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professor verb's word for the day



: write in a wistfully mournful way about someone or something

"Some U.S. military leaders elegize the end of the Cold War when America's enemies were easy to identify."

project management

 Essay Services Wanted 
I am looking for writer to make report of 1500 words

individual report which reflects on their participation in the group work , I worked on stage gate criteria, so need to write two pages on that and two pages on how was the experience of working in the team. Etc
Max word limit 1500 words.
the example report of my friend will also be provided for the reference.

The report i need in next two days. It should not take more than 3 hours job becoz hardly any research is required.

Please tell me how much will you charge? will wait for your response.


excellent and professional academic services offered (kenya)

 Essay Services Offered 
Top Writers Team is a Unit of extensively professional content writers, reviewers and researchers available whenever needed to provide honest, genuine and affordable academic assistance to clients. In any case, satisfaction is guaranteed for clients and contacts may be made at anytime of day and/or night on short notice or otherwise still, we have the capacity to handle and produce your assignment to the level best.

Kindly make a point to contact and experience this soaring levels in writing service and delivery. Cheers.


honest & reliable writer

 Essay Services Offered 
Hello there! My name is Kelli, and I have been a professional academic writer for over four years. I offer high-quality, and plagiarism free papers every single time. In addition, I offer flexible prices to suit your needs. My areas of expertise are in business, finance, management, marketing, accounting, sociology, psychology, ethics, criminal law, and political science. If you're interested in receiving high-quality work, please send me your essay requirements at


professor verb's word for the day



: a great or foolish amount of pride or confidence

"When conceived it was a project of almost unimaginable boldness and foolhardiness, requiring great bravura, risking great hubris." "Simon Winchester, The Professor and the Madman, 1998
Essay Writers  

essay services offered

Apr 22, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
Freelance essay writer to take care of those essays for you.
Last minute papers taken care of
All topics and subjects taken care of
Payment accepted by Paypal
Quick service and quick response to you
Fair prices


now accepting orders for may

Apr 20, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
Contact Professor Verb for all your academic research and writing needs. I've been a full-time academic writer since 1998 (imagine that!) and have more than 43 years of writing experience since I penned my first column for a high school newspaper in Wichita ("School Daze").

I subscribe to Questia, have EBSCO access and can provide you with the recent peer-reviewed and scholarly sources needed for a high quality research project. Although I write on all subjects, if I'm uncomfortable with your topic (it happens), I'll always refer you to other academic writers I know to be honest and reliable or an essay company that's the best in the business.

Ten cents a word -- discounts available for active duty military/veterans (please inquire), larger assignments, repeat clients and firefighters.

Remember: "I write it right with all my might -- sometimes all night -- for you!"

Antarch Consulting  

outstanding social science essays & dissertations

Apr 19, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
Contact me if you need an excellent and experienced academic writer for your social science essays and dissertations. Key areas of expertise include political science, sociology, philosophy, history, international studies, etc.

I assure you that your paper will be well-researched and well-written, and you would never have to worry about plagiarism.

Contact me today; I will be glad to help.


services offered for writing over political issues

Apr 18, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
I have done Masters in Political Science (Foreign Relations).
I offer my services to write over any issues related to the world politics. (blog posts, daily news, editorials, articles, opinion based articles)

What else I offer:

24/7 service
Prompt response
Speedy communication
Quick turn around
High quality content
Original and creative work
Unlimited revisions till the satisfaction of my clients

Best regards


writing service offered

Apr 17, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
When it's time to get writing assistance, it'll be to your advantage if you deal with someone who has the required qualification and experience. I've been working with many customers who were satisfied with my work and if you want to join the list, all you've to do is contact me. My rate is affordable, while the work is original, and free of plagiarism. You won't miss that crucial deadline that could cost you marks.


professor verb's word for the day

Apr 16, 2014

transitive verb

: to include or place within something larger or more comprehensive : encompass as a subordinate or component element

"Blue, green, and yellow are subsumed in the term 'color.'"

writer with australian background

Apr 16, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
Need some assistance writing your paper? You have the surety of receiving a quality piece of assignment from me. I have Australian background with over 8 years writing academic papers. I normally work with students from Australia, but I also welcome students from Canada, UK and the US. Have your papers written professionally!
eddypgrayson /at/ yahoo/ dot/ com/ dot/ au

Marvin Bradley  

masters of the dew by jacques roumain

Apr 15, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted 
This book is unique, has anyone heard of it?
its 180 page long, And I need a 8 page research paper in 2 day

Lily is a scammer

Apr 15, 2014

She has no time management skills, hardly ever responds to emails and WILL NOT provide your assignment by the due date. Please do not fall for her scam. You will be disappointed and out of pocket.

wordsies, the king of swing...........

Apr 15, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
The end of the semester is just around the corner. I bet you're getting them chills right about now, aren't you? Loads of tests, papers, and all other neat stuff that comes with being a student.
In my years as a writer, I have helped hundreds of students with their assignments, and saved many hides from hanging in the gardens of academic failure. If you need help, don't be afraid to say it, I'm here to help.
What's even better, my rates are awesome (well, they are, if compared with other legit writers here), I always deliver on time and most importantly, I give out free cookies. There is nothing better in this world than munching on a choco-chip while waiting for me to type out your 12 pages about Julius Cezar, trust me.
Everything I write is original, created using ONLY peer reviewed journals and books. My work is written to an exceptional standard and free of grammatical errors.

**** Some areas of study are outside of my area of expertise, in which case I refer to several trusted service providers, in which I have the outmost confidence.

Payment is done through Paypal (verified merchant account)

If you are interested in my services, send me your project details, and I will respond with a quote.

If you need more information about my services, please visit my web-site

Or contact me through either one of my mail accounts

Thank you for your time


scammer: joshthewriter,sam1980writes,impress23clothing...fraud all same person

Apr 14, 2014


If you see this name seller name: MARJAN TOHIDINEFAD on your paypal invoice, do not send money.
If you already sent the money, CANCEL IT IMMEDIATELY.

international relations assignment (i'm a kenyan writer)

Apr 14, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted 
I need urgent help on my 2500 words assignment due in the next 36 hours. I will pay well for any trustworthy writer. The paper focuses on Russian politics.
Thank you.


essays and theses from an american scholar

Apr 14, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
I'm an American, native English speaker with multiple grad degrees from private, nonprofit U.S. schools. I currently teach at one of them, and know what professors want to see. My writing has spanned the disciplines and I can handle work in humanities, social sciences, and business. For a while I got into graduate-level nursing overload, and that was all good too. I can tell you if I feel uncomfortable handling your t-tests or last minute piece on a 1,000 page novel written in Farsi, etc. For the most part, I have a broad background and happy clients from all over.

I am able to help with academic writing from freshman to dissertation level. I've been in this business for 8 years, and work for a cadre of clients I also call friends and have built great relationships with. If you need professional, top of the line work from a scholar, not a student, I'm a great choice.

Always on time, always plagiarism-free, custom carved to your specifications, and written as if it's my own.


that's gonna be tough...

Apr 14, 2014
"I want previous papers that you have written involving International Politics before you email me."
Dan Kevins  

the best writer ever! writing is my 'joie de vivre' !

Apr 14, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
I have been writing for various companies for the last ten years and I have experience in virtually all the fields of writing, ranging from IT, Human Resource Management, Sociology, Psychology, Education, English and Literature, Business studies, Application essays, philosophy, marketing and political science. I got to know about your site through Google search and I am really interested in working for you. I am available online 24 hrs/ 7 days a week.

I understand the styles of formatting used in the writing. With my experience, I understand how to use APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and IEEE styles of writing. I am familiar with the formatting of pages, the citations and referencing in all the above styles. I am aware of the changes in these styles and I am updated with the very latest versions, which are highly recommended in writing.


film studies paper (ma)

Apr 14, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted 
Need a 5000-word paper written on the topic of Film and Modernity in Paris. The paper will be an analysis of Jean-Luc Godard's film 'Bande à Part' and draw upon the issues related to French cinema since the 1920's.

UK-based student
Masters Level
Harvard Referencing

Please do not contact me unless you are competent in the area of Film Studies and are confident about writing about French Cinema.


international politics essay informative due tomorrow by 1pm (!could be scam - poster uses different usernames and emails)

Apr 13, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted 



I need someone who specializes in International politics. My assignment is to analyze a state of my choice from the list given and explain its three basic levels of analysis, Individual, State, and Systemic level. This essay requires research. 8-10 pages double spaced I will email the actual assignment paper. Please get back to me I need this paper done by Tomorrow!!!!!! Please I am in desperate need !!!! I want previous papers that you have written involving International Politics before you email me at this essay requires extensive Research let me know as soon as possible


need help with ihrm 2500 words essay by the end of april

Apr 13, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted 
I would like to get help with a 2500 words IHRM essay. I am final year undergraduate. Aim to receive at least 65%+ for this. (i.e. 2.1 or 1)
Topics are:
-Outsourcing in a particular (non-existent) corporation.
-Risks and benefits of outsourcing.
-Effects on employee and organisational performance.
-Suggestions on course of action. Recommendations
-Proper usage of sources and referencing.

Therefore, I am looking for an expert who is willing to assist on this matter and has knowledge and experience in academic writing and HRM. My preference would be given to English natives.
Willing to pay fairly. Contact me to discuss.

"Why don't you do it yourself?" - Unfortunatley writing long essays is my weakness. Despite knowledge and research, I fail to construct my ideas in a correct and understandable order. As a result, my teachers have always criticised my work for bad construction, but good content. Now I am asking for help.


international politics paper

Apr 12, 2014
I need someone who specializes in International politics. My assignment is to analyze a state of my choice from the list given and explain its three basic levels of analysis, Individual, State, and Systemic level. This essay requires research. 8-10 pages double spaced I will email the actual assignment paper. Please get back to me I need this paper done by Tomorrow!!!!!! Please I am in desperate need !!!! I want previous papers that you have written involving International Politics before you email me at this essay requires extensive Research let me know as soon as possible

Adam Laney  

finance even study help

Apr 11, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted 
Need a finance specialist who can compare and analyse the share prices of two different companies and work out such things as: market model approach, abnormal return, fama-french three factor model, patel t-stat etc.

Willing to pay good money if you can aid me in my report on shareholder wealth effects.

Smart Joe  

(kenya) don't let the opportunity for excellent grades and saving some dollars pass. peace of mind , no anxiety, no worry

Apr 11, 2014
 Essay Services Offered 
Seeking quality, a well researched paper that portrays excellent grasp of the topic then your search is over

With 5 years academic writing experience and counting, you are assured of high quality paper delivered in time. I can write on a wide range of topics including graduate level papers (just ask). You are assured of a very good bargain so that you can save on some dollars and have excellent grades. You are assured of extensive, personalized research and prompt responses.

Lets start the conversation here


public finance

Apr 10, 2014
 Essay Services Wanted 
Hello again. I need someone who is an expert in public finance policies/economics/moral hazards/effects of unemployment insurance/long term and short term effects of it. Furthermore, who is familiar with Gruber. I tried working with a non-economist and that did not work out well. The understanding and eloquent articulation of econ terminology is needed in this paper. Please let me know if you are interested.

avoid  EssayChat Apr 10, 2014
essay writing service

essays for sale

Scam. You write a 'custom essay' one day and sell it to another student the next day? Avoid.
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