market condition. Later my plan is to complete my master's degree specialising in the finance and marketing subject.

I believe that hard work and smart work both complement each other, and it assists in grooming the personal skills of an individual. I am always interested in learning new things, and this has helped me to increase my knowledge on different subjects. While completing my course, I also worked as a reputed company. The work experience helped me to develop my personal skills and use the knowledge in an effective manner.

Personal skills

I am a quick learner and get interested in learning new things. This quality helped me to analyse my personal strengths and work on weakness. My strengths were with the leadership skills and ability to analyse different critical issues faced while making the relevant decision about different problem. However, my weakness was with speaking in front of the group members. I am not confident while talking in a group, regardless of the fact if I am wrong or present accurate information.

My part-time job improved my confidence in adopting analytical skills to deal with different issues. At the beginning of my work, I wouldn't take initiatives in examining the challenges and in presenting the important information. This was due to the lack of the skills to present the relevant information to the members. However, at the later stage, I realised that I had to overcome this negative aspect as it affected my learning skill. I spend additional time in examining the challenges, and it included developing a reliable method that was supposed to be used to deal with the challenges.

The other quality improved by me during my work period was to improve the planning process. I learned the relevance of improving the planning process, which also helped me to improve my plan in the educational field. My experience increased my knowledge about dealing with different business related challenges.


In the past I had a small business set-up, which failed due to improper planning and execution process. I had a small shop that sold high-quality perfumes to the clients. However, I was not aware of the stock planning method, and this increased my business liability. Due to this, I had to close down the operations and hold back my plan of carrying out the business for the next 10 years. My plan was to complete my education and earn enough funds to increase my living standards. During my work time, I had planned to learn new methods to improve my planning methods and to deal with different challenges that exist at the workplace. I developed and implemented new methods that assisted me to overcome my negative aspects.

My goals were to increase my experience and knowledge required to deal with different issues. I earned an important lesson from my failure. The lesson taught me to examine my personal ability to deal with various challenges and adopt better processes to increase the ability to work.


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