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experienced, honest nyc writer

 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Since 2003, I have written thousands of essays for the biggest and most reputable American commercial essay companies and I was acknowledged as one of their best, most-requested, and top-billing writers until I shifted to more freelance writing than company work a few years ago. Unlike many writers, I do this and only this for a living, fulltime. My formal educational background includes a law degree (NYLS), but I routinely handle an extremely wide variety of academic topics such as Business Management, Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Law, Literature, Nursing, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, etc. If I can't handle your topic with a high level of confidence, I'll refer you to another trustworthy company writer or freelance writer for whom I can vouch based on years of experience in this industry.

Virtually every freelance client I have ever had has become a long-term regular client because my work is good, punctual, and priced fairly based on the amount of work required and the deadline requested. Many of my clients have used me for years, throughout their entire degree programs. I have used my main email (FreelanceWriter "at" aol dot com) since 1999 and as my PayPal ID since 2000. I have also used this same ID as my essay company S/N since 2003 and as my S/N on the Essay Scam forum since 2008, where you can use the search function to check my 700+ posts to check out my attitude about this industry, my customers, and my legitimate competitors with whom I maintain a mutually-respectful and symbiotic professional relationship even though we are direct competitors for the same prospective new clients. (To use that search function productively, you have to change the default from "thread titles" to "posts.") Please be advised that I use no other email, I am not affiliated with any other website or individual using the word "freelance," especially in connection with any gmail account. My informational website (including FAQ section) is


essay writing service

Jan 24, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Great essay writing service here
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The Freelancer  

pick meeeeeeeeeeee

Jan 23, 2015
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Hi all,

We seem to be speeding through 2015 already. Yikes. If you're worried about assignments, then fear not; help is at hand. I'm a British freelance writer with several years of experience under my belt. I specialise in law subjects, but I'm more than capable of handling many other subjects of a non-mathematical nature. I'm familiar with all forms of assessment, referencing and English (American, British, etc). My terms are fair and my prices reasonable. Moreover, I'm both a professional and personable person to deal with. Please read more about me, and the services I offer, at my website:

I look forward to hearing from you.


The Freelancer :)


looking for writer in uk for phd thesis that have experience in information, communication and technology studies

Jan 23, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
I'm willing to pay a good amount of fee to pro-writer (phd thesis) but i have one condition which is: Meeting him anywhere in UK, ill pay for an hr tutor, i might need 2-3 hrs tutor per month. for more info.
please send me an email

olivera_888at hotmail dot com


we write essays!

Jan 20, 2015
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now accepting orders for february ...

Jan 20, 2015
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Unlike the time spent fishing, the time you spend struggling over research papers is definitely deducted from your account. Live longer! Contact Professor Verb for all your academic research and writing needs.

I started writing in 1968 and became a full-time academic writer in 1998. Although I am now a generalist and can write about almost anything (if I can't, I'll refer you to other writers I know to be dependable and honest), my favorite topics are military science, business management, organizational leadership, natural science, American literature, aviation, healthcare (especially nursing), psychology, education, criminal justice, law enforcement and constitutional law.

Ten cents a word. Ten percent discount available for active duty military/veterans, firefighters, repeat clients and larger assignments.

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matlab expert required

Jan 19, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
hello i\'d like a couple of block diagrams to be de designed for me. I have this on an article that i can send to you and would want a soft copy of the saved designed in matlab and an analysis and interpretation of the result as a mini report. i would like this be done as soon as possible. The ideology of the PID block diagrams that will be designed using matlab will be based on an investigation of a \" control strategies for variable speed fixed pitch wind turbines\".

​the only thing i need is the design of all the PID bloack diagrams and an interpretation of the results

just need interpretation of the results

and the soft copy of the matlab version + simulation results

id like the design of all PID logic block diagrams as attached on that pdf file

pleas check fig 1,2,3,8,9,10,15,16

I need for all the above figures
​ Please E-Mail me for the Attachment


fake customer

Jan 19, 2015
This client Ray is fake. Just want your samples

 marketing assignment Jan 15, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted ♣   
Hi everyone,
I have an assignment for a masters degree of marketing. The assignment is a critical discussion essay of 3000 words (exclude the references list). I'm looking for a qualified writer to work on it.
If that sounds like you then please be in touch ASAP for further discussion.



when i was going to high school in wichita...

Jan 16, 2015
this is right where a student scores

... it was the Hourglass Bar right across the street from Wichita State.

marketing assignment

Jan 15, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
Hi everyone,
I have an assignment for a masters degree of marketing. The assignment is a critical discussion essay of 3000 words (exclude the references list). I'm looking for a qualified writer to work on it.
If that sounds like you then please be in touch ASAP for further discussion.



back to the grind

Jan 15, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
Well, it's halfway through January and that means it's time to get back to school and start working on those dreaded papers again. But don't worry. I'm here to help. I have been writing academic papers professionally for about four years now, including for several of the big companies. I am now available for a select few private clients. Feel free to take a look at my website and contact me if you think I can be of assistance. Thanks.


high-quality essays, dissertations, statements of purpose, personal statements, and other types of academic writing

Jan 14, 2015
 Essay Services Offered USA  USA  
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(You can also


academic writer

Jan 12, 2015
 Essay Services Offered India  India  
all students that are looking for their academic assignments to be written, take note, that quality is the name of the game. Most writers and students think that avoiding plagiarism is the prime need while doing an assignment or dissertation, but that is just wrong, there is much more to writing an academic paper. It is all about developing an excellent piece of knowledge, knowledge given and knowledge derived. This is where quality comes in, only an expert can make a thorough research on a given topic, construct it, debate it, conclude it and provide logical recommendations to it and this is right where a student scores.


toddy jakkerd

Jan 11, 2015
Increasing use of technology as a source of competitive advantage has seen several firms increase their sales and production capacities in various sectors (Porter, 1985). Having an efficient marketing system is no longer the foolproof answer to achieving long term profitability. Every organization must strive to achieve sustainable competitive advantage (Srivastava et al, 2013). The quest for a sustainable competitive advantage demands that all departments of any given organization be synchronized and all operations managed and optimized using the latest production and supply chain management techniques. In this paper, we present an elaborate implementation of an integrated TQM and e-SCM system in a manufacturing business segment for the sake of achieving a synergetic combination of competitive advantages.
The business scenario
Our organization is experiencing a drop-off in business due to the opening of a newer, more technologically advanced, and better capitalized organization down the street. This organization is owned by one of our former "star" producers, and while they are definitely not hostile on a personal level, this individual still wants to take your part of the manufacturing segment of business. Aside from marketing, which is important but is not a part of this problem, I will discuss how we will achieve greater efficiency/effectiveness through implementing better project planning (TQM) and supply chain management (e-SCM) system to minimize the impact of this new challenger for your business.
Sustainable competitive advantage
Well, the concept of competitive advantage in layman's term refers to the advantage which is gained by a company over its competitors by offering clients greater value through price reduction, use of technology or adding some other benefits that in the end would lead to great reductions in price. Porter says "competitive advantage is at the heart of a firm's performance in competitive markets" and goes on to say that purpose of his book on the subject is to show "how a firm can actually create and sustain a competitive advantage in an industry"how it can implement the broad generic strategies." Thus, competitive advantage means having low costs, differentiation advantage, or a successful focus strategy. In addition, Porter argues that "competitive advantage grows fundamentally out of value a firm is able to create for its buyers that exceeds the firm's cost of creating it."
e-SCM for achieving a sustainable advantage
Supply chain management (SCM) is a concept involving the collaboration of enterprises within the logistics domain by bringing about connection, alignment as well as coordination of processes in supply chain and the flow of information and materials (Schnetzler et al., 2004).Over the years, businesses have realized the key role of strategic supply management system in the realization of business objectives as well as overall business success. This has led to a general increase of interest of the top management in this concept at a strategic level (Nienhaus et al., 2003). The need for the alignment of an organization's key objectives and its strategic supply management goals is stressed by many authors. In this paper, we explore ways in which strategic supply chain management contribute to the success of an organization.
Definition of SCM
Before delving into ways in which strategic supply chain management contribute to the success of an organization, it is crucial for us to explore the existing definitions of strategic chain management with a view of coining a working definition to be adopted in this text. The work of Schönsleben (2003) defined supply chain management as the collaboration of both long-term and strategic cooperation among organizational co-makers in the overall logistics network for the production and development of products and services. However, within the domain of management, SCM is used to guide managers of a given enterprise in deciding how to set up as well as utilize resources and establish priorities. In regard to strategic SCM, the concept of "strategic" as well as "strategy" is employed incoherently in literature. For instance, a look at Seurig's (2003) reveals that several versions of the term are used but strategy is ultimately used to imply the "endsways-means".
The work of Hayes (1985) described SCM as a balanced set of suitable measures used for the exploitation and development of logistic competitive competencies and improvement of potential supply chain management methods so as to realize both the set logistics and supply chain objectives. These objectives often include areas such as flexibility, costs, lad times, innovations, transformability, coordination and collaboration as noted by Hieber (2002).
Ways in which strategic e-SCM would contribute to the success of our organization
According to Schnetzler et al., (2004) strategic SCM can contribute to the success of a given organization by allowing organization to achieve strategic focus, value-based focus, and performance focus. In this section, we shall explore these three main focuses that strategic SCM can help organization to realize.
Strategy focus
A review of literature indicates that strategic SCM can help organizations to emphasize on the key objectives and decisions affecting the daily operations of a given establishment. This involves an emphasis on the optimization of organizational processes such as inventory management and order processing as pointed out by Ross (2000). The emphasis on key objectives and decisions is also noted to mainly involve the alignment of key business or organizational SCM strategic with the business or corporate-level strategies (Chopra & Meindl, 2001). As a consequence, SCM strategy must support a organization's business and corporate strategies while also enabling the organization to achieve its strategic fit (business and corporate objectives)
Value-based focus
Value base focus in SCM is aimed at aligning all the organizational management activities in order to improve the value of a give company. The adoption of a value based focus in strategic SCM at quite an early stage is crucial to the success of any given organization (Lambert & Burduroglu, 2000). The used of a value based SCM system involves a focus on ways of deriving ways and means from the set objectives in order to create strategic value to any given organization. Ways in which these measures contribute to the creation of value are also explored.
Performance focus
According to Nienhaus et al., (2003), the importance of supply chain performance has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of years. Several concepts in the domain of performance management are in existence in this regard. Strategic SCM can be used together with key performance indicators like the balanced scorecards as crucial tools in the communication of strategy, strategy implementation as well as performance management as indicated in the work of Kaplan and Norton (1996). These strategies are increasingly being adapted for specific strategic SCM requirements (Brewer & Speh, 2001). In order for any company to realize a successful level of performance management, it must use strategic SCM to strike an optimal balance between the financial and non-financial performance indicators. This would further help in regulating the cause-and-effect relationships between key performance drivers and performance outcomes as noted by Ittner and Larcker (2003).
A review of ways in which strategic supply chain management contribute to the success of an organization indicates that the key factor regulating the level of success achieved in the degree of alignment of the set supply chain management strategies with the overarching business and corporate strategies. However, a further review of literature has shown us that a value-based focus is the best option in ensuring that this alignment of supply chain management strategies with the overarching business and corporate strategies is optimal. However, other options such as performance management metrics must also be taken on consideration in order to ensure that the chosen strategic SCM objectives are accurately captures in all business processes at an enterprise-wide level. Every organization must ensure that its goods and services are delivered to the clients in good quality and time and for this to be achieved; strategic and measurable strategic supply management strategies must be set and adhered to. In a nutshell, the ways in which strategic SCM can contribute to the success of a given must be related to the need to achieve strategic focus, value-based focus, and performance focus.

professor verb's word for the day

Jan 8, 2015


: having an active feeling of repugnance or distaste -- typically used with "to"

"The students were not averse to having a few beers after finals."

they must really hate to write about anything ...

Jan 8, 2015
experienced writers averse with virtually every topic and field


you've tried the rest, now work with the best! stress-free model essays from a united states writer.

Jan 7, 2015
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database assingment wanted

Jan 6, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
I have done database assignment but I haven't finish it yet and need someone who good in database (oracle) to help me finish it
note: do not contact me if you take long time to finish the work or you ask to be get paid on advance.

Data Mart Design

3.1. The identification of two subject areas, identified during 2, which would be of benefit to the managers your organisation.
3.2. The design of the star schemas associated with both subjects area identified in 3.1
3.3. A discussion of the granularity of dimension and fact tables
3.4. The extension of one of the star schemas into a snowflake schema.

4. Data Mart Implementation

4.1. Implement a prototype of the data mart by creation of the required tables.
4.2. Discuss how you will you implement the ETL process? E.g. full or incremental, online or offline extraction?

5. Data Analysis

5.1. A discussion on different OLAP techniques, with reference to data cubes.
5.2. An explanation how your data mart could provide relevant information for your managers
5.3. This should include three relevant data queries. (You need to include sample scripts)

6. Conclusions

6.1. A discussion of strategies to overcome future challenges.

Xcellent_Writer  EssayChat Jan 5, 2015
No payment before job is done.

That kills the deal... Beware of Kenyan scammers who will promise to have it done well and on time.

portfolio management thesis proposal - phd. help needed

Jan 5, 2015
 Essay Services Wanted   
Hey. I have drafted my PHD thesis proposal - 8 pages excluding references and i wanted someone experienced in this topic to review and rewrite some sections if need. A quick turnaround required. No payment before job is done.


professor verb's word for the day

Jan 4, 2015


: an ungrammatical combination of words in a sentence; also : a minor error in speech

: something that deviates from the proper, normal, or accepted order

: a breach of decorum or etiquette

"Sharp-eyed teachers don't let any solecisms from careless students slip past them."

january shmanuary

Jan 3, 2015
 Essay Services Offered Croatia  Croatia  
The festivities are over, finally :)
Our bellies are full, fridges empty and money is getting very thin. But wait, you still have to do those pesky papers for class, how on earth will you pull it off? Have no fear, wordsies is here. This January i offer up to 15% off of every order (discount varies according to length). So if you need any writing done, contact me through my website's contact form ( or mail me directly (mail below).

My papers are written to a high standard and without plagiarism. Years of experience in this business make me wanna bash my keyboard in sometimes(them allnighters can be a blast), but it also makes me one of the best in the field, and one of the few who actually know what they're doing.

Best wishes,



excellent academic papers for 2015 (social sciences and arts)

Dec 31, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Nigeria  Nigeria  
If you need a dependable and experienced writer in 2015, you should hire me to help you write excellent essays, dissertations, and other academic papers. My areas of proficiency include most social science and arts courses - including political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, business management, media and communications studies, history, etc.

I guarantee well-written and original papers - strengthened with extensive research and accurate referencing, and delivered before agreed deadlines.

Please contact me if you have any inquiries or requests.

Taylor Alex  

academic writing, web content, and seo

Dec 30, 2014
 Essay Services Offered Nigeria  Nigeria  
Dear Sir/Ma

I am a professional writer with proficiency in web content, SEO, medical writing and academic writing. I have a very good understanding of academic writing styles such as APA, MLA, CHicago/Turaban, and Harvard. I have handled various academic writing jobs on, and other independent writers. Writing is my passion and my work cannot be devoid of uniqueness and originality.

I studied in a university, where I majored in medical, pharmaceutical, biological sciences and other related courses. My years of exposure to many academic assignments have put me in a better position to successfully handle various assignments from different academic fields.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,

Alex Taylor


professor verb's word for the day

Dec 24, 2014


: Christmas or the Christmas season, especially as traditionally celebrated in Northern Europe and North America with customs stemming in part from pagan celebrations of the winter solstice.

"Yule is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day. Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year, much celebration was to be had as the ancestors awaited the rebirth of the Oak King, the Sun King, the Giver of Life that warmed the frozen Earth and made her to bear forth from seeds protected through the fall and winter in her womb. Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and trees were 'wassailed' with toasts of spiced cider." -- Yule Lore @
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