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Sep 7, 2015
I need help on an outline of qualities of a successful student.

obasi rapheal  

a comparative stylistics analysis of selected campaign speeches of president buhari and former president goodluck jonathan

Sep 2, 2015
Please I need help from this project topic 'A Comparative stylistics analysis of selected campaign speeches of president buhari and former president jonathan.I live in abuja Nigeria.u can contact me on #email_below#


health and safety management essay

Jul 30, 2015
I want this coursework: inbox me if you can help

copied from: myassignmenthelp, com/answers/healthcare/health-safety-management-one-has-been-commissioned-a s-an-independent-consultant-to-help-advise-a-company-on-their-health-and-safety-manageme.html

An outline report format and the company policy statement that must be used for Task 3 is contained in the appendix to this assignment.

Budhesh Chopra  

solidworks expert

Jul 19, 2015
I need online tutors for SOLIDWORKS (Mechanical Engineering) field. The expert must be available to provide online classes. Please e-mail a few Samples of your drawings that you have done in the past well. Thanks.


international finance - bachelor level - 2000words

Jul 17, 2015
Word limits : 2000
Referencing Style : Harvard
Please note that a minimum of 350 words is expected for each of the answers provided. *************************************************************************** ***** Prepare a report for the following cases:

1. Explain why a firm may issue a bond dominated in a currency different from its home currency to finance local operations. Evaluate the risk involved. (20 marks)

2. PZK Co, whose home currency is the dollar, trades regularly with customers in a number of different countries. The company expects to receive €1,200,000 in six months' time from a foreign customer. PZK Co has two options on the euro receipt:

(i) taking out a forward exchange contract
(ii) not doing anything. Explain why PZK Co will prefer to choose option (i).
Discuss whether PZK Co should avoid exchange rate risk by invoicing foreign customers in dollars. (20 marks)
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages to a US corporation that uses currency options on euros rather than a forward contract on euros to hedge its exposure in euros? (20 marks)

4. Briefly discuss the internal methods which could be used by a company to manage foreign currency transaction risk arising from its continuing business activities. (20 marks)

5. Some companies choose to list on different stock exchanges nowadays. Discuss the advantages for them do so. (20 marks)

Please provide your education background for me to select.


proposal for phd thesis in administrative law - may continue through out the study.

Jul 15, 2015
I'm looking for a qualified writer in Administrative Law. The writer has to have a very good knowledge in this field of study. If I get a match for my requirements, the writer may continue providing his/her assistance through out my whole study process at agreed payment.

Language : UK English - English mother tongue language is needed.
Qualification: PhD in Administrative Law or Masters Degree in General Law. (Preferable PhD Holders)
Plagiarism: 100% Free Plagiarism is required.
Thesis Topic: (I twill be given after finding a match to my requirements)
Confidentiality: ALL communications, information and correspondences must be kept strictly confidential. It will be also subject to Data Protection Act 1998 and privacy laws of Human Rights within UK and EU.
Word limits : 3000 Words Minimum.
Referencing Style : OSCOLA 2010 is preferred.
Deadline : 2 Weeks.

If you match the above requirements, feel free to contact me. Thank you.


lse business dissertation - bachelor level - target second upper or first hon

Jul 14, 2015
Background : I have write a Dissertation & review by my professor.It seems cannot get high mark. Here for request an rewrite or editing services to get second-upper or first hon of UK university.

Here some details of Dissertation:
School : London School of Economics and Political Science
Preferred Language : UK English - high command of the English language and a high standard of grammar and punctuation.
Level : Bachelor
Topic : The Impact Of Integrated Marketing Communication On Consumer Behavior(or minor change - focus on a special industry?)
Word limits : Maximum 10000
Reference no. : At least 100
Referencing Style : Harvard
Structure & Marking Scheme : See Attachment
Dead Line : 15 Aug,2015
Special Requirement :
1) Cannot Use Primary Data, Please use secondary data
2) Target the grade : at least 2-up

The dissertation must be 100% plagiarism free and must be written in accordance with strict UK university guidelines.ll references used must be referenced using the Harvard method in accordance with university guidelines.Please contact me if you feel that you can fulfill this important request, all correspondences must be kept strictly confidential.

Please provide your education background( better with proof) for me to select.


msc system and control engineering writer required ( correct email add)

Jul 3, 2015
Development of a teaching kit for motor position and speed control modelling and identification

Subject: electronic and control
Pre-requisite: Data acquisition and embedded controllers (LabVIEW, dSPACE) + electronic knowledge

Electromechanical rig allowing to move an object to a given position respecting determined speed and acceleration profiles.
Similar size than the LabVIEW board currently used to connect motors
One power supply, low voltage
Means to plug and play different sensors. Should work with all or only with some of the sensors.
Should contain electronics required to isolate the data acquisition card or microcontrollers
Connectors to safely connect to LabVIEW or microcontroller kits.
Control software
Adapt current software developed using LabVIEW and dSPACE to control the rig developed
Develop a model of the rig in Simulink and one in LabVIEW
Generate data to be estimated off line using techniques learns in m06mse and m07mse.
Text BoxGenerate programs to be able to test control or estimation algorithm using software before deploying them on the hardware.


looking for an essay writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences

Jun 24, 2015
Hello, my name is Martha attending university. I am also majored in music therapy and taking psychology course as electives. I am also looking for a writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences including psychology. In addition, since I am not in a situation to pay for the writer and I need to use my money to pay tuition for my education, it might be a good idea if you all can look for a writer who can write an essay for absolutely free of charge. Please look for a writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences including psychology and let me know about it.


uk-based essay writer wanted

May 29, 2015
I'm looking for a UK-based essay writer to be interviewed for a documentary on the essay writing industry. Must be willing to show your face. This is ideal for someone wanting publicity, as free national media coverage will be likely to send hundreds of clients your way. Can also discuss other benefits and expenses when you get in touch.


english comp paper needed

May 27, 2015
I have one final assignment I need written, 10-15 page research paper with an Information Technology focus, Paper is more about form over content. 10 Citations needed and a small summary of each. Please Send me your info along with prices and possibly a recent writing sample. This will need to finished in about a month to 5 weeks.


undergrad, 2000 word essay.

Apr 25, 2015
I need B/2.1 quality essay of about 2000 words by May 13th Essay is in the field of English Literature- specifically Old and Middle English. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writers. Serious and professional academic writers please contact me.


title: what are the implications of the photobomb on the discourse of photography?

Apr 20, 2015
hi, been looking for someone to write a 6000 word art history dissertation on photography!!!......................Looked into a load of different websites to pay for the service, but i havn't found one that hasn't been slated on the forums and due to the ulterior motive of advertising i understand that no one can provide me with a link to an honest service. i just want to pay a fair price to get this done. i have an outlined plan with research questions. please email me if your up to the task or can recommend someone that can. alternatively, has anyone had good/bad experiences with these custompapers, essaytown, papermasters, ukessays, graduatewriter.


research paper due

Apr 8, 2015
I need B quality research paper of 2000 words by April 10th. Knowledge required in the fields of economics. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writer.

Payment will be made in stages of work completion. Serious and professional writers please contact.


phonology assignment help wanted.

Mar 31, 2015
Hi, need help from a linguist on a phonology assignment; includes questions like analyzing the distribution patterns of a language, and deriving phonological rules. Please email me at #email_below# Will pay fairly.

Please at least be competent in linguistics and phonology otherwise I would be better off completing it myself. Thanks!


we are have many orders for you

Mar 26, 2015
we have 10 people in our office. every one can get more than 5 orders from students. ww guarantee of constant supply of work. we need realy good academic work.We only contact you buy qq,plz intall qq and learn how to use qq ID: 972023265. we pay moren than 30usd/1000words if you work are good. plz contact ASAP THANKS


jane austen's persuasion 5-page essay

Mar 18, 2015
TOPIC: Given that Persuasion was Austen's last completed novel, we tend to read it as the culmination of her career (even if she herself did not see it that way). Many readers have noticed differences between this novel and her earlier ones -- differences in focus, scope, tone, emphasis, subject matter, style, etc. etc. -- that seem to signify that her work might be heading in a new direction, or at least continuing to change.
The characters listed below have all been discussed by scholars as indicating some kind of change in relation to Austen's previous novels. Choose ONE of these characters, and write a 5-page essay discussing this issue. Do you think that this character represents some kind of departure from Austen's earlier work" or not? If your answer is yes: what is the nature of that departure, whether it be slight and subtle or major? If your answer is no: how is this character continuous with earlier characterizations? If it's both: what continuities and discontinuities do you see? In any case, please discuss the representation of this character first in the context of Persuasion, and then relate your analysis of this character to one or more examples (of your choice) in Austen's earlier novels. The idea is to use your character analysis a way of approaching larger issues concerning the form and/or meanings of Austen's work, revealed in her characterizations.
Mrs. Croft
Anne Elliot
Captain Wentworth
Sir Walter Elliot
The Narrator


research paper - deadline 20 march

Mar 15, 2015
I need A+ quality research paper of 3000 words by 20 March. Knowledge required in the fields of economics, financial systems, financial regulation, banking. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writer.

Payment will be made in stages of work completion. Serious and professional writers please contact.


looking for a writer to writer a asian film project

Mar 11, 2015
looking for a writer to writer a asian film project

writer has to know the styles of film, genre and etc.

please experts only and PLEASE make sure the quality of the paper, i have had few writers wrote for me and all end up with bad results

payment method will be paypal and price is negotiable


develop a mathematical modelling code for computer aided molecular design

Mar 2, 2015
I need help with developing a mathematical modelling code from this problem given in the text book "Computer Aided Chemical Engineering". Chapter 7: Identification of Multistep Reaction Stoichiometries: CAMD Problem Formulation

If you are able to help, please email me your qualifications, price, mode of payment, and also the software that you suggest to be used. We will discuss further via email.


0stata assignment (i need completed assignment in 4 days

Feb 20, 2015
Introduction, description of country's banking system, data and models estimated (using STATA), analysis of results and conclusion. You must choose one of the following:

1. Analyse the financial ratios of banks within a country using SGMM estimation - following the papers of Kosmidou (2008) and Tregenna (2009).

2. Estimate SFA and determine if efficiency scores differ in the inclusion/exclusion of z-variables.

Maximum 3500 words #email_below#

Michelle Hodge  

need writer for human relation in admin

Feb 19, 2015
I need a writer to write the following: Using the results of my SWOT analysis and the Pest analysis on your organization and your personal reflections that I have included in the attachments, come up with three goals for you and your role in your organization (Completed on the Milestone Four Temple). Add three action items/goals that reflect important aspects of your future growth as a professional and as a student (Completed on Milestone Four Temple). Additional, revise Milestone One, Two, and Three based on your additional knowledge, and submit the entire final project. The template Final Milestone Four in the one that you combine all the others, instructions are on that template as well.
On the Pest Analysis for milestone 3 (Pest Analysis). I need to have this redone. My instructor said that this was extremely broad. There needs to be a focus on the organization that you are part of or the profession (I am a property manager) that you hope to have in the future. The statements are very vague and do not really provide enough specifics that demonstrate context or detail. I have attached this. I need this update to put into the Milestone Four Assignment.
I have all my assignment that I can send that need put into this Milestone four assignment.


looking for writer in uk for phd thesis that have experience in information, communication and technology studies

Jan 23, 2015
I'm willing to pay a good amount of fee to pro-writer (phd thesis) but i have one condition which is: Meeting him anywhere in UK, ill pay for an hr tutor, i might need 2-3 hrs tutor per month. for more info.
please send me an email

olivera_888at hotmail dot com


database assingment wanted

Jan 6, 2015
I have done database assignment but I haven't finish it yet and need someone who good in database (oracle) to help me finish it
note: do not contact me if you take long time to finish the work or you ask to be get paid on advance.

Data Mart Design

3.1. The identification of two subject areas, identified during 2, which would be of benefit to the managers your organisation.
3.2. The design of the star schemas associated with both subjects area identified in 3.1
3.3. A discussion of the granularity of dimension and fact tables
3.4. The extension of one of the star schemas into a snowflake schema.

4. Data Mart Implementation

4.1. Implement a prototype of the data mart by creation of the required tables.
4.2. Discuss how you will you implement the ETL process? E.g. full or incremental, online or offline extraction?

5. Data Analysis

5.1. A discussion on different OLAP techniques, with reference to data cubes.
5.2. An explanation how your data mart could provide relevant information for your managers
5.3. This should include three relevant data queries. (You need to include sample scripts)

6. Conclusions

6.1. A discussion of strategies to overcome future challenges.


model exam answers

Dec 16, 2014

i need a model exam answers for the coming exam during January. The module is "Taxation: Policy and Practice". This is an undergraduate degree program. I need around 1000-1500 words.

Write an essay in which you [a] critically consider the relevance of Smith's canons of good taxation for UK tax policymakers in the twenty first century; and [b]clearly identify what you believe are the key attributes of a good tax system (and why).

Contact me if you are good in taxation. #email_below# wishes,

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