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Computing and Learning Systems Paper (Engineering Admissions Essay)

EssayChat / Jul 6, 2018

Concepts, mathematics, theory, design, abstractions and processes are a handful of terms we resort to when defining the field of computing. However there is another element which recurs throughout the discipline and it is this factor which drew me deeply into it. In grade nine, Java was introduced and I was impacted by the logic at work behind coding. Unraveling the logic behind code became a pastime and in due course I discovered that I was working at an intuitive level. The experience of writing efficient code and arriving at set outputs being empowering added to my early love of computers and technology. I chose Computer science engineering as my branch of study, without much comprehension of the expanse, complexity, applications and pervasiveness of the discipline.

Through the curriculum I learnt of systems, components, languages, and the disparate elements began to grow unified into one great idea. Coding remained a major passion and I was an active member of the Coding club where we worked on Corona SDK to develop Mobile applications on all platforms. I attended a workshop on 'Python Programming', which was part of an 8 day industrial orientation camp organized by the Free Software Movement of Karnataka. I was inspired enough to write a blog on the learning offered. I gained insights into open source software and freedom hardware, as well as data processes in hardware. The principles at work in the field of data appealed to me greatly. In the DBMS lectures and labs, I gained valuable information, and processing data into separate categories was a most exciting exercise.

Engineering Computing StudyTo learn more about the field, I accessed online sources and read the Data Science weekly. org newsletter. Management of data and information, complex data -intensive problems, both created intrigue. In the third year I worked on the 'Cloud-Based Monitoring of Room Temperature' project, where data would be collected in a cloud and then monitored remotely. Room temperature data was collected at regular intervals and uploaded to a database. How the virtual space which is externally nothing to the layman is actually a composite entity replete with servers, storage and networking components, was most thrilling. The project took on greater dimensions with my favorite professor asking me to present a seminar at the Faculty Development Program. This event hosted professors and tutors from other colleges and with not much time to prepare I was hesitant. With his guidance I went on to give an impactful seminar. While I had unfailingly presented seminars in every semester on topics ranging from Mathematics to Mechanical to Computer science, they paled in comparison to the experience of articulating my work and views before a discerning technical audience.

As a devoted learner, I placed deserving importance on all subjects being covered and worked dedicatedly on projects. The 'Line follower Robot 'which I designed and fabricated was based on the maze solving algorithm and won the second prize during a competition on Engineer's day. Yet another project 'Ultrasonic Radar' won a consolation prize at a project exhibition event. Through the years in college I presented excellent academic performances and finished in the top five in most years. I had in me both aptitude and an attitude to make independent forays into emerging technologies , and my final year project which was in combination with the 6 month internship was 'IOT based Metering and Billing Automation for Gau Gas'. The brand new ecosystem that is IoT offered me many interesting discoveries as regards complementary technologies, opportunities and challenges. I presented a technical paper on the project at the IEEE CAS Chapter.

By the final year I knew that ambitious new technology domains and amongst them, Data Science with accompanying fields of statistics, computing, and informatics, technologies and tools, held great excitement and exponential growth prospect. I recognized how a Data Scientist leverages mathematical acumen, computing skills, visualizes, analyses, and works with massive volumes of data to create actionable insights which helps increase revenue or decrease costs. The insights drawn from data are fact-based, hyper-targeted information which aid in real-time decision making. The job of a Data scientist is, I realized most challenging and incredibly stimulating. The best pathway to a possible career in the field is a Masters degree from a reputed university.

Having completed the course, I interned briefly at 'Ignomagine', learning a great deal about Android application development. Although I experienced the industry subsequently as a 'Software Support Associate' and worked on the maintenance of projects for the next few months, my mind was already racing ahead into the future where developments in technology would generate exciting results. Through my exposure to real work environments I knew that there were numerous gaps to bridge between the education received in college and the actual demands of a professional role. The other valuable understanding I have of myself is that I do not want to be just another member of a team on a project, merely contributing my bit to the overall effort. I aim to be a thinker and a harbinger of change. When I eventually enter a professional role of my liking and choice, I wish to take unquestionable subject expertise, excellence in the field, the power to inspire and innovate, and a strong presence in the domain.

The first step towards my lofty goals will be the graduate program in --------at ------------------university. My search for a world class program tailored to meet industry requirements with ongoing inputs from data centric organizations and research centers has ended at ---------. The taut curriculum incorporates tracks in Data engineering, Machine learning, Statistics, Python for Data Science, Analytics, Data Visualization, and more. Through these advanced modules I will gain deep understanding and practical proficiencies with techniques, most current tools and methods, the applications and implications of data science across industries and sectors.

Flexible study options and interesting electives will widen my knowledge base and skills. The department has built international repute for its niche research initiatives by multidisciplinary student and faculty groups, and with a long term vision of working in R & D environments, I intend to maximize the higher level ideation and intellectual debates at -------------. Ties with external organizations affords students the opportunity to be engaged in real world projects and real world data sets , employ learning simultaneously and contribute to meaningful solutions. On collaborative projects that address critical business challenges, I will effectively integrate my learning and application.

For the past couple of months I have been working as a Python Programmer at Byte Storm, and can take some level of skills to the postgraduate course. I also look forward eagerly to interact with a diverse student body and be part of student initiatives and events. In college I was an active volunteer for department events such as the 'ETET national conference 'and 'Engineer's day', as well as the National Service Scheme. I am keen to welcome beneficial influences to shape and refine my personal identity as my professional resume takes on added importance with the international program. Being informed, prepared and relevant on both personal and professional fronts is my expectation from the graduate program.

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