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unbeatable pre-season offers!

 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Hey Stude's, you can't afford not to grab the unbeatable academic assistance offers on the offing by the Top Writers.

Get great discounts on orders whose delivery ain't as urgent and those whose delivery is urgent alike.
You can not afford to let go of this, what's more? You get the same excellent quality papers, plagiarism free and within only twelve hours turnaround for average papers.
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red-blooded american now accepting assignments for august

Jul 21, 2014
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Contact Professor Verb for all your academic research and writing needs. Fifteen cents a word (20% discounts for active duty military/veterans [please inquire], firefighters, repeat clients and larger assignments).

I've been a full-time academic writer since 1998 and have more than 44 years of writing experience. A proud Vietnam veteran, I was also the personal secretary for General Alexander M. Haig, Jr. when he was NATO commander. If I can't help you with your topic (it happens from time to time), I'll refer you to other academic writers I know to be honest and reliable or the best essay company in the business.

Remember: "I write it right with all my might!"


Jul 20, 2014
A sampling:

These websites that write essays for you actually operates [sic] in a very simple manner.

As such, they pull off [sic] all the stops ...

An essay website can offer a number of services under their wing [sic].

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One [sic] all your duties are fulfilled as a client, you can now publish the paper as your own.

medical and marketing writer

Jul 20, 2014
 Essay Services Offered UK  UK  
Please contact me for all help with your marketing/business and medical assignments. I'm a certified member of the British Medical Writers Association


solution to all of your academic needs related to political science and psychology is just a click away from you!!

Jul 20, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Pakistan  Pakistan  
Welcome to the "Oom Word Land"!
I am Oom. I have done BSc (hons) in Psychology and Masters in Political Science.
It is my pleasure and profession to offer you my writing services for all of your academic needs related to Political Science and Psychology. Here, I specialize in writing terms papers, assignments, essays, research papers, theses and dissertations.

All papers are written from scratch and are referenced according to students' requirements.

What else I offer:

~~Prompt Response
~~Quick Delivery
~~0% Plagiarism.
~~Unlimited revisions till the satisfaction of clients
~~100 percent satisfaction

Payment Terms:
Payment upon delivery of work (It means NO UPFRONT PAYMNET!!)

Kind regards,


professor verb's word for the day

Jul 19, 2014


: The use of vulgar or foul language to relieve stress or pain

"Some golfers engage in lolochezia after making a poor shot."
Best Essays  

first class fssay writers

Jul 19, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Do you have a Academic Writing job and are looking for a Academic Writing Writer? I believe that my experience and skill in this background will prove to be of great help to you. My qualification and experience in Business Writing and Editing will prove useful to your work. I also possess proficiency in various areas like Financial Research and Medical Writing. I am ready to start working on your projects. Hire me now. our visit us at

youcan  EssayChat Jul 19, 2014
you can't beat that...

You can - : "I will write 500 words free (in advance AND within 6 hrs)" :)

best essays services in the industry

Jul 19, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Authentic Esssays is dedicated to providing quality and authentic essays that results into success. Your success is our commitment! place your order today and enjoy authentic


consistent writer you can always trust for your essay or dissertation

Jul 18, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Nigeria  Nigeria  
Do you have an urgent essay or dissertation to complete...and you need help from a competent and reliable writer? Send me the details of your assignment. I will deliver a paper you'll be very happy with.

Based on my experience and expertise, I am confident that I will do a good job if your assignment falls under most social science & arts courses - particularly political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, international relations, history, media & communication studies, social work, marketing, and business management.

Here is why you should trust me: I prefer long-term relationships, so you can be sure that I will be diligent and reliable each time I handle a writing assignment on your behalf. You will never have to look for another writer (unless I am unavailable at a given time or incapable of delivering my best on a particular assignment) - and risk encountering yet another incompetent writer or scammer in the process.

One-time special offer: I will write 500 words free (in advance) for political science and sociology papers. This offer applies to first-time clients only.


message to rehana

Jul 17, 2014
My emails to you don't seem to be getting through. Your email was probably hacked because I also received the following email from your account on Tuesday:

"Am Sorry to bother you with this message, I just arrived in Cyprus and I am in a fix. I Would have called but i lost my mobile phone to the incident, am in need of about £2500 and would like to get a loan from you or whatever amount you can come up with. I will return the money as soon as I get back. This is really urgent, please get back to me as quickly as possible. If you can help me , I will advice you on how to send the money to me. Please keep this between us."

The Freelancer  

summer lovin'

Jul 17, 2014
 Essay Services Offered UK  UK  
"Summer lovin' had me a blast." I've just returned from my summer vacation and I'm now back in the work zone. Apologies to those of you who contacted me about taking on new assignments and received no response.

I'm a British freelancer with 4 years of experience with academic writing on top of 8 years of university, during which I completed degrees in law and journalism. I can complete various types of assignment, including essays, dissertations and reports, on a wide range of disciplines, such as law, business, literature, and many more. My research skills are top notch, and work will never be done without prior thorough reading. I follow the brief exactly, and work will always be delivered as requested and within the required deadline. My prices are competitive for the standard I work to and payment can be made via online bank transfer (if in the UK) or Paypal.

Please refer to my website for any additional information:

Many thanks,

The Freelancer

Miss White  

freelance writer & editor available

Jul 16, 2014
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  

I am available to assist with your writing needs. Let's discuss what you'd like and I'll work to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. I have several references, do great work, and am timely.



delete post from this scammer clare iannelli (

Jul 14, 2014
From: Clare Iannelli

Which university policy allows you as a student to consult online writers and/or writing companies in
compiling your class assignments? Do you think if you have been doing it in the past you would never be caught? So just know that all the email communications and the paper among other things are evidence at hand and you will serve as an example to the other learners. This form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at all.


You are deleted and blocked.

college student with english essay due

Jul 14, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
I have an english university level essay due in a couple days. I need a native american english speaker to write it. I need an A on the essay. It's three pages long.


professor verb's word for the day

Jul 13, 2014


: the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word

"I can't remember the word for the day."

assistance with dissertation

Jul 12, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   

I need help with a dissertation project.

The area is in Information systems and i need someone who is reliable, honest, original and has some knowledge of computer information systems.

initially i need to have a literature review done by the 17th.

Please email me to discuss



professsor verb's word for the day

Jul 10, 2014


: full of beer

"Many college students plan on being gambrinous after final exams."

professor verb's word for the day*

Jul 8, 2014


: feeding on frogs

"Many American soldiers returned from the battlefields of World War I and II perplexed by the batrachophagous French."

*Send 'em runnin' for their dictionaries with this one, kids!
viby777@gmail.c om  

from undergrad to dissertations

Jul 7, 2014
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
I'm a former full-time, tenure-track academic who specializes in lengthy research pieces in all disciplines. I have been doing academic model papers for 2 years full-time. It lets me stay home with my kids as well as learn something every day so that I can hone my grand scheme for winning my future retirement fund off of Jeopardy. Until then, I do social sciences, humanities, business, nursing, education, and everything that doesn't require an Excel database or downloading Mystat. From small undergrad papers to tweaking things for publication.

Everything I do is hand-crafted, original, plagiarism-free, brand new, and to your specs with all the usual databases. My mission is to create a client-base that knows their work is in good, confidential, trustworthy hands.

Payment on Paypal in advance, please.


far fetched stories

Jul 7, 2014
It is very funny how the so called native writers are resorting to cheap and far fetched stories just to discredit writers from Africa. Client should know that it is not that writers from Africa are incompetent, but rather the so called native writers are Afraid of the competition they pose. Due to the low cost of living in developing countries, we are able to charge very competitive prices. Clients are also quickly discovering that we offer high quality paper and hence are continuously preferring us. Do not be discouraged by this cheap defamation. Conduct your due diligence choose a writer that you feel he or she meets your needs.

professor verb's word for the day

Jul 6, 2014


: to testify under oath

"Despite the evidence against her, the activist deponed that she never threw a banana cream pie in the university president's face."

a really good service to deal with!

Jul 4, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Ukraine  Ukraine  
Hello, guys! I am not doing any advertizing just want to share my own experience with the online writing company. Lately, I am ordering a lot of papers from and honestly, till now I have no claims. I started to use such kind of assistance since the 12-th grade, when I was too much overloaded with the different staff, as you know how it is while you are a school leaver. Now I am a college student and I still use it , lol. You might think that I am lazy , but honestly I wish I am. The point is that I need to work at the same time and I have some additional responsibilities in the social sphere of the college, so I will not lie if I tell you , the time is my worst enemy. Some times i need to submit a lot of assignments at the same time and in such cases I contact
This website is safe, have a good writing standards, great customer support , flexible prices and they are available round the clock! They have all what I need and have never let me down . Thanks to them , I still manage to handle all the other things successfully. I advise this website to all of you!


oh really?

Jul 2, 2014
If you're looking to get an A

.........make sure to run away from any service that offers to get you one. Not only is it illegal, but impossible to guarantee.

professor verb's word for the day

Jun 30, 2014


: an activist that scavenges food and other valuables from waste receptacles

"Sarah is ambitious and disciplined, and she lies to her boyfriend that she's off to Dubai on assignment when she's actually hopping U.S. freight trains, Dumpster diving and hanging with freegans in order to track down the elusive anarchist collective." " Claudia Puig, Detroit Free Press, June 14, 2013
Rachael Taylor

Jun 30, 2014
I would like to know if you are looking to acquire the domain name TopEssay.COM .I am sure you'll understand that such a simple and powerful name like this with a universal extension like .COM will surely help build and secure your brand on the internet.I will be glad to discuss the offer with you.

Rachael Taylor
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