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Review on Employees' Job Satisfaction - Online Database Research

EssayChat / Nov 13, 2018

Global competition is creating challenges in business and to achieve excellence in this competitive global economy with rapid technological changes, the demand of highly skilled and professional employees is increasing in organizations. Organizations are trying to attract and retain skilled employees as these talented people always have opportunities, so it is the concern of firms to retain them. Satisfied employees are important asset for organizations' effectiveness Lack of satisfaction leads to lack of commitment with organizations which then increase turnover intentions and the organization or firm would have to meet with the cost of recruitment caused by turnover. Job satisfaction, defined as how content an individual is with his or her job, is the subject having prime importance for employees and organizational managers both and also most widely studied variable in organizational behavior research.

Job SatisfactionJob satisfaction, along with other factors, is strongly related to human resource management (HRM) practices and deficiency of effectual HRM practices reduces employees' jobs satisfaction . Number of studies are emerging in wide range of industries each showing that specific HRM practices like supervisory relationship, training and promotion, job rotation selection, performance appraisal and compensation packages are strongly associated to commitment with the organization and job satisfaction. Other reasons reported in literature are motivational factors such as recognition, work itself, opportunity for advancement, professional growth, and responsibility.

Emotional intelligence is also another factor; for example according to the study by it is positively correlated with job satisfaction. Pay level, academic qualifications, fairness, rewards and social support have also been shown to have direct effect on job satisfaction. The organizational culture whether it is happy and healthy, and leadership behaviors are also linked to job satisfaction.

With the rise of maternal employment childcare centers have become vital component of social infrastructure, and satisfaction of day workers contributes to quality of child care. Various factors contributing to job satisfaction of day care workers have been described in literature. It has been found that there is direct relationship between Educators' job satisfaction and daycare center's ownership weather it is non-profit-making and profit-making. Another study recounted that Working for parents' initiatives was associated with greater job satisfaction on average. Burnout and interaction with children has also been stated as significant factors for example in small towns of the Southwest in which Forty-one teachers from 10 daycare centers participated it was found that there is positive correlation between teachers' job satisfaction and their interaction with children and colleagues, resources and training, but negatively correlated to burnout.

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