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Personal Development and Business Decisions

EssayChat / Dec 18, 2017

Personal business plan is a way by which a person is able to make future decision which is related to the business. This report presents a personal development plan in which goals, vision, failure etc. points covering in the report. It shows the personal development plan of a student who want to get a suitable job which is fit for his education and want. It presents the personal business plan of a student which is summarised as follows:

Personal BusinessI want to get a suitable job which is according to me and I like the position in a particular job. I also passed out my study for university and want to open my own business independently. I also want to get the master degree and plan for completing my education so that being an excellent employee I will be able to serve the company which I getting a job. To become an excellent worker and open a new business as own is my biggest vision. I have some weak point that I need to overcome that which is finding a suitable job for me and face the various risks while opening a new business (Ward, 2016).


Every person has their goals which are essential for them to fulfill as per the requirement. In respect to this, I also have mu goals to get the master degree which is useful for me to open my new business. Before opening a new business, I also get a job for an experience which is beneficial for me while launching a new business.


Vision includes future forecasting that what a man want in future. My vision is to complete mu master so that I will be able to get a job in a repudiated company (Finch, 2016). I also want to become excellent employees and handle the entire situation in best way that I have. I also want to become an innovative person by which I will be able to find new things which is beneficial for the company and me also.


To achieve the success in life, it is essential for every person to identify the risk and take a correct action by which a person is able to remove all the fear and threats. As same as, I also face some failure things like I could not be able to find a new and right job quickly. I also require lots of efforts to find a job which is suitable for me. I also have a fear that without any experience, if I open a new business it will be fail (Abrams, 2013). Thus, it is can be said that all these failure I feel which make me down in my life so I want to improve all of my failure.


From the above detailed report, it can be concluded that personal business plan is essential for every person to find the best way to earn the profit in future. This report analysed the personal plan of a student who want to become a excellent employee and open a new business after completing the study. Thus, the whole report presents a plan of a student and his desire for fulfilling as per the requirement effectively. It is essential for every person to set a plan sop that individual is able to get the success in future in an appropriate manner.


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