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Project Charter - Business of DSH Store

EssayChat / Dec 18, 2017

Description of the project

The project has been ascertained to identify the business of DSH store in perpetuating the operations for the third stores. It has been identified that the business acquired by the company has settled about providing designing shoes as well as handbags as the products are quite demanding in the respective market. Due to huge number of customers, the company has to delineate the operation successfully in another store. There the customers have been highly attracted for pertaining the revenue management and sales methods by incorporate and managing the project of opening a new store for the company.

Business case

Project CharterDSH Company and their instances of opening a new store within the area where it can enable higher sales of the products have initiated the project to underpin the aspects. It has been assumed that the instances of demand aroused for the shoes and handbags of the firm has intended the owner to persists a new store to provide the products to the customers that highly needs to use the products. Thus through providing the products to the valued customers, the company has inculcated higher revenues within the firm by determining the budget for the company.

Resources assigned

Proper resources to determine the budget for the project of the new store has been assigned. Moreover, the aspects of implementing hardware and software interventions within the project have been assessed. Different resources to pertain interracial design have been ascertained for the project.


It is quite evident that the stakeholders of the company are highly important for inculcating the business operations. Thus the stakeholders of the company has been considered to be the valued customers, the investors, the employees and also the creditors and debtors of the company that are entitled to accompany the business success in the future period of time.

Stakeholders' requirements

Each of the stakeholders are entitled towards the interventions that are highly required to meet the existing design that has been engulfed for accomplishing the project. It has been assessed that the progressive sales of the different products will highly entailed through understanding the specification of the each stakeholders.

Project Budgets

The overall budgets for determining the business of selling the designed shoes and handbags of the respective company for 8 months are as follows:

Particulars01-12-201701-01-201801-02-201801-03-201801-04-201801-05-201801-06-201801-07-2018Total Budget
Amount in ($)
Cost of Interior150000 150000
Show Floors75000 75000
Cost of Office Room77000 77000
Creating Storage Area50000 50000
Cost of Check Out Desk25000 25000
Rent of Store100001000010000100001000010000100001000080000
Furniture Equipments30000 30000
Lighting10000 10000
IT hardware machineries10000 10000
Software Implementation5000 5000
CCTV Camera8000 8000
Carpeting Cost @ 200 $ per Sqm72000 72000
Total Budget 600000

Project Risks

In order to ascertain the project for selling designed shoes and handbags for the company DSH, it has been observed that the company can observe risks for determining the satisfaction among the customers that will lead to the perception of satisfying the customers. The delay in accomplishing the project will determine loss of valued customers for the company and thus the revenue of the company will be decreased.


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