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Dominique Ross's Digital Footprint

EssayChat / Dec 10, 2018

My digital experience involved putting my name Dominique Ross on Bing and Google search engines. The search engines depicted almost similar results. For Bing, the outstanding information was the one from Wikipedia, which described me as a former player in the American Football in Dallas Cowboys. The website goes ahead to describe my past experience and membership in the field of American football from as back as my college years. I played at Valdosta State University among other valuable information that seems important to a potential employer.

Digital FootprintEqually, Google website provides detailed information on Dominique Ross, including images, date of birth, and my height. It goes ahead to provide information on my place of birth, educational background, and my position as a player in the American football games throughout my career. I noticed that there are different images of Dominique Ross, for the viewer or the person searching to ascertain the one that he or she is searching for. There are also images of females who have the name, which demonstrates the value of ensuring that the person secrahing find the exact person.

My situation involves an instance when my bank information fell on the hands of a fraudulent person. The people impersonated and almost swindle my bank account. On a scale of 1-10, I would give 7 on threats because there are times when we as human ignore certain security checks. For instance, forgetting to log out on a Facebook account or losing one's personal properties might threaten an individual's personal security. Lucky for me, the bank detected and resolved the issue by changing my details and putting all customers on a more secure website with the organization. Despite the negative implication, the information on Dominique Ross can be used to secure him a lucrative job position, he would otherwise not access without the internet and search engines reachability.

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