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They are genuine after all. Pull down the latest one especially with the following transcripts. Thanks

Lilac 8:26:22 AM
Lilac 8:27:53 AM
I would also like to continue working with you
where did you send the payment to?
I can't even see the $55?
地主�'�八皮 8:29:16 AM
It takes time
Believe me
Lilac 8:29:47 AM
Paypal is instant

Lilac 8:30:52 AM
Please send me a screenshot so that I can folow it up with Paypal right away
地主�'�八皮 8:3******
地主�'�八皮 8:32:46 AM
or ***** ??
Lilac 8:33:01 AM
Use any
地主�'�八皮 8:33:07 AM
Lilac 8:33:22 AM

地主�'�八皮 8:33:33 AM
I ask because not I pay now
Lilac 8:33:53 AM
You want tp pay now?
地主�'�八皮 8:34:01 AM
Wait a moment
Lilac 8:34:08 AM
Ok sir
地主�'�八皮 8:34:32 AM
Very busy right now and a lot of work to deal with

Lilac 8:34:54 AM

When will you send the $$$?
地主�'�八皮 8:36:14 AM
about 1 hours ok ??
Lilac 8:36:23 AM
Can you have meback in the team?
Im a good writer
1 last time with a warning please
Lilac 9:39:34 AM
You have sent a nudge.
地主�'�八皮 9:39:46 AM
Lilac 9:39:57 AM
have you sent?
1 hr is over
地主�'�八皮 9:40:20 AM
Has not yet been
Lilac 9:40:58 AM
actually 1 hrs 4 minutes gone
地主�'�八皮 9:41:03 AM
A work problem to resolve
Lilac 9:41:09 AM
Time flies
Just send it within 20-30 minutes
Lilac 10:04:24 AM
How much longer buddy
Please be upfront with me
地主�'�八皮 10:05:43 AM
wait pls
I'm very busy now
Lilac 10:06:02 AM
OK but for how long?
I also need the money urgently
Let's get this over with please
地主�'�八皮 10:06:28 AM
Takes about 1 to 2 hours
Lilac 10:06:39 AM
No man.
Why do you like postponing?
It is unprofessional you know
Ok 2 hrs. Dont mess me up please
Lilac 10:10:40 AM
2 hrs right?
Please acknowledge
You have sent a nudge.
地主�'�八皮 10:11:51 AM

Lilac 10:11:57 AM
This is not good for business
Communication breakdown is not good for business
地主�'�八皮 10:12:16 AM
I'm very busy now
pls ask me late
Lilac 10:12:24 AM
Why are you always busy when it comes to payment? You promised to send the payment today. please give me an exact time
In America, we value time.
Lilac 10:13:38 AM
because time is money. I'm also wasting time doing this follow up
Please just tell me a specific time
You have sent a nudge.
Lilac 10:15:22 AM
Please respond
Put yourself in my shoes
Working and then having to beg for my payment. That is not good at all
Lilac 10:16:35 AM
Im no longer interested in this opportunity.
Just send me my money and then we can part ways
You have sent a nudge.
Lilac 10:17:14 AM
Please respond buddy
地主�'�八皮 8/22/2014 10:18:09 AM

I'm very busy now
Lilac 10:18:35 AM
when should I expect my payment
Dont you think its very rude to talk to me like that?
Beware are scammers

Aug 21, 2014
Work for this shady Chinese agency at your own risk
The Essay Nurse  

the essay nurse

Aug 21, 2014
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
New to EssayChat, but not to academic writing. Get a 10% discount on all assignment orders through September 2014 by mentioning essaychat in your email.

Don't be fooled by the name. TEN is your go-to freelance academic writer for just about any undergraduate or Master's level writing assignment, although I do offer special rates for nursing student care plans.

I strive for quality over quantity and 100% client satisfaction. Your assignment will get the time and effort it deserves. Repeat clients are my bread and butter, and I'll do my best to make you one of them with my dependable service and top-notch work.

Payments are accepted in advance via Paypal. Paypal account verified in 2006.


the ad below is three dimensional*

Aug 20, 2014
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Contact Professor Verb for all your academic research and writing needs. With more than 16 years of full-time academic writing experience, a subscription to Questia, access to EBSCO and three full-time late-night writing dogs, I can help you with almost any type of research project. If I can't, I'll refer you to other academic writers I know to be honest and reliable or the best essay company in the business.

Thousands of satisfied clients since 1998. Your satisfaction (but not your grade) is guaranteed. Modest (10%) discounts for military/veterans/firefighters, repeat clients and larger assignments. Please note that detailed assignment guidelines are useful in helping me provide just what you need for a top-notch paper. Payment in advance by PayPal only please -- I've had a verified account since 2003.

Don't forget: "I write it right with all my might!"
*when drunk

Graduate Writers  

graduate writers

Aug 20, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Hi Everyone,

For all your writing needs, go here:

Thank you.


professor verb's word for the day

Aug 20, 2014


: loud and resounding

"Enthrallingly told, beautifully written, and so emotionally plangent that some passages bring tears." -- Amanda Vaill; A Luminous Novel of Children in War ("All the Light We Cannot See"); The Washington Post; May 6, 2014.

reliable writer available

Aug 19, 2014
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  

I am available to assist with your writing needs. Let's discuss what you'd like and I'll work to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. I have several references, do great work, and am timely.



high quality finance and business writer at your service

Aug 19, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I provide high quality writing services in the subjects of business economics and finance. I provide the following specialities
Swot analysis
spss data analysis
excel data analysis
Pestel analysis
and all that pertains to business including business plans
contact me through #email_below#

ReliableUKwrite r  

essay service

Aug 17, 2014
 Essay Services Offered UK  UK  

I am a highly experienced academic writer from the UK.

I can write for a variety of different topics, from undergraduate to MA/MSc level. I particularly enjoy writing on the following topics : Sociology, Psychology, Geography and Planning, Language, Literature and Literary Theory, Politics, Management, Business, Art History and Religion.

I write each and every essay as if it were my own. As such, every client receives a quality essay, every time.

I accept payment after all work is complete (and you are satisfied). Rates start at around 50 GBP for 1000 words.

Dissertations and extended essays are welcomed.

I look forward to helping you achieve some amazing grades!


top writers team

Aug 17, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya your ideal academic partner.


the biggest writing service need 30 writers

Aug 16, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
we are Australian writing service, we need Academic writers.we provide 50 works per week for sure,we can 100% make sure you can get work everyday if ur essay quality good enough and hand in on time,we need more quality writers who can use oicq software for contact.we are chinese ,we not use email pls use oicq software contact us,we pay 40usd/1000words by paypal weekly.we need single writer, we not cooperate with any other writing if u interest in ,pls contact our oicq id:1534210010,email will not reply



Aug 16, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I am a proficient writer in business related topics, economics, life and health sciences, philosophy and psychology.

Easy writing  

academic assisstance

Aug 16, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Pakistan  Pakistan  
Dear Everyone,
If you need any help regarding your reports, Thesis, Assignments, Case Studies, then don't worry we are here to provide you assistance. just email us at #email_below# rates are affordable. We offer USD 40 for 1000 words.


professor verb's word for the day

Aug 15, 2014


: To think deeply upon.
: To chew the cud.

"It's like having little wormholes to slip into and ruminate humanity before being slapped out by the sharp turns of the plot."* -- Human/Being; Tehelka (New Delhi, India); Jun 18, 2012.


we are seeking professional academic writers to join us !

Aug 14, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
We are a growing academic writing firm with a global customer base.
We are looking for professional academic writer who is

English native speaker
Looking for long term cooperation
Able to provide high quality academic papers
Always deliver tasks on time
Problem solving skills

As one of the best academic writing firms we offer

Competitive payment rate
Consistent payment
Supportive team members
High volume of orders
bonus for great perfoumans


project/ academic writer

Aug 14, 2014
 Essay Services Offered India  India  
I am an excellent academic writer with years of experience behind me. I agree to your terms and conditions. I am aware of all the referencing styles: MLA, APA, Harvard, OSCOLA and Chicago.

I can write on management, economics, finance, accounting, statistics, public administration, and sociology. I have working knowledge of working on SPSS and performing analysis on the software.

Payment through Paypal
Terms: 50% advance - 50% after delivery

Available through Phone and skype

Rates: 100 GBP per 1000 words


get quality academic papers written by an expert

Aug 12, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I am an independent academic writer with 7 years experience. If you are in need of academic writing services, then look no further. I will handle your assignments ensuring that all the requirements are made. The best part of it is that all papers will be custom and completed in a quality and timely manner. Interested? Kindly email me at #email_below# Thank you!

plagiarismfreew riter  

plagiarism free assignments and essays

Aug 11, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
hi future clients. If you need unlimited services to essay handling, our rates are $12 a page. Feel free to book in advance before your assignments start flowing in. eager to hear from you soon "potential client."


professor verb's word for the day

Aug 11, 2014


: word of mouth : oral communication

"One tenant in common cannot grant by deed, nor can he demise by deed or by parol, anything more than his undivided interest in the estate...." " From Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Law, Volume 11, Second Edition, 2012
Daniel Kevins  

reliable and friendly essay services

Aug 10, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
My name is Daniel. I am an independent writer and I am specialized in essays, research papers, theses and dissertations. I have worked for several sites and I have vast experience in many fields. I am conversant with the styles of formatting and I understand the importance of timely and non-plagiarized work.
Contact me through my email #email_below# and enjoy the benefit of having your paper done by an expert. I offer very friendly rates and there is room for negotiation. Please accept me for a gtalk chat or reply to my email and we will strike such friendly deals together.

Dr. Anitha  

highly experienced academic/research writer for writing assistance &editing/proofreading

Aug 9, 2014
 Essay Services Offered India  India  
I am an academic writer and have Ph.D. and Masters.

I have around 15 years of previous, combined , experience in Uni teaching, tutoring , Research and publications.

My service will be available ON-LINE

My service includes three years of Australian uni teaching and two years of Australian Research experience

I am serving
School home works/assignments

I have qualified in IELTS conducted by ILETS Australia and Cambridge University

My experience include;

Uni academics


Thesis Preparation

Mentoring and Guidance

Project proposals for Post grads & Research Scholars


Examination marking

Assignment marking

Teaching module preparation

Academic/Research presentations

Editing/Proof reading


Admin/Professional Document preparation & Presentations

My assistance will be available throughout semester/academic year and I will complete the task even in very short notice with on time delivery.

If interested, please email me .



a+ academic services offered

Aug 8, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
While selecting an academic service and paying for it, it is definite that you expect the best grades and a high quality non-plagiarized content. However, in most of the times this is never the case and the basic reason is that you have not selected the best of the best services.
TopWritersTeam is a Unit of extensively qualified, professional and specialized content writers, researchers, analysts and reviewers who can assist you in any of your projects whether light or bulk and in any of the distinct academic levels. By contacting the TopWriters for your academic work, you are guaranteeing yourself, A+ grade quality content, zero plagiarized content, custom written content and timely content delivery just to mention a few.
TopWritersTeam has 24/7 student assistance platform where you can inquire and get favorable and reasonable quotes, direction, counselling and any other form of academic assistance at any time of day or night. What's more, your paper is given first priority and you get personalized services from the writer handling your paper.
Contact today at #email_below# and place your order now, remember; you will not have to regret it rather you will celebrate it.


professor verb's word for the day

Aug 7, 2014


a : to change (as a text) by inserting new or foreign matter
b : to insert (words) into a text or into a conversation

"Many academic writers are requested to interpolate new resources with existing material."

academic writing services provided by experienced academicians

Aug 7, 2014
 Essay Services Offered India  India  
Academic Writing Services

academic writing services provided by experienced academicians.

Topics: Business Management, Marketing, business analysis, operations management, Supply Chain Managment, HRM, Customer Relationship Management, Logistics Management, International Relations, Retail Marketing, Financial Management, Public Administration, Sociology and Social Studies.
Style of Writing: MLA, APA, Harvard and any other University Style
Complete error free grammar report
Delivering as per the scheduled time or deadline
Price; 125 pounds per 1000 words


art review essay due at midnight please help

Aug 6, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted   
hi i have a essay due at midnight tonight could someone please help me asap if interested in helping me please respond asap


essay help

Aug 6, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I will provide extremely high quality work at reasonable rates. Am an independent contractor majoring on essays, term papers and dissertations. Am looking forward to working with you.  

business students: american mba and instructor living in kenya writes with you in mind

Aug 5, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I have experience with undergrad and graduate business, economics, international policy, and working with students from outside business as well. I have taught, but also edited business whitepapers and technical writing for 5 years.

I am a Native U.S. speaker, working in a U.S. university setting. I handle:
*undergrad essays
*SWOT analyses
*Business plans
...and work outside of business at the undergraduate level. I'm ALWAYS on time, original, and responsive.


elon greens quality service

Aug 5, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Would you like your coursework or essay written professionally and within the deadline indicated? Look no further. Elon Greens Quality Service have been in the writing industry for the last five years. They ensure you get high-quality and original papers. Talk to us on #email_below# for further details.

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