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The Palestinian Case Research

EssayChat / Dec 18, 2017

Palestine is one of the countries in the world that is known for its never ending conflict with that of Israeli that lies just next to Palestine. The conflict started in the mid 20th century and is continuing so far. The conflict of Palestine with that of Israel started with the immigration of Jews in Palestine and presently the Jews have taken a considerable portion of the country, Palestine under their control. Presently the territory of the Palestinian people has decreased and at the same time there has been increasing issues between the two states. The paper however focuses on the position of Palestine in the conflict or issue that they have been facing and at the same time focuses on the justification of their behavior in this prospect. Analysis about the justification of their behavior in this prospect has also been referred to in the paper.

Palestine presently wants a separate state from them so that they can have full control over their territory and also other authoritative works or activities. Violence has been a frequent aspect with Israel where armed forces, military and so on are used by Palestine. Fatah and Hamas are the tow predominant political parties that mainly work on a large scale in Palestine and often have their share of conflict with that of Israel government and political parties over the control of border lines or any other things. Palestine that mainly comprises of the Arab population also faces cultural problems with Palestine that consist of Jews population. The difference of opinion, religious perspectives and so on are common between the two states. The position of Palestine however in this conflict is quite vulnerable since there is no secured territory and law or authoritative body for them. They often indulge in terror activities since they do not want to let go of any of the land or territories to Israel . Many of the lands of Palestine have been preoccupied by Israel and thereby presently Palestine wants to include or have West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza strip in their territory. In this prospect it is seen that Israel does not want this to happen and instead wants those territories or places to include in their state.

Researching PalestineThis thereby gives rise to conflict and prevalence of war like atmosphere in the region. The Arabs was there in the region before the Jews came and it is with the invasion of the Jews that the conflict or issue was created. However in the year 1947 the UN tried to input a partition plan on the basis of dividing the entire region among the two states Palestine and Israel but Palestine was not ready for this partition as they wanted to establish the fact that they are the primary dwellers of the region and they need to have greater space for them. The Palestinian militants always keep an eye on their designated territory so that there cannot be any unnecessary invasion or seizing of land by Israel. Apart from this security aspect, public attitudes, the collapsing of the recent peace settlement and so on are also there. In 2016 efforts to build tolerance and conflict resolution was taken but it did not help the issue or the conflict. The Jews wants their dominance over the Arabs which the Arabs in no circumstances can accept.

Apart from this the religious practice by the Arabs also is made through and systematic with much of preaching about the religion and the culture of the people so that the Jews cannot have their prevalence on the Arabs. Apart from this it is also seen or can be said that the Palestinian does not want to be associated with the Jews culture and religion since they don't show any respect to their culture or religion . However present situation of Palestine is such that the control over the territories has decreased. The data or the map shows that how over the years the territory of Palestine has decreased or diminished and at the same time given rise to more hostile situation in the region (McCarthy, 2016). The mass immigration of Jews made the position of the Arabs in Palestine worse since they gradually had to give up their possessed land and that happened over the time or over the years. The UN however many a times tried to bring peace between these two states but that did not work out for a long period of time and at the same time a wide differentiation between the two states cropped up. The position of Palestine in present time in the conflict or the issue is so that it does not have a positive environment or surrounding for the growth of the next generation and also frequent terror attacks and conflict is a common scene in the place. No such developmental aspect in terms of commerce, business and other can be seen in the place.

As per the reading of this information it can be said that the reasons behind such behavior is justified since it is mainly done by the Palestinian people or the authority in order to have control on their territory and also to save themselves from any further invasion. They also do this or this kind of behavior to have a systematic arrangement in their state and also to protect them from any kind of threat. Apart from this the reason behind this kind of behavior also includes the fact that they want their territory to be reserved for them and also does not want any kind of dominance from the Jews. They want their own individual authoritative body so that they can implement rules and regulation as per their choice or preference. Their behavior towards this conflict or issue has not cropped up in one day rather it has taken a large or huge form over the time and the initiation of it can be referred to that of the arrival of Jews. It can thereby be said that their behavior is justified and can be supported with all these arguments or analysis.

The paper thereby presents the present condition of Palestine and also their part in the conflict or the issue that has been there from time immemorial. The way they are behaving has some reasons to it and the justification to it has also been referred to or analyzed so as to make the topic all the more through and approachable. The paper also puts extra focus on all the important points that are related to this topic and a detailed presentation of the position of the Palestinian people and Palestine has been provided.


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