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academic writing offered

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I am an experienced academic and scholar. I currently hold a BS in psychology, an MA in industrial organizational (I/O) psychology and am slated to complete a PhD in I/O psychology next summer. I have extensive experience writing in various contexts, disciplines and educational levels. I assist predominately undergraduate and graduate psychology and nursing students. I have expertise in APA formatting as well as experience in SPSS. I offer fair prices, quick turnaround, open communication and of course - 0% plagiarism. If you have a project you need assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


Walter Barasa  

unique essays

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Need help in your assignments? Contact me at #email_below# I am a freelance writer in Business, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, and Media studies. Come, let us reason together.

Sarah Jackman  

skeleton plan for undergraduate economics essay (uk)

Urgently need someone to write a Skeleton Plan for undergraduate economics essay (UK).


operation management writer needed asap for assignment (business management)

Nov 27, 2015
This is for graduate level intellectual professors ONLY. Must be proficient in writing and English, reliable with CREATIVE writing skills. I am seeking someone for an ongoing basis. For this assignment payment will be given AFTER delivery, if you are "OK" with that PLEASE Contact me ASAP with samples of your work.

Thank you


essays you can afford!!!

Nov 26, 2015
 Offered Other Country  
Dear students,

I have a Master in Public Administration (an academic career that included Political Science, Law, Economy, History, Diplomacy, HR, Management etc), with speciality in Public Institution's administration, with a lot of experience in writing essays.

What i offer you:

-Essays of any type, level, deadline
-Unique "writer's choice" topics
-100% plagiarism free
-always delivery on time
-custom work
-constant personal communication
-reasonable prices
-Package service (all your essays at fixed price)
-CV's and cover letters

Example of topics covered:
Political Sciences
Economy, Management etc.

I DO NOT write Mathematics, Physics or Medicine essays as they are not my sector.

Payment method: Paypal.

Feel free to contact me at essaysyoucanafford at

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happy thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2015
To all my colleagues, clients and friends who celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish all the best, bellyfull of great food and a lot of fun. Enjoy!

essay writer with vader complex

Nov 25, 2015
 Offered Croatia  Croatia  
It's not easy being a student, that's something anyone can agree on. Tackling the many areas of university life can be daunting. For some it may be the testing, for some the social interaction. For most, however, the issue is writing. I mean, writing all those reports, assignments, essays. It can be scary to even think about that 15 page paper due tomorrow. And you haven't even started yet.

Well, that's why I'm here. I've been servicing the writing needs of students for years now. I have written everything. And I mean everything, papers, articles, poems, stories; heck, I even wrote a chapter in a book for a client. With more than 700 orders under my belt, I can accommodate every need. The only thing I haven't done is Math and Medicine. Math is still off the charts, but I contracted a verified Physician (yeah, she's a real doctor with a degree and everything), who will deliver medical assignments from now on. The prices are a bit different for that, so please send an inquiry with as much details as you can.

All in all, my service offers the best cost to quality ratio, papers are ALWAYS delivered on time and completely free of plagiarism. I stake my reputation on that. You're free to check my website (can't link it due to rules, but you'll find it easily) for further info, or mail me directly. I'll answer any inquiry within 24 hours, but usually much sooner.


top writer for your political science, philosophy, psychology, and sociology papers

Nov 25, 2015
 Offered Nigeria  Nigeria  
Contact me if you need a dependable academic writer for your assignments, dissertations and other school work. I am competent in most fields in the social sciences and arts, and you can be sure that I will invest the necessary knowledge, creativity, diligence, and experience to ensure that your paper is of good quality.

I have been working as an academic writer for several years now, and my reputation remains unblemished - the trustworthy guy who always strives to deliver good quality papers within deadlines.

Send me an email with details of your assignment. I will be happy to assist you.


operation management writer needed for assigment (business management)

Nov 25, 2015
This is for graduate level intellectual professors ONLY. Must be proficient in writing and english, reliable and have CREATIVE writing skills. I am seeking someone for an ongoing basis. For this assignment payment will be given AFTER delivery. PLEASE Contact me ASAP.

Thank you.


#email_below# are you?

Nov 25, 2015
Is the writer with the email #email_below# on board? I have been trying to contact you for services. Please check your email.


phd dissertation and proposal writer

Nov 23, 2015
 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Hello students. Kindly send your dissertation and proposal requirement to the email below. I am a PhD holder and a professional writer in the field of business, marketing, HR, political science, sociology, philosophy, English etc. My charges are only 35 dollars per 1000 words for a quality paper. I also handle essays and reports at only 30 dollars per 1000 words

The Freelancer  

end of semester rush

Nov 23, 2015
 Offered UK  UK  
Hello all,

The Christmas break is fast approaching and I'm sure many of you have left your assignments until the tail end of the semester/term. Let me take some of the stress from you.

I'm a British-born, Edinburgh-based academic writer who can tackle a wide range of assignment types, from essays to dissertations, and topics, from literature to law. My prices are reasonable and work is always completed to the highest quality, plagiarism-free and on time, whatever your deadline may be.

I have a personal website which contains comprehensive details about both me and the services I offer, which cannot be posted here due to forum rules, but please get in touch and I'll happily provide you with the web address.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Steven :)

viby777@gmail.c om  

peace of mind and value that follows you for years to come

Nov 22, 2015
 Offered USA  USA  
Rock-solid work from research doctorate in the social sciences who has also ghosted multiple MBAs and counseling advanced degrees in the years I've been a freelance academic writer.

I love putting together arguments, but mostly, I love that you can rest easy as you move forward knowing your work is structured to all the bullet points of the assignment, formatted any way you like, researched with all the normal databases, and put together with an eye toward your level, your needs to the piece in the future, and your need to develop this particular argument. It can truly be what you want it to be.

And it can take you where you need to go, be it a job interview, grad school essay, or example in a portfolio. Or just a great argument that gets the job done.

Nothing I do is slapped together, cobbled from past work or online, or attempted with the end goal of making it through 10 pages in 4 hours.

It's all bespoke, original, and professional. My students tell me my work is on point even when they need me in a discipline or course I haven't seen before (Fire management? Really? That's a thing?). One of them is going to grad school just because I said I could be there through it. Wherever you need to go, I can help you get there, too. Just need to make it to December? I've also got your back.


an integrated academic writing script for managing writers and orders

Nov 19, 2015
******* allows you to get orders direct from the customers and assign to writers. We have developed a WordPress plugin for this. The reason for using WordPress is its ease in management and better SEO compared to other CMSs.

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network security assignment

Nov 19, 2015
Need Network Security Experts.. Members please comments your expertise below


academic writers needed

Nov 18, 2015
I run a professional writing service and am currently looking for both academic writers and article writers to be part of my team. I do ask applicants to take a small test, but will pay if they pass the test and go on to take work. Work is available regularly on a number of topics and you are free to accept only those within your area of expertise. If you are interested, please contact me.


academic writers wanted

Nov 17, 2015
I am looking for academic writers. Interested parties to email me at or call +254720171728

engl 2111: world literature

Nov 16, 2015
Unit 2: Mesopotamian, Indian, and Chinese" Overview:
Unit Two, a study of the ancient world, includes works based on oral literature and from cultures that employ early forms of writing. The literature reflects the values fundamental to the ancient civilizations. The literary works you will study in this unit include an epic from ancient Mesopotamia, an epic from Inidia, Chinese poetry from the Book of Songs, and excerpts from Confucius' Analects.


Mesopotamian writing (the Sumerian cuneiform writing on clay tablets) is thought to have been developed ca. 3000 BCE. Legends of the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh were written in cuneiform on clay tablets ca. 2000 BCE, and the epic of Gilgamesh was written ca. 1600.
Ramayana and Mahabharata are two epics from India that have a pervasive influence both at the religious core as well as the popular culture of India. Classified as ithihasa, literally meaning "thus it was," the two epics encapsulate poetically the foundation and history of the Aryan royalty in ancient India. Composed and edited from roughly 550 BCE to 400 AD, the epics continue to be celebrated through the ages as sacred narratives. They define and embody the religious, moral, ethical, social, and cultural values of Hindus in India, Southeast Asia, and the Hindu diaspora.
China is a huge nation, and it has incorporated many peoples with many languages, but it has shared and revered a literature transmitted carefully, with no interruption, since the Shang dynasty (around 1750-1020 BCE). Chinese writing, beginning as pictographs on tortoiseshells and then thin bamboo strips, evolved into characters representing not only sounds but also ideas and things. These characters could be read by people who lived in different times and whose spoken languages were different. The Chou dynasty (1020 BCE-256 BCE) followed the Shang dynasty, and the literature and history of these periods set the standard for Chinese culture from then on.


The cultural values represented by the Mesopotamian epic, Gilgamesh, have to be determined from the epic itself since little other cultural evidence is available to us. It is our most ancient literature and reflects the success of an ancient culture, whose populace achieved civilization within the confines of its power. A similar appreciation for order and civilization and similar respect for natural forces, including those necessary for agricultural production, can be found in Ramayana and some of the poems in the Chinese Classic of Poetry.

Heroes and Cities

Two characteristics that ancient literatures generally have in common are that they reflect the beginning of urban civilization and they reflect the admiration of the cultures for their heroes. The historical Mesopotamian hero, Gilgamesh, ruled in the city of Uruk. Rama's Ayodhya is the epitome of prosperity and impeccable moral values under illustrious King Rama. The political power in ancient China moved from one region to another as the dynasties came and went, and capital cities were a part of each period of rule. We do not readily think of a Chinese hero in the sense of Gilgamesh or Odysseus, but the Chou (Zhou) Dynasty was revered long after it had passed into history because of another kind of hero, Confucius, who made an ideal of the manners and philosophical order of the Chou reign.

Mesopotamian, Indian, and Chinese - External Links:

An introduction to the Egyptian mythic system
The Epic of Gilgamesh Video
The Ramayana Of Valmiki
Meditating Cultures: The Foundational Role of the Ramayana in South & Southeast Asian Societies
Confucius and Poems
Emperors of China
Chinese Writing
Ancient Dynasties
Gilgamesh: Introduction

As Maureen Gallery Kovacs notes in the introduction of her translation of the work* the epic poem Gilgamesh has been known to the modern world for only the last 120 years, since shortly after the decipherment of cuneiform writing. Gilgamesh was written in the dialect of the Akkadian language, called Standard Babylonian, used in written literature. The epic consists of eleven sections (tablets) each with 300 or fewer lines of poetry. The tablets recovered so far represent some 8 to 12 copies of the epic. Most were found in the palace and temple libraries at Nineveh in Assyria and date from the Seventh century BCE. Other tablets have been found in the northern Mesopotamian sites of Assur, Nimrud, and Sultantepe, and the southern Mesopotamian sites of Uruk and Babylon. (See the story of the flood on a clay tablet in the British Museum.)

Kovac points out that although hardened clay is resistant to decay, because of severe damage to a number of tablets, only 60% of the epic is now preserved. Fortunately, parallel passages in the text have helped in the recreation of some missing parts. In 1986, Iraqi archeologists excavating at Sippar in central Iraq discovered an intact library dating to about the late 6th century BCE that contained complete literary tablets, still on their shelves. A complete "Myth of Atrahasis" (the Flood Story) has been reported from this discovery.

*Maureen Gallery Kovacs, The Epic of Gilgamesh. Stanford University Press: Stanford, 1989.

Characteristics of Epics:

An epic is a long narrative poem, usually in elevated style, with a central figure of heroic proportions involved in adventures that have a significant impact on the history of a nation or race. Some scholars believe that epics may have evolved from the scattered works of various unknown poets and that through accretion the works came together, with the poets gradually forming them into a unified whole with an ordered sequence. Others believe that while the materials of an epic may have accumulated in this fashion, the particular epic poem itself was the creation of a single genius who gave it form and expression. Epics share the following general characteristics:

1. The hero is a figure of imposing stature, of great historical or legendary significance.
2. The setting is vast in scope, encompassing nations, the world, or the universe.
3. The action involves deeds of great valor requiring superhuman courage.
4. Supernatural forces " gods, angels, demons or other supernatural forces " participate in the action from time to time.
5. The poet uses the style of sustained elevation.

Along with these characteristics (some of which may not be found in particular epics), one may also add a list of common devices (conventions). The following are characteristic of many or most epic poems:

· opens by stating the theme and invoking a Muse to inspire and guide the poet through the grand endeavor
· begins the narrative in medias res ("in the middle of things") with the necessary exposition in later portions of the epic
· includes a catalog of warriors, ships, armies
· gives extended formal speeches by the hero and some of the main characters
· includes epic similes in the narrative

Because of the antiquity of some poems and the fact that in many cases only fragments of the works are extant, some epics do not reveal all of these features.

Versions of Gilgamesh:

Standard & Old Babylonian Versions

We currently have access to three different versions of the epic that were composed over a period of nearly 1,000 years. The standard version is the one in which the content and wording seem to have become fairly consistent over a geographic wide area throughout many centuries. This standard version was based on an earlier epic of Gilgamesh that was first composed in the Old Babylonian period (1800 - 1600 BCE) and seems to have existed in two or more variants. The remains of the old Babylonian tablets are fragmentary but extremely interesting, for they are often markedly different in content and style from the standard version of the same episodes. Between the standard version and that of the Old Babylonian period are other fragments that date to the middle Babylonian period and that come not only from Mesopotamia proper, but also from other areas adopting cuneiform " namely Anatolia, Syria, and Canaan. In Anatolia, the epic was adopted or translated in Hurrian and Hittite.

The material in the old Babylonian version does not form a connected cycle, nor provide a major unifying theme, such as the fear of death. It is believed that the author of that version drew heavily from a number of independent, short, heroic tales about Gilgamesh that were circulating in the Sumerian language. In addition to these Sumerian tales, the old Babylonian author incorporated themes from a variety of other myths unrelated to Gilgamesh.

Sumerian Versions

Sumerian versions of the epic also exist in fragments, namely " "Gilgamesh and Agga," "Gilgamesh and Huwawa" (also known as "Gilgamesh and the Cedar Forest"), "Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven," and "Gilgamesh in the Netherworld." An Akkadian "Myth of Atrahasis," which is part of another composition not originally related to Gilgamesh, is also incorporated in the standard version. "The Myth of Atrahasis," composed around 1600 BCE, talks about the creation of man, about attempts by the gods to exterminate mankind because of noise and over population, and about a final flood survived only by Atrahasis (Utnapishtim) and his family.

Gilgamesh as a Human Being:

The Historical King Gilgamesh

The central figure, Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk during the Second Early Dynastic Period in Sumer (ca. 2700-2500) was an early Sumerian king who had gained legendary fame long before the full development of the epic poem. Later inscriptions credit him with building the Wall of Uruk and rebuilding a shrine in Nippur around 2000 BCE. Sources indicate that this epic was popular throughout the ancient Near East from the beginning of the second millennium BCE until at least the middle of the sixth century BCE.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu
The special bond that exists between Gilgamesh and Enkidu helps to unravel the "human" side of Gilgamesh and helps us to understand another facet of his personality. Parallels to this exemplary friendship are found in some of the other epics, including Achilles and Patroclus in The Iliad and Rāma and Lakşmana in Rāmāyana. After Enkidu's death

scammers alert

Nov 16, 2015
Fellow Writers. please be very careful especially when dealing with these clients from US. they demand that they pay after delivery of their paper because they have beenscammed sevrally while the truth is that they are the real scammers. I have now fallen a victim of two of them now. None of them has responded to my emails immediately I sent their papers

college admission essays wanted: ill pay $5 per essay

Nov 16, 2015
Do you writers have any college admission essays that you want to sell me? Ill buy them for $5 each. Please send me an email at #email_below# Ill pay you today by paypal.


Allan Cooper  

freelance essay writer

Nov 16, 2015
 Offered Other Country  
Hi Students,

I am a freelance Homework helper working in the industry for the past 10 years where I help students from all around the world. I specialize in Business courses for both Grad and Undergrad students. A Masters and a Phd from a top USA institute, I have access to reliable library sources and research papers. I am always within the deadline and my rates are affordable. I use a paypal account where you pay me a signing fee before the job and full payment after the job. My services are 100% plagiarism free and I believe in authenticity of every essay I write.

You can contact me via this forum.



thousands of satisfied clients since 1998...

Nov 15, 2015
 Offered USA  USA  
I've been a full-time academic writer since 1998 and have helped thousands of students just like you overcome writer's block and time constraints to go on to graduate and pursue professional careers (some of my clients have even written me several years after they have started their careers to thank me for my assistance). I subscribe to Questia (a premium academic research resource), have EBSCO access and a brand-new shiny computer with all the bells and whistles.

Ten cents a word in advance by PayPal only please (I've had a verified account since 2003). Discounts are available for larger assignments, repeat clients, firefighters/law enforcement, and active duty military/veterans from the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

My services are not cheap, but remember what the ancient Romans used to say: "Vos adepto vos solvere pro quid."


thanksgiving (and mi-term papers!) is just around the corner...

Nov 15, 2015
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With Thanksgiving and midterms just around the corner, paper are due at a furious rate. Whether you're in high school, college, or graduate school, if you're overwhelmed, I can help. I offer 100% original custom papers, written to your specification, at an affordable rate.

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undergraduate level capstone report

Nov 14, 2015
I need some one can finish a around 60 page, 8000 words Capstone project on Burt's Bees with in 3 days, I have some sources available on hand. the first half will be strategic analysis and will need offer 3 strategies to this company. send me a email if you interesting, and i will provide a sample.


salute to our veterans...

Nov 11, 2015
We've been celebrating Veterans Day in the U.S. since 1919 in one form or another (see and it is fitting that we continue to do so because freedom is not free. Salute to our nation's veterans today and every day!

top-notch writer for every discipline, undergraduate and graduate

Nov 10, 2015
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Hi Students,

I am a professional writer and researcher with several publications; I hold a Ph.D. from NYU. Here's the bottom line:

You need a paper, and I need extra cash. I write quickly and cogently without editorial mistakes.

Hit me up if I am able to help you and you are able to help me.

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academic writing opportunity

Nov 9, 2015

We are hiring academic writers/subject matter experts (Masters level) in various subjects specifically for general subjects like Accounting, Finance, Management, Nursing, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Law, Statistics, Economics, Public Health, Psychology; technical subjects like Engineering (Mechanical, Electronics, Civil, Electrical, Chemical), 3 D Modelling, SPSS, SAS, STATA, EVIEWS, MATLAB, SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD, MS PROJECT, MS ACCESS, VISUAL STUDIO, programming (Java, C, C++, DBMS, MYSQL, PYTHON, MINITAB, R Programming, RStudio, ARCHICAD), Digital Forensics etc.

If you think you have strong and in-depth knowledge in any of the above subjects and if you are interested to work as Part Time/Regular Experts/Academic writers, send us an email with your resume along with samples of your past work (if any).

Basic requirements of the job is given below:

Job Requirements

We receive academic projects, assignments and dissertations that need to completed based on some basic criteria. These are from universities located in Australia, UK and US. The job would require you to work on similar lines as you do for your academic projects along with following three extremely important criteria :"

No Plagiarism " No cut-copy Paste work. The assignment should be done with proper research while meeting all the requirements of assignment. You need to write every sentence in your content on your own. You cannot copy from anywhere.

Referencing " Any data or theory being used should be referenced as per the required Referencing style (Harvard, APA etc.) along with in text citations of the same.

Deadlines " Each assignment has a specific deadline which always needs to be met.


The budget for work depends on timeline, difficulty and client's budget limit. We acknowledge the hard work and pay out well to deserving experts. Payment is done on monthly basis only via Net Banking and Paypal

Selection Process
To join our team of experts, you would be required to complete a practice assignment keeping in mind the 3 criteria mentioned above.
Some points to be noted:

1. We work round the year and you can expect a good volume of work on regular basis while being associated with us.
2. PLAGIARISM is an offence and is not acceptable, improper work or delay in submission has a zero tolerance policy.
3. You must be aware of all referencing styles.
4. A good know how of academic writing is imperative.

If you comply with all the above terms and interested to join us, please send your resume with your past samples, cover letter showing you experience in this industry or your knowledge of the subjects that you can cover.

You can refer your friends who might be interested.

Best Regards,


re: 200 words poem about the "burial of the dead"

Nov 7, 2015
Maybe this will help get you started:

Violets are blue,
Roses are red,
I would have finished this poem,
But now I'm dead.

poem writing

Nov 7, 2015
In need of a 200 words poem about the "burial of the dead", and you will need to write about 500 words explanation of the poem that you wrote.

I am looking for someone who has knowledge and experience with poem writing.

Be prepared to submit a copy of your previous poem.

You will need to put lists of given lines together into a poem

Decide on a Dystopian theme you want to explore.

Specific requirements will be given after you apply for the job


good grief...

Nov 6, 2015
"6:500 word in 3 days ,, the price offer is 75 $ for all the job"
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