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Environmental Art Paper

EssayChat / Dec 10, 2018

Ground: Mother

Writer#1: Kolodny- 'Unearthing Herstory here' depicts a brilliants and amazing metaphor to communicate environmental issues using the figure of a female body. The mother theme is effective in his theory as it introduces the function of the New World landscape as an item that has been dominated and exploited (Kolodny, 2006). The female body metaphor represents the daily reality that links nature to man based on the oldest form of cherished fantasy among Americans.

Environmental Art PaperArtist#2: Carolee Schneeman "Eye Body" 1963 represents the theme of mother through the use of a female body. The image comprise of thirty six photo images that depicts the environment using plastic tarps, dress mannequins, and broken mirrors. The artist used herself, the items, and the photographers as transformative works of arts. The images create a transition from painting to media works (Schneeman, 1963). Most curators viewed the image as narcissistic exhibitionism while Schneemann considered it as a way of reclaiming the power of the woman's sexuality.

Compare and Conclusion: Schneemann and Kolody use the female body to communicate issues on the environment. However, Schneemann depicts the possibility of reclaiming the environment through the female metaphor. She argues that despite the traditional usurpation of the female body in art history and Pop art, sexuality remains valuable in communicating the message of improving the environment. However, Kolody describes the repercussion of the female body metaphor in an environment of integral satisfaction, painless, receptivity, and repose.

Pastoral: Harmony

Writer#1: Oates- Against Nature here: Joyce Carol Oates uses dramatic irony to communicate his disappointment in Against nature. Oates states that Nature does not incorporate the well being of human as it suffers from natural tachycardia attack. Oates (1983) involves rhetoric question to inform the reader that it is not wise to have a relationship with nature as the teacher of our destiny. "In any case, where is nature, one might, skeptically, inquire. Who has looked upon her/its face and survive?" The above quote demonstrates that the only lesson that nature gives humans is destruction. The phrase is also ironic as most people consider nature as the true meaning of life while the reality is that they are viewing the tools of the demise.

Artist#2: Idyll & Utopia : Climbing Poetree youtube.com/watch?v=BP-qh4cTrlc Idyll & Utopia : Climbing Poetree involves two soul sisters, Alixa and Naima, who have broken boundaries through art as a media for popular education. The spoken word, hip hop, is an award winning strategy that concentrates on exposing injustice, as they provide hope and vision for a better future. The hip hop art views that the anticipated change is irresistible through personal transformation (Alixa and Naima, 2014).

Compare and Conclusion: Alixa and Naima involve the use of mythic structures to communicate the nature of the crumbling society. The poet incorporates grail myths involves spiritual salvation to save the people from the world life, which is predominantly meaningless. Camelot represents the destructive nature in moral responsibility. Equally, Oates writing involves irony and rhetoric question to communicate her inspiration in destroying nature. In conclusion, the two artists does not depict harmony in their art choices as Oates ironically concentrates on destroying nature because she considers nature a merciless aspect of the environment. However, the spoken word artists advocate for harmony as they view love towards one another as a situation that will attract love back and justice in the society.

Sublimity: Wild

Writer#1: Muir - A wind storm in the forests involves different forms of imagery, including musical, religious, and sea among others. The aim is to communicate the timeliness and grandeur nature of forests that he desires to protects. The article is authored in an essay form discussing the Sierra Trees previous response to wind. As a 19th century author, Muir's perspective is romanticized with a prose of purple variety. His choice of words makes the audience believe that Sierra trees are the most beautiful features on earth's surface (Muir, 1894).

Artist#2: Niagara Eliot - Anderson (2006) form Average Landscapes of 2006 involves the historical encoded commencement that represents landscape. The image incorporates the frames used in landscapes during the 19th century among the American painters. The images remains valuable as it created and improved tourism and tourist post cards.

Compare and conclusion: Niagara Eliot and Muir were both an artist and a writer respectively in the 19th century. The period is characterized by the rise of digital technology as a means of influencing the future. However, Muir use of imagery informs the audience the passion of the author in observing trees and the realization that nature cans only be experienced by remaining active in the experience. Equally, Niagara Eliot uses the base of the 19th century American painters to determine the landscape that attracts and maintains tourists. In conclusion, the 19th century made significant contributions to both Niagara Eliot and Muir.

Pollution: Collapse

Writer#1: Jeffers- Passenger Pigeons by Andrew Blechman refers to an environmental poem that incorporates the earliest information on extinction in America. Jeffers (1887) poem incorporates the passing passenger pigeons to communicate other forms of extinctions. The speaker excludes mankind from an extinction fate by talking to death, informing him to "Roll those idiot eyes of yours" elsewhere. In a period of 400 years, passenger pigeons moved from an estimated 3-5 billion to one, Martha.

Artist#2: The Climate Ribbon Project refers to an art ritual that mourns what humanity stands to lose in case of climatic chaos. The art aims at affirming human solidarity as we come together to fight against climatic issues. The urban element is unique in both the aesthetic and environmental qualities. It aims at improving air circulation, and comfort by binding the summer trade winds. The scoop features are used to ensure gentle breeze through public places.

Compare and Conclusion: Climate Ribbon Project is an artistic ritual while Jeffers- Passenger Pigeons by Andrew Blechman goes through a journey that communicates issues of extinction. The similarities are that both arts works cautions the generations of the looming dangers. Damages to animal species and the environment are communicated if we neglect our environment. In conclusion, the art works communicates of the dangers of polluting our environment.

Force: Animacy

Writer#1: Killingworth- As if the beats spoke involves the use of poems to separate humans from animals. Whitman view of animals as the superior beings challenged his artistic, civility, and morality sensibility. Rufus Griswold accused Whitman of being possessed to the soul for allowing animals to rule humans through the use of a cartoon image. However, the fresh and energized use of animal language was significantly credited (Killingsworth, 2010). Culturally, Thoreau uses poetics and rhetoric to depict human as people, who have adopted inhumane behaviors.

Artist#2: Walt Whitman youtube.com/watch?v=HV1pBZei6e8 refers to the virtual movie from great Walt Whitman, which echoes Killingworth views. Killingworth considers animals as self contained wisdom, and tries to reflect animal behaviors in his life. He teaches humanity of his ideas of natural foundation and unity. Whitman achieved this by personification of respectable qualities in animal to depict the lowest and highest character classes. Whitman (2012) desired the growth of humanity to reflect and look past religion and past science to penetrate the earth's heart.

Compare and Conclusion: Killingworth (2010) desired to separate human from animals. However, Whitman respects animals for maintaining appreciation, an aspect that is no longer present among men. Animals rules and guides themselves as opposed to allowing God to guide them. They use the guides of heir brothers and their instincts. Animals concentrate on taking care of their children as opposed to taking over the world. His intention was reestablishment of Americanism in connection to his natural roots.



I believe that all the above artists and writers remains relevant in the coming decades based on their view of the environment and the prevalent culture. In the theme of mother, Kolodny remains relevant in the future decades because she links man to nature. Human's activity is the mother of the looming disaster to the deteriorating state of environment. Unless humans learn to take care of the Mother Nature, the environment will always eat its people as stated by Joyce Carol Oates. Schneemann depicts the possibility of reclaiming the environment through the female metaphor, which remains valuable for the future generation.

Hence, the artists communicate the challenges and values of protecting the environment through their artworks. The theme of pollution remains critical throughout the ten artists with the hallmark presented by the Climate Ribbon Project. The project takes the audience through the journey of extinction and the implication of pollution on the environment through the pigeon extinction. Humans globally have been called upon to take care of their environment.


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