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Carl Stuart  

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mgh  EssayChatMay 22, 2015
Need a writer who has expertise in the field of microbiology to writting a review article on a microbiology topic with an outline 4000 words.Draft page(200 words as a preview) required prior further proceed.Only writers can give the draft, submit a proposal.

The Freelancer  

the freelancer

May 21, 2015
 Offered UK  UK  
Hi all,

Experienced academic writer here to help with your assignments. Competitive prices, excellent quality work, and professionalism from start to finish. I have a website with full details about me and my services. It's against forum rules to post the address here, so feel free to drop me an e-mail, then I'll direct you to it and we can have a chat about your work needs.

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The freelancer :)


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May 19, 2015
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May 18, 2015
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change management report

May 14, 2015
I need an experienced writer in the field of 'Change Management' for a 2000 word descriptive case study/essay. Masters' level. I would kindly ask that. only experienced writers in this field, get in touch.



academic writing in accounting, finance and business subjects

May 12, 2015
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May 11, 2015
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May 8, 2015
India sis considered as one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. India's economy is buoyed by relative stability in the country as well as increased investor confidence in the country. Together with China and Brazil, India is considered as the top emerging market with a high market turnover for its products. The major drivers of the economy in India include the trade balance that has India exporting more products than it imports. In view of this, the lifestyle of the citizens in India is no doubt likely to change under the healthy economic times. The stable economic growth has introduced a new segment in the market which comprises of luxury consumers. It is assumed that the luxury consumers in India are increasing at a steady rate in almost all the sectors of the economy. The largely untapped market has over the years been lucrative for business targeting the luxury consumers in India.
Understanding India's luxury consumers
"The luxury market in India is one of the largest and most diverse markets in the entire world" (Majumdar& Gupta, 2003, p.13). It is therefore a great challenge for start-up companies to establish a market presence owing to the presence of huge competition in the country's luxury market. From a global perspective however, the luxury market in India is seen as largely young and unpredictable which explains why some investors are apply risk aversion measures when investing in the said market. Some of the products competing in the luxury market in India include automotive, clothing, footwear, electronics and luxury wines.
India's luxury car Market
The Indian economy has been growing at an impressive rate over the last five years with the nation averaging a consistent growth of approximately 8%. In addition to this, the luxury car market segment has been growing at an impressive rate of 25% .India's luxury car market segment has grown significantly over the years setting the nation ahead of other countries acorns different parts of the world in the automotive industry. In addition to this, the country has seen the entire automotive industry experience a steady growth making the sector a fundamental pillar of the nation's economy. The growth to success of the luxury car market begun in 1898 when the first luxury car brand was introduced in the Indian market. The market reception was overwhelming a situation that saw manufacturers realize the potential of the luxury car market in India. Since then, the market has grown significantly with the current statistics indicating that the growth potential could be only halfway attained. This implies that if effective strategies are implemented within the market, then the luxury car industry could grow at twice the rate it is growing currently.
Some of the key factors driving the growth of the luxury car market in India is the increasing purchase powers of the consumers in addition to the availability of a wide variety of vehicle brands to choose from. The desire to but luxury brands in India is picking with most consumers in the economy going for top-of the range products and in particular within the automotive industry. Most of the major car manufacturers across the world have entered the fay in the market with companies such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Suzuki competing for a significant share of the market. However, the turning point within the luxury car market is when Ferrari announced its entrance into the market which is a clear indicator of just how the manufacturers are targeting the market in India. The aspiration that other major auto makers such as Aston martin are likely to enter into the Indian market in the near future shows that the market in India has unlimited opportunities and growth potential.
"Over the recent past, the Indian manufacture TATA motors acquired Ford's land Rover and Jaguar brands" (Mukherjee& Sastry, 2002, P.45). This acquisition is a clear indication that the nation's manufacturers in the automotive industry are within the right direction to compete with other key major players in the industry. India as a nation therefore is seen as driving the automotive industry in the Asian continue an area that has remained untapped for many years.
Factors Contributing to the Growth of India's luxury car Market
Population increase
Population growth is one of the factors that is driving change in the Indian's luxury car market. This is because, the high population reflects the availability of the existing and potential market for luxury brands. However, the application of the population increase concept in relation to the market is entirely dependent on whether the market has the ability to purchase the luxury cars. Should this growth had happened in the past, a larger part of the population would not have been in a position to purchase luxury cars in India? However, the prevailing economic times and the rising disposable income in India has led to a situation whereby a greater percentage of the population can afford luxury car brands.
Changing Consumer Tastes and Preferences
Consumers are very vital in changing the market dynamics. However, there are certain factors that consumers look for when making the decision on whether to or not to make a purchasing decision. Traditionally, price has always been the primary factor that is considered when making a purchase decision. A product with a high price is likely to attract lesser potential buyers as opposed to products that have the aspect of affordability. However, this whole attitude and approach to the market and consumption trends has changed. In the luxury car market, consumers have shifted their focus from price to design and the quality of a product. This by extension means that a larger percentage of luxury products consumer do not consider the price of the product as a determining factor in the purchase choice and decision.
Infrastructural Development
The development made in infrastructure have seen the need by the market to buy luxury car brands since it is possible to use such brands on the road. The infrastructure could have been a great limiting factor in the past which in particular suggests why the luxury car market was not growing at the pace its growing with today. The advancement in technology has also played a key role in this area where most consumers within the market feel the need for power and speed on the roads similar to what is depicted in popular film and other media platforms. Such trends are seen as playing a major role in influencing the decision regarding to or not to purchase a car brand.
Potential Challenges to the Growth Potential of India's luxury Car market
The luxury car market is one of the market segments that market analysts say defies the conventional economic approach to competition or even global economic outlook. In this case, consumers continue to purchase luxury brands even when the economy of a country is not looking to good. How then are people still able to consumer luxury brands amidst uncertain economic times such as during recession? One of the most plausible explanation is that in such circumstance, consumers look beyond other factors than price alone. This in essence means that the consideration are dependent on the desire of an individual to acquire a certain brand while at the same time overlooking economic effect on the said consumption decision. There are many cases where the luxury car market across the world has continue to soar even during the recession period. Some of the nations that have experienced a similar situation include the United States, Germany and China. In 2008, most of these nations were facing tough economic times characterized by slow economic growth and reduced investor confidence. This situation greatly changed the spending and consumption patterns in the said nations. However, the luxury products market remained either consistent or experienced some growth during this period.
Despite the positive outlook when it comes to luxury brands, analyst warn of a situation whereby the prospects in the luxury market potential will greatly reduce. Several factors have been cited as likely to cause such a scenario. However, economists are also optimistic that such a resultant situation is only a matter of last resort and is likely to occur only when all the other factors have been pushed to the limit. This is because, a reduced slow growth in the luxury products market would have to be as a result of a combination of factors that have an overall effect on the individual, micro-economy and the macro-environment for nay significant change to take place.
"The luxury car market faces several challenges along the growth path that are likely to slow down the growth prospects made in this area"( Kapferer & Bastien,2009 p.311). Some of the challenges likely to affect the luxury car market in India include;
Despite infrastructure big seen as one of the factors that contributed to the growth of the luxury car market in India, poor infrastructural development is also seen as one of the major factors inhibiting the growth potential of the luxury car market. The demographic pattern sin India point out to a situation whereby the urban areas in the country are well connected by either road, rail or air transport infrastructure. The problem is that a larger part of the country does not have some of the infrastructure required to handle luxury car brands. From a physical traits approach, luxury cars cannot be able to withstand bad terrain or even rough roads. Assuming that a larger part of the nation is made of uneven terrain and rough roads, then the market segment of the luxury cars would only be limited to those areas with good infrastructure and in particular major cities such as Mumbai,. The argument here is the infrastructure developments can greatly speared the market of luxury cars if the nation is well connected in relation to these developments provided that such development does not take place only in specific areas of the country.
The government through the relevant regulatory authorities often regulate the industry in relation to the importation and exportation of produ

original academic reports for sale

May 7, 2015
 Offered Pakistan  Pakistan  
I have been writing Academic Papers for the last 8 years and now have decided to look out for some other field. If anybody is interested in purchasing these reports ( Different Topics) kindly send me an email.


ivy league grad available for paper help

May 6, 2015
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If you have a paper due, don't panic! I can help, even if the deadline is tomorrow.

I'm an Ivy League grad with a BA and MA in English with experience writing all kinds of academic papers. I'm skilled with MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, so your paper will be accurately referenced.

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Papers start at $10 a page. Rush orders available for additional fee.

John Muthama  

i offer quality and reliable writing services

Apr 30, 2015
 Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I have adequate experience in academic writing and I guarantee quality and reliable services to my clients. I am proficient in handling projects related to marketing, management, sociology, literature, psychology and ethics. Feel free to trust me with any of your project related to the aforementioned disciplines. The projects that I handle include reports, research papers, essays, annotated bibliographies, dissertations and reviews.


management essay services required

Apr 29, 2015
need some management essays done, message me if you're knowledgeable in the areas of international business and managing knowledge in organisations! thank you


here's dave barry's contribution...

Apr 27, 2015
Old and Middle English

In a sumer seson whon soft was the sunne,
I kylled a younge birde and I ate it on a bunne.

-- Dave Barry's Bad Habits: A 100% Fact-Free Book

undergrad, 2000 word essay.

Apr 25, 2015
I need B/2.1 quality essay of about 2000 words by May 13th Essay is in the field of English Literature- specifically Old and Middle English. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writer.

Serious and professional writers please contact me.


professor verb's word for the day

Apr 24, 2015


Also known as "the vig," the juice, the house cut or the take, this is the amount assessed by bookmakers or casinos for taking a bet from gamblers.

"Some casinos publish their generous vigorish rates in order to attract more gamblers."

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Apr 23, 2015
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title: what are the implications of the photobomb on the discourse of photography?

Apr 20, 2015
hi, been looking for someone to write a 6000 word art history dissertation on photography!!!......................Looked into a load of different websites to pay for the service, but i havn't found one that hasn't been slated on the forums and due to the ulterior motive of advertising i understand that no one can provide me with a link to an honest service. i just want to pay a fair price to get this done. i have an outlined plan with research questions. please email me if your up to the task or can recommend someone that can. alternatively, has anyone had good/bad experiences with these custompapers, essaytown, papermasters, ukessays, graduatewriter.

Essay Mill  

academic writing services

Apr 20, 2015
 Offered Philippines  Philippines  
Essay Mill is a team of well-experienced professional writers holding post-graduate degrees in different fields of study. Our main goal is to provide you with the best assistance in writing your essays. Our highly experienced personnel will meet your specific needs to ensure that you achieve the maximum benefits.

Professional writers with many years of experience have prepared your customized, well-written essays. As soon as we receive your order, we will assign a qualified and highly experienced writer with the significant background on the subject to work on your essay. Once completed, your essay will be reviewed and proofread by our professional editors. All our research papers are written from scratch and thoroughly researched in accordance with your instructions. Rest assured that our writers do not cut and paste. As such, your essay will pass or any other anti-plagiarism software.

Here at Essay Mill, we value our customers. Our papers are not just of high quality but affordable as well. We also have a department exclusively devoted to Customer Service to cater to your every need.

We do not sell your information to others. All information, data and files submitted to us shall be immediately disposed within forty-eight hours upon delivery of the custom paper. We will not publish your essays or keep your information.


pro writer available

Apr 19, 2015
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I am a freelance writer with over 6 years experience. I have written multi-disciplinary papers ranging from high school to PhD levels. I am versatile and I comprehend how plagiarism can negatively impact your studies, as well as writing top-notch quality papers. I believe I'm the perfect writer to tackle your papers. Do not hesitate to contact me on my personal mail.

Regards, Michael.



Apr 19, 2015
hello, can someone help me to write an essay for my engslish class ?

professor verb's word for the day

Apr 18, 2015


: extremely loud

"The academic writer shouted out his frustration with the assignment's conflicting instructions in a stentorian voice that startled the neighbors."

this has been said to me in many of the major cities of the world...

Apr 12, 2015
get satisfied pay me


r programming experts

Apr 10, 2015
Genuine R Programming Experts, Please E-Mail


dissertation (software coding required) (matlab/eclipse/android)

Apr 9, 2015
Required a coder/programmer for a dissertation which requires knowledge of the above.

For more details, email #email_below# will be made in stages of work completion. Serious and professional writers please contact.


research paper due

Apr 8, 2015
I need B quality research paper of 2000 words by April 10th. Knowledge required in the fields of economics. Please note that the paper should be 100% plagiarism free. I prefer native English speaking writer.

Payment will be made in stages of work completion. Serious and professional writers please contact.


graduate school admissions essay

Apr 7, 2015

I am looking for someone to assist in writing a statement of purpose and a statement of explanation (low undergrad GPA) for grad schools.


your paper first. payments later

Apr 6, 2015
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Top essays and dissertations is a UK premier service offering top quality essays and dissertations that are written from the scratch.
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professor verb's word(s) for the day

Apr 4, 2015
gully washer


: an extremely heavy fall of rain usually of short duration

"We had a real gully washer the other night that flooded our garden."

phonology assignment help wanted.

Mar 31, 2015
Hi, need help from a linguist on a phonology assignment; includes questions like analyzing the distribution patterns of a language, and deriving phonological rules. Please email me at #email_below# Will pay fairly.

Please at least be competent in linguistics and phonology otherwise I would be better off completing it myself. Thanks!

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