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i've gone through so much paper in my career...

Oct 9, 2013
Professor Verb *is* the paper.

... the trees tremble when I walk through the forest.
99Essays@gmail. com  

the truth

Oct 9, 2013
Professor Verb doesn't write just the paper. Professor Verb *is* the paper.
99Essays@gmail. com  EssayChatOct 7, 2013
Maybe it's "a" grade, as in any grade :)

Heck, even I could guarantee that.

that's impossible ...

Oct 7, 2013
We guarantee you grade A papers

Newton valletta  

best essay writting

Oct 7, 2013
The best essay writing company that I
have used so far. Pearlessays are
offering topnotch papers and the
timing is the best. Thanks pearlessays,
it is a treasure to have found you.

looking for graphics for your powerpoint project?

Oct 6, 2013
Visit Professor Verb's Compendium of Zany Pictures at -- dozens of categorized, school-related graphics available, copyright free.

is anyone safe now?

Oct 4, 2013
"brand-name" writers from the USA



Oct 4, 2013
articulate and diligent

or... "diliculate"?

sage advice...

Oct 2, 2013
I would recommend NOT paying drastically less than this if you are expecting original work of a premium standard - you would be playing with fire.

"Playing with fire":

"Used primarily to advise someone against a course of action that may result in an unpleasing outcome either for themselves or others around them" (Urban Dictionary).

"Fig. to do something dangerous or risky. (Usually playing with fire.) Be careful with that knife! You are playing with fire! If you mess with Max, you are playing with ..." (Free Dictionary).

"You're playing with fire if you're involved in an activity that could be dangerous, or could lead to problems in the future. For example:

--You're really playing with fire if you have loaded guns in the house, especially if there are kids around.

--Suzie says that if someone with mental or emotional problems smokes marijuana, they're playing with fire. She says it can make these problems much worse" (The English Club).

And then there's the bed-wetting issue:

"Freud (1905/1968) noted that it was common to warn children that playing with fire would lead to them wet the bed" (Heath, Hardesty & Goldfine, 1984, p. 274).

There's also Wikipedia's entry for Japanese superstitions:

"If you play with fire, you will wet your bed. (It makes children become aware of the danger of fire."

So remember kids, you get what you pay for and don't play with fire.
SRS  EssayChatOct 2, 2013
I would recommend NOT paying drastically less than this if you are expecting original work of a premium standard - you would be playing with fire.

very true.

burrito song

Oct 1, 2013
Burritos are good,
Burritos are tasty,
their divine flavor,
does not fade.
Burritos are my food,
my heavenly delight,
I just want to die,
If I don't have a burrito,

one last poem from professorverb

Oct 1, 2013
Write short poems about life and burritos

Roses are red,
Life is too short,
I wish I had more time,
for burritos to snort.

the longest sentence in the english language ...

Sep 30, 2013
I do.

... for married men.

what am i offered?

Sep 29, 2013
We can also trade comic books.

I have a complete set of Jonny Quest and the first ten Conan the Barbarians and 90 percent of the first 200 (great cover art work in these). Also, about 1,000 original print Donald Ducks and Uncle Scrooges (Carl Barks is my hero). Will trade for ATV or anything dangerous.

wrong target?

Sep 29, 2013
It shouldn't be a big problem considering that there's shortage of skilled labor, while on the other hand, all advanced countries are suffering from zero population growth.

as the saying goes:

Sep 29, 2013
I do.

To each his own, to each his own.
99Essays@gmail. com  

as long as they put they money in my paypal ...

Sep 29, 2013
call me biased, but I don't service Satan worshippers

I do.

true enough

Sep 29, 2013
 not funny

Especially if there's a zombie apocalypse!

i was a screaming eagle once ...

Sep 29, 2013
the sneaking eagles

"Air Assault, sir!"


Sep 28, 2013
Let the labeling begin.
Good idea from the mods.
But foreign sounds so dull - write me up for living somewhere in the Caribbean -that sounds nice, and expensive.

I like the idea to label all posts, but I fear there will be those who circumvent the system and cheat their way into the US/UK residency.

the sneaking eagles

Sep 28, 2013
Watch out, they at least know the difference between a home-made pie and PIE.

i've been settling for doughnuts (and the promise of more doughnuts) ...

Sep 28, 2013
the important thing is knowing about [PIEs] in writing


"if you can't beat them...

Sep 25, 2013
... arrange to have them beaten." -- George Carlin
Sarah  EssayChatSep 24, 2013
Note these lies from the juvenile cretin

"I have a feeling I know who wrote this: a disgruntled writer I once used and refused to pay. This was so because she submitted DREADFUL work that was NOWHERE near worthy of being paid for".............."She was given every opportunity to remedy this, but she refused to do so. So, no, I really don't think I did have to pay her. I completed the correct work in the end, and I got paid for it. That was the only fair outcome. Why should she (who should not be an academic writer) be allowed to get away with shoddy workmanship? It gives those of us who complete high quality work a bad name"

He keeps on making personal attacks and has nothing else to do? The obvious reason for this is that none of this ever happened. He did not send any plagiarism report, no comments on the paper and no chance given for amendments. You are so pathetic (shows clearly in your emails). His previous email address was "", which he deactivated later on. ( two days after submission of paper and I waited for him to give me client feedback). I kept on waiting for two days and when I sent an email, i got this " Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14)."
Sarah  EssayChatSep 24, 2013

Seriously you can make greate con artist (you should consider a different profession) and on top of that, your an excellent liar and cheater.You are a cheater and you never submitted any report or any email. Infact, you just deactivated your email address (the hotmail one and the essaypod one). Within two days, your website was no longer present. Furthermore, there was no contact from your side. You are going to say that this is getting boring now and of course you will attack the level of my english (but seriously, I don't care). I am going to expose your fraudulent activities, the way you trap writers and make a fool out of them. Students should know your reality and stop using your services.

Now go on and insult my level of english but I seriously dont for the money you owe me, it will come out of your ass pretty soon :D coz "what goes around comes around"

*rolls eyes*

Sep 23, 2013
Since you ran out of your far fetched stories, you will only attack my english. :P

You have also been exposed on essayscam several times and this is enough for students and writers to know that you are unreliable, dishonest cheater.

Your efforts to ruin my name are getting boring now. I just looked up the threads you're referring to on 'essayscam' and they have nothing to do with what you're taking about. One is merely someone asking if the company was any good, to which someone replied 'yes.' However, forum trolls made sure that one was turned around. The other is someone claiming to be a student that paid and never got their assignment, which is absolute rubbish. More trollish efforts. Wouldn't it be absolute madness to think that people on the internet tell lies to bash their competitors?! Yup, completely out with the boundaries of possibility. Please stop wasting my time and go off and submit substandard work to people willing to pay for it. The quality of your English is, I most definitely think, very important in underlining that you did not deserve to be paid. How can you be so stupid to think otherwise? You're in the wrong line of work, and I hope that is obvious to anyone reading back to the provenance of this discussion.
Sarah  EssayChatSep 23, 2013

Since you ran out of your far fetched stories, you will only attack my english. :P

You have also been exposed on essayscam several times and this is enough for students and writers to know that you are unreliable, dishonest cheater.
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