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My Personal Business Goals and Plan

EssayChat / Dec 18, 2017


My personal goal in life is to complete my PHD course, in a specialised topic like finance and marketing. This course would help me to get personal and professional skills required to improve my professional goals. I have planned to join a reputed university to complete the course. In order to support the financial needs to do this work, I would work part-time and collect the required funds. After competing of this course, I am confident of getting a better job that would earn me better in life. My other goal is to learn riding a horse. This is one of my favourite hobbies, and is keen to learn it despite of having busy schedule. I am currently looking for the institutes, where I can learn riding horse, within a given period of time.

My professional goal is have a small scale business set-up that would manufacture the small spare parts used in the automobile industry. This is my dream project, and it needs immense knowledge, funds, and planning process. The marketing course I selected would certainly help me to plan for the business activities. Similarly, the finance subject would help me to understand different methods and processes that can be used to make the decision on the product purchases.

Personal Business GoalsI have planned to achieve these targets within a period of 8 year after completing my education. The works or the tasks planned by me is quite challenging, and needs lots of dedication. In order to execute the works in the planned manner, and to avoid any sort of challenges or failures, I will seek the help of my family members and friends. My friends have immense knowledge on the business conduct, and would certainly help me to deal with the issues. After my studies I will work with a reputed company for at least 5 years.


During this time, I will learn different skills of the people management, and implement the strategic values in the development and improvement of different policies. This will certainly help me to handle the different requirements and in introducing the growth plan for my business. Business planning is accomplished with lots of hurdles, and it has to overcome the challenges. This would help me to deal with the business requirements and to handle the critical part of the works. The strategic value and the policies are determined are would be implemented to execute my dream project.

My business plan is to venture in the international market, and this is the major requirements for the success of the company. Whole working I will develop my analytical skill that would help me to deal with different operational challenges. This is the most crucial part of the works that would be done to carry out the works, and to introduce the relevant changes to improve the business performances.


Earlier I had started a small business of book stores. I purchased books from different units and sold it to members. This business drastically failed due to improver planning and task execution process. I had invested a huge fund, and couldn't recover the funds, over the time frame. This was the biggest failure that had affected my confidence. However, I planned to learn from my mistakes and do the right things to deal with the operational requirements. This certainly boosted my confidence, and encouraged me to do the right things to improve the business performances.


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