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end of term panic...

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Hi there,

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irish cinema

Nov 24, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted     
Hi there,

I have an essay on 2000 word essay on Irish Cinema. Looking at a writer that is confident to have payment completed after you have written.
Email me at


judge for yourself...

Nov 23, 2014
anyone here has ever tried
Are they good?
Is it a scam?

Verbiage on the main page of their Web site contains the following errors:

"You are probably wondering, [sic] who can write my essay for me cheaply with high quality? That's how [sic] we come in. We offer custom essay writing services of the highest quality to in [sic] the United States."


"To hire someone write my essay [sic] was no joke, but worry not, have [sic[ the requisite skills to handle your research paper from a wide array of disciplines." [huh?]


"We Constantly [sic] train and re-assess [sic] our cheap research paper writers online to ensure that their skills always match the dynamic requirements of the clients who want to buy essays online."

is this a scam?

Nov 23, 2014
Hey, I need to inquire if anyone here has ever tried
Are they good?
Is it a scam?
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affordable essay writing services

Nov 21, 2014
Homework Ease is a renowned essay writing company which is known for its quality content, competent writers, and on-time delivery. We never ask payments in advance and always provide 100% uniquecontent

professor verb's word for the day

Nov 21, 2014
leitmotif (or leitmotiv)

: noun

A recurrent theme in a piece of music or literature, situation, etc.

"Smart women speaking makes many men angry. Looking back, I see that this has been a leitmotif of my life. This may not surprise you, but it surprises me, every time." -- Elizabeth Farrelly; "If Only the World Boasted More Uppity Women"; The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); Feb 13, 2014.

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Nov 20, 2014
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professional writing, editing and proofreading services

Nov 18, 2014
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Jam Jar Writing is an agency that specializes in writing, editing and proofreading services to students and businesses. We have a highly qualified team of writers with specializations in a variety of disciplines. Please visit us at for all of your writing needs or email us at #email_below#


solidworks assignment

Nov 18, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
I have 2 urgent SOLIDWORKS Assignments, only SOLIDWORKS Professionals, send an e-mail to me, to discuss further


high quality model essay writing from a united states writer with a master's degree!

Nov 18, 2014
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I look forward to hearing from you!


press release

Nov 18, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
Hello writers, I'm a writer from Africa myself. I need a press release of max 400 words. I would only like to be contacted by specialists in the field of Media, which do know what is a Press release and how to write it in order to improve the image of a certain event happened. Please, I do not want to be contacted my scammers.
If you have interest, please contact me, including your rate and sample of the press releases you have written in the past.
I will provide then more information.


academic writer for your collegiate needs

Nov 17, 2014
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My name is Kelli, and I have been in the academic writing industry for over four years now. As an academic writer, my main priority is to provide students with plagiarism-free, and high-quality work every single time. In addition, I am reliable, punctual, and can meet fast deadlines. My areas of expertise include business, marketing, economics, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, ethics, management, and much more. I am also open to assisting students with their entire online courses. If you're interested in working together, please contact me at my work e-mail below. Have a great day!


fight the lizard brain!

Nov 17, 2014
a sudden attack of writer's block

"The lizard brain causes writer's block as an individual becomes overwhelmed by a project and becomes too fearful of failure to let the words pour forth. The lizard brain is the source of compromise, mediocrity and lives not lived to the fullest." -- Martin Dugard, A Story of Fearless Outcasts, Blundering Geniuses, and Impossible Success, p. 89
Anthony Batians  

african essay writer for hire

Nov 17, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
You place orders with online fortune 500 companies that demand a fortune for poorly done, haphazardly edited and plagiarized papers. Why? Because they subcontract your work out.

Well, I doubt that's what you want. At least we need value for our money. And no one frowns upon a transcript that bears an Ace or a B at worst. You have an eye for quality, and so do I. You have dollars, I have expertise. Can we trade?

Engineering? Economics? No. Sorry guys, but I specialize. I would feel guilty for a work halfway done.

I am a nurse practitioner and I stick to my specialty. Health/Nursing/Medicine/Developmental Psychology/Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics as well as other related health assignments comprise what I do.

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professional american ph.d. specializing in theses and dissertations

Nov 16, 2014
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...but I'm into short essays in social sciences, humanities, and business too. I've done work across the disciplines and I'm comfortable in all kinds of interesting subjects (but I've given up my stats subscriptions, sorry!). I incorporate as many sources, and as much research as needed (like watching films, etc.) and my prices are always the same per page, so that you can plan for the semester; the intricate and the simple all seem to even out in the end for me.

I hand-craft every piece originally, from scratch.
I have access to all the databases.
I go to the library when I have to.
I'm not a factory. I'm a professor.
I want to make things beautiful, and I guarantee to write to the specs you give me and incorporate what you tell me to, cited correctly, written with lovely grammar, and basically, as asked, on-time, and all the jazz that you should expect at the bare minimum. I know what every level looks like and I write to make you stand out in that crowd because I've taught at every level and I know what the professor sees.

I don't sub-contract. I have a website, references, and professional accountability, and it's just me behind the curtain. I'd love to work with you to make your piece what you want it to be. Thanks!


i had some time to think about this ...

Nov 16, 2014
Dude, you should never mention (even to your own wife and children) you were in Vietnam.

Why? I'm VERY proud of my military service. I was the only house on my block with an American flag flying on 9-10-01. My wife is an Army brat and wouldn't have married me otherwise, and my daughters love me anyway. All my grandsons think I'm a cold-blooded killer and tell all their friends so.

I had plenty of company: "The U.S. Census Bureau (2004) reports there are 8.2 million 'Vietnam Era Veterans.' Of these 2.59 million are reported to have served 'in country.' More than 58,000 U.S. military personnel died as a result of the conflict"* (including some good friends of mine).


Our Secretary of State is a Vietnam vet: "Shortly before he graduated from Yale University, Secretary Kerry enlisted to serve in the United States Navy, and went on to serve two tours of duty. He served in combat as a Swift Boat skipper patrolling the rivers of the Mekong Delta, returning home from Vietnam with a Silver Star, a Bronze Star with Combat V, and three Purple Hearts."*


Plenty of other (smart -- not stupid) people are Vietnam vets:

Al Gore, Fred Smith (founder and president of Federal Express), Colin Powell, John McCain, Craig Venter (famed for being the first to map the human genome)*


You were scammed (unless you're too stupid) into going to war. It was just an exercise ordered by the US military complex and banks to test the weapons and to waste tax payers' money.

The Vietnam War was the last American war with conscription.*


You either not an American or you're too young to remember the draft or both, but many of the young men that went to Vietnam didn't have a choice. Sure, they could have gone to Canada ("Canadian immigration statistics show that 20,000 to 30,000 draft-eligible American men came to Canada as immigrants during the Vietnam era"*) or dodged the draft in other ways ("some notable US figures avoided the draft as students such as Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and Dick Cheney"**), but most of us just went and tried to stay alive long enough to get the hell out of there. That was my strategy and by the time I left, I was the youngest staff sergeant in the U.S. Army and making good money so I reenlisted for 5 years for the fat reenlistment bonus and an assignment to Thailand. This was a Very Smart Thing To Do*** -- Thailand rocked.


[quote[Hopefully before you die you'll realize how much damage your 'war' caused in the name of absolutely nothing. [/quote]

"Some would argue that the Vietnam War was fought to send a message to the United States' communist rivals."* (I believe this, but it was a mistake from the beginning for sure.)

America was not threatened by Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a joke created by your own generals.

I'm assuming you feel the same way about all the wars after World War II, including the Persian Gulf wars, where America was not directly threatened:

Korean War
Part of the Cold War

Vietnam War
Part of the Cold War and Indochina Wars

Bay of Pigs Invasion
Part of the Cold War

Cuban missile crisis
Part of the Cold War

Dominican Civil War
Part of the Cold War

American occupation of the Dominican Republic
Part of the Cold War

First Gulf of Sidra incident
Invasion of Grenada
Part of the Cold War

American occupation in the Gulf of Sidra
Operation El Dorado Canyon
Second Gulf of Sidra incident
Invasion of Panama
Gulf War
Unified Task Force
Bosnian War
Part of the Yugoslav Wars

Operation Uphold Democracy
Kosovo War
Part of the Yugoslav Wars*


That's a lot of war, huh? Are all of the veterans who participated in these wars stupid, or just the Vietnam vets? Or just me? I'm curious.

If you, after so many years, still believe in the bullsh|it fed by the state you have no business writing academic essays; you are unable to connect simple facts (despite tons of relevant research materials available).

I didn't see any endorsement of the Vietnam war in my ad, only a mention of my military experience as being relevant to my background. I was surprised and baffled a little, though, by your hateful and vulgar attack (especially on Veterans Day*). Since I've been doing this full-time for 16+ years now, I guess I'm doing something right.**

**Remember: "I write it right with all my might!"

superior, affordable, and scam-free essay writing services

Nov 14, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Now more than ever, am convinced academic writing has a huge growth potential. I believe this industry will reward the most talented, hardworking, professional, and most importantly, honest writers.

My long-term thinking towards this industry gives me an edge over other writers because I am here to not only make money but also build strong relationships with my clients. You can therefore rest assured that I will do everything possible to provide you a high quality plagiarism free paper.

Feel free to contact at #email_below# or through my blog when stuck with a paper. To keep your mind at ease, I have full proof plan for you to verify my skills and protect yourself from fraud before and after you have hired me.


wanted essay on (it security)

Nov 13, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
1. Identify ethical, social and legal issues relevant to Information Systems within a context of application
2. Assess and evaluate key aspects of legal, ethical and cultural issues relevant to an IT professional
3. Distinguish opposing perspectives and authority of reference material.
4. Apply professional principles to an application domain of current and emerging technologies

essay Guidelines
produce a literature review essay of approximately 1500-1700 words that will present some of the key issues in Security

you are required to read some of the academic literature in your chosen topic area (reading suggestions are given below). The minimum reading requirements for your essay are as follows:-

· 2 book chapters from 2 different books
· 1 academic journal article
· 1 additional internet article of your choice (excluding Wikipedia).

The above literature must be authoritative sources by recognised experts. These sources must be referenced correctly in your essay (see Referencing and Presentation Requirements below).

Your essay should present some of the key issues in your chosen topic area, as discussed in the literature you have read, and with reference to the following:-

· Ethical and social issues (with reference to specific ethical principles)
· Professional issues (with reference to specific codes of conduct of relevant professional bodies)
· Legal issues (with reference to relevant legislation)

These issues should be illustrated by focussing on a particular aspect of your topic. This can be a particular technology or information system in a specific context of application, or a recent case study.

Your essay should present a balanced overview of some of the opposing perspectives and arguments surrounding these issues (these might be perspectives held by different stakeholders, or arguments proposed by different authors and experts).

In your conclusion, you should reflect critically on these various perspectives and assess some of the key issues that you've found. You should also propose appropriate solutions or courses of action from the perspective of an ethical IT professional.

essay Presentation and Referencing Requirements

· The essay must be written in an academic style, using correct grammar and vocabulary
· The essay must have a full list of references
· All sources must be referenced in the body of the essay
· The essay must use the Harvard style of referencing

Essay length: 1500 words minimum-1700 words maximum


high quality and reliable experienced writer

Nov 11, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I am high experienced and qualified writer.
I will provide 30 percent discount on following subjects
Social worker
Political science
other subjects
Get in touch via #email_below#


thank you for your feedback...

Nov 11, 2014
If you, after so many years, still believe in the bullsh|it fed by the state you have no business writing academic essays; you are unable to connect simple facts (despite tons of relevant research materials available).

We value your opinion.

unable to connect simple facts

Nov 11, 2014
Seven years of military experience (one-year combat tour in Vietnam and 3 years as General Alexander M. Haig's personal secretary when he was NATO commander)

Dude, you should never mention (even to your own wife and children) you were in Vietnam. You were scammed (unless you're too stupid) into going to war. It was just an exercise ordered by the US military complex and banks to test the weapons and to waste tax payers' money. Hopefully before you die you'll realize how much damage your 'war' caused in the name of absolutely nothing. America was not threatened by Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a joke created by your own generals.

If you, after so many years, still believe in the bullsh|it fed by the state you have no business writing academic essays; you are unable to connect simple facts (despite tons of relevant research materials available).

now accepting orders for late november/december

Nov 11, 2014
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Contact Professor Verb for all your custom academic research and writing needs. If I feel I can't do a good job on your project, I'll tell you so and will refer you to other academic writers I know to be reputable and honest or the best essay company in the business.

Ten cents a word (modest discounts for active duty military/veterans [please inquire], firefighters, repeat clients and larger assignments).

In sum, I have:

* Seven years of military experience (one-year combat tour in Vietnam and 3 years as General Alexander M. Haig's personal secretary when he was NATO commander)
* Forty-five years of writing experience
* Sixteen years of experience as a full-time academic writer
* A subscription to Questia and SurveyMonkey
* Two full-time, late-night writing dogs who are committed to excellence

Remember: "I write it right with all my might!"



Nov 11, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  


need someone to finish my essay..

Nov 10, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
Feel free to contact me as soon as possible... Someone who is good in economics and deliver the best quality..


me too....

Nov 9, 2014
I specialise in longer pieces

...well that and scantily clad damsels
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