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Becoming a Socially-Responsive Person / My Business Plan Idea

EssayChat / Dec 18, 2017


Personal business plan is a method by which a being is talented to make prospect decision which regarding his life and future. This report presents a personal development plan of a person who wanted to complete his study and become a good social person in a society. It presents the personal business plan of a student which is summarised as follows:

Responsive Business PersonI want to make a personal business plan in which I want to become a social and responsible person. I also want to complete my study which is beneficial for me to achieve my desire goals. My life's biggest objective or goals is to work in a well known and repudiated company so that I will be able to make a good position in a society. I also want to build a family and be responsible person I take all the liability of my family and tries to full fill them in an appropriate way. Apart from this, I also face some difficult while achieving my desire goals. While completing my study, I face the problem of transformation of the university from place to other University. This transformation make me trouble and my schedule has been disturbed. Hence, it can be said that I try to overcome my schedule problem and focus on my goals in a right direction.


It is essential for a person to set their goals. This is important because by setting a goals and objective a person is able to make various efforts to complete them and achieve their desire outcome. In respect to this, my major objectives or goals is to completing my study and get a good position in a university. I also want to be a good and responsible person and gain all the respect and praise which my parents received from the society.


Vision is define as a stage in which a person is set their gaols what they want achieve in future (Abrams, 2013). In addition to this, I also have my own vision that building a family. In respect to this, I need to complete my study. After completing my study, it is essential for me to get a job from a reputed company. Being excellent employees, I try to adopt some innovative things which are beneficial for me and company also. It is also essential for me to be a good and social person by which I will be able to make a good place in a society. Hence, it can be said that by using these entire thing I will be able to become a good and social person having a good family in a society.


Every person faces the failure in their life. These kinds of failure help the man to try more hard and make heavy efforts to achieve their goals. I also face the trouble of transformation from University dues to some reason. This kind of transformation makes me trouble and I face schedule problem that I cannot be able to fix my work as per schedule. Thus, it is essential for me reset the schedule so that I will be able to achieve my desire target in an appropriate time.


From the above detailed report it can be concluded that every person have their own plan. To achieve their gaols and objectives every person makes various efforts. This report presents a personal development plan of student that want to be a social person with good job and family.


Abrams, R. (2013). Business Plan in a Day: Prepare a Polished Professional Business Plan in Just 24 Hours!. Planning Shop.

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