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offering technical writing services

 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I offer technical writing services in the field of Financial Math (bonds/equities analysis), statistics, economics, calculus, pure math, Marketing Strategy, Management, General Consulting, Probability, sociology, philosophy. Presentation and data analysis using excel or statistical programming using R. Kindly get in touch using the email below. Minimum Cpp $5. #Guaranteed top notch work.


happy independence day ...

Jul 4, 2015
IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

msc system and control engineering writer required ( correct email add)

Jul 3, 2015
Development of a teaching kit for motor position and speed control modelling and identification

Subject: electronic and control
Pre-requisite: Data acquisition and embedded controllers (LabVIEW, dSPACE) + electronic knowledge

Electromechanical rig allowing to move an object to a given position respecting determined speed and acceleration profiles.
Similar size than the LabVIEW board currently used to connect motors
One power supply, low voltage
Means to plug and play different sensors. Should work with all or only with some of the sensors.
Should contain electronics required to isolate the data acquisition card or microcontrollers
Connectors to safely connect to LabVIEW or microcontroller kits.
Control software
Adapt current software developed using LabVIEW and dSPACE to control the rig developed
Develop a model of the rig in Simulink and one in LabVIEW
Generate data to be estimated off line using techniques learns in m06mse and m07mse.
Text BoxGenerate programs to be able to test control or estimation algorithm using software before deploying them on the hardware.

Laura Dhaniels  

writer needed (payment after work)

Jul 3, 2015
Looking for a writer to help with a nursing paper


best freelance academic writer

Jul 2, 2015
 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Do you need assistance with your papers? Look no further. I have worked with the so called big and reputable freelance academic writing companies and what I noticed is that they overcharge clients and under pay their writers. Lets avoid these brokers. Contact me directly and I will do your paper at a reasonable cost. Contact me via email.

prospectfreelan ce  

hiring high quality writers

Jul 1, 2015
We are hiring high quality academic writers.
You are welcomed to apply in our website:


essay writer (fred / fahad)

Jun 29, 2015
 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Hi, My name id Fred from Kenya. I am a professional writer in business related courses like marketing, HR, management, project management, finance, accounting and project management. Feel free to contact me for any of your essays, reports and dissertation in these fields. I allow payments after delivery of your papers and I do revisions if any at no additional costs. Reach me through the email address below

I am Fahad Mohamed, a professional writer based in Kenya. I specialise in essays, reports and dissertation paper. Kindly contact me for any of the above services and I would be glad to help. Reach me on #email_below#


summer frenzy be upon us

Jun 29, 2015
 Offered Croatia  Croatia  
Hi there,
Looking for a reputable yet affordable writer for your essays? Look no further. With years of experience under my belt, and hundreds of papers written in all imaginable fields, I can offer top quality service for a reasonable fee. My expertise range from social sciences, humanities, across business, economics and finance towards the immersive fields of biology, zoology and philosophy. Contact me with confidence, my work speaks louder than words.


certainly not ...

Jun 29, 2015
It isn't bad to ask for freebies, is it?

... but it is naive to think that people will provide their services for free. Shucks, though, I may be wrong and you might receive dozens of offers from competent writers to provide your paper for free -- but I doubt it. Keep us posted.
shitzilla  EssayChatJun 27, 2015
 would you ask this of a grocer, a mechanic, a doctor or a lawyer?

Sure, i would. Why not? It isn't bad to ask for freebies, is it?

would you ask this of a grocer, a mechanic, a doctor or a lawyer?

Jun 25, 2015
In addition, since I am not in a situation to pay for the writer and I need to use my money to pay tuition for my education, it might be a good idea if you all can look for a writer who can write an essay for absolutely free of charge.


looking for an essay writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences

Jun 24, 2015
Hello, my name is Martha attending university. I am also majored in music therapy and taking psychology course as electives. I am also looking for a writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences including psychology. In addition, since I am not in a situation to pay for the writer and I need to use my money to pay tuition for my education, it might be a good idea if you all can look for a writer who can write an essay for absolutely free of charge. Please look for a writer who is specialized in arts and social sciences including psychology and let me know about it.


writing extraordinaire

Jun 24, 2015
 Offered USA  USA  
Writing Extraordinaire specializes in writing one of a kind essays, research papers, argumentative, narrative, persuasive, expository, and profile essays. Our goal is to provide students with high quality and convenient services they can trust, helping them achieve academic progress. Our website is

No So Real  

i get it now

Jun 23, 2015
What 's in it for you ?
 Excellent support with task instructions and requirements
 Competitive commissions
 Bonuses for outstanding performers
 High volume of orders

Excellent support with task instructions and requirements= terrible clients with 1 million requirements for a 2 page paper
Competitive commissions = $3 per page with possible 'fines' if you're late by 1 second.
Bonuses for outstanding performers= $15 as a Christmas bonus

high earning potential ! academic writers wanted !

Jun 22, 2015
About Us:
We are a growing academic writing firm based in China providing professional academic writing service to students all over the world. Boasting a national headcount of over 100 professional academic writers nation-wide our strength is our people, their commitment and their expertise.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Due to business expanding, we are recruiting more professional academic writers to join our team. As an academic writer you will receive orders from our operator on a regular basis. This is a truly self-managed role where you will be responsible for all the tasks you have received. High earning potential based on your own hard work.
Requirements :
 A high level of motivation and ambition
 The ability to undertake different tasks and deliver on time
 Looking for long term cooperation
 Must have academic writing experience
 Flexibility to work weekends and late nights

What 's in it for you ?
 Excellent support with task instructions and requirements
 Competitive commissions
 Bonuses for outstanding performers
 High volume of orders

If you are interested in this role ,don't hesitate. Please forward your resume to #email_below#


cliche phrases from writers

Jun 18, 2015
Why do some writers use the cliche "Now accepting new clients" when in fact they "accept" new clients even at 2AM (if they manage to get one)..?

now accepting new clients this week

Jun 18, 2015
 Offered USA  USA  

I have availability this week to assist you with your writing needs. I offer services in:

- Academic Writing
- Proofreading
- Editing
- Newsletters
- Resumes
- Online Classes

...and more! I provide reasonable rates and reliable service. Feel free to browse my site for more information or to contact me directly.

First come, first served.





Jun 15, 2015
If anyone has been scammed by a writer or a writer has been scammed by a client... Contact me and I will help you out to get your hard earned money back.

i take online classes

Jun 13, 2015
 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Are taking an online class that you don't have enough time for? Are taking a class that you failed and don't want to fail again? Is the class bothering you because you do not have direct contact with people who can help? Whether you feel overwhelmed by your online class or just don't want to sit and do it, it is my business to help you. Please feel free to reach me at the email listed. You have no reason to fail your online class.


best academic writer

Jun 12, 2015
 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I have a vast experience in academic writing. My experience as a college tutor makes me the best writer to deliver high quality papers. I am proficient in handling academic projects related to general biology, genetics, microbiology (Bacteriology, Virology and Mycology).I have three years experience in the field of academic writing. Besides, I have worked as a college tutor and as a high school hence I have experience in guiding students through their academic projects.

Nice Idiot  

mmm, i love this game...

Jun 10, 2015
of writing and not making money.

expert and experienced academic writer

Jun 8, 2015
 Offered India  India  

I am an experienced academic writer with ten years of expertise in academic writing and research. I am a MBA graduate from University of Wales, and I can write on varied topics related to business management, public administration, sociology and economics. I provide well written, plagiarism free and well referenced papers at just 30GBP per 1000 words.


academic writer

Jun 4, 2015
 Offered USA  USA  
Hello there! My name is Kelli and I have been an academic writer for the past five years. My main focus is to take the stress off of your back and take care of business for you. I offer competitive prices and quick turnaround rates. My areas of expertise are Business, Marketing, Management, Psychology, English composition, Sociology, Law, Political Science, and much more. In addition, I am competent in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago formatting styles. If you're interested in utilizing my services, please send your assignment requirements to my e-mail for a quote. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!

Quality Writer  

kenya: genuine, experienced and quality-oriented academic writer for your projects

Jun 1, 2015
 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Hey there,

QualityWriter 1 is now accepting new orders. With years of experience you can be guaranteed to find exceptional services when you contract me for all your writing needs. For the last five years I have been helpful to students from different nations through-out their studies whether at high-school, college, bachelor, masters or phd levels. This is your opportunity ye bright students who want to receive more than just paper writing but a side by side, step by step assistance through out school.
I do handle projects around a myriad of subjects and you can be sure to find your much needed academic help from me. Contact today and lets sign a deal for your academic assistance. Cheers.


re: we have more than 100tasks every day

Jun 1, 2015
Don't we all? Life's tough, get a sitter.

statistics/economics writers

May 30, 2015
we need statistics/economics writers urgently. $4 per page.

uk-based essay writer wanted

May 29, 2015
I'm looking for a UK-based essay writer to be interviewed for a documentary on the essay writing industry. Must be willing to show your face. This is ideal for someone wanting publicity, as free national media coverage will be likely to send hundreds of clients your way. Can also discuss other benefits and expenses when you get in touch.


english comp paper needed

May 27, 2015
I have one final assignment I need written, 10-15 page research paper with an Information Technology focus, Paper is more about form over content. 10 Citations needed and a small summary of each. Please Send me your info along with prices and possibly a recent writing sample. This will need to finished in about a month to 5 weeks.


professor verb's word for the day

May 26, 2015


: a pleasant smell that follows the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

"Petrichor comes from atmospheric haze containing creosotes, terpenes, and other volatile compounds that are generated by plants."
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