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Antarch Consulting  

an experienced writer with a good reputation

Mar 4, 2015
 Essay Services Offered Nigeria  Nigeria  
Finding a dependable writer is increasingly difficult these days, due to the preponderance of hacks, scammers, and low-quality writers on this forum and elsewhere. An easy way to avoid this problem is to hire Antarch for all your social science and humanities-related academic writing needs.

With a solid reputation for diligence, honesty and integrity, I have written numerous papers for satisfied customers since 2010. My core areas of expertise include political science, sociology, psychology, business management, media and communications, social work, etc.

I always deliver well-written and original papers, always on time.

Please contact me today if you need my assistance for your essay, dissertation, exam notes, or other academic work.


develop a mathematical modelling code for computer aided molecular design

Mar 2, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
I need help with developing a mathematical modelling code from this problem given in the text book "Computer Aided Chemical Engineering". Chapter 7: Identification of Multistep Reaction Stoichiometries: CAMD Problem Formulation

If you are able to help, please email me your qualifications, price, mode of payment, and also the software that you suggest to be used. We will discuss further via email.


academic writer available

Mar 1, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Are you searching for a professional, punctual, and honest academic writer to assist you?
Look no further, I am here to assist you with your essays, assignments, business plans, powerpoints and/or entire online courses. I have been an academic writer since 2010; therefore, I have extensive experience in completing assignments in all fields of study. I promise to provide you with plagiarism-free and high-quality work, every single time. I am familiar with APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting styles. I also have access to scholarly article databases. My areas of expertise are in business, marketing, management, economics, finance, accounting criminal justice, sociology, psychology, and much more. I am currently accepting assignments for the month of March. I look forward to working with you. Have a great day!



Mar 1, 2015
Organisations have been regarded variously as 'institutions', 'systems' and 'cultures'. Drawing on at least one of your seminar case studies, compare and contrast any two of these perspectives and discuss the extent to which each can illuminate and inform the management role. please can anyone help with question?

quality, timely, and reliable work

Feb 27, 2015
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
With an eight-year experience in academic writing, you can entrust me with your assignments and research work. I am a Computer Science graduate with an MBA. Above all, I am highly dynamic and can write in almost all areas. My rates are very flexible depending on the nature and urgency of the work. Feel free to contact me on my email below. Payments accepted through PayPal


essay help

Feb 27, 2015
My goals after graduation is to become a full time college student while studying mechanical engineering. I would like to work on small engines. After starting college at a technical college, I would like to transfer out to a 4 year college and finish studying mechanical engineering. My goal is to get my bachelors or masters in math and science. One day I hope to get employed at the Kawasaki dealer working on small engines.

professor verb's word for the day

Feb 24, 2015


: the quality of being confident or fearless of danger or punishment, especially in a way that seems foolish or rude

"After being caught stealing cash from the the mail, the fired postal worker had the temerity to ask for her job back."
Writer Roz  EssayChat Feb 22, 2015
 Essay Services Offered Canada  Canada  
The snow is piling high outside, but in here I've got hot coffee, warm blankets, and Netflix. Don't make me trade my sweatpants for snowpants - give me your projects instead!

While you are focusing your attention on more important things, I'll be putting my eight years of writing experience, access to numerous academic databases, and love of learning to work for you. I take on projects of nearly any size, education level, and topic, and will happily steer you in the right direction if I am unable to take on your project for any reason.

March is booking up fast, so e-mail me with plenty of time to spare (although I love last minute projects, too, time permitting). I'm not the cheapest, but I'm fast, good, and highly caffeinated.

Best of luck!


kenyan writer needs help with engineering thesis...

Feb 22, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
If you can handle this job perfectly, mail me! I need serious writers only....


ommmggg.. okay school essay needed an example

Feb 21, 2015
OKay for english
essay question is how does "poets world effect his poetry "
robert frost


0stata assignment (i need completed assignment in 4 days

Feb 20, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
Introduction, description of country's banking system, data and models estimated (using STATA), analysis of results and conclusion. You must choose one of the following:

1. Analyse the financial ratios of banks within a country using SGMM estimation - following the papers of Kosmidou (2008) and Tregenna (2009).

2. Estimate SFA and determine if efficiency scores differ in the inclusion/exclusion of z-variables.

Maximum 3500 words #email_below#

Michelle Hodge  

need writer for human relation in admin

Feb 19, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
I need a writer to write the following: Using the results of my SWOT analysis and the Pest analysis on your organization and your personal reflections that I have included in the attachments, come up with three goals for you and your role in your organization (Completed on the Milestone Four Temple). Add three action items/goals that reflect important aspects of your future growth as a professional and as a student (Completed on Milestone Four Temple). Additional, revise Milestone One, Two, and Three based on your additional knowledge, and submit the entire final project. The template Final Milestone Four in the one that you combine all the others, instructions are on that template as well.
On the Pest Analysis for milestone 3 (Pest Analysis). I need to have this redone. My instructor said that this was extremely broad. There needs to be a focus on the organization that you are part of or the profession (I am a property manager) that you hope to have in the future. The statements are very vague and do not really provide enough specifics that demonstrate context or detail. I have attached this. I need this update to put into the Milestone Four Assignment.
I have all my assignment that I can send that need put into this Milestone four assignment.


professor verb's word for the day

Feb 18, 2015


: strong criticism or public disgrace

"Most countries have armies, but in Pakistan the army has a country. ... The army's record is not one to be proud of. Wars launched against India in 1947, 1965, and 1999, won little or nothing beyond international opprobrium." -- Nosebags; The Economist (London, UK); September 20, 2014.

essay delight

Feb 16, 2015
 Essay Services Offered Croatia  Croatia  
Tick, tock,
Goes the clock,
Many essays are due,
And homeworks acrue.
Time is short,
To finish the report,
If you're in need,
Hear my heed.
Essays I write,
And poems recite,
Contact me now,
While I allow.

or, if you don't like poetry, visit my website


quality, original and unique content!

Feb 16, 2015
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
I'm a seasoned and proficient academic writer with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce. I have four years experience in academic writing where I have written more than 300 papers. I specialize in Essay papers, Dissertations, Research Papers, Business and Company Analysis, and Case Studies. I am proficient in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago writing styles. My main subjects include Business, Marketing, Management, E-Commerce, Accounting, Company Analysis, and Sociology

I am attentive to detail and able to follow all the instructions provided for a satisfactory outcome. I always ensure I provide a custom paper that is unique, original and of high quality, carefully and thoroughly researched, structured and designed to meet your academic needs.
I have a verified PayPal account and my rates start as low as $8/page, (Pounds also accepted). The rate varies depending on the urgency and complexity of the order.

Professionalism, Diligence, and Originality are my driving forces.

Been disappointed in the past? Try me for a whole new experience and I promise you won't regret.
Looking forward to serving you.



master's graduate available for paper writing

Feb 15, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
I'm a seasoned academic writer with a Bachelor's in English and a Master's in Communications. I specialize in research papers, literary analysis, and psychology theories, but have written for all subjects. I am proficient with MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

Each paper is created custom for you, from scratch. There is no rapid cut and paste or sloppy work; each paper is treated with care, thoroughly researched, and carefully structured.

I'm a native English speaker located in the US available to talk you through every stage of the process so that you feel comfortable.

My rates start at $10 a page and payments are made through PayPal. Rush order are available for an additional fee.

Let me know how I can help with your paper. Email me at #email_below#


now accepting orders for march ...

Feb 15, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Ten cents a word. Ten percent discounts for larger assignments, repeat clients, active duty military/veterans and firefighters.

I've been a full-time academic writer since 1998 (!) and started my writing career more than 46 years ago with a high school newspaper column, "School Daze."

I'm proficient with all citations styles and subscribe to Questia and have EBSCO access. My two late-night writing dogs are committed to excellence -- and so am I. My rates may not be the cheapest, but I write every paper like it's my own (because, in a way, it is) and my clients receive the copyright to all their work product.

Join the legions of my satisfied clients today. Payment in advance by PayPal only please (I've had a verified account since 2003); installment payments available for larger assignments.

Remember: "I write it right with all my might!"


springboard: the king of online writing and communications services

Feb 14, 2015
 Essay Services Offered Kenya  Kenya  
Springboard (SB) is a top notch research, writing and publishing agency that is committed to serving people, from across the globe, in need of various writing services that include academic writing, creative writing, news writing, feature writing, script writing, rewriting, proofreading and editing written work while at the same time equipping individuals with on-demand writing skills.


subprime crisis

Feb 9, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
Need help for my essay assignment regarding subprime crisis.


assignment help

Feb 6, 2015
 Essay Services Offered India  India  
If you are busy working or catering to some other responsibility and your assignment or dissertation deadline is nearing. If this is leading to stress and anxiety and the task is getting harder and harder as the days pass by. Don't stress no more, rely on us, and we will make sure that your fears will be rested and assure of not only of a stress free journey through your project work, but we also assure you that you will be beaming at the results (High grades is definite).

viby777@gmail.c om  

american ph.d. & responsible full-time academic writer for theses, dissertations, and essays

Feb 1, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
I tend to get roped into lengthy research projects and I love the opportunity to be doing academic research from scratch, but I also love quick undergraduate essays. I'm an established writer with too many degrees, former professor, and research-track writer. I've published in academic journals and I've helped foreign professors and grad students do the same. My work therefore ranges from writing up research that's already there to lit reviews, theses/dissertations from scratch, and your basic essays.

I use all the same databases that you need, write everything from the ground up, plagiarism-free and crafted to your specs and guaranteed. My rates are by level, per page, so that there's never a surprise all semester, no matter how many references you need, films that should be watched, etc. I have a great group of return clients and love that most folks come back for all of their writing needs, and I wind up doing their kids' scholarship essays and their job essays eventually.

Simple, professional, and always done right.


the clinical pharmacy

Feb 1, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted     
I need a writer in Clinical pharmacy/Clinical pharmacology...

immediate, reliable, affordable services - available this weekend

Jan 30, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  

If you are in need of writing services, feel free to contact me. I have availability this weekend for individuals with last minute papers or projects.

My work is of high quality and I provide services that are reliable, timely, and confidential.




kenyan scammers

Jan 30, 2015
No payment before job is done.That kills the deal... Beware of Kenyan scammers who will promise to have it done well and on time.

I agree, I warn yea all from this Kenyan scammer. Good luck with writers hunting!

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 28, 2015


: a newly created term used to distinguish the original or older version, form, or example of something from other, more recent versions, forms, or examples (e.g., "brick-and-mortar stores").

''Nowadays we need such distinctions as free-range chickens,* birth mother, natural blonde, ... and manual toothbrushes. The faster we advance, the more retronyms we enlist." -- David Astle, Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, November 1, 2014

*My wife and I were driving through a desolate part of Texas last summer when we saw a three-legged chicken running alongside the road. The chicken was nearly pacing us and we were doing 45 mph on the dirt road. Intrigued, we followed the chicken to a farmhouse set back from the road about a half a mile, and saw an old man sitting on the covered porch in a rocking chair. We asked him if that was his chicken we saw running down the road so fast and he replied, "Yup. I love chicken legs so I bred some three-legged chickens so I'd have some extras." When we asked him how they tasted, he said, "I don't know. I've never been able to catch one."

high quality essays from an experienced u.s. writer

Jan 27, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
I would love to help you make your next paper into your best paper!

I have 8 years of experience writing college essays and my work has always been praised by professors. I have a master's degree from a top-tier American university. Almost all of my previous clients have become long-term due to how pleased they are with the quality of my work and my reliability.

I specialize in humanities papers including subjects such as: Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Religion, Sociology, and Philosophy. I do not take on any paper which I am not qualified to write. Every paper I write is original and completely plagiarism-free.

Simply send me an email with the details of your paper and we will get started!

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