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health and safety management essay

I want this coursework: inbox me if you can help

copied from: myassignmenthelp, com/answers/healthcare/health-safety-management-one-has-been-commissioned-a s-an-independent-consultant-to-help-advise-a-company-on-their-health-and-safety-manageme.html

An outline report format and the company policy statement that must be used for Task 3 is contained in the appendix to this assignment.


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Jul 28, 2015
During the industrial revolution in the late 80's, there was a lot of debate regarding corporate social responsibility and whether it was mandatory for companies to undertake social responsibility. Proponents of this system saw the need to create a system that required companies to engage in corporate social responsibility. As stated by Peloza & Shang, those opposed to the introduction of a system to enforce corporate social responsibility were of the view that it was both legally and morally wrong to force companies to engage in social responsibility (2011). The major argument among the opponents on social corporate responsibility was that the system would eventually weaken economic growth by reducing competition. This debate has existed since then despite most companies being involved in social responsibility.
Corporate social responsibility is defined as "a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and their interaction with their stakeholders on voluntary basis" (European Commission, 2002) despite there being various elements of CRS, the major elements involved in CRS include;
· Workplace (employee)
· Marketplace (Buyers and suppliers)
· Environment
· Community
· Ethics
· Human rights
There are various reasons why corporate social responsibility activities have increased in the recent past. One of the major reason is environmental concerns coupled with the emerging problem of global warming. "Companies have been forced to respond to major environmental across the world by investing more in CSR" (Ioannou, & Serafeim, 2014). Unlike in the past, companies pay greater attention to the environment, social and business changes. The greatest challenge to effective CSR however is that the activity contradicts the primary objectives of most companies which is to maximise profit.
Problem Discussion
The purpose of this literature review is to better understand the relationship between engaging in corporate social responsibility and organizational performance. The review will attempt to answer the following questions;
· What are the major reasons why companies engage in corporate social responsibility?
· Why do companies apply corporate social responsibility in business?
· What is the relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational performance?
Garriga and Melle (2013) are of the view that there is renewed pressure for companies to engage in CSR owing to the fact that customers are slowly shifting from the traditional factors influencing purchasing decisions. While factors such as products and their prices played a big role in influencing purchasing decisions in the past, the paradigm shift in business have seen potential customers consider things such as working conditions, environmental concerns and human rights when making purchases.
As stated by Comfort, Hiller& Jones, some of the key elements that have influenced the increased focus on CSR include;
· Increased stakeholder awareness
· Social and environmental behaviour.
· Stakeholders' pressure.
· Investor pressure.
· Peer pressure.
· Increased sense of social responsibility.
As stated by Kitzmueller & Shimshack, most of the studies conducted in the past have shown a consistent trend of increased business performance for companies that engage in CSR (2012). However, it is still not clear how this increased performance is achieved despite investing in social responsibility being a cost.
Purpose of the Literature Review
Research on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and organisational performance has never been conclusive. As seen in most organisation, the classification of CSR is either classified as a cost to the organisation or a benefit. This classification is depended on how a business perceives the concept of social responsibility. This literature review will look into among other factors the key elements regarding the classification of corporate social responsibility. In addition, this section will look at the underlying factors that influence business participation and engagement in social corporate responsibility. This is going by the fact that the dynamics of corporate social responsibility have greatly changed over the years. According to Cheng, Ioannou & Serafei, (2014) most companies were sceptical of the whole exercise as it went against the fundamental of business which is profit making. Things have gradually changed over the years and almost every organisations engages in CSR. There are also major misconception both in corporate, legal and social interpretations of social responsibility.
The literature review will be divided into four major parts that are,
· Reasons why companies engage in corporate social responsibilities
· How corporate social responsibilities is applied din organizations
· Relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational performance
· Conceptual framework
The information from the highlighted parts will build the underlying argument which suggests that corporate social responsibility has a positive impact on organisational performance.
Current Trends in Corporate Social Responsibilities
In today's world, some of the major reasons why organizations engage in corporate social responsibility include;
1. As a moral obligation: Most companies engage in corporate social responsibility because they feel that it is their obligation to give back to the society.
2. Sustainability: Most of the activities related to CSR are carried out with the belief that they are important for the greater good. An example of this is environmental conservation. Most organizations have come to the realization that environmental pollution will affect everyone in the long run and hence the need to take precautionary measures when it comes to reducing pollution.
3. License to operate: Some organizations only engage in corporate social responsibility only because of government regulations on social responsibility. Refusal to engage in corporate social responsibility can lead to deregistration of companies depending on the specific rules and regulations in different countries.
4. Reputation: Companies that engage in corporate social responsibility are better placed when it comes to reputation as the activity is seen as part of the company's objectives to give back to the local community.
5. Increased market share: Customers have over the years looked at other factors other than prices when making purchasing decisions. It is therefore common that customers would prefer products from companies that engage in corporate social responsibility.
6. Employee retention: Most employees would prefer working in organizations that have a positive image. This image is created when an organizations participate in corporate social responsibility.
7. Reduced operation cost: When engaging in corporate social responsibility, most companies can greatly reduce the operating cost and in particular the cost related to advertising. The reduction of cost is based on the assumption that such companies can gain free publicity as a result of engaging in CSR.
8. Increment of investor interest: Some of the activities related to CSR can increase investor confidence in an organisation.
There are various reasons why companies engage in CSR. This study will try to relate engaging in CSR to improved organisational performance. In addition, the study will analyse the key elements that create the need for organizations to engage in CSR. Some of the key elements expected to be discussed include reputation and brand positioning. The study will also analyse the economic incitements that occur as a result of CSR. The underlying argument in this section is that while the major objective of any organisation is to serve the interest of the shareholders which is to maximise profits, why then is it important for any organization to engage in CSR.

Cheng, B., Ioannou, I., & Serafeim, G. (2014). Corporate social responsibility and access to finance. Strategic Management Journal, 35(1), 1-23.
Garriga, E., & Melé, D. (2013). Corporate social responsibility theories: Mapping the territory. In Citation Classics from the Journal of Business Ethics (pp. 69-96). Springer Netherlands.
Kitzmueller, M., & Shimshack, J. (2012). Economic perspectives on corporate social responsibility. Journal of Economic Literature, 51-84.
Ioannou, I., & Serafeim, G. (2014). The impact of corporate social responsibility on investment recommendations: Analysts' perceptions and shifting institutional logics. Strategic Management Journal.
Peloza, J., & Shang, J. (2011). How can corporate social responsibility activities create value for stakeholders? A systematic review. Journal of the academy of Marketing Science, 39(1), 117-135.

copyright 2

Jul 28, 2015
Reliability, Validity and Sensitivity of Data
The large volume of information expected from this study is not adequate enough to offer some insight regarding the impact of corporate social responsibility on organizational performance. This explains why the study will use a summated scale score to analyse the research questions. To better understand how CSR affects an organization, the quality of data collected is of utmost important. One of the major reason why most researches fail to meet the quality standards is due to lack of objectivity and the use of inaccurate data. The major focus of this study will be to measure the level of disclosure by companies regarding their CSR engagements. The greatest challenge to this disclosure is the continued use of annual reports that fail to account for the entire corporate social responsibility strategy by an organization.
The study will recommend the use of separate corporate social responsibility reports that provide details of all the CSR activities that companies engage in and try to link the same to improved organizational performance. The measurement of disclosure will use several ranking systems that measure CSR activities and the expected outcome. By using various ranking systems, the study will avoid overreliance in statistical measurement in relation to the research topic. Reliability and quality of data hags over the years been subject to contention both at the academic and contemporary interpretation. However, the universal definition of quality is that it indicate the perception in which a good or service is perceived to meet the users expectations," (Bhagat & Bolton (2008).In this context, it can be argued that quality data depends on whether such data meets the expectations of the users. However, another question arises, what then do the users expect?
Positionality refers to the personal influence that a researcher regarding any b research process as well as the overall results. The fact of the matter is that sometimes it is challenging for any research to be free of any individual influence by the researcher because, any research is based on personal, historical or cultural factors. The reason behind the selection of the research topic is based on the individual interest on the topic of corporate social responsibility. This selection was selected amidst growing focus on how organizations engage in CSR and whether the process should be voluntary or enforceable by law. The research topic is also commensurate of individual social and economic background. Despite the fact that there has been numerous studies regarding the impact of engaging in corporate social responsibility and organizational performance, there have been numerous inconsistencies regarding the immediate impact of CSR. Of major concern is whether CSR activities are a benefit or a cost to an organization. The various studies in the area have therefore failed to develop a model that helps understand better the phenomenon that is corporate social responsibility.
Research Ethics
Of importance in this research is to maintain the research objectives and avoidance of errors. In view of this, the research will avoid poor research ethics that may otherwise undermine the integrity of the study. A number of bodies will provide some guidance to this study. The criteria to be followed in order to eliminate any form of research malpractice in this socio-economic research will ensure that,
· The overall aim of the study is for the overall benefit to the society.
· The research will balance and consider professional integrity both at the national and international levels.
· The research will endeavour to ensure that proper research is conducted in this study and that the data collected is based on informed professional expertise.
· The researcher will ensure that the data collected is accurate and that there is no falsification, suppression, misinterpretation or fabrication of data.
· There will be proper reporting and dissemination of information that is executed in a responsible manner.
· The methodology and findings from this study will be open to peer review and discussion.
· The study will acknowledge any information arising from previous studies related to corporate social responsibility.
· The research will ensure that all the data acquired maintains utmost confidentiality and anonymity.

Bhagat, S. & Bolton, B. J., 2008, "Corporate Governance and Firm Performance", Journal
of Corporate Finance, 14: 257-273.


Jul 28, 2015
Data in this study will be measured based on the degree of comparison applied in the key elements in corporate social responsibility. The application model will be based on a scale between 0 and 5. The analysis will try to prove that there is a correlation between engaging in corporate social responsibility and organizational performance.
Data Analysis
Data will be analysed using both qualitative and quantitative methods. This study will respond to the research questions and hypothesis by taking into consideration the qualitative analysis. Qualitative analysis will involve the transcription of texts from interviews. While transcribing the data, the researcher will counter-check the data for errors and consistency. In relation to data coding and editing, a codebook will be developed during the study. The codebook will comprise of codes from related studies in the field of CSR as well as any other codes that will emerge during the study. The codebook will be expected to help organize the data as well as facilitate the contents of the transcripts. This facilitation occurs despite the fact that new codes will be added while others will be removed during the coding process.
The data from this study will be explored in order to determine the distribution of the data. The data will either be normally or non-normally distributed. The purpose of determining data distribution is mainly to ensure that the appropriate statistics are chosen for this study.
While most studies use the dominant methodology in literature that uses correlation or regression analysis, this study will take into consideration the internal contextual factors and their impact on an organization. These factors will be examined using interviews from major U.S companies. The study will primarily focus on manufacturing companies that have been found to engage more in CSR. The findings from the survey are expected to reinforce the assumption that internal contextual variables often affect the level of CSR engagements by major companies.
The background research on this study has suggested that the level of enforcement in relation to corporate social responsibility depends on the corporate culture, the size of an organization and the country of origin. There are countries that require companies to engage in CSR least they risk being deregistered. In other countries however, CSR activities are seen as voluntary activities that companies should undertake as a way of giving back to the society.
Using the same methodology, this study will interview at least ten other companies in different countries to try and relate CSR to external factors influencing an organization's operations. The results from the interviews will be divided into two major categories; internal factors and external factors and external factors. Internal factors include; management support, corporate culture and competitive advantage. External factors on the other hand will include; public opinion, stakeholder's interest and consumer demands.
Determinants at the National Level.
According to Ott & Ott, (2001) most of the studies conducted in the past have focused on data from single nations while ignoring the overall impact of CSR from a global perspective. At the country level, there are certain determinants that predetermine the level of CSAR engagement that will be discussed in this study. Some of the main determinants of CSR at the country level include; political system. Legal system and equity variables. The empirical tests continue to indicate that the political and legal variables are the two major determinants of CSR.

Ott, L., Longnecker, M., & Ott, R. L. (2001). An introduction to statistical methods and data analysis (Vol. 511). Pacific Grove, CA: Duxbury.

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Jul 25, 2015
Group Work on Health Initiatives


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Please note that a minimum of 350 words is expected for each of the answers provided. *************************************************************************** ***** Prepare a report for the following cases:

1. Explain why a firm may issue a bond dominated in a currency different from its home currency to finance local operations. Evaluate the risk involved. (20 marks)

2. PZK Co, whose home currency is the dollar, trades regularly with customers in a number of different countries. The company expects to receive €1,200,000 in six months' time from a foreign customer. PZK Co has two options on the euro receipt:
(i) taking out a forward exchange contract
(ii) not doing anything. Explain why PZK Co will prefer to choose option (i).
Discuss whether PZK Co should avoid exchange rate risk by invoicing foreign customers in dollars. (20 marks)

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages to a US corporation that uses currency options on euros rather than a forward contract on euros to hedge its exposure in euros? (20 marks)

4. Briefly discuss the internal methods which could be used by a company to manage foreign currency transaction risk arising from its continuing business activities. (20 marks)

5. Some companies choose to list on different stock exchanges nowadays. Discuss the advantages for them do so. (20 marks)

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IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

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Control software
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