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College Research Paper on Cyber Terrorism

EssayChat / Jan 15, 2018

Cyber terrorism has no much difference from physical terrorism since their objectives remain similar. The only difference is that cyber terrorist use the cyber world to cause panic among the people with an objective of achieving a certain political- social or economic goal. Despite this new form of terrorism not causing massive fatalities among the public, there is growing concerns among security agencies that the cyber world is far much challenging to control than physical terrorism. Counterterrorism measures in the real world include increased surveillance across the entry points but in the cyber world, it is hard to monitor what each and every one is doing while on the internet.

Most recently, terror groups such as ISIS, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah have turned to the cyber world of recruiting new members, financing their activities and spreading propaganda. Some of these groups even have their own websites that continue to operate freely. They use the same platforms to spread propaganda and radicalize young people not old enough to make sound judgments when it comes to matters of national security. If there are such active websites that continue to exist under the full knowledge of security agencies, then it would be safe to assume that cyber terrorism poses an even much greater threat than physical terrorism.

Cyber TerrorismIn a family set-up for example, parents for example have gone to great lengths to provide their children with electronic devices that are vulnerable to cyber terrorism. The challenge with such devices is that without close monitoring, it is difficult to supervise their use and with whom the children share information. For a prolonged period of constant hate propaganda and extremist information, it is very easy for mostly teenagers to be radicalized and end up committing an actual crime.

It is not only young people that are vulnerable to cyber terrorism. In some instances, cyber terrorists are known to target adults mostly those belonging to particular groups that are anti-government. This selection is based on the fact that being anti-government or being against a certain demographic group, it would be very easy to have such people commit themselves to what they believe is even a greater cause.

Cyber terrorism affects the society in some many ways. The most obvious is that unlike physical terrorism, cyber terrorism can take place for a long period of time undetected. The bond of contention in modern day world is how to monitor the cyber world without infringing on the rights of the citizens. In the United States for example, the federal government has come under harsh criticism for what is believed to be secret surveillance of personal devices.

The criticism of what is believed to be undisclosed surveillance by the government is drawn from the need to protect individuals' right to privacy. On the other hand, the government contends that without such surveillance, the national security would be in far much greater threat as most of the activities today take place in the cyber world. However, an emphasis has been made to try and strike a balance between the two concepts of national security vs the right to privacy.

Whereas it is important to uphold the constitutional right to privacy, the government too feels the need to protect its citizen. It has been found that the most recent terror attacks in different countries across the world were well executed by people operating from different regions but who were well known to each other. This means that there had to be some form of communication among all parties involved in carrying out physical terror attacks.

Moving forward, there needs to be a general consensus among governments, security agencies and policy makers aimed at building consensus on how to deal with cyber terrorism. This form of terrorism is far more dangerous considering that the world is digitally evolving. As technology evolves, so will cyber terrorism. This means that cyber terrorist will have access to even more sophisticated ways to spread fear, propagate hatred and spread violence.

Once overwhelmed, even governments will be incapable of developing effective counter-terrorism measures. Terrorist activities in the world will escalate considering that all the activities will be done on the web and the only part that will require physical availability of a person is the execution. The rest of the activities involved in planning terror activities such as recruiting new members, raising funds, buying of weapons coordinating the attack could be done discreetly and it is only after the actual execution of the act will the real damage of cyber terrorism manifest itself.

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